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Why do you need a room design makeover?


We're giving away a consult with Jennifer Levy, interior decorator behind the One-Day Design Solution™ and seven decorating essentials including luxe fabrics, wallpaper, accessories and art.

A $1200 value!

Comment below to enter!

One lucky FOF will win:

ImageA 3-hour consultation with interior designer, Jennifer Levy, of The One-Day Design Solution™

Why it’s fab: Jennifer gets a sense of your style and space before providing a custom-solution including layout, furniture planning, color suggestions and web links to suggested furniture, lighting and accessories.
Image1 roll of Jill Malek wallpaper

Why it’s fab: Jill's whimsical yet sophisticated designs are just the backdrop you need for your living, work or play space.

ImageStarburst Clock from Umbra

Why it’s fab: A piece that’s practical AND statement-making... This extra large molded wall clock was designed by William Harvey and David Quan for celebrated contemporary housewares company, Umbra.

ImageCandle by Joanthan Adler from WellDressedHome.com

Why it’s fab: Each 7.5 oz candle is stylishly set in etched brown glass and comes in three summer scents inspired by ritzy vacation destinations: Bel Air, Aix en Provence and Shelter Island.

ImageSlide Vase by Jonathan Adler from WellDressedHome.com

Why it’s fab: With it’s vertical-line detailing, this sleek vase is a killer accent piece for any room.

London Bridge Pillow from WellDImageressedHome.com

Why it’s fab: We are falling for this bold London Bridge pillow by up-and-coming designer Supon Phornirunlit. Bridge graphic screen-printed on front, Union Jack on back in baby blue and brown colors.

ImageCustom 16X20 fine art paper print from DigiPix.us

Why it’s fab: Pop art, charcoal sketch, silhouettes...whatever your taste, you can turn your personal photos into museum-worthy prints without fuss.

Zarin Fabrics gift certificate worth $300Why it’s fab: You may know Jill Zarin from Bravo’s television hit, The Real Housewives of New York City, but she also helps run Zarin Fabrics, a prime purveyor of upholstery and drapery fabrics and a favorite of top decorators and set designers.

(Contest closes August 10, 2010 at midnight E.S.T.)

Enter to win by commenting below, tell us: Why do you need a room design makeover?

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kcarlin11 - post on 16:08 on 08/05/2013

pathetic living room no-style
"I have a big living room that has 4 doorways and 1 window that needs extraordinary help with designing. We have overly large furniture that is an ugly off-white color, a tv, a desk, 2 end tables, but really no accessories. I've tried to add plants and color and re-arrange the furniture a gagillion times but to no avail. Need some serious professional help desperately! Thank you for considering! "
twinj72@yahooCom - post on 17:51 on 01/21/2013

Makeover...YES Please!! :))
"I have a spa room that needs help!...AND I do not know where to begin! I would like to create a warm, cozy and inviting room. A place to relax, unwind and enjoy! Thank you!"
Gvsuchick - post on 11:23 on 11/04/2012

i would love the room makeover
"Hi im Brittany . My needs a huge makeover. my parents have been primising me one for like 3 yrs but they don't have the money for it. I want my room to express who i am as a person girly but classy and alittke chic. I want a place where my friends and i can hangout chill. Where i can study and ready . I want my room to be my santuray . Right niw my room is horrible I have outdoor walls with scratchs everwhere ugly purple carpet. A broken dresser and broken bed its just horrible . i would extremly grateful.for this makeover :)"
Gvsuchick - post on 11:23 on 11/04/2012 replied to Gvsuchick

" By the way I am 16"
MissQuiyana - post on 12:18 on 09/29/2012

I really need help :(
"Hi my name is Quiyana and I'm 15. My room is in terrible shape. I have a broken twin bed that I can't sleep on because it hurts my back so I have to sleep on a messed up air mattress. My 2 dressers are messed up and broken from being in storage and my TV is incredibly old. My carpet isn't in the best state and my knobs fall off my closet doors. Plus i've had the same bed sheets from 2010. I really want to be a makeup artist and a hairstylist (I'm actually pretty good for my age) but when I invite my friends over to get their hair or makeup done, I'm too embarrassed to let my friends into my room. My parents always told me I was going to remodel my room, but they have bills to pay. It doesn't help that my room is bigger so I know there are many things I can do to it. My dream room would be a cosmetology based room. Please consider giving me the makeover, I'd appreciate it more than anything :)"
Sallie Rae - post on 14:37 on 09/18/2012

Stuck in my parents Home.
"Hello My husband and I got married 9 yrs ago and moved in with My daddy for 7yrs before he went to Assisted living. Over time we updated a few things to make it our place. We had the home to ourselves about a yr and a half when my brother moved in with us. Then we had to re-group have not been able to move forward with any plans. We 3 need our own space. My husband and I have had to pay the balance of Dad's care for awhile and still have to pay a few items so we are on a tight budget. Also, I have to make all the decisions and take care of the household and it is very draining mentally and physically. So any help on getting our home our own and not my parents would be appreciated. Sincerely, Sallie Rae in SC"
CarterSnyder - post on 20:06 on 07/13/2012

My tiny dream condo on the water needs a specialist!
"After many years of work and struggle, I've finally bought my dream condo overlooking a gorgeous body of water on the Inner Banks of NC. The view's great, but the whole place is out of date! And it's only 500 square feet big, and I'm not sure what to do to update this tiny space on a budget. I could really use a pro for this blank slate!"
toneebb - post on 10:02 on 05/17/2012

Oh wonderful makeover
"I have a new home with a beautiful view but can't figure out where to begin, want to bring the outside in! Help please...."
shannon2667 - post on 09:01 on 02/18/2011

"My husband built me a beautiful house and I am hopeless at decorating. Please help."
Pennyebony - post on 16:56 on 02/16/2011

"It would be lovely to win a room makeover"
Connied54 - post on 17:59 on 08/18/2010

House Poor Parent of a College Bound Teen
"I love to decorate but for the past 15 years I have had to pay for my children to go to college. My youngest is finishing high school and bound for college. I would love to put my personal stamp on my home by having it decorated to my personality."
kayMI - post on 22:00 on 08/17/2010

been in attic room 14 years
"It has been 14 years since We recieved Our Son from adoption and We are still living with drywall..orange, brown bad carpet and insulation hanging out of the walls.....I would love a romantic cottage relaxing room please"
annc999 - post on 17:18 on 08/11/2010

"I am admittedly decorating-challenged. My bedroom is out of date, boring, and not at all "cozy". It affects my mood in a negative way. I'm not asking for me - my husband has always wanted a more "masculine" room, and I want him to have it. I have entered every contest known to man begging for help. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us. "
marlar40@hotmail.com - post on 14:37 on 08/10/2010

Uplift spirits for family through beautiful surroundings
"In the past few months we lost our favorite companion/pet, I lost my job and we lost one of our family members. It would be great for something wonderful to happen like this to bring some joy back into our lives. Then we could look back on this year with some good memories mixed in with the sad ones."
pvtaylor - post on 16:35 on 08/09/2010

Why do I need a room makeover?
TippyJo - post on 15:29 on 08/09/2010

Imprints of my life
"My furniture has imprinted itself into my life....and my carpet! Time to move out the old....if we can get it out of the "permanent" impressions! Time to reflect the new movement and flow of my life. I could use some help because for whatever reason, my furniture will not go easily!"
woodbinefr - post on 12:23 on 08/09/2010

make over
kayMI - post on 23:54 on 08/08/2010

Adopted Son 14 years ago moved upstairs
"and still living in unfinished plaster and ugly orangebrown shag carpet and holes in walls. kaysweep@att.net"
yyoerger - post on 21:08 on 08/08/2010

