{Test This} sfree® MOISTURE Shampoo

Dry hair is an FOFact of life, right? One company says it doesn’t have to be. The reps at Healthy Hair Plus claim they have a product that will keep your hair hydrated.

sfree® MOISTURE Shampoo from Healthy Hair Plus, “provides amazing light moisture,” they claim. Plus, it’s sulfate free.

Sulfates allow the water and shampoo to penetrate through your hair, but also can dry it out and cause scalp and skin irritation.

Instead of sulfates, sfree® MOISTURE Shampoo is made with natural botanicals and scented with citrus extracts.

In addition to replenishing thirsty tresses, the company claims its shampoo “provides stunning body,” “increases styling control,” and “helps repair breakage, splitting and frizz.”

Will this moisture shampoo tame (and replenish) your mane?

7 FOFs will try it. Leave a comment below for a chance to win.

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One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes December 19th, 2012 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • I have colored my hair since I was 15. I’ve tried praticly every product on the market. NO Results! I have long hair n it’s thinning n frizzing. Help!!!

  • epiphany12


  • Michelle Court

    I would really like to try this…

  • L. Rose

    I would be interested in trying this product

  • sheryl

    my thirsty, colored, frizzy, split ends hair is screaming pick me, pick me, please pick me

  • carrie obrien

    I color my hair so this would be great!

  • Polly Bourke

    I have very dry hair I would love to try

  • Robin Sheeran

    I have mostly grey hair, it is a mix, not sure of the percent since I highlight it. I would really love to try this to see if it helps with the coarseness of my hair, it use to be so soft. Thanks

  • Muzzik

    Feed the scalp and you feed the hair. Let me have it please.

  • diana shenderovich

    would like to try

  • danielle brigandi

    hair is combination,dry and oily,for 70 years old i am glad i have hair.

  • karen cogburn

    Oh please select me.

  • Michelly

    dry, thinning, fly away, yes, I need this!

  • Sunn ymay

    Yes, please, my hair is doing all that this will fix. I bet the citrus scent is uplifting and the geranium is balancing.

  • karen cogburn

    I would love to test as I have hair problems in the winter.

  • Tanya

    Sounds fabulous. Here in Colorado, dry hair is a never ending battle!

  • Cyn

    So many subtle and not-so-subtle changes as I go through my 50’s. Changes in my hair have developed the most recently, that I have noticed. This would be a good product, if it works, for my thinning dry hair!!

  • karen cogburn

    This is just what I have been searching for.

  • jtwinborn

    I would love to try this product on my permed, colored and winter affected hair. thanks for the opportunity
    I have a fan base of over 600 on FB and and a representative for influenster, klout, bzz agent and crowdtap.

  • L

    I love sulfate free products that also supply moisture!

  • jeanne

    I would love to test this shampoo. I have wavy/curly hair and really need the moisture. Thank you

  • karen cogburn

    My dried out hair would love this for Christmas

  • vickie

    I would love to try this product.

  • leslie c

    I need to use a moisturizer to help hydrate my colored hair but so often my hair becomes so weighted down that it’s horrible. Finding a moisture rich shampoo allowing me to omit the conditioner is my current mission.

  • ashantia54

    I would love to test this shampoo on my son and see if it makes a difference in his dry scalp.

  • Susan S

    My hair is color treated, and curly, and can use all the extra nourishment this shampoo will deliver!

  • yyoerger

    Moisture is good, especially for my fine, sometimes flyaway hair. On top of that add color, and dryness can be an issue. This might be the perfect solution.

  • Paula

    This sounds right up my alley. I have wurly (curly/wavy) hair that is very dry, and I avoid sulfates in my shampoos. Washing with a straight CO (“conditioner-only”) method is not cleansing enough for my loose curls…so Sfree sounds like the perfect hybrid for hair like mine! Would love to try.

  • karen cogburn

    This is badly needed for my damaged hair.

  • angie ehlers

    merry christmas!!

  • Laura Juarez

    would love to win!

  • jacque

    perfect combo!

  • Suisan

    I’ve always had very manageable beautiful hair until I hit 60. I also have vitiligo & my hair has turned white & is dry & I have itchy scalp. Would love to have my young hair back!

  • deb

    I’m in

  • Angela K

    I am suffering from very very dry hair right now and would love to test this! My husband could also test 🙂

  • kgritts

    I have colored hair and this would really help.

