{Tested} ResVitale Collagen Enhance


We’ve all heard that there are health benefits to drinking red wine . . . in moderation. (Put that bottle down, FOF.) Resvitale created a line of supplements that provide high concentrations of resveratrol–red wine’s potent anti-oxidant–so you can harness its benefits without becoming a lush. Seven of our members tested Resvitale’s Collagen Enhance 1000 mg, a daily oral supplement that combines resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and collagen proteins. Resvitale claims it will “restore your skin’s elasticity . . .” and “diminish fine lines and wrinkles.” But what did our FOF testers think?

Quick take: 5 out of 7 testers would recommend this to other FOFs.


Was this product easy to use?
Yes–very. I started to take two pills a day but then increased it to four for more intense benefits

Did you notice any changes in your skin?
Yes, my skin felt firmer, and I received some compliments about my skin from people who didn’t know that I was using this. Two people at work commented that my skin looked nice and glowing.

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Did this product diminish fine lines and wrinkles?
Yes, I am noticing that lines are not as deep, and I have an overall glow to my skin.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
Yes, I would continue to use it because of the compliments that I received after only a short time. I am hopeful that I will see even better results as I continue to use it.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Yes, I would recommend this product as an additional supplement to whatever you are already using for your skin.


Was this product easy to use?
Yes, the capsules were very easy to use–two a day (after lunch and after dinner).

Did you notice any changes in your skin?
I suffer from occasional bouts of mild rosacea….but I don’t think my face was as red while taking the capsules. Maybe it was my imagination, but my symptoms were milder!

Did this product diminish fine lines and wrinkles?
My skin did seem to be “plumper”…. (I’m not sure that just 20 days use would bring any dramatic changes.)

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
Oh yes, I would continue. From all I read about the benefits of resveratrol and collagen supplements, I would love to take it on a regular basis. BUT—I checked the cost online, and thought it was probably more expensive than I could pay on a monthly basis!! Perhaps I would be forced to cut back to one capsule a day—because of the high cost.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?



Was this product easy to use?
Yes, took it in the a.m. with my breakfast

Did you notice any changes in your skin?
Yes, it had a glow.

Did this product diminish fine lines and wrinkles?
No, but I think over time it would. I will try it for longer on my own.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
Yes. I will purchase this product at the GNC store.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Yes, if you’re committed I think you will like the results.


TINA JENSEN – Milwaukee, WI

Was this product easy to use?
Very easy to use …. I ingested the two capsules every morning after breakfast. I especially like the fact that this formula is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant ingredients, does not have any preservatives, is free of possible allergens and artificial colors and is also gluten free.

Did you notice any changes in your skin?

I am very pleased with the noticeable, positive changes in my skin after using the ResVitale Collagen Enhance supplement for 21 days. My skin has improved significantly; the texture, radiance, tone and color all reflecting the look of much younger skin. My fine lines and wrinkles are much softer –more blurred and less pronounced. Even the pores of my skin are finer, and I have naturally larger pores and combination sensitive aging skin. My hair also feels and looks markedly healthier, shinier and silkier. A friend who I haven’t seen in a few months just commented how great my skin looks and mentioned that it’s amazing that I have no wrinkles!

Would you continue using this product?
I definitely want to continue using this product, because I feel that my face, neck, and decollete all look better and my skin is so much smoother, clearer and youthful looking.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
I feel that it is a very worthwhile product for all Fab over Fifty members and anyone who wants to look younger and healthier naturally. A great addition to anyone’s anti-aging arsenal!



Was this product easy to use?
Since I had to take just 2 capsules a day it was extremely easy to use. I took all the capsules in the bottle – 30 days worth.

Did you notice any changes in your skin?
I didn’t notice very much of a change.

Did this product diminish fine lines and wrinkles?
The fine lines may have filled in some, but the wrinkles are still there.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
No, I would not continue to take the product. After 30 days there was extremely little change and as it is $39.99 a bottle for a month’s supply, it is cost prohibitive for someone on a fixed income. I did like the fact that it was all organic and vegan.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Since it only took some of the lines away I probably would not recommend it to other FOF members. Maybe if someone continued to use the product they might see more of a change.


Was this product easy to use?
The product was easy to use (just pop 2 easy to swallow pills) each day.

Did you notice any changes in your skin?
I really did not notice any changes in my skin, either by sight, or touch.

Did this product diminish fine lines and wrinkles?
I also did not notice any change in lines/or wrinkles, although I have very minimal to start with.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
I am actually going to continue using the product. I feel that 20 days is not enough of a chance to give this supplement adequate time. I will keep using it for another couple of months to see if there is improvement in my skin.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
I don’t think at this time, I could recommend this product. It is quite expensive at $40.00 a bottle for a one month supply.


ALYSON WIDEN – Shaker Heights, OH

Was this product easy to use?
Easy to use as I took 2 in the morning with my multivitamin.