Help with the forgotten room
"I've redone my bathrooms - 3 years ago, kitchen - almost 2 years ago. Now the other rooms feel forgotten, and the house is disjointed as you go from old 1960-era rooms not yet done to the new kitchen/dining room."
usamomma - post on 20:35 on 08/08/2010

I need all the help I can get.
"My husband and I move in January 2007 and had plans to rehab this place. We had just started when he past away July 2007. I have always lived with parents, husband & sons. I do not know what my style is. This is the first time I have ever been able to decorate for just me. I've been working hard on painting and trying to make it mine. But I'm lost."
Pinkerbelle - post on 18:55 on 08/08/2010

Best of Luck to all FOF's!
"Just wishing everyone who truly wants this makeover the best of luck! =)"
myomy1959 - post on 14:02 on 08/08/2010

Completely lost in CA.
"I have a wonderfully remodeled room...with nothing in it by a lone white sectional. :S I tell you, I'm completely lost in the design world and have no sense of texture, fabric, color or style! If you don't believe me, ask my 15 yr old daughter ;)"
I NEED A VACATION - post on 10:58 on 08/08/2010

The question is why haven't I gotten a room design?
"I've always put myself last when it comes to "things". I haven't purchased anything new for my home in years. It needs a fresh look. Help me do that. "
brandbedandbreakfast - post on 20:07 on 08/07/2010

One day design solution? It took 30 years to gather the clutter
"One day design solution? But it took me 30 years to gather all this clutter. Only a magic wand could turn my bedroom into a magazine layout. I'm willing if you are. "
Rolanda - post on 12:34 on 08/07/2010

"I have lived in the same house for 28 years. I think that I have done everything I can possibly do to it with the budget and creativity I have. I feel bored, cluttered, and imprisoned. I need help...professional help."
faitheliza - post on 00:46 on 08/07/2010

"wow! to win this would be amazing! I live in a storage-type one room 8x10 shed in my parents yard. I lost everything I own 5 yrs ago due to living in a house with toxic black mold. New things would be so wonderful!"
Alicia - post on 00:09 on 08/07/2010

Trying to make a difference
"All my parents ever asked of me is if they ever got sick was for me to take care of them as best as I could so my son and I moved in with my parents 7 years ago to take care of them as my parents are very sick and then my father passes away 6 years ago and we took it really hard and just last year mom had a really bad heart attack that nearly took her life. I feel with everything that has happen we all need a change and I am hoping that you can help by giving us a new start in redecorating our home and giving us something new and positve to have a new start for in making new memories for our little trio of a family. We hope to hear from you as we would love to have a new look."
momsgotda411 - post on 23:56 on 08/06/2010

Nothings done
"This would be such a great win! We've been in our house for over 15yrs, and still the kitchen isn't done, livingroom not finished, nor is the master bedroom, so this would certanly give us a boost.. thanks"
knitcoach - post on 23:38 on 08/06/2010

"Love your contests and this is a great one."
BonnieDiane - post on 22:14 on 08/06/2010

"I have been living in this house almost 27 years with the original wall paper on the wall in the entrance and up the stairs(split entry). The carpet and furniture are probably 25 years old. the room needs to be more casual and a place to relax in, never wanted a TV in there, now I do! "
pgaigher - post on 22:11 on 08/06/2010

Don't know where to start!
"My husband and I have lived in this house for 27 years. We need to lose the paneling and the very old shag carpet in the living room. We need direction on how to make everything come together for a updated look. I don't even let any friends come over because of how this house looks on the inside. HELP!!!!!!!!!!"
Bertapet - post on 21:28 on 08/06/2010

Second Wind ...Please!
"At 68 I would like an up to date look instead of the "old" fashion look that I have.I am retired but still work as a sub with Jr. High. I feel "young" when I am with them teaching but when I come home.......I age. I would love to KEEP that young feeling at home. A makeover would be terrific and be just the thing I need to get that feeling again!"
ddlw1 - post on 20:21 on 08/06/2010

Thank You
"It is great of you to have this contest. I have the empty nest going and started with redoing my bathroom. It looks great, very different then kid land! Now to the downstairs, the dining room is in the living room and I am starting to patch and paint and could use some help!"
Momsetfree - post on 18:04 on 08/06/2010

Left Way Too Long
"Fifteen years ago, my world collaspe when I fell and crushed a leg. I am actually walking now but I have done nothing to my house since except pack stuff in. Need to clean and remodel. Plan to retire 12/10 and hope I am able to restore my home to its previous neatness and orderliness."
islegirl74 - post on 13:15 on 08/06/2010

"After 10 years in the same house would need something modern and sharp looking."
reedy - post on 11:22 on 08/06/2010

Bilingual Customer Service Rep
"Because I am challenged in that area to put a room together with style and warmth -- all help is welcomed."
Oveeda - post on 10:51 on 08/06/2010

"My den is a mess of style. I know what I like however I just can't seem to pull everything together. Help"
melsmom - post on 10:06 on 08/06/2010

"I lhave a bedroom that I want to makeover. Everything you are offering is wonderful."
wagox1 - post on 09:54 on 08/06/2010

Bathroom makeover needed
"I would love to have a designer make over my master bathroom. Since I moved into this house I have redecorated all of the rooms and have been very happy with them, but I can't seem to get the bathroom right."
nascarblue3 - post on 04:29 on 08/06/2010

Lost in my choices
"Everything you offer is awesome, I am trying to turn a room into an office/kick up yor feet by the fireplace. I have a painting and powerwashing business, when you walk into the first room of my home there sits my desk and computer, I call that my office, how great would it be to have a client walk in, sit in comfort by the fireplace, no matter what season, I put a treatment on the fireplace with a deep red in the background and brushed over a black, pretty cool. The clock brings me back to the 70's and would look great on the fireplace, the vase speaks for itself, the fine art paper print I love Love, I am great at painting and putting colors together, in interior design of the room, "furniture, etc" that I leave to you. First impressions mean alot to clients and boy do I need help with that, thank you for a chance I have been praying for."
DebraCannon - post on 23:51 on 08/05/2010

Bedroom disaster = No Love Life (HELP!)
"My bedroom needs it all... currently it has ugly paneling, no closet and no curtains. I am so embaressed by it - that I have stopped dating til I can get in order. (I would be too embaressed to invite a guy over - and have him see it- It's that bad!) Help me please. Thanks!"
kizzy1208 - post on 23:19 on 08/05/2010

"A new room.......how exiting!"
dajohnson1 - post on 23:02 on 08/05/2010

"Although I may be Fab over 50, my home is not! We have a lovely home but the interior is outdated and boring. I would love to have my home reflect a sophisticated, fun and relaxing environment for my family and our guests."
sccoed09 - post on 22:09 on 08/05/2010

Need new kitchen
"I am planning to redo my kitchen this summer/fall and winning this would go long way to finishing up the plans, please pick me, thanks!!!"
crashregister - post on 21:27 on 08/05/2010

house with a good vibe but tired design
"I live in a Victorian that could benefit from an interior facelift. Some of the wallpaper is probably from the 40's."
ladykf - post on 21:06 on 08/05/2010

"I would love a new kitchen reciently my kitchen has been set on fire (4) times yes (4) times and I'm still trying to get it together I'm slowly buying peice by peice to get it back together my stove is an old GE that they don't make parts for and my refrig. don't get to cold if you put to much in it so a new room make over would bring a lot of peace to me."
karen_walsh7 - post on 20:36 on 08/05/2010