  • Debi

    This is a great time of the year for me to try new hair products since the winter leaves my hair flat, flat, flat! Yes, count me in I would love to try this shampoo!
    Have a great day!

  • karen cogburn

    I need this for my dry hair

  • rosevincentia

    I would love to improve the quality of my hair. I’ve always felt better when my hair looked good.

  • jennifer t. schultz

    I would love to test this especially since this is sulfate and paraben free. sounds great.

  • tabitha

    i would love to be one of the 7 fof to try this

  • Marilyn

    Very curious as to whether this product actually would help my very dry hair.

  • christy r.


    I really need this, I have dry, fine fly away hair. Thanks !

  • rexterrier1

    I certainly need help with my dry hair. I’d live to test a new hair product on my hair.

  • Lisa

    Would love to try the shampoo. My hair is impossible.

  • Lisa S

    I would love to try this product to see if it helps bring my dry hair back to life.

  • stephanie paige

    I keep looking for something to help dry hair, maybe this is it!

    • Gean

      My hair is dry, fly away and very staticy. When I go to work my hair doesn’t stay down and it is embarrassing. I’ve tried so many products and it does help. I would love to give your product a try. It would be great. Thank you.

  • Carmen

    Would live to try this on my very dry hair!

  • Diane

    Sign me up please.

  • Christine

    love to test it

  • Laura Emerson

    I would love to try this shampoo as the older I get, the harder it is to maintain that healthy and shine hair I used to have. I am so tired of dry and flyaway hair which frizzes at the hint of moisture.

  • tornadol

    Dry hair is my life.

  • Violette Chef

    I love the concept of a moisturizing shampoo-especially in the winter months. I hope it doesn’t leave a residue to
    weigh my hair down, but yet will help tame flyaways.
    Help alleviate dry itchy scalp, without leaving my hair
    greasy. Clean my violet streaked hair without stripping out my vibrant color. I hope I don’t have unreal expectations.

  • Margaret

    My hair is grey and thick. Conditioners leave it flat. Would love to test this product

  • Shanna M

    I’m always on the lookout for a great shampoo so of course I would love to try!

  • Maryann

    Would love to try.

  • cathylwood

    Battling dry and lifeless hair is one of 2013 goals — this shampoo looks like the perfect solution.

  • Jill

    i would love to try this shampoo.

  • Debbie Terry

    Yes I would like to try it. I have damaged hair from coloring

  • Marilyn

    Would love to give it a go.

  • Ann

    Just what I need, my hair seems to have taken on a life of its own since we put the heat on! HELP!!!

  • km_maggard

    would love to try this. just recently highlighted my hair and it is so dry!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Id like to see if this holds true for my grey very dry hair!

  • Tammy Allen

    If it can bring my hair moisture, I’d buy it again and again! I would love to test!

  • Judy Perry

    I have processed hair (color all the time to hide all the gray). I would love to try.

  • Kathi Walker

    I would Love to try and test this shampoo as I need moisture

  • smfsprout

    I would love to try this and see if it could add some moisture to my dry hair without the weight. Thanks.

  • msortet

    I have bleached hair so my hair dresser tells me only to use a moisture shampoo and since I am allergic to sulfates, this is perfect for me…so excited to try it!

  • Debbie Martin

    In reading the comments after posting my request, it seems there are a LOT of women with dry, gray hair that the market seems to be missing. More companies could benefit greatly with products made for us. I may not need this one as my hair is still quite thick, but would still be willing to try it.

  • Debbie Martin

    I have white/gray hair that I must chemically relax, so with the gray and relaxing and heat styling, my hair needs extra care. I’m always looking for a great moisturizing shampoo that is free of color and I am guessing from the picture this is white–unless it’s just the bottle.

  • karen cogburn

    This is just what I need.

  • elizabeth

    I noticed that my hair seems drier lately, so I think this would be a good fix.

  • Phoenix

    This looks very appealing. I’d love to try it.



  • pmack

    Need a good moisturizing shampoo would like to test this one

  • Rosemary Simm

    When those gray hairs showed up, so did drier hair.
    I have tried many kinds of shampoos and found that
    most only weigh down the hair and feel heavy. Not so good. I sure would love to try Healthy Hair Plus.

  • RonniN

    I have very dry hair and would love to test this shampoo.

  • hoppupp

    My long ‘n curlies need all the help they can get!

