5 Winning Ways To Turn Your Hair From Catastrophic To Cool

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous we look from the neck down. If we’re not happy with our hair, we’re not happy. Period!  But bad hair days are inevitable, whether the humidity is to blame, or those pesky grays have popped up overnight. When you wake up to one of these days, here are 5 ways to take control of your locks, before they take control of you.space

Wear a striking headband and no one will notice that you’re having a bad hair day. Headbands come in an endless variety of sizes, colors, prints and materials. We love those that have tidy front knots built right in, and don’t rely on our ability to create one ourselves.
Clip-in hair extensions are ingenious “accessories” that can add volume to lifeless locks, on the top, sides or back of your head. Best to consult with a talented hair stylist when you’re choosing which color, style and length are best for you. And make sure it’s made of real hair. Synthetic extensions often look fake.

You’re frustrated seeing your gray roots pop up weeks away from your next salon appointment. Fortunately, you can bring life back to your hair in seconds, with a temporary root concealer, like Gray Away. It looks completely natural and washes out when you shampoo.
If your hair is long enough, putting it in a ponytail will give you an instant facelift. If you lack the length, a ponytail extension will do the trick. And, there are lots of fun and sophisticated looks that turn ponies into sure bets when your hair isn’t cooperating. Secure your pony with a sensational scarf or team it with a headband.


You’ll definitely have fewer bad hair days when your hair is short, because short styles don’t weigh down your hair, and tend to better disguise imperfections. We love styles that are somewhat spiky, uneven and a bit tousled. Halle looks sensational in hers.

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A Former Insider Exposes Big Beauty Brand No-Nos

We recently sat down with beauty industry insider, chemist Jules Zecchino, who left Estée Lauder after 18 years to create a game-changing skin cream– a topical competitor to Botox, that  also improves skin tone, dark spots, and other problems Botox can’t fix. Jules holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Bridgeport and has helped develop dozens of products for Estée, Clinique, Vaseline, Elizabeth Arden, and Avon.

Why did you leave a leading beauty brand to start your own skincare line?

I always wanted to create products on my own, but first I had to learn the science behind great products. Big companies gave me the opportunity to study with the best teachers in dermatology departments at large universities, and to test thousands of compounds and their combinations, to see first hand what works, from the petri dish to clinical testing.

I left after 32 years to go on my own, while I still had the energy and contacts to create first-class brands. I also became disillusioned that corporate pricing guidelines wouldn’t always let me introduce the highest-quality products.


Why don’t big beauty companies always conduct clinical trials for their products? Is there real “science” behind their products?

Most big companies always do some clinical testing, but they often don’t promote the results, because they’d prefer to manipulate subjective consumer studies to be even more appealing than the clinical tests.

Companies have to decide if they can really afford to use the ingredients at the levels they know work best. It may make the product too expensive, so they cut back on the amount of great ingredients they use.

Startups and companies without large internal research & development departments rarely conduct top-rate independent clinical trials. They rely on data from ingredient suppliers (with tests done only in petri dishes), to make their claims. They don’t verify if the ingredients in their products actually work on consumers.

What clinical trials did you conduct for Erasa?

We ran full clinical trials at AMA Laboratories, an FDA-certified independent company, who recruited women 35 to 65 years old, with fine lines and wrinkles, to test the product. During these clinical trials, AMA tested the efficacy of the product using advanced image analysis over two and four-week periods. Working with 12 women for the first trial, we saw an average of 64% wrinkle reduction in only two weeks. Thirty women were involved in the second trial, when we wanted assurance that the product would continue to perform long-term. It did! We also ran separate, but complete, in-use safety and consumer trials, the best ways to confirm that a product is safe and well liked by as many different women as possible. See more results

What are some advertising tactics used by the big beauty brands?

Be very careful of before and after pictures, many of which are altered in Photoshop.  If the photo looks too miraculous, it probably is. All our photos are digitally certified so they are accurate and real.

What are the most important things you learned during your decades in research & development?

To keep an open mind and test everything. I have discovered many gems this way, but maybe 70% of products that are promoted as the next “fountain of youth”  are just hype. I also try to make sure the product gives immediate benefits that mimic the long-term benefits it promises. This gives instant satisfaction and encourages someone to continue using the product until the long term benefits are achieved.

What are the biggest myths about beauty products?

The skeptics who say nothing works always bug me. Sometimes a woman needs to change products to get the results she wants, or look to an expert who can evaluate her skin so she doesn’t keep making costly mistakes.

