A Tree That Grows Beauty Secrets

One of the perks of running FabOverFifty is getting to test new products that promise to help my aging skin recapture a bit of youth. Happily, many companies are making great advances in the science of beauty and developing products that really do work, but trying them is the only way to discover if they stand up to their claims. Since each of us can’t buy every product we read about , we often rely on our FOF sisters to give us the scoop.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that the latest product I’ve tried, Pure Marula Facial Oil, is a winner.


‘Anti-Aging Miracle Oil’ For The Skin

Extremely high in antioxidants (60%  higher than the leading Argan oil!), as well as in omega fatty acid, soothing Marula oil has long been used in Africa as a cosmetic and natural healing treatment for sun-damaged, dry and cracking skin. Found only in Southern Africa and in Madagascar, the Marula tree yields nuts which are carefully hand cracked, and then the purest blonde kernels are painstakingly selected to be turned into the purest, highest-quality oil on the market. While other mass-produced Marula oils are cleansed using high heat and harsh chemicals–which removes most of their natural, beneficial nutrients–Pure Marula Facial Oil is gently cleansed with an exclusive, heat-free technology.

I’ve been using Pure Marula Facial Oil for four weeks and am absolutely delighted with the results. It quickly sinks into my skin, so it doesn’t feel or look the least bit greasy.  It also provides great moisture that plumps and firms the skin, helping to reduce the look of my fine lines and wrinkles. The company calls it a “multi-tasker” because it works as a serum, moisturizer and makeup primer all in one. Plus, it’s good for all skin types (even oily skin) and can be used to help heal sunburns or reduce the look of stretch marks. I  use only two drops for my entire face.

Don’t just take my word.  TotalBeauty.com named Pure Marula Facial Oil “one of the best oils for a perfect complexion.”

motherHelping Disadvantaged Women To Educate Their Children

Marula works with disadvantaged women across Africa, who meticulously harvest the Marula fruit. These industrious women use the income they earn to feed, clothe and educate their children. “Our company now provides sustainable income for over 7,000 women. We hope to partner with over 20,000 women by 2016,” a company spokeswoman told me.


Pure Marula Facial Oil is the ONLY brand on the market that controls the entire manufacturing process, from tree to shelf, to harvest its oil. Other brands called Marula buy in bulk from other manufacturers, whose cheaper oils are made by cutting corners and are devoid of most beneficial nutrients. This also is the only doctor-endorsed beauty oil. “It has tremendous cosmetic and healing benefits,” said Dr. Ashton Kaidi, a board certified plastic surgeon, who clinically tested the oil on breast surgery patients. Astounded by the results and improved healing, Dr. Kaidi joined the effort to bring Pure Marula Facial Oil to all women.

Worth A Try!OFFER_3

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Away, Away Damn Blemish!

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to have “good skin” your entire life, chances are you’re going to get blemishes here and there, as an adult.

A breakout can be provoked by anything from hormonal changes during perimenopause, to a spike in blood sugar from eating simple carbs and sugars. Stress also can trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone that tells your body to produce more pore-clogging oil, according to an article on prevention.com.


A Supplement That Promises To Delay The Signs Of Aging

I’ve become A Believer (in anti-aging products, that is)!

Not in every single one of them, mind you, but in those backed by scientific fact. While science was my least favorite subject in school, I understand this much: If you can prove it, it’s true!

I’ve had the opportunity during the last five years, in my role at FabOverFifty, to try out numerous products, from the completely fab Squatty Potty, which takes the strain out of going to the bathroom (literally and figuratively) to the ingenious JeNu, the sonic device that helps our beauty products absorb three times better into our skin. The efficacy of these two products is solidly based on the science of our epidermis and sphincter muscle.


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With over 15 years of research, in France and in the U.S., SimySkin targets the top factors that age skin—time, environment and stress—to rejuvenate complexions and deliver a powerful anti-aging punch for skin of all ages. SimySkin products are grouped into different “phases,” based off your age, so you achieve optimal results.


Give Us The Skinny On Your Skin Care

This is a “sponsored post.” JeNu compensated FOF with an advertising sponsorship to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for
our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own. —Geri Brin

Help our friends at JeNu learn about your skincare routines.


The Game-Changing Device That Will Help You Get More Out of Your Favorite Skin Care Products

This is a “sponsored post.” JeNu compensated FOF with an advertising sponsorship to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for
our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own. —Geri Brin

Most dermatologists and estheticians agree that a solid regimen—one you follow religiously, day in and day out—is the single most effective way to maintain the health and beauty of your complexion. But no matter what products you’re using—expensive and exclusive or from the drugstore—you could be getting a greater return on your investment than you do now.