  • Thelma Rodriguez

    I have coarse, permed hair, this product sounds like it would be great to on my type of hair and make it more manageable and keep it healthy at the same time. I would love to try it and find out.

  • Christine Norman

    I have tried a lot of shampoos that claim they will give me soft smooth hair and I am still looking. Let’s see if this one does as claims.

  • Frances Gramlich

    Sure would love to see if it works.

  • Kimberley

    I would love to try this shampoo

  • patmal

    OH at least one thing that won’t weigh me down….I want to try this

  • janis

    I hope so !! :]

  • Connie Williamson

    Would love to try this. My hair is thick and wiry and frizzy.

  • sandy haber

    My normally curly hair has changed texture since i’ve started coloring it at home, would love to try something to give it back its natural bounce.

  • Laura

    I am THE test subject for this product. So far every shampoo and conditioner that claims not to weigh down hair, flattens my very fine and thinning hair. I DARE this one to work….

  • Mary

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • gmc

    with the cold weather, this sounds great to try on my hair

  • Kai W.

    My hair is so dry and frizzy that this shampoo might be my answer to my hair problem.

  • Carol Catto

    I would love to try this shampoo.

  • Deborah Shirley

    sfree sounds like an amazing product that I would love to try in my hair!

  • Helen Chun

    I would be so happy if this did my hair wonders!

  • Pamela Behrend

    I have the thinnest hair all of the sudden. I think I have male pattern baldness. Help!

  • mali

    Even if I am not chosen to test it, I would like to know if it works since my hair is a mess and drives me crazy!

  • Cheryl Lee

    I live in static country, central Texas, would love to try your shampoo to see if it can tame my hair and keep it looking fresh and pretty!

  • JAN

    Grey hair is notorious for being dry and coarse. Would love to see if this would help!

  • DJ Eastwood

    At fifty-five years young, my hair is short, gray, colored and terribly dry. However, every time I try a moisturizing shampoo it is instant friz. Let me try this shampoo and my hair will give it an honest test!

  • Faith Moeller

    Living in Alaska in winter dries everything out – especially my skin, scalp, and hair. I’d LOVE to try this!

  • Maureen O’Neal

    If it’s MOISTURIAING, sign me up!!


    Would like 2 sample

  • amgt123

    I would love to try this product. Coloring my hair leaves it feeling like straw.

  • JED

    I think I have tried every shampoo known to man (or woman) and have yet to find one that will keep my hair feeling soft and touchable for longer than 10 hours at a time. I would love to be one of the chosen few to test this new product, that sounds like it might solve the problems with my color treated locks.

  • michelle geil

    My hair is dry, curly, frizzy and delicate. I’d love to try something gentle and effective (wow, that sounds like a laxative but you know what I mean…)

  • Elizabeth

    I am a fine-haired FOF and a new product that would help my hair to have stunning body with styling control while repairing breakage sounds like the perfect solution to my hair woes… let me try it … if it works for me, it works!!

  • Pamela37

    I color my hair and this would be great to try.

  • Lynnonyx

    I would like to try

  • michellep34

    My hair is thin but can be a bit dry and coarse because of hair color and other hair products. I use a conditioner for my hair but it tends to be a bit heavy and my hair lacks body. I would love to test this product.

  • Shari Borders

    My hair is so much drier than it used to be and the grey hair mixed in doesn’t help at all. I would love to try this!

  • tksinclair

    I’m using a sulfite free that doesn’t lather! Not liking it at all…would love to try this!

  • kweiyin

    Sounds perfect for my colored hair.

  • glorious

    this sounds totally awesome would help my flyaways!

  • Dorothy Campbell

    Would love to test this product!

  • paula

    I have thin, curly, dry hair & would love to try this shampoo!!

  • bclaxton

    I’d love to try it. I have very fine colored hair so most moisturizing shampoos make my hair go totally limp.

  • Mary Noyes

    My hair is a mess and would love to try this as it is winter in Minnesota and I could use a lot of moisture right now!

  • Holly

    The only way I can keep my hair from frizzing is to use mousse after every shampoo; even conditioner doesn’t do it, so I’d love to try a new shampoo that might moisturize more!

  • KLS

    Hope to be the one to test this product…

  • lynne cahill

    I would really like to test this product. I have been looking for a product like this for awhile.

  • Tfabglam5

    I have never tried a sulfate-free shampoo and would love to! I have thick dry hair prone to splitting, so this moisturizing formula sounds wonderful and love the fact that it delivers great results without all the chemicals.

