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Sophia Wroblewski asks:
I have acne and whiteheads, blackheads. I was wondering if there was a way to clear my skin up for good? Will the Clarisonic help my skin clear up? Also give it better elasticity? Thank you :)

On: 11/29/2012 08:33 pm

To doctors from: New York

Category: Face


DrTracyPfeifer on 11/30/2012 10:16 am wrote:
Hi Sophia,
The Clarisonic is good for exfoliation and deep cleansing, which is all good. However, you probably will also benefit from a customized skin care program and peels specifically targeted to acne and cleansing. You may also need antibiotics. All of these are available through my office as well as other doctors including dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The best thing is to have a consultation and bring all your current skin care products with you to that office visit.