"Now that we have gone from 7 kids at home to one 18 year old at home we need a makeover. No more sturdy furniture, no more be careful common sense designs help me revive into style again!"
karol405 - post on 19:21 on 08/05/2010

hananghaddar - post on 18:46 on 08/05/2010

Old Kitchen
"We moved to our house about three years ago and it was built in the 80's, so you can imagine the situation i am talking about. We bought new appliances but the overall look still needs changing.Thank you for this chance."
jaye1mathews@yahoo.com - post on 18:44 on 08/05/2010

Too Eclectic
"I would love the opportunity to see what could be done with my room. "
weisbrenda - post on 15:13 on 08/05/2010

Mother Nature!
"We just had a tree go though the roof. We have 3 levels of problems with the rain. My daugher had spend hours painting sliver, blue orange stars on the walls all ruined. Need something exciting to change it up. :) "
mona52lisa - post on 14:42 on 08/05/2010

Why do I need a room design makeover?
"To start with I live in a 3 room apt. smaller thn Barbies's dreamhouse, I desperately need something, anything to bring this place to life. My taste is eclectic, hard to get away from this way of living while being in such a small space. Any advice would be so helpful to just make my living space seem more spacious than it is. Do not forsee moving anytime soon, the only change would be getting my son to a place of his own. that's another story. thanks "
rkurpie@twcny.rr.com - post on 14:12 on 08/05/2010

Why I need a room design makeover.
"We built our home in 1989. At that time I had a kidney removed. I didn't have a chance to tell what my master bedroom would look like. It came time to do a walk through and I was dissapointed that the closet was so small. I don't know if it can be larger. Wait and see if I win. Rose Mary Kurpiewski"
vje68 - post on 13:59 on 08/05/2010

Because our home is 114 yrs old!
"I love most of the look and the vintage materials BUT either of the bathrooms or the library need a freshening. Jennifer will help immensely!"
cwren82 - post on 13:49 on 08/05/2010

"Lost in the 70's country look."
woodsdebk - post on 13:47 on 08/05/2010

In need of your help
"We purchased a foreclosure, therefore of course it needs major help! Since we purchased it I have become ill and can not do as much. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Even advice on how to economically achieve my goals. Thank you so much."
ChinaCat - post on 13:30 on 08/05/2010

Why I desperately need a room design makeover
"Because my apartment hasn't been redecorated since the early 80s and it shows!"
Ruth Roscoe - post on 12:44 on 08/05/2010

"need help with my entire apartment, it would be great fun to win these gifts. "
hballard - post on 12:25 on 08/05/2010

Kitchen or Living room
"Live in an older home It would like to give my home a facelift. I do from time to time add a new item to my home, but it would be great to have a designer to tell me what needs to be done. "
Inde - post on 12:01 on 08/05/2010

"I live with two, wonderful dogs, and I'm much better at decorating dog houses! Yikes...please help me with my entire house!?!"
tyra - post on 11:53 on 08/05/2010

We all could use a little help!
"I like to think of my home as a safe haven as I wander down this path of "being over 50". To win a room makeover would be a fabulous way to enjoy my home as I continue to learn and grow in my fabulous 50's! It would be a dream come true to have my home office be something other than a collection of ugly, ugly bookshelves, a metal file cabinet and a desk that has seen better days! Please help me transform a dreary home office into a fun, efficient workspace!"
bamr07 - post on 11:48 on 08/05/2010

HELP My bedroom needs a makeover
"My bedroom is long overdue for a makeover. It is a mix of many styles and stuff overflowing with no space to put it in. With organization and a simple theme it will turn this room from dull to WOW."
Pauline - post on 11:45 on 08/05/2010

Great Wins
"Would love to win !"
j868jenn - post on 11:20 on 08/05/2010

Beige Blah Walls
"We just resigned our lease for another two years (ends July 31, 2012). We've been in this same 1-bedroom apartment since July 2004 and we are just ready for, and needing, a change. When we moved in we never thought we'd stay long, and here we are, going to spend at least 8 years in the apartment. We have very high ceilings which are great, but it leaves so much beige blah wall space and I'm too intimidated to try to paint it on my own. Additionally, we have more or less a hodge podge of furniture acquired from over the years. I'd love for Jennifer Levy to come over and help us arrange the apartment so it feels more like a home, and less like a rental. I'd love to use the gift certificates to add personal touches and COLOR to our otherwise drap living space. Please help us!"
jef610 - post on 11:08 on 08/05/2010

To fix a whole lot of mess!
"We have a loft which I lovingly call the room where things go to die. It's where we put everything that doesn't have a place in the rest of our home. It's kind of a home office, a little home gym, a little bit of a family room, a little bit of a storage place, and whole lot of mess! I have tried to redecorate it, but this is a job for only a true professional like Jennifer!"
niyatori47 - post on 10:36 on 08/05/2010

What a room!!!
"I really need a makeover on my living room. I have my daughter and two grand kids living with me and I know this room can be classy and kid friendly."
eab1313 - post on 10:35 on 08/05/2010

How cool!
"What a neat idea! These items are so neat! I would love a room like this. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win!"
kklazar - post on 10:22 on 08/05/2010

"Now that I've retired from my 33 year career in education, the den in my home could use a serious makeover as a place of relaxation, renewal and escape."
Terry - post on 10:04 on 08/05/2010

kids are out!
"now that the kids are out of the house, I feel like it's our private oasis (with the cats of course) I would LOVE to have a consult. I need drapes in every room! getting some advice would be great!"
dorenebb - post on 09:54 on 08/05/2010

Where do I start?
"That has always been the problem,,,,, Starting. Once someone starts a room, I can usually finish. But starting is my paralysis. Thanks!"
pearsonbrooklyn - post on 01:09 on 08/05/2010

My living room
"MY living room needs some help help her please"
eandsrapp@comcast.net - post on 21:47 on 08/04/2010

Do I Hear A Yodel? by Sharon Ann
"Once upon a time, my husband and I bought a house in suburbia near Indianapolis. It is known as an English (Fake) Tutor house. It is aging gracefully but our master bedroom is calling out for help! When my youngest brother stepped into our pink bedroom with roses on the green comforter whilst gazing at the huge dark beams which grace the high ceiling...and come down on the walls....and criss-cross on the pale pink walls, he remarked: "I feel an urge to yodel!" (This is not good. ) So please help me redo my pink Tutor bedroom to something truly inspiring....with Jill Zarin's expert help."
Alzada - post on 21:47 on 08/04/2010

my house
"My house needs a lot of work. Help!!!"
marybell - post on 20:57 on 08/04/2010

"I recently left the nest to follow my grown children to The Big Apple. I brought two end tables and some pictures with me. I am completely changing my style, my address and my attitude. Please help me be FOF and not BOF (boring over fifty). Cheers!"
gratheeus - post on 19:12 on 08/04/2010

"I need a room design makeover so my rooms no longer look like I am a college student!"
donnad5227 - post on 18:29 on 08/04/2010

I want to have Fab in my life
"A room design makeover has always been a dream of mine. I do the best I can, but to have a real designer come in would be AWESOME and FABULOUS!"
kljenson - post on 18:04 on 08/04/2010

Because I want to feel Fab
"Being 50 is a great stage in my life, and a new room would jump start the rest of my life, and make me feel Fab:)))"
mamajo089 - post on 17:18 on 08/04/2010

WoW Just Wow
"I would be delighted to win this and Boy does my house NEED it. "
KatieM - post on 17:09 on 08/04/2010