  • Belinda

    Send it my way! Over processing, heat and age are taking it’s toll on my hair! Help!

  • Mary Cunningham

    I’d love to try on my dry mane!

  • Fran Kahn

    I have tried so many shampoos that advertise moisturizing panaceas for dry hair- all to no avail! I eventually toss almost full bottles. I’d love to find a product that really works!

  • Alex

    It seems really interesting, and I am curious to try it!
    I see I’m one of (the?) only guy around… but I do have hair that women envy, you know… 😀
    And it needs to try this product, please please please! 😉
    Happy Holidays!

  • Alex

    It seems really interesting, and I am curious to try it!
    I see I’m one of (the?) only guy around… but I do have hair to envy women, you know… 😀
    And it needs to try this product, please please please! 😉
    Happy Holidays!

  • sharyn

    I could use this–hope it works on fine hair.

  • Cherry Peterson

    Oh, my dry, curly hair cries for moisturizing!! I’m your girl!!

  • MaryAnn Pepe

    Sounds like something that would tame frizz in Florida. Would love this.

  • sheila

    I use Wen because I color my hair and dont want to loose the color to sulfates.Would love to try this to see how it compares!
    Thank you

  • mell

    I would love to try this product.

  • linda boever

    I have a skin disorder called Lichen Planus and have to be very careful not to dry my scalp out. This sounds like it might be very helpful.

  • jhendon60

    thin dry hair–i could definately benefit from this!

  • sharie papush

    I like to use non sulfate products on my hair. Would love to test this one . I have frizzy hair & it gets static in the winter

  • Nancy

    My tresses would love to try this shampoo!

  • Zenaida Odom

    I would love to try this moisturizing shampoo for my dry hair.

  • Mary

    I’d love to try it.

  • Stephanie V.

    frizzy hair that needs moisture over here!

  • barb

    As my hair has become mostly salt & pepper, I’m interested in trying anything that is not full of chemicals AND helps with frizz!

  • Kaye

    I don’t know how you find all these amazing(sounding) products. But let me try it and I’ll let you know if it really is amazing.

  • Marsha Crain

    I would love to try this. I wash my hair everyday and feel that it is dry. But if I try a more conditioning shampoo it is flat!!!

  • Karen K

    I would love to try this

  • Conlee

    My hair is really dry I would like to find something that helps.

  • Margarida

    S free shampoo seems to serve multi purposes!

  • Judy Brenner

    My scalp and hair would love this shampoo! My scalp is already so dry! Itchy, flaky, and sore sometimes! The ends of my hair could use the extra moisture!

  • Joanna

    My hair needs all the help it can get!

  • Bernadette

    My over-50 single process colored hair is dry. It makes me look older than my face! I use argan oil products for moisture/shine, but I’d love to try something new to see if it’s even more effective!

  • Jill

    I would like to try a shampoo, that adds moisture and softness to my hair without feeling greasy or with buildup

  • Deb

    I have fine hair and would love to try this.

  • Marsha Breidinger

    I would love to try this. We have a well….the worst water ever. It destroys my hair.

  • sheryl

    would love to try this shampoo

  • Amanda Rauch

    I would love to try. i have super long hair and it gets so frizzy and dry this time of year, i just want to chop it off!!

  • Soledad

    I would really like to try this shampoo. I have dry, curly hair, so I need a sulfate-free shampoo.

  • Ellen

    Let me try it and I’ll give a detailed review!

  • Barbara M.

    I have tried every shampoo for dry hair out there and very few deliver. So I would love to give this a great review, I pray!

  • Carol

    Dry hair is my bane! Would love to try this.

  • Sharon Haas

    I would love to try it. My hair is a combination of dryness and static and winter is making it unbearable. Some shampoos seem to help but they just make my hair feel limp and slightly greasy. I don’t know what happened. My hair is always so healthy in the summer.

  • Joyce Broome

    Would love to try.

  • Kathy

    I am always up for better hair!

  • Patricia

    This longer than shoulder length hair would love to be moisturized!

  • Jacky Jones

    I have long thick hair that has no volume after the second day of being styled, would love to try this and hopefully see a major difference.

  • carolineno

    This stuff sounds like a dream!

  • Faye

    PLEASE! I’d love to try it…I’m desparate. I’d had several surgeries in the past 2 years, resulting varying degrees of hair loss. The ends are wispy and frizzy. In other words, I need help.

