Bring Glorious Shine And Life Back To Your Locks

PROBLEM: Once upon a time my hair was gloriously thick, curly, soft and shiny. Today, it’s thin, neither curly or straight, dull, and feels like straw.  And, I remember how my hair bounced when I moved my head. Now?  Flat like a pancake!

My locks have lost their luster for a good reason:  When we’re younger, oil travels down our hair follicles to naturally coat the hair, but oil glands shrink over time and don’t produce oil efficiently, leaving our hair much dryer. Hormonal changes also cause our hair to lose its elasticity, bounce, and ability to regrow as quickly as it once did.

SOLUTION: Happily, we can give our hair back much of its crowning glory, with products created specifically to restore hydration, shine and volume.  I’ve used countless brands over the last couple of decades, from inexpensive drugstore formulas to ridiculously priced products from beauty boutiques.

One of my favorite hair care lines comes from eSalon,  a company that knows lots about our hair because it creates quality, custom home hair colors that are every bit as beautiful as salon color.  


Argan Oil is incredibly hydrating, so when I saw that it’s a principal ingredient in eSalon’s Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil, I couldn’t wait to try it. Besides adding much-needed shine and vitamins to my dull, lifeless hair, this lovely formula also includes coconut oil that softens and hydrates my tresses. It’s lightweight, and can be used alone or mixed into a leave-in conditioner or styling gel. And, if you color your hair, it won’t fade the shade.

When you want to get to the root of the matter–the cuticles of your hair–grab eSalon’s Glass Act Shine Glaze.  A semi-permanent treatment that sits on the outer layer of the hair shaft to add a glossy topcoat, it also conditions and smooths the cuticle to give you increased manageability and a sleek look. Glass Act revives all types of hair, color-treated or not, and refreshes the color without altering it one bit.  A single application lasts about two weeks.

Starting today, these two extraordinary hair care products are available exclusively to the FabOverFifty community at exceptional prices.

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