"My house deserves better! Two years ago we moved into a 1907 house in the "Fan" district of Richmond. I have used most of my resources to make the downstairs as lovely as possible. My master bedroom is an awesome space but I lack the skills to turn it into a show piece (or just a nice bedroom)"
hofken - post on 16:50 on 08/04/2010

Too Much Testosterone
"I need a room design makeover because my house has too much testosterone (and looks it!). A husband, two teen sons (and two male dogs) have made my house look w-a-y too masculine (aka messy). Cynthia.Richardson@azbar.org"
RuiYing - post on 16:28 on 08/04/2010

no decorating sense
"i set up this account for my mother. along with limited technological sense, she also has limited decorating sense. everything in her house is so drab and boring. everything is functional but no character. i love my mom and wish for her to have the best. a wow-ful room would surprise her!"
Schehrdelight - post on 15:23 on 08/04/2010

Why Do You Need a Room Design Makeover
"My mom is turning 94 and is living in the same house since she was married over 65 years ago. She spends her time watching tv in a chair in the living room or watching tv in her bedroom. She lives on just a monthly social security payment. Her original furniture is crumbling and she doesn't have the money to fix the plaster walls that have been damaged by water leaks in her bedroom. Her home was always her pride and joy and she taught us to treat our homes with respect and care as well. I would love to give her the chance to feel proud of her home again and to watch her tv in a warm comfortable setting"
qtpy1949 - post on 15:02 on 08/04/2010

Small apartment
"Being visionally impaired and living in subsidized housing leaves me with few choices in decorating a small space. I'm not able to drive, so shopping around is out of the question. I sure could use a room makeover since I spend nearly 24/7 and have to look at the same tired old room."
Kat S - post on 14:52 on 08/04/2010

"Having lost my job in California in early 2008, I lost my home and sold some of my belongings, giving mostly everything away to move back to Jersey. I currently stay with a single parent and would love to contribute to my stay here with doing over her front room in a daybed or put a loft bed with desk underneath in the teen girl's room for my use."
lavnderdeb - post on 14:46 on 08/04/2010

"I know the type of colors I want, but am having SUCH a hard time picking out the actual paints and textiles. Plus while I know what type of furniture I want, I can't seem to find it anywhere"
Bigdeohgee - post on 14:35 on 08/04/2010

Odd shaped livingroom..
"I can't figure out how to place furniture in my odd shaped livingroom. Help!"
binaifer - post on 14:22 on 08/04/2010

New home
"I just bought a 90 year old home with a huge living room and I am unable to figure out the furniture placement in the room, it would be great to have a Jennifer help us with our room and the decorating asserioies will help us a lot!!"
pschwartz7 - post on 13:43 on 08/04/2010

fix up the condo living room
"I think I deserve :) I am a single mom with a 22 year old daughter who is graduating from college later this month. The money that I have had has been devoted to her and her education.---thus myself and the condo have not gotten the attention that they deserve Sooo, I would love someone to come in redo the living room/dining room for me in the condo PSchwartz7 P.S. My daughter is one of the lucky ones---she is graduating from college and has a job! Now all we got to do is fix upnthe condo living room for Mom"
thereislightonthehorizon - post on 13:42 on 08/04/2010

I think I'm adopted and Mom hasn't told me......
"Why is it that all the members in my family know how to decorate and pull a room together, sometimes with just one piece of art, a vase or a wall color?? Why hasn't that gift been bestowed on me??? How can a daughter have all the DNA of a very talented family and still not know her colors??? *cue in the Twilight Zone theme* I would LOVE to win this opportunity to have a designer's expertise!! "
francesgram - post on 13:21 on 08/04/2010

I know nothing!
pvarrios - post on 13:14 on 08/04/2010

"My home was built in 1899 and I am in the process of remodeling and updating. My dining room is my next project to finish and I sure would love to win this prize as updating is so expensive and these prizes would add just the right touch to my dining room."
gillian7 - post on 12:59 on 08/04/2010

i just keep trying
"sometimes i think im doing it right, but somehow it seems to turn out wrong. being single in this economy, its hard to decorate nicely, on a very tight budget. please help me do it right."
gigigi - post on 12:38 on 08/04/2010

less is bessssss
"I truly need to remove & add a few focal point items...I just went from all white to bright, but it just doesn't jive...It has all the makings of FAB but I need your help to make it FLOW!"
RIKLYN - post on 12:16 on 08/04/2010

"My house is a little of his a little of mine and nothing matches!! HELP"
nanawill929 - post on 11:09 on 08/04/2010

"My house is so outdated, it will take a makeover since we live on a limited budget."
donna.dorney - post on 10:10 on 08/04/2010

Our family deserves more
"After years of moving and making due, we all need a change. A little style and color would be nice. Just because it seems we're always in a state of flux doesn't mean we have to look like it!"
suprn43 - post on 10:03 on 08/04/2010

Need color!!!
"This is my first home alone. I retired in2008, had been a single parent many yrs and at 65 finally decided to get a sensible townhouse in NC, near my oldest son and his family. Townhouse living is perfect for a senior and I have plenty of room. The only problem is every inch including carpetting is off-white and I have cathedral ceilings. My career was nursing and all this off-white reminds my of the hospital...............I NEED COLOR AND HAVE NO DESIGN SKILLS.........................HELP!!!"
rddlfajkus - post on 09:50 on 08/04/2010

"My living room has a 20 foot wall on the back side and a 16 foot wall on the front. A staircase on the 3rd wall, 4th wall slants from 16 to 20 feet. I don't know how to design for the height of the room - the bottom is full but the top seems empty - HELP!!"
Apple Pie - post on 09:47 on 08/04/2010

charm but need major update
"Our story and 1/2 house was built in 1939 by a local carpenter. It has country charm but furnished through out the years with old antique hand me down assorted furniture mixed with collected nic nacs. I have had some of the same furniture and wall paper for over 30 years as well as fixtures. So I'd like to update and still have a charming comfortable home . I know this home has potential !"
fletchera09 - post on 09:40 on 08/04/2010

It would be fab!!!
"After caring for my husband as he went through cancer treatment, my house was the last thing I thought about. Our dream home has been a on the back burner. I noticed this summer our house looks tired and boring. We need some help. My husband is doing very well by the way and has beaten cancer."
kicoop@aol.com - post on 09:37 on 08/04/2010

My old folks Mobile Home Park!
"I have a Mobile Home in a park in Florida and I believe there is a complete group of people left out of the decorating magazines! Trying to fit into a Mobile Home is giving me fits! I need help with decorating, organizing and beautifying this little piece of paradise! If I am chosen, boy could I give a whole new genre! Thanks!"
mary esther - post on 09:19 on 08/04/2010

Not my strong suit
"I am good at lots of things...I am a hard worker, a loving mom, and I make GREAT lasagna, but I am seriously challenged in the design department Our livingroom looks just the way it did the day we moved in 17 years ago,and my MOM arranged the furniture. It looks like early american dorm room/sweat lodge! I need some help."
Cynthia - post on 09:10 on 08/04/2010

Getting rid of Clutter!!!!!!!
"I've lost body clutter and I need to loose the clutter in my room!!!"
mimi8356 - post on 09:08 on 08/04/2010

"I need a makeover because presently I have been living with my mom's furniture since she passed away 10 years ago and was a state of Florida resident and her rattan furniture just doesn't go in a New York house, besides the furniture being over 30 years old."
fondeegirl - post on 09:08 on 08/04/2010