Ingredients Do Matter…

What’s abundantly clear is that today’s most beneficial anti-aging ingredients—retinoids, peptides, antioxidants—really are the fountain of youth. Unlike the goopy creams our mothers and grandmothers used, the most popular products on the market right now have actual science to support their merits. How the skin actually absorbs these ingredients? That, unfortunately, is not quite as clear.

…But Only If Your Skin
Can Absorb Them

Basically, your skin acts as a barrier, one of its primary functions. It keeps the outside world out just as well as it holds everything in. With that in mind, getting optimal results from any skin care product is not as simple as slathering it on a cleansed face with your fingers. This common approach is actually a great way to ensure that much of your products sit atop the surface of your skin, where they will eventually evaporate… much like the money you spent on them.

The Easy Way To Triple The Return On Your Skin Care Product Investment

You can help your skin to better absorb the products you apply by using a variety of methods—but most of them are expensive, painful, and require “downtime.” Thankfully, there’s also an easy, at-home option: the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser, which is getting rave reviews from magazines like Vogue and Elle, as well as from a renowned dermatologist, Dr, R. Sonia Batra, and a regular on the hit show, The Doctors.

This sleek little handheld device leverages the power of ultrasound energy to give your favorite treatment products the push they need to really perform
—and it’s backed by solid data.

During a recent study—where 160 women used over 200 different products from 80 different brands, ranging from Olay to La Mer—81% reported their products worked better when using them with JeNu vs alone. Meanwhile, 84% of them reported a decrease in the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

On average, the JeNu system is proven to triple the absorption of leading skin care ingredients, so they have the power to work three times better.

If you can’t wait to experience the powers of JeNu, you’re in luck. Right now, there’s a limited time offer, and it’s such a good one, we have a feeling it won’t last.

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What’s The Latest and Greatest In Cosmetic Skin Care? This Dermatologist Says It’s All About A Powerful New At-Home Device

This is a “sponsored post.” JeNu compensated FOF with an advertising sponsorship to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for
our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own. —Geri Brin

Dr. R. Sonia Batra, a cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatologist in Santa Monica, CA, and frequent guest on the hit show, The Doctors, needs to stay up to date on all developments in the skin care business. Read what she has to say about a new skin care device, called JeNu, that she’s now using “every day.”

Nowadays, you can buy anything online—including, alarmingly,
micro needling kits.

As a dermatologist
who performs micro needling procedures in my office, this really concerns me.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, micro needling is something we do only in a medical setting. Besides stimulating collagen, the procedure disrupts the skin’s barrier. That might sound like an odd thing to want to do, but we do it in order to help increase the skin’s ability to absorb treatment products that are applied immediately after the procedure. After all, the skin’s primary function is to act as a barrier and keep the outside world, outside. And it’s really good at its job.

Isn’t there a better way?

Skin care companies have made great advances in the last decade or so, with a tremendous focus on powerful new ingredients. Unfortunately, when it comes to delivery of active ingredients, treatment products do need a bit of a nudge. Although skin care brands have tried to solve this problem with technology that’s in the creams and serums themselves, attempts to better deliver active ingredients have proven no match for the skin’s barrier. Most active ingredients that we apply topically continue to sit atop the skin before they evaporate. That’s why the results you see from your topical products often take so long to see, and often fall short of your expectations.

At-home ultrasound:
Beauty’s next big thing

When it comes to at-home devices, I tend to be a bit of a skeptic. In my experience, I haven’t seen much of a happy medium between at-home microneedling (unsafe for so many reasons) and your standard beauty gadget (which lacks any relevant clinical proof). But when a new device called the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser was brought to my attention, and I read through its clinical data, I wanted to give it a try.

Interestingly, the JeNu utilizes painless ultrasound technology—something that’s been used in a medical setting for decades—to increase the skin’s ability to absorb treatment products.

And it’s been clinically proven to do so by three times. It’s also pain-free, won’t cause redness, swelling,
or downtime, and requires just a minute of your time.

When I tried it, I liked it so much that I asked all my staff to give it a try as well, and they loved it, too. Because it’s so easy to incorporate into a daily beauty regimen—really, it’s just a more efficient way to apply the products you already use—I am still using my JeNu every day. In terms of outcome, I’ve noticed a much greater return on the products I’m using.

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Wrinkles Will Go The Way of The Dinosaur

Beauty Prediction for
The Year 2040:

When our 20- and 30-something daughters, nieces,
co-workers, and friends reach their 50s and 60s,
they won’t be bothered by sagging jowls, crow’s feet, laugh lines and dark under-eye circles.

That’s because scientists working in the beauty industry today have discovered that specially-formulated dietary supplements can take care of our epidermis, from the inside out, and reduce, even reverse, the harsh effects of aging on our skin’s support system, namely wrinkles and decreased elasticity.