Sonic Devices: Making (Sound) Waves in The Skin Care Business

Sonic is the hottest word in beauty care today.

Besides keeping our pearly whites pearly, and our pores squeaky clean, smart devices are using low-level sound waves to help infuse creams and serums into our skin—far more effectively than using our fingers alone—to diminish unwelcome lines and wrinkles.

I’ve been using the new JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System for the last month, and love what this little wonder worker is doing for my skin, so I decided to try out another sonic unit—the Clarisonic Opal Infuser—to see how it measures up.


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After working for decades with medical-grade skincare companies and physicians, Nancy Ryan decided she wanted to use her in-depth knowledge and experience to create her own direct-to-consumer skincare line. Called NR Skin, her products target fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation with potent ingredients, including Vitamin C, antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol. They do not contain parabens or artificial dyes and are NEVER tested on animals.


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Wrinkles Will Go The Way of The Dinosaur

Beauty Prediction for
The Year 2040:

When our 20- and 30-something daughters, nieces,
co-workers, and friends reach their 50s and 60s,
they won’t be bothered by sagging jowls, crow’s feet, laugh lines and dark under-eye circles.

That’s because scientists working in the beauty industry today have discovered that specially-formulated dietary supplements can take care of our epidermis, from the inside out, and reduce, even reverse, the harsh effects of aging on our skin’s support system, namely wrinkles and decreased elasticity.


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Top-rated Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum from Venin Royale is the only anti-aging serum available that contains over 27 naturally occurring, non-synthetic peptides and neuropeptides to help you achieve smooth, youthful, radiant skin that glows. In the middle of a cold, dry, winter, who wouldn’t want a firm, glowing complexion?


Vogue: “Game-Changing” Beauty Product You Must Have For The New Year

Vitamin C. Vitamin A. Retinol. Peptides. Stem Cells. Take a close look at the skin care offerings at any beauty counter, and you’ll be inundated by a whirlwind of ingredient “buzzwords.” Rows of product labels call out, urging you to snap up the latest, cutting-edge formulas. And hey, they really are on to something. Effective anti-aging skin care does begin with the right ingredients. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, ingredients are just half the equation. How they absorb into your skin is the other.

Beauty’s next buzzword—and why it’s sure to stick around

Absorption hasn’t reached buzzword status just yet, but that’s about to change, and for good reason. Without it, your serums, creams, and lotions simply sit on the surface of your skin, and it wouldn’t matter if they were made of the most advanced ingredients known to beauty science. They won’t do a thing if they can’t travel where they need to, and do things like stimulate collagen, which keeps our skin tight and youthful.

What absorption used to mean

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have long known that absorption is critically important for any anti-aging strategy to be effective. That’s why they use procedures such as micro-needling, ablative lasers, and chemical peels, but they are expensive and often painful. And, they often require downtime of at least a week, something few of us can afford these days, unless we’re willing to walk around in public with a red, peeling face that can’t take makeup.

The game changer

Costly in-office procedures used to be the only ways to prepare our skin to properly absorb products, so it would stay healthy and beautiful. But now, a ground-breaking skin care innovation, called the JeNu Infuser, can produce the same effect, for a fraction of the cost, right in the comfort of your own home. With no pain and not a minute of downtime!

It’s no wonder that VOGUE magazine named JeNu a top game-changing product to own in 2015, “The slim high-tech wand utilizes ultrasound energy to increase the skin’s absorption of any product—from retinol creams to free radical-fighting gels—by a factor of ten”, Vogue wrote. Best of all? It’s pain-free, quick, and safe for home use.

In fact, in the short time that JeNu has been around, there have been 7 different studies in which hundreds of women have tested it out. Time after time, JeNu has been shown to be safe as well as effective, with 100% more women reporting softer, smoother skin, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, more radiant complexion when using a leading anti-aging serum with the JeNu Infuser versus alone.

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Thinning Brows Don’t Do Your Face Any Favors (In The Age Department!)

Take a peek in the mirror. You’ll probably be
surprised to see that while you were concentrating on those irritating crow’s feet, your once-beautiful pair of eyebrows isn’t exactly making you look like a
bright, young thing, either.