Fab Forever
"Just bought our forever house after 28 years in the military....have used all of the stuff we have accumulated over the years to decorate. Would love to have a new eye and updated accessories to give the family room a jolt!"
kamkap - post on 08:32 on 08/04/2010

"Exactly what I need."
cdette - post on 08:30 on 08/04/2010

Office or Not
"Moving in my home 20 odd years ago, my daughter had a room, my sons shared a room, my Mother had a room and I slept on a mattress on the floor. After children grew up spread their wings and my Mother passed on, I finally had the house to myself. It is a beautiful little home, filled with memories. All the rooms are designed to my liking with the exception of my office. I am a Leo, and I do like things in its place. I have tried to combine office and work out room together, but still not really satisfied. Need help with design and fixtures to complement this room with the rest of my home. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
lisa.jane - post on 08:26 on 08/04/2010

Reading my mind
"I feel as though someone was reading my mind. I was just thinking/wishing I could re-do my livingroom. It is in need of HELP! We moved in 3 years ago and it doesn't feel like my livingroom. HELP would be greatly appreciated. "
fwitt07 - post on 08:25 on 08/04/2010

things just look a little tired, like me
"I would love to spruce up my family room. It's ok, it just doesn't have the style that makes it look good. I've tried to bring it some style but it just isn't going together the way I intended. Help!"
AJB - post on 07:37 on 08/04/2010

Need to spice things up!
"I could definitely use fabric to get curtains made for my living/dining room area and make that room look finished. Also, the walls in my family room are too bland."
jcrockhold@aol.com - post on 07:07 on 08/04/2010

Dream House
"After we built my dream house my husband asked for a divorce. Since I need a fresh start and there is only the old bed in there, a new bedroom would be a wonderful boost to my moral which is very low these days."
Kathi - post on 06:47 on 08/04/2010

Would Love The Help!
"I was sick a few years ago, and doing Better now but while I was sick My house was neglected so little by little I am trying to get each room done but I could really use the Help as I am not good with decorating and need help to give my place or a room in my place the little extra "Flair" that it deserves!"
nascarblue3 - post on 04:31 on 08/04/2010

"What a great prize, I am sooo ready to pull up my sleeves and get to work, Hearing from you and listening to your ideas is exactly what I need, I am at a standstill, I stalled in the beginning, it seems funny that the other day I was thinking again on how the heck am I going to change the first room you enter into a combo office and comfy put up your feet by the fireplace and here is this prize package. I hope to win, how great to have the chance to speak with a professional designer as Jennifer Levy, and recieve a gift certificate from Jill Zarin? I am very excited about this, please put me back in gear and on the right track, thank you very much, here's to hopefully winning, I am keeping my fingers crossed."
nascarblue3 - post on 04:12 on 08/04/2010

Definatly FAB
"I have not only wanted but needed a makeover in my home, it was built in 1930. I painted the walls and did my best trying to arrange furniture. I would love to have an expert such as Jennifer Levy come into my home and whatever visions she see's I will do without question. I cannot express how bad I would love to do the first room you enter, there is a fireplace my Dad built in the 70's, I am totally lost trying to work an office setting with the comforts of home in this room. I'm ready to do whatever is asked of me, this is an awesome opportunity, money is really tight. Everything you are showing especially the clock that I really love, the fine art paper print is really cool, I am ready to get busy and makeover what ever room you choose. Thanks for this great chance to have a designer actually be in my house, I see this on T.V. all the time maybe this time my dream will come true. Keeping my fingers crossed."
sassylindao - post on 02:03 on 08/04/2010

"I have a couch that sits on bricks, and I can't sit on it because it causes me back pain. I have a non matching love seat with cushions that fit a couch, not a love seat. I am disabled and on a fixed income so I can't afford to fix anything............ and it would definitely lift my spirits to redo my livingroom!"
FineMamma - post on 01:33 on 08/04/2010

"I surely need this VERY much. I just have no sense of style & look forward to, not only the changes, but also the learning experience!"
jeniaj1 - post on 01:04 on 08/04/2010

"I have lived in the jungle world long enough! I am ready for some fresh new looks. Especially to speak with a designer would be a gift in itself. All the items in this gift package would make my heart's desire between my living rooom, and dining room. When do I get the call??? I'm sooo Ready!"
Cville - post on 00:47 on 08/04/2010

Done - not done
"We've lived here almost 40 years and thought we were just about finished with the renovations and redecorating. Except - now the projects we started with need to be done over! The bathroom needs a serious redesign to allow for our approaching "elder years" and the kids have moved out leaving us with two spare rooms to convert to better use."
friedslug - post on 00:35 on 08/04/2010

"We are talking about downsizing now that the kids are grown and our whole house could really use some serious updating.Fresh paint and curtains and a few great touches would go a long way to improve the sellability!"
jp - post on 00:34 on 08/04/2010

totally clueless
"I could really use the help - I have no idea how to pull a room together. I'm hoping this will show me the way!"
pattijwr - post on 00:30 on 08/04/2010

Deployed overseas
"and saving to do a fab makeover. My home is my sanctuary, what a treat if I could have one room professionally done! After months in a war zone to come home and be pampered!"
Mazda66 - post on 00:11 on 08/04/2010

""This would be great to renovate my room which has been transformed into a 2- bedroom addition.""
hoscharmama - post on 00:05 on 08/04/2010

Ideas please
"My house was built in the '70s and I really need help with some ideas!! "
couponmom5 - post on 23:51 on 08/03/2010

"Been in the small house now 25 years! It hasn't changed and is need of a big makeover. Now that the kids are all adults it would be Fab time. "
dounutqueen - post on 23:47 on 08/03/2010

I wish for this
"What one room would I make over? I would have to be my master bedroom. The wall paper is peeling off of the wall and the carpet is from 1962. Fingers crossed and toes!"
cookie55 - post on 23:31 on 08/03/2010

Room ReDo
"My house was built in 1975 so I am stuck in the 70's. From my Harvest Gold kitchen double sink to my Harvest Gold and Avocada Green in my 2 bathrooms. My house needs a makeover."
teachgiftedkids - post on 23:26 on 08/03/2010

Children now gone and it's just me!
"What a fun way to spruce thing up! I just retired after 30 years of teaching school and besides a brain make-over for myself this old house could really use a good design make-over. We'd both feel so much better!!!"
d_pewick - post on 23:17 on 08/03/2010

Can we say 1970's!
"I'm stuck in the 70's and want a fresh new look in my living room. Thanks for the chance to receive a fresh new look!"
wgatoor - post on 23:00 on 08/03/2010

"love to see myself sitting in a room with a remake for a good change!"
deborahf2 - post on 22:45 on 08/03/2010

"I am sinking in old decor...I really need your help..."
naeka - post on 22:41 on 08/03/2010

Why I need a room design makeover?
"One look and you wouldn't be asking! "
berzerkclown - post on 22:39 on 08/03/2010

Beauty inside and out
"I was extremely ill last year, had to move to another state, and long story short - lost everything. I have several disabilities that prevent me from working, so my seventeen-year-old twins and I live on a fixed income. (The twins have been on social security disability since birth.) Now that the children are young adults, for the first time in ages it's actually appropriate for me to have nice things again. Winning this would do wonders for my self-esteem; it might even be the right motivation for me to finish my last 12 credits needed for a bachelors degree in sociology. I became sick halfway through my last semester and had to drop out (at the time my GPA was 3.8.) So thank you for offering this excellent gift, whoever wins will have a great new beginning to look forward to. "
Laura McLendon - post on 22:34 on 08/03/2010

