{Tested} Guinot’s Liftosome Serum

Guinot, a French skincare line found primarily in spas and salons, says that their Liftosome Serum (retail value: $84.00) “lifts and redefines your facial contours, smoothes skin texture and strengthens your skin.” Its key ingredients are the collagen enhancers Biopeptide EL & CL and Vitamin A which the company says help restore surface elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds fab….but we had our beauty testers confirm it. Read on for their reviews.

**Quick take:** 3 out of 3 testers would recommend the Guinot Liftosome Serum to other FOFs.

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Darinda Huntley – Round Rock, TX

Did this product work for you?
Yes, definitely.

Did you see a difference in your skin?
Even at 54, my skin is still very oily. The first thing I noticed after three days was my oil production was reduced. After using it for three weeks, my tendency to breakout is also reduced. Also, under my chin, where some lines were appearing, [the skin is] tighter now, and the lines are not as visible. The fine lines around my eye area are also reduced. My skin overall seems more supple, well moisturized, but not greasy.

Would you use it again?
Yes, although the $84 price point seems a bit much to me. I’d have to consider how that fits into my budget.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Yes. I feel it is an effective product.

Debbie Scheele – Belle Fourche, SD

Did this product work for you?
I did see a difference, but it was subtle.

Did you see a difference in your skin?
My skin was hydrated, smoother and plumped, but not greasy or oily.

Would you use it again?
Yes. I think with time, the benefits would become more obvious.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Yes. Women with dry or combination skin would benefit from the hydration and plumping of the skin.

Joanne Nothnagle – Penfield, NY

Did this product work for you?
Yes. I have used many similar products with no noticeable improvement. However, I find this product to be effective in reducing the appearance of deep lines from my nose to the sides of my mouth, and at the lip line. This product definitely exceeded my expectations.

Did you see a difference in your skin?
I began to see results within one week of using this product, morning and night. The product is hydrating and does not cause dryness and peeling as Renova does. It has a pleasant fragrance without being overbearing (and I have a low tolerance for most scented products!)

Would you use it again?
Yes. I would use this product on a daily basis.

Would you recommend it to other FOFs?
I would most definitely recommend this product to other FOFs. I have had Juvederm and Radiesse treatments in the past. I feel this product has been so effective that I haven’t decided when or if I’ll go back for additional treatments. Although I know this product is somewhat pricey, I feel it is worth the expense, and I will definitely buy it once I find a source.

  • kenfrt

    with all the vitamins for the skin,this would be great for day…

  • Joan

    I am dieting and I notice that my friends who have lost alot of weight look alot older due to a lack of elasticity in their face. I would love to try this.

  • sheryl

    I think I’m in love!