Why is Erasa’s signature ingredient, XEP 30, so effective? How does it compare to Botox?

When we heard that Allergan was developing a topical Botox, I started to create a cosmetic version to compete with it, and came up with XEP 30, a patent-pending, anti-wrinkle neurotoxin. This neurotoxin would be combined with other powerful anti-aging ingredients, such as argireline and creatine. To assure the effectiveness of XEP 30 and its supplementary ingredients, we developed a patent-pending formulation of molecules that penetrate and remain in the skin. Our powerful “delivery system” is patent-pending.

Competitors use XEP 18, which is simply a less potent and concentrated version of XEP 30. Every part of Erasa is formulated to boost the overall efficacy of the product, and the clinical trials proved our diligence.

We have yet to see what Botox can achieve topically. The Botox that’s injected gives quick results, but our Erasa testers saw significant improvements in just two weeks, which is faster than most skin creams. It is also worth mentioning that Botox does not provide improvement on dark spots, redness, and sagging skin, while Erasa excels at reducing these.

What’s one piece of skin care advice about skin care that you’d give to a woman over 50?

Ultimately, the best advice is to use a high SPF moisturizing product and stay out of the sun. If you want to bring back a more youthful appearance, use a well-tested, effective anti-aging product with it, like Erasa XEP 30.

See How You Could Look After A Cosmetic Procedure

Thanks to technology, you can see how you’d look with new makeup, eyeglasses and clothes, even before buying a single thing. And now, a brilliant new tool will let you see what you could actually achieve after having any number of facial procedures.

The innovative tool, designed by New Look Now, is a cinch to use, and once you’ve submitted your responses, and a photo, you’ll have your New Look within 24 hours.

Your photo will travel through a series of steps, including an analysis by an aesthetic professional, before you get to see your New Look. Only people trained on cosmetic procedures will see your picture to approve the quality.

You will not be seeing a photoshopped image like they publish in magazines.

You will see results you can realistically attain in the hands of  leading doctors!

Until now, you could only determine the effects of plastic surgery by visiting a plastic surgeon, who would manipulate your photo with a fancy machine. If you didn’t want to pay $150 or spend the time  at a consultation, you were out of luck.

“Now that women can actually see how different treatments will make them look, it takes consultations to new levels, by easing fear of the unknown,” said Devon Niccole, the creator of the New Look Now tool. “Women don’t hesitate when they’re offered the opportunity to try the visualizer,” Devon explained. “Plus, if you love what you see, and wish to consult with a leading board certified plastic surgeon in your city, we can arrange that too. Gratis!”

96 percent of you, over 45, told us in a poll that you’d be curious to see what you’d look like after facial rejuvenation. You can, within the next 24 hours!

New Look Now is offering 60% off its regular $50 price to use its visualizer.

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to get your NEW LOOK NOW! Takes just minutes. Only $20.


It’s Finally Good To Be Venomous

Scientific research on autoimmune diseases uncovers breakthrough beauty discovery

“While using the venom from cobras to research treatments for autoimmune diseases, we stumbled upon something so significant we couldn’t just brush it aside,” said Dr. Paul Reid, a Florida-based neuroscientist and pioneer in the clinical study of snake venom. “We discovered that king cobra venom could not only visibly soothe skin, the unique cell-penetrating peptides in this venom could help enhance entire skincare regimens.”

Although synthetic venoms that contain only one or two lab-created peptides have become increasingly popular in the beauty industry, Dr. Reid’s proprietary formula, Venin Royale Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum, is the first to use all natural king cobra venom, which is packed with over 27 natural peptides and neuropeptides and is backed by decades of biotechnology research. According to Dr. Reid, it is this “cocktail of natural peptides” found in king cobra venom, which is impossible to recreate in a lab, that separates this natural skincare technology from currently available synthetic venoms and lab-created peptides.

croppedVenin Royale’s patent-pending technology, called NRT-27®, goes through a very unique and proprietary purification process completed by Dr. Reid in his FDA registered and inspected laboratory. Additionally, Venin Royale’s relationships with zoos across the United States give them unparalleled access to a higher quality and sustainable domestic venom supply.  No snakes are harmed during the venom collection process and sales from venom go directly back to helping zoos care for their animals. In addition, while the harvesting of many botanical ingredients popular in cosmetics can wreak havoc on forests and oceans, collecting king cobra venom has no negative impact on the environment.

All of Venin Royale products are considered hypoallergenic, paraben, sulfate, and gluten-free, and are tested by dermatologists and determined to be non-irritating, so they can be used by those with sensitive skin.