Lack the design gene!! Help!!
"Why do you need a room design makeover? Boy, I could tell you for days but the best way to answer would be simply to say that due to chronic illness, I spend almost 24/7 in my two little rooms."
Marthasan - post on 22:27 on 08/03/2010

Back home!
""My husband and I just came back home after being in NC for a while. Good time to start decorating our new home. I want to add new colors and textures to it!!""
DeeKay - post on 22:24 on 08/03/2010

White Walls
"Bought a large new home and just don't know what to do with the living room area. Right now, it's just a large room with white walls."
Blanca - post on 22:17 on 08/03/2010

why a room makeover you ask?
"Because it's time. We've lived in our house since 1982, raised 4 kids here--the youngest is 19, and our needs have changed. "
Jancpd@aol.com - post on 22:16 on 08/03/2010

"Caregiving took a great toll on my entire house. Lost my father, mother, and husband last year..... and I am just trying to make a new life........ am painting my bedroom now... but would love some "professional advice"...... Thanks for a chance. "
r.g.karsten - post on 21:50 on 08/03/2010

room makeover
"My living room is in desperate need of a makeover. This would be a real lift to have a new room."
growdiane - post on 21:33 on 08/03/2010

A very long year
"Last June (2009) I took my husband in for gall bladder surgery, he ended up in the hospital for 74 days on life support and then rehab to learn how to sit, stand, swallow, etc. I lived at the hospital with him since they made so many mistakes with he's case. When I brought him home he was in a wheel chair and oxygen. So it's been along year of rehab, he can now walk without any aid but is still on oxygen so you can see that the house has not been a priority. So a makeover would be a wonderful highlight in our lives."
Sue S. - post on 21:30 on 08/03/2010

A Grown Up Room of My Own
"I have a house of hand-me-downs and I would love a room that looks like a grown up woman's room. I would really love to win this."
bflatts - post on 21:19 on 08/03/2010

I need a house makeover
"I had my kitchen renovated so now the rest of the house needs help!"
marrobin36 - post on 21:14 on 08/03/2010

"A room makeover with fabric from Zarin's? My living room is outdated and 24 years old. I sure need it!! Besides, I'm familiar with Zarin having bought fabric there over the years."
Redfriz - post on 21:11 on 08/03/2010

Make me Smile
"It's been a long road-My daughter is grown and has gone off on her own. I have re-energized me, am working on my career and my poor little house has not been updated in so very long. A coat of paint-a brand new look it would be amazing!!! My house has to please only me now-let it be me!!!!!"
bonde53 - post on 20:59 on 08/03/2010

Put A Smile on my Face!
"What a lovely thought....a room makeover. Not any makeover, a design makeover. Not just some stuff I picked up at a yard sale. Colors and art that compliment each other. Someone to coach me through. Wake me, I'm dreaming!"
babydarling - post on 20:44 on 08/03/2010

Empty nest...YAY!
"My 25 year old son just got his own apartment and no longer lives in my basement. YAY!!! Now the hard part, making it liveable for the rest of the family to enjoy!"
sherrykay - post on 20:35 on 08/03/2010

What a way to help-this is great!
"This is just what a room needs: advice, materials and how to get it done. Whether you are a design pro or a novice, these provide a life up from from tired and plain to great design!"
landrumlynn - post on 20:25 on 08/03/2010

I need a lot of help....
"being a single mom and my 26 year old and 2 grandkids live with me,i moved into a trailer after being in a house 2300 sq.ft. we have no room everything stacked everywhere i would just like to have 1 room to enjoy,and not be so depressed and cramped,even just a room for the 2 grandkids would be great for them.."
ecocat - post on 20:24 on 08/03/2010

Boy, Do I need a room makeover!!!
"My living room is so useless. Too many doors and so much junk that I cannot even invite or entertain guest at home. Would be nice to really have a living room."
atrenzad - post on 20:17 on 08/03/2010

I need a room makeover
"just bought an old house that need repairs and makeovers everywhere, i have this particular bathroom with an square bathtub from the forties, it's gorgeous but don't know what to install in order to take a shower and don't wet the outside, which I could win to redesign the whole bathroom which has an antique sink and cabinet too."
jenni104 - post on 20:16 on 08/03/2010

"After my Mom and Grandma both died 4 months apart all of their belongings were boxed up and brought to my home five years ago. I am an only child so I was the only one to handle everything and to lose my family so fast (dad died 6 months before them) I got rather depressed. I still haven't unpacked a thing, as I have no space and now I am in a cluttered mess where nothing matches at all. I need help! At least one room put back to a decent, nice to look at, want to show off, proud to live in space would be heaven to me. It is impossible to relax, watch tv, communicate or just sit in silence when it is such a mish mash mess. I will slowly get my home back to my own again, very slowly since I am also disabled but that's another story. Also it would be nice to have help to get started, and to have one room to look upon for ideas and references, and to give me that push to get the rest to be just as wonderful. Also the change would lift me up and help me to get better since I believe surroundings have a lot to do with how you feel along with food and exercise. "
oden - post on 20:13 on 08/03/2010

Would LOVE to have someone with great ideas to spark action in m
" For 12 years my house has been all rot and ugliness and unhappiness. Now, about to be divorced and keeping my house, I want this makeover as a spark of imagination to start the house on its way to being the comfortable safe harbor for me and the house of good life it deserves to be."
mydenyap - post on 20:09 on 08/03/2010

I need a room design makeover
"I received the hand-me-downs for my family room when I got divorced 7 yrs ago. I have helped both my adult children by giving them items to help them when they moved out on their own. They have both come back a few times during their hard times and boy does my family room show the wear and tear of love and a revolving door. Times have been hard for me as well I was unemployed for 8 months last year I now have a job, I feel blessed! But I have no money to buy anything extra, I'm working just to survive. Getting a room makeover would be an awesome uplifting treat."
kgereg - post on 19:55 on 08/03/2010

Finally, Some Space of My Own
"I've been given a small hand-me-down office from my husband when he moved his (home) office into a bedroom that became vacant when our son moved out. It's not that I need an office to work in, I need a cozy place to escape-my very own slice o' heaven! Since the room is very small and cozy, it's the perfect place for me quietly and peacefully retreat, without having to deal with the interruptions of the day. I am so looking forward to having some 'ME' time, ALONE!"
newme - post on 19:54 on 08/03/2010

Change is as good as a holiday
"I can't afford a vacation right now so a new living room would do wonders for my soul. Please let me win...."
luked2 - post on 19:54 on 08/03/2010

Living Room that's anything but livable!
"We've been in our home for 24 years - and we've tried several different approaches - but our living room just doesn't come up livable no matter how hard we try. But, I have great confidence that Jennifer Levy and her "One Day Design Solution" could convert our unusable room into an unusual room of style and comfort that we'd be thrilled to spend hours in. "
gsurell - post on 19:52 on 08/03/2010

my study/den needs a facelift
"I have a small bedroom that I ahve tranformed into a study/den. I have book cases on one wall, a window on another, and a loveseat, desk, and floor lamp opposite the book cases. The book cases are DIY from IKEA, as is the desk -- I would really love to make this room into a retreat where I can relax, read, work on the computer, and even take a nap - but right now it feels boxy and austere, not very welcoming. It could really use a decorator's touch and some cohesiveness. It would be a plus if it could also double as a BR for when I have a guest (the air mattress just isn't cutting it!) PLEASE HELP!! "
liamann - post on 19:46 on 08/03/2010