  • Robin Sheeran

    Would love to try this shampoo. Thanks

  • Jeanne

    Would this help dry and brittle menopause hair?

  • Marisa Fadavi

    I am 59 with thinning hair which badly needs moisture. I think that this shampoo may be what I am lookin for. I would love to try it!

  • Leo39

    This product looks interesting. Please let me try it!

  • Corky

    I am always apprehensive about trying a new hair product since most of them contain ingredients that make my scalp super itchy! But one that moisturizes the hair and adds body without weight? Sign me up – it sounds too good to be true!

  • MLE

    yes, please

  • mandrada

    My hair tend to fa=flatten a even on a daily was, I could use something different and would love to try!

  • angie ehlers

    great looking product! i want to try something new.

  • Melinda Fabiano

    Welcome the opportunity to try sfree® MOISTURE Shampoo with natural botanicals and scented with citrus extracts. Hair color really dries out my hair. With winter here; the drying intensifies. sfree may be the solution!

  • Della

    I have straight hair that is colored blonde. So over moisturizing can make it look limp and dirty. I would like to see what this can do

  • Cte

    I’ll try it!

  • Patti Swartzel

    Hard to keep hair moisturized as I get older. Love that you are letting one of us try it for free. Thank you for this

  • Lisa

    I would like to test SFree Shampoo.

  • Carol

    Would love to test this!

  • tammy basden

    🙂 healthy choice for hair awesome

  • Andrea

    I have been looking for a good, light & moisturizing formula for a long time now. I would love to try this!

  • Leo39

    Sounds interesting. Let me try, please.

  • barbara

    my hair is getting old, just like me….help.

  • Valerie

    Sounds like the right stuff to fix what ails my hair, would love to try it!

  • Patti Pease

    I have dry hair and have been looking for a new shampoo. Would love to try this product.

  • Penny

    I would really appreciate this as I am highly allergic to sulfates and have frizzy curly hair and having a hard time finding a good shampoo.

  • vasslt

    Dry hair has been a problem for me my whole life, maybe this is the answer.

  • Vickie

    Winter is a great time to use this!

  • Ida

    I would love to test this. This summer did number on my hair.

  • AJB

    Would like to test this.

  • Kim thompson

    I will provide quite the challenge..i dont believe such a product exists..
    .early menopause has been cruel to me

  • Cynthia

    I recently cut off all of my relaxed hair to become natural. One of the top recommendations for shampoos is to use a product without sulfate and adds moisture back to hair. I would love to try this on my short, naturally curly hair.

  • JoAnn Graves

    I am 63 and my hair is showing its age. I need something with a moisture base in it to see if I can help my hair.

  • Rosetta Jastrem

    My hair has gotten thin over the last couple of years and am desperate to find a shampoo that doesn’t harm it further!

  • Nancy

    Would love to try!

  • Donna

    This sounds like something that could work for me. I’d love to try it. My hair is curly and frizzes after shampooing so, I always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. But, it weighs my hair down and makes it look flat on top. This product sounds like it has great potential.

  • charlene

    That’s exactly what I want – moisture and body without going limp.

  • Candace

    This kinds like wonderful shampoo!

  • April

    sounds like it is worth trying. i would like to keep hair soft and healthy!

  • realcathy

    Would love to try – I really need this!

  • joyce

    Sounds like just what my hair needs!!!

  • Karen K.

    Would love to try this….my hair definately needs all the help it can get!!

  • amber

    Yes please sign me up I would love to test this shampoo.

  • Julie

    Would love to test this and end my frizzy nightmare.

  • diana shenderovich

    i would like to try

  • Kim Cage

    Finding a good shampoo is a real quest! My hair really gets dry during the winter months and could use the moisture,shine and volume!!! Would love to try this!

  • Lynn

    Due to the fact that I color and use several heat processes for drying my hair and live in a very cold climate I am always looking for products to keep moisture and shine in my hair. Ready, willing & able to try this product.

  • cindy jones

    Always looking for moisture enhancing conditioner with heavy weight.

  • Cheryl

    My hair is sooooo fizzy, so I would love to try this. Pretty please pick me

  • Inspireme

    I have been coloring my hair with salon color, highlights, and lowlights as well as applying color at home. I have used a variety of shampoos, conditioners and treatments. I alternate between sulfate and non-sulfate brands. This product looks promising from the very descript bottle to the compelling citris fragrance. The “Healthy Hair” community seems genuinely interested in results. I’m eager to try your shampoo…

  • mikeline skibsted

    My hair as I’ve gotten older seems to have lost its body. It just kind of hangs there limp and lifeless. I would love to test a product that gave me back its bounce.