After success in launching its serum, Venin Royale has introduced Advanced Dark Spot Corrector, which combines its powerful anti-aging NRT-27® technology with premium skin brightening ingredients and vitamins C and E.  The corrector works best when applied directly after the serum, across your face, neck, and hands to even your skin tone and brighten dark spots!

As an exclusive to FabOverFifty readers, learn more here from Dr. Reid, about why your current skincare regimen isn’t working.


Is Erasa As Effective As Botox?

After spending 18 years leading the innovation and research teams at Estée Lauder, Jules Zecchino was determined to use his extensive knowledge of the most potent ingredients to create a superior anti-aging product. A few months ago, Jules and his team launched Erasa XEP 30 ($160 for 1.7 fl oz).

Erasa XEP 30 is the single most technically advanced, anti-aging concentrate in the high-end professional product performance arena. It has been created to deliver a total activity of anti-aging benefits, normally requiring three or more products,” Jules claims.


What’s REALLY Wrong With Gray Hair?

THIS JUST IN: 84% of women, 45+ , color their hair, reveals an exclusive FabOverFifty.com survey of 500 members of its community. Of these women, 64% color their hair to cover gray roots.dance


10 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Younger

If our hair really is the first thing someone notices about us, we better start paying some more attention to it! Here are 10 tips for younger-looking locks:


84% Of Women Do This To Their Hair

The Hair Color Survey You MUST Take

Talk to five women and they’ll have five different opinions about their hair color, your hair color, and everyone else’s hair color. Doesn’t matter how much we have on our minds; we women can always make room to discuss hair color. With that in mind, let us know what’s on your mind–and on your head!

1. Do you color your hair?

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2. If you answered yes to #1, do you color it yourself or at a salon?

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3. If you answered no to #1, why don’t you color your hair?

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4. If you color at home, do you use any of these major brands?

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5. Whether at home or at a salon, how often do you color your hair?

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6. What is your natural hair color?

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7. Why do you color your hair?

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8. If you use drugstore color, are you happy with it?

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9. If you answered no to #8, why aren’t you happy with the drugstore color?

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10. If you go to a salon, how much do you spend on hair coloring?

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Get Back What Age Has Begun to Take Away

Until recently, those of us in the media would get press releases touting “revolutionary” new products that promised to work “wonders” on aging skin, but their “miraculous” ingredients were complete mysteries.  Although the jars featured laundry lists of ingredients, we had no idea what any of them did.  That’s because they did precious little to replenish the hydration and elasticity our skin loses as we get older.  All they seemed to do was give our skin a bit more of a healthy “glow” for a couple of hours.

Now, more scientists working in the beauty industry are discovering how they can infuse their products with the essential moisture and proteins that will truly help revitalize our skin beneath the epidermis, not just perk it up on the surface. One of the newest is called BIOSSANCE The Revitalizer, which contains something called Neossance Squalane, a rich, plant-derived emollient that rapidly absorbs into the skin to instantly hydrate, while locking in essential moisture. Squalane, as a matter of fact, is a vital moisturizer found in our bodies, which lubricates and protects the skin.

BIOSSANCE is free of parabens and is non-comedogenic (won’t cause acne) and hypoallergenic. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the women who tested it agreed that their skin felt instantly hydrated and appeared softer and smoother after one week. Eighty-four percent (84%) of the women agreed that their skin felt revitalized after two weeks.

“I have been applying about three drops of BIOSSANCE to my cleansed face and neck, morning and evening, for about two weeks, and can attest to the fact that it absorbs in seconds and has definitely made my skin feel softer and smoother. Although it’s a clear oil, it doesn’t make my skin feel the least bit oily. It’s a great booster for my  moisturizer,” said Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty.com.

“I’ve even rubbed a bit of BIOSSANCE onto my hair for extra shine and softness.  The company says we can also use it on our cuticles to prevent them from drying out.  It costs $58 for 1.7 oz, which is pretty reasonable since I expect to get months of use from the bottle.  The top doubles as a dropper, which prevents me from using too much or from accidental spills,” Geri added.

Besides helping to give our skin new life, BIOSSANCE is helping to save children with malaria, which causes the death of over 2 million children under 5 years old each year. Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria in Africa, where it is a constant threat. BIOSSANCE will provide a malaria cure to a child at a rural clinic in Uganda for each bottle sold. Its goal is to provide 10,000 cures before the end of June.

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