Desperately Seeking Sanctuary
"I would love to win this makeover for my sister who has been on disability for over six years now. She has difficulty walking and uses her small bedroom as her daily sanctuary. It would be wonderful to redo this room over for her to help her feel more peaceful with her life."
crlawton98 - post on 19:38 on 08/03/2010

Why I need a room design makeover
"I would love to have a special retreat in my master bedroom so I can have quiet time to relax."
amanda8760 - post on 19:38 on 08/03/2010

retro style
"love the retro style, the candles would smell so good"
sdrue - post on 19:32 on 08/03/2010

"As an exhausted Social Worker I would like a room that is my own private sanctuary so I could possibly learn how to relax again."
shewalk - post on 19:31 on 08/03/2010

White walls, in need of updating
"I recently moved. All of my walls are white. Also, the house was built in the 1960s and needs updating, so I would really love to win this."
yourbestpartner99 - post on 19:22 on 08/03/2010

comtemporary yet still reserved
"my boy friend and I were talking about his living room needed to be redecorated... he loves contemporary look yet he has a very reserved personality. I bet that would be a challenge for a designer to express these two characters at the same time!"
kizzy1208 - post on 19:21 on 08/03/2010

how great would this be!
"What fun! An update, a professional opinion, neat stuff - an uplifting treat, for sure!"
Gwen Dixie - post on 18:55 on 08/03/2010

Book Mama
"I've done expensive remodeling and my house still lacks UMP! I need help or just someone good to tell me what's lacking."
bearzbe - post on 18:55 on 08/03/2010

Boring Boring Boring .. Help!
"My husband's office is where he spends most of his waking hours, and there is a daily parade of beloved and treasured patients parading in and out, all day, every day, even weekends! At the very least THEY/his Patients DESERVE a waiting room that shows how much they are treasured, and welcomed, and is soothing at the same time - after all, it is a dentist's office! It would be nice, too, to incorporate some of HIS personality into it too. It's not "just an office", it's not just a place of professional business, it's a One Man Business, and it NEEDS to reflect the caring and fun nature of this one (wonderful) man, too. Can You Help me to help my "style-terrified" spouse, to do something Wonderful for the 100's of patients who come in to see him? I'm afraid to begin, or do much without professional guidance ... THANK YOU! Bless you for listening, and if you are able to help me, to help him, to welcome ALL these deserving patients into welcoming atmosphere which is what they deserve, you would be helping SO MANY! Thank you!"
StChienne - post on 18:53 on 08/03/2010

Empty Nest
"I've sold my empty nest and am starting fresh in a condo -- nothing from my former house would work in this much smaller space and I want to create a new home that reflects who I am now!"
marla_j98 - post on 18:51 on 08/03/2010

Need that expertise!
"I am very creative in so many areas, however, when it comes to home design, I just don't have it! I usually have to copy something exactly to get a good style for a room. I have a large-now empty living room since I gave my entire contents to my son at college-and really need a pro to design it and make it beautiful. I really like Jill tastes and design and would love to win this prize. She is great! Thanks for the chance. :)"
llhunte - post on 18:48 on 08/03/2010

Because They never come to Houston
"Those makeover tv shows never come to Houston and I would qualify for several, starting with Clean House"
corigarrett@comcast.net - post on 18:39 on 08/03/2010

Fab Advice
"I need a design make-over because my space in the front room is totally without style and organization. it's the first room you see when you come in the front door, and I am desperate for design advice on how to optimize the first impression of our otherwise comfortable home. Jennifer, come make over our gallery space with your artistic touch!"
pmarie.smith@verizon.net - post on 18:32 on 08/03/2010

In Need of Office Makeover
"I need my office set up for me to paint, write poetry and be user friendly for my retail business. Right now it has a large desk, a wall of shelves, closet and 2 file cabinets. It is too cluttered to think clearly. Please help"
deputy-45 - post on 18:24 on 08/03/2010

"I have been remodeling my downstairs bedrooms one by one. I would love some professional help in making them look great!"
catmoore78@charter.net - post on 18:20 on 08/03/2010

Please help
"I could really use some help and a lift. Am missing our son who is serving overseas......."
animalauthor - post on 18:16 on 08/03/2010

Office space
"I'd like to differentiate my home office from the rest of my hacienda--would love a pro to help me design!"
debrah - post on 17:59 on 08/03/2010

i need a lift
"i need a lift...have had a rough year that is going to get harder before it gets better. beauty in the form of color, fabric and lovely objects would bring a lot of joy into my life, at a time when it is much needed."
Ackoola - post on 17:57 on 08/03/2010

Need something to go right!
"From taking care of everyone else me and trying to fix a very crowded small home with no help, this would be a nice positive break and a breath of fresh air. Not to mention relieving a little bit of stress. This would definetely be my room!"
lesliebee - post on 17:55 on 08/03/2010

No Idea!
"When I was growing up my Mother never put anything on the walls in our house because she didn't want to make holes in the walls. So now, I have the exact same blank walls in my own home! I have no idea how to decorate!!"
AMOGINESQ - post on 17:49 on 08/03/2010

We lost our family room
"We'ver recently downsized our home, losing our family room and replacing it with a much smaller combination den and living room. I'm left with pieces for both our old living and family rooms which don't quite go together but which I would like to find a way to incorporate into our new home."
capriwb - post on 17:42 on 08/03/2010

old and tired!
"I bought my parents house about 20 years ago and have done a few things to change it, but it is still a 52 year old house. It really needs a complete facelift! It still has some old things and some new things and just needs to have someone who knows how to tie things together. I would LOVE to have a new style!"
marypta - post on 17:41 on 08/03/2010

"I have been married for 35 years to the same seet man. At this point it's easier and cheaper than changing husbands."
gifteddona - post on 17:40 on 08/03/2010

Need Help
"I am a schoolteacher, nearly retired and I would love to have this opportunity to fix up a room the way I'd like to if I had a lot of money!!! I live in a 1925 dollhouse and with only 800 square feet, space is extremely limited."
FooFoo1977 - post on 17:29 on 08/03/2010

"I kinda get it but I just can never seem to pull a room completely together...I don't know if it is my vision that lacks or my finances but either way I would love any help I can get w/a person like you that has a style I like!"
jeaninedavis99 - post on 17:20 on 08/03/2010

I Truly Need Help!!!
"I just moved in and my place looks STARK! and mismatched without personality and is surely not comfy and homey . Sure wish to win!! Good luck to us all!"
proud_mary53 - post on 17:18 on 08/03/2010

Room Makeover
"I love all these items. I wished I had good decorating ideas as good as these.I live in a house that is over 40 years old.It is hard to decorate. I feel this old house has potential.Thanks for the ideas and I hope I win"
shellrobin - post on 17:05 on 08/03/2010

Room Design Makeover
"I moved into my house almost 2 years ago. I purchased most of the furniture from the prior owner. I have yet to make a room "me"! Would love the opportunity for Jill's insights and new ideas!"
abcornwell - post on 16:57 on 08/03/2010

Reinventing ourselves and our space!
"My husband and I are "reinventing" ourselves - we are both back in school while the economy does its thing. Budget is tight, part-time pay only goes so far, and we'd love a relaxing bedroom to help us de-stress after studies and budget juggling are done!"
patduhon@hotmail.com - post on 16:55 on 08/03/2010

"My children moved in a year ago and moved out leaving me with their out dated furniture. Nothing matches. I would love to have a makeover in that room so when we entertain I would'nt be embarassed when quests arrive. I gave my outdated furniture to Good-Will and I could use some good-will too."
hewsin - post on 16:48 on 08/03/2010