  • Susan

    My once curly hair is now so dry and frizzy. I have tried many products that promise to get my hair back into shape, but alas, they have all fallen short of their promises. I would love to see if this shampoo is the ONE!

  • Diane

    I just washed my hair. And now it is full of static cling. This happens every year when the weather gets cold and dry. I wonder if this shampoo might help with this problem. I definitely could use the body, if it really does that. I volunteer to try it. Thanks~

  • Ginger

    I feel like my hair has really dried as I age, this would be fabulous to try.

  • This might be just what my thick, but incredibly fine, stick straight hair needs. I have tried everything to no avail. 🙁

  • Charlotte Phillips

    Would love this!

  • mag

    I get three keratin treatments a year and only use sulphate free products. It would be great to find one I love .

  • Kim Marie

    Would love to try this – sounds fab!

  • suzette

    would LOVE to try this shampoo. i NEED IT!

  • Arlene

    I sure could use body instead of this frizz.

  • lovey dash

    Ok well i have tried everything on my long untamed mane. Curly frizzy. I have been using wen Shampoo which is great but this one interests me because of the added moisturizer. Hope this is a winner!!!!! Whats a girl to do other than a blow dry and then it gets frizzier in thelong run. ???? I WANT TO TRY THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!
    Being a Guru for the fashion area of FOF i am always looking for something new that works so i can spread the word.!!!

  • Mary E

    I would benefit very much from this product bc I have been trying to find a product that would be gentle enough on my hair and scalp to help out how dry both are and invigorate it. I am in desperate need of a product like this one and would love to win it!!

  • Lorna

    I need this! Especially with the cold weather, dry heat and coloring, I need this!

  • Debra Barber

    I need a shampoo that has natural botanicals and puts moisture in your hair. The winter months and gas heat tend to dry my hair out. I would love to give this a try!!

  • Gayla

    I would like to try this shampoo. I am older and have had problems with dry, splitting ends .

  • debra

    would love to try it

  • erica

    I like that it’s color-safe; I would be happy to test it out.

  • sallify

    I have dry, coarse hair and live in Maine, where cold winters, and dry heat from a wood stove really fry my tresses at this time of year. I’d love to find out if this product could make a difference.

  • Bonnie

    I would love to test sfree® MOISTURE Shampoo from Healthy Hair Plus. I live trying and review new beauty. This shampoo is exactly what I have been looking for!:)

  • sharon cherro

    i would love to try this shampoo my hair is really fine and can hardly do a thing with it

  • Bev

    My scalp is so dry. Very itchy. I would love to try this!! Thank you:)

  • Janet

    I would like to try this – sounds especially good for the winter months.

  • Ann

    My search for a truly moisturizing conditioner that leaves my colored hair shiny and soft goes on. Hope springs eternal, so I would love to test this one.

  • Lisa

    Sure I would love to give it a shot!

  • fran Liscio

    this looks like the perfect shampoo. I would love to give it a try. thanks very much.

  • Becky

    I would LOVE to try this. I’m constantly searching for a moisturizing shampoo.

  • Christa L.

    I would love to test this! My hair needs moisture!

  • Dottie527

    would love to try it !

  • Monica Platz

    I would LOVE to try this — all six strands of my hair would appreciate it!

  • wizardewu

    My hair gets very dry in the winter. I would like to try this out.

  • Nancy L

    Always on the lookout for a great shampoo!

  • Teresa Scarborough

    would love to try it on my damaged hair

  • beth

    always looking for a healthy way to shampoo and something that won’t make my hair greasy like a lot of the natural shampoos do.

  • mary

    I would love to try this for my highlighted hair. I try to use sulfate free products and could really use a volume booster! PLEASE PICK ME! 🙂

  • Karen Cunningham

    Finding a good shampoo is a real quest. I’d love to try anything that would solve dry hair problems.

  • joyzkim

    Sounds great…love to test it.



  • Kathy

    My sister swears by this. I would love to try it.

  • ellen schull

    I really need a moisture shampoo. I have graying hair that tends to be coarse. I would love to try this.

  • karen cogburn

    Sign me up please.

  • Larisa

    I would love to try it. I have curly hair that dries up so much
    thank you