Did you notice any changes in your skin?
My skin was less dry.

Did this product diminish fine lines and wrinkles?
My across the forehead wrinkles are barely there. I figure with more time, it will work around the eyes and those deeper lines around the mouth and neck.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
I would continue this product because I have plenty of lines that aren’t so funny on my face, neck and other parts. I feel less achy and more peppy, too.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
I recommend ResVitale Collagen Enhance and will get more from GNC since it’s a gradual change in the wrinkles over time.


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  • Rebecca T

    I would really like to win and try this product. I’ve heard a radio broadcast from a doctor stating that the skin of the grape contains resveratrol- a potent anti-oxidant. Fortunately I think I’ve inherited good skin genes from my mother so this product would worth the expense to maintain my skin.

  • rebeccabarrymore@yahoo.com

    I’d like to see if it would make a difference in my skin since I only eat organic foods but can’t drink much red wine anymore as it upsets my stomach.

  • Maggie Corpe

    I would love to give this a try. I eat healthy and take supplements like calcium, flax oil and a multivitamin every day. The fact that its vegan and organic also makes it something that I am glad about as I am trying to eat more that way. French women always seem to be very well turned out. Who wouldn’t want to be like them.

  • T Haner

    I think there is something to this product and the study. I have traveled to France for the last 20 years for business and the women do age more gracefully. Their diet does include so much fat and they eat so late at night but seem less wrinkled.
    Maybe Mother Nature does no best.

  • Marsha Crain

    I would love to try this product. Anything that would help me look younger and skin feel better would be great!!

  • Ginger

    I would love to try this product in hopes it will help with my heart problems. I was put on 5 heart meds this past Tuesday and need something to try and bring this under control. Thank you

  • Christia Sale

    I like the whole idea behind resveratrol. The antioxidant benefit is attractive even if it wouldn’t have an effect on the skin. Protection from free radicals will benefit you inside and out eventually, so it would be well worth the expense.
    I am curious about topical resveratrol and how effective it is. I would think that topical application would show changes in the skin’s surface sooner than internal absorption. It takes a while to build up enough resveratrol in the system to make a visible difference on skin’s surface.

  • Francie

    Since wine interacts with the medicine I’m on this could be the perfect alternative and anything that give a person more energy it’s a win win!

  • gshep

    Looking for a product like this.

  • g

    In addition to the great anti-oxidant ingredients, I am very impressed that it has no preservatives, and is free of allergens and artificial colors. I would be happy to give it a try!

  • Kathy Handerhan

    I would love to try this product. I have been taking resveratrol for the past 5 years but only at 100mg/day. Would love to compare the different dosage.

  • kcolor273

    I am curious about this product and would love to try it to find out if it would make any difference in my skin, hair, etc.

  • klm624

    I would very much like to try this product to see if it actually works! After reading the comments by the other women who tried it, this product is especially attractive to be because of its antiaging benefits with the improvement in skin tone, texture, etc., but also the fact that some women felt an increase in energy which is definitely a plus. I also like the fact that since I am vegetarian, it is a vegan and organic product.

  • Dotty

    I’m definitely going to try this product. Since I hit 65 I’ve noticed a definite difference in my skin tone so would like to try something to improve it.

  • Frances Kranik

    I’ve lost a lot of weight and as I mature I notice and am self conscious about the loose skin around my neck. I would love the opportunity to see if it tightens my skin that is now starting to sag as I loose a little more weight.

  • Debby

    would be great if it worked on your neck!

  • Arlene

    Definitely love that this product is organic. Lots of reseach on resveratrol which looks promising. Would like to try a personal trial.

  • silverpenni

    I would love to try this product as I’ve heard so much about it. At 65, there’s not much left to help the face look better except a facelift, and that’s much too expensive for most of us. I would be proud to be chosen as a tester.


  • Soledad

    Would really like to try this. Need some elasticity back in my skin and to get rid of the vertical lines between my eyes.

  • loveyhowel

    As much as I would love to drink enough red wine to see a positive resveratrol difference, it would not allow for gainful employ. A suppliment that provides the same benefit would be the perfect way to still lead a productive life.

  • Mary G

    Sounds like it is worth a try!

  • rosevincentia

    Not having the resources for cosmetic surgery, I welcome any opportunity to improve my appearance. I would love to look in the mirror a month from now, and see a more firm and refreshed face looking back at me.

  • Peggy

    I would love to try this…..I like to drink White Zinfindel wine and have not been a big fan of red wines, so this sounds like the thing to do!

  • Mary E

    I would love to try this product bc i have very dry skin and scalp and have been looking for something just like this to help out my skin and scalp.

  • Laurie

    I would love to try this product. I love the skin benefits, everyone would love better skin! The health benefits would be the added bonus we all need.