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lynn vergara asks:
I having a problem with dry lose skin , my eye lids look like they are drouping down have a gray tint to my skin start to show loose hanging skin in cheeks tried creams part of it is age cold and the after math of supper storm sandy im 57 and have an older sister 68 people people think im her mother i looked at pictures taken within the past three weeks and it does not look like me at all its my mother that trurned 89 on dec 25

On: 12/28/2012 12:26 pm

To doctors from: New York

Category: Face


DrKevinTehrani on 12/29/2012 03:24 pm wrote:
Dear Lynn,
I think we all aged a bit after Sandy! You may need a combination of surgical versus nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures which need to be evaluated in person.
DrWilliamRosenblatt on 12/29/2012 01:50 pm wrote:
Sounds like you should see a plastic surgeon and let him evaluate the areas you are unhappy with.