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Would You Ever Steal From the Man in Your Life?

2012 October 17

I do, and it’s highly recommended.

Good grief, not money!! But every once in a while you should take a look through his closet to see what you can take.

My most recent journey into his sacred space produced the perfect hat. Howard had gotten this Arnold Trilby hat by Kangol earlier in the summer, thinking he would wear it when he walked the dog.

He didn’t and still doesn’t.

So I popped it on my head . . . and I knew, just knew, I had found MY perfect hat. The best part is he was totally okay with it.

I’ve been known to take ties, jackets, scarves and even more importantly, ideas.  You see, my husband is the shopper in the family. His idea of fun is to spend hours with his iPad searching for the perfect pair of jeans or shoes, and I rely on his investigative skills to fill me in on what I should and shouldn’t be wearing right now.

Me? I’d rather empty the dishwasher.

My favorite pieces were all gifts from Howard, including (and especially) my black leather motorcycle jacket (so cool, so soft, so totally perfect), which is something every woman (even us FOFs!) should have and wear with just about everything.

There are things my husband owns that I truly covet: his Belstaff jacket, for example, and his Nudie Jeans. I can’t steal them because they just don’t fit. But, I CAN be inspired by his exquisite fashion sense.

I know women who wear their husbands’ vests and neck ties with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of jeans for a very sexy look. And just yesterday someone told me she steals her boyfriend’s socks whenever he’s not looking.

I think my husband gets a kick out of seeing me wear something of his. Howard told me last week after I returned a scarf I had borrowed (which I had also knitted) that he loved how he could still smell my perfume (Jill Sander Woman III) lingering on the scarf.  Nice.

Sharing clothes is a lovely thing to do, for sure. He just better not start looking through MY closet. That’s where I draw the line.

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  1. Blue Bear permalink
    October 18, 2012

    Of COURSE, I’d go into his closet and wear something of his! In my much younger days, I had the ultimate compliment of being told “That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!” when I grabbed one of his long sleeve dress shirts to cover myself after we had gotten out of bed. Now that we’ve been married forever, I too love his hats and his ties but he isn’t a shopper and what I borrow is something I bought and that I liked! He does like the lingering scents I wear (Pure White Linen in Summer and Chanel in Winter) when I return his things. He says the scents give him peace knowing I love him now as much as I did back in the days when the scents were on his dress shirts!

  2. October 19, 2012

    Sweet! Between your latest AARP “Relationships” article, and this, I am green with envy…How to get a man I hope will be your next topic! All the best,

  3. Carol Nofi permalink
    October 19, 2012

    Hi Barbara,

    This is so great!! I steal Mike’s stuff too!! I like his Pajama/lounge pants!! and sometimes I put on his basketball shorts around the house!!

    Until I got my own, I would wear his GIANTS shirts too on Sundays!!

    Also his big comfy fleecey jackets too!!

    PS The hat looks adorable on you!!!

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