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It’s been a while. But like the internet itself, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve just gotten bigger and more complicated.

In the interim, I interviewed Sherrie Schneider, author of the notorious dating book The Rules, for FOF. Sherrie had a lot of “old-fashioned” advice to give concerning the birds and the bees, and even though I’m the quintessence of the modern man, I basically agreed with everything she said.

I’d like to expand on her teachings, with a few of my own long-held rules on dating in the digital age. These are addressed to women specifically, because I have inside information only on how men think and operate, but I think both genders can appreciate, if ...
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Sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood.
Others will deceive you; you decide what’s good.
You decide alone.

-Stephen Sondheim

FOFs, I need your advice…

Recently, a good friend of mine, we’ll call her Klara, has been dating a man–let’s call him Matty. Klara and I go way back, we’re best friends. I haven’t yet spent enough time with Matty to form a solid opinion of him, but from the thin slices I get at parties and the occasional double-date, he seems pretty cool.

Klara and Matty are getting pretty serious, even talking about moving in together. During this time, I’ve also become close with one of Matty’s good friends, Eleanor.

The other day, I was gabbing with Eleanor ...
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