Well, guess what! Your eyebrows, not your crow’s feet, are adding years to your face. Of course they are! After all, they’re your most defining features, and now that they’re sparser—maybe even coarser and grayer—they’re not doing your face any favors. “Our brows tell others when we’re surprised, happy, sad, or concerned. If they don’t look their best, the only thing they’ll show is our age,” says Eliza Petrescu, owner of Eliza’s Eyes in New York City, who knows how to turn brows into works of art.

Why Brows Count

You may be slathering costly, anti-aging creams, lotions and serums on your wrinkles and lines, but no one even notices them but you. Your eyebrows, however, literally frame your face; if the ‘frame’ doesn’t compliment the picture (YOU!), you’re just not going to look as great as you could. Voluptuous, well-shaped brows are more essential to youthful good looks than injections and skin creams. They’ll open your eyes, making you look alert and sparkling.

Lackluster, thinner eyebrows have a variety of causes, ranging from hormonal changes during menopause; taking certain medications to years of over plucking. Brows naturally thin at the outer edges (by your temples) first. “The tail of the brow is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and sexy,” Petrescu explains. “Without it, eyes seem droopy and tired.”

Simple Brow-Enhancing Solution

There’s delightful news, however. Unlike costly and time-consuming plastic surgery or injections to erase wrinkles and lines, a brow makeover is quick, inexpensive and truly an anti-aging phenomenon. We’re not talking about often unnatural-looking, permanent makeup (a.k.a. tattooed eyebrows) that was all the rage a couple of decades ago. And brow pencils may come in handy when you want to “fill in” your brows a bit, but don’t use them to play artist and draw on a new set of eyebrows.

We are talking about an eyebrow enhancer like Cute Couple, from eSalon, a conditioning serum that goes right to the root of brittle sparse brows to revitalize and protect them. This daily brush-up, enriched with peptides and natural plant extract, is a beautiful way to bring back beguiling brows that look thicker, fuller, healthier and younger, by up to 25 percent.

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Gray, Gray Go Away!

If your brows aren’t only sparser, but are noticeably grayer and lack the depth of color they once had, you’ve got a couple of really good options. Have them dyed in the salon or at a spa, which usually covers the gray anywhere from two to six weeks. Or you might want to try a temporary color, like eSalon’s Two of a Kind, a perfect complement to the Cute Couple brow enhancer. This gentle, brush-on gel/cream—in five shades—tints, tames and creates shapely, fuller and more vibrant brows without flaking, and can be used every day.

“From afar, your gray or white brows disappear completely, which makes your features look unbalanced,” says Petrescu, who advises using a tinted gel that’s slightly lighter than your non-gray hairs. Even if the hair on your head is silver or gray, she recommends coloring brows light brown. “It creates a frame for your eyes that plays up your features for a more youthful look.”

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I Vote For Retinol In the Skincare Competition

Sometimes, pictures do indeed “say 1,000 words,” like these photos of my completely unmade up face…

…taken on 7 consecutive nights, at exactly the same time (11 PM), in exactly the same spot (the SE corner of my living room), with exactly the same lighting. I also tried to keep my face pretty much expressionless.


{Recommendation} Mirenesse Mascara & Defense Powder

A few months ago, we asked you why you wanted to try this duo from Mirenesse Cosmetics.

DD Velvet Skin Line Minimizing Powder SPF25 ($62) is a concealing powder with a creamy, whipped consistency.

The Secret Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara ($45) “instantly creates super long full lashes,” according to the manufacturer. The water-based formula includes organic waxes for a glossy and light look.

Did these products bring out our bold side?
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{FOF Recommendation} A FFF Cream (Fab Firming Face!)

Fifteen FOFs recently tried Laurie Hermann’s Skincare Face Lift Firm It ($49 for .5oz). Her #1 best seller, the luxurious moisturizer, can be used daily on the “face, eye and neck,” according to the manufacturer. The “all-natural” cream includes Moroccan argan nut and pomegranate seed oils, which promote collagen and elastin production to “firm up your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

Did this all-natural product bring out a gorgeous glow? See what our testers had to say!