Need help with coordinating correctly!
"I need help with my blank walls!"
jeanszb - post on 16:46 on 08/03/2010

My living room is "crying out" for a makeover
"My living room has WHITE walls-an old couch and loveseat and except for 3 decent end tables and a coffeetable-my living room needs some help(as do I!!)To make over the living room would be such a inspiration and a mood lifter-my little beagle just had a knee surgery and we both are feeling "DOWN"-Thanks a lot."
peggy8650 - post on 16:46 on 08/03/2010

a bathroom make over
"I need a bathroom makeover ,as our tub is cracked and unuasble,I would love a walk in shower for us over 60 couple.I would love one of those walk in tubs but would settle for just a walk in shower,our bathroom needs a major makeover made for older people.We live in a trailer and have a second bathroom the tub there is cracked but usable with some fixing,my husband done."
suefaulkner2002 - post on 16:41 on 08/03/2010

Temporary Home
"I have relocated from my home in Texas to be with my son and his family. I am renting an old home that has "NO" closets and my bedroom is a mess. My landlady is 80 years old and she says I am the first person who has ever taken care of the home and I know it would be a blessing to her as well as a gift for me. I have done some work in the living and dining rooms but If that would work better I would love that as well. The kitchen, what can I say, you would have to see it to believe it. I know most make overs are done when the person owns the home but I would love for someone to give a gift to a renter. I will be here at least 5 more years and believe me, the inside of rentals in Jersey City don't even begin to touch the inside of a bad house in Dallas. I know there is no one that would appreciate it more than me. I look forward to hearing from you!! ??"
cdmtx65 - post on 16:36 on 08/03/2010

need help
"i have such a mix and no match and would need a room design makeover to help me getting our Livingroom to be cozy but modern :)"
ladygypsykatz@aol.com - post on 16:33 on 08/03/2010

why I need a room design makeover..........
"my furniture style at the moment is what I call "early matrimonial". a little bit of this & that tossed together to be able to sit down in the room. I need a change!"
bonnieann - post on 16:31 on 08/03/2010

"I could use a good pick me up, all my things are second hand and having beautiful NEW things would be a dream"
valorosa - post on 16:25 on 08/03/2010

"Took the dining room table and chairs out of the dining room. Now I need to reinvent this room. It faces South but has a nice tree in front of the windows. ???"
robillm - post on 16:25 on 08/03/2010

1973--need I say more?
"My home was built in 1973--a log cabin with log interior walls, a huge (it has its own zip code) fieldstone fireplace, cathedral ceiling, and a once cream colored now dirt colored carpet in the living room. My husband bought the place in 1993 and he and his brother lived there thus it became the testosterone hangout (explains the dirt colored carpet). No matter how much femininity I try to put into the living room, it gets chewed up and spit out. If I had to go upstairs more I would throw up--red, sculpted carpet, low slanted ceilings and one very tiny window. As it is, I would really like some help updating my living room to the current decade! Thanks!!"
newtoy42 - post on 16:24 on 08/03/2010

room design win
"I really need the room design because I just can't afford anything these days. I have my old bed from when I was a child. Everything I have is old and nothing is new. The economy is just so bad.. Any thing would help"
beachwoman - post on 16:20 on 08/03/2010

Creativity needed!
"We've lived in the same home for 33 years and, although I try, my redecorating skills never seem to emerge. Our living room is crying out for a makeover. "
cateringbyheller@aol.com - post on 16:04 on 08/03/2010

"I need a makeover, the room, the house, the man, the life to go with it!"
Nowfindme - post on 16:02 on 08/03/2010

My Daughter's Room Needs Objective Professional Help
"The walls were covered with wood finish ( old fashioned and masculine looking) and we put wall paper over that. It's peeling and must be replaced. HELP. My daughter deserves better. "
writer49r - post on 16:00 on 08/03/2010

Boring home office needs help!
"It's no fun working in a room that is not organized! We just painted and I love the color--a Laura Ashley hue--but there is no organization....files are everywhere, notebook and folders with no place to go. Your collection of 'treasures' would add some charm to this space!"
olamkatan - post on 16:00 on 08/03/2010

"My husband and I need to re-create our 'oasis' in our bedroom. We have lived here for over ten years and never really finished it in the first place:( as our four kids always come first. This will be the place where he and I will go to recharge ourselves and reconnect with each other! A beautiful and peaceful place at the end of a very busy day!"
sandysellers@gmail.com - post on 15:48 on 08/03/2010

Update the Out of Date
"I seem to droop as I age, and my color is 'grayer.' As does my living room. With the nest emptied, my living room needs to be spruced up, revived, come alive again. Just like me."
suesur - post on 15:46 on 08/03/2010

Fresh Start Stale Room
"I began a new journey in life, going back to school to become a healer, a nurse. I would like my living room to morph also to become inviting, calming and uplifting. I want people to find a sense of peace and wholeness when they enter this room. Please help me accomplish this goal with a makeover."
tex125 - post on 15:38 on 08/03/2010

rev it up
"My house needs some help"
Lahonda - post on 15:33 on 08/03/2010

How old is to old?
"I think that I deserve the make over mainly because I have a bedroom with very old furniture and miss matched items that do nothing for my sleep habits or my ROMANCE department..I just wanna get that Boom Boom Pow back.I maybe almost 50 but..if you don't have a bedroom that show's Romance and updated items..Might as well crawl inna hole and pull the dirt up over yourself..Please help me out..My Husband and I would truly appreciate it. Thanks."
billsgirl05 - post on 15:30 on 08/03/2010

Bungalow Hodgepodge
"I have a 1920's Colonial Revival Bungalow, and my late husband and I have restored the "bones", but after he passed away last year, I can't seem to get a handle on the living room...which is a great old room, and the heart of my home."
critterridgetn - post on 15:29 on 08/03/2010

"I have been waiting for 10 years to redo my master bedroom and bath but I never seam to be able to get the money because of doctor and hospital bills and other things, this would give me the start I need."
eileenrosado - post on 15:24 on 08/03/2010

Makeover needed
"I need a room makeover. I moved to San Antonio 3 years ago. The furniture in my living room moved with me. It is 10 to 15 years old and definitely showing the wear. HELP!!!"
jackie314 - post on 15:22 on 08/03/2010

No Time
"Because if I wait for me to do it...it will never happen!"
mrojas606 - post on 15:18 on 08/03/2010

Need a Makeover, ASAP!
"Hi, I live in a studio condo with 2 cats. I need something that will work for my pets and me. Everything right now is mixed matched. Please help!"
dmontana - post on 15:05 on 08/03/2010

Make a Love Nest!
"My husband had cancer and is still in the recovery process. When he was undergoing chemo and radiation he moved into the guest room and has never come back! We adore each other, so it isn't because we don't want to be together. We are in a rutt. He is 69 and I am 54. I thought if he had a new pretty space to come back to, he would feel like his life is taking on a new diminsion without the cancer holding him back. "
ks.housemom - post on 15:02 on 08/03/2010

Home for Love
"Bethlehem House is a home for un wed pregnant teens who have chosen to honor life. We choose to honor them when they have no place to turn for help. We do not get funding, we are supported by the community here and individual donations. We do not have the funds to up date the rooms or even a make over. This would be quite a blessing for us at Bethlehem House. We are here to Regroup, Refocus and Redirect the lives of all who enter our doors with unconditonal love and grace. Thank You.."
sissy - post on 15:01 on 08/03/2010

Serenity NOW!
"I need just one place in my home that I can feel serenity. Most of my house is filled with unfinished projects that annoy me and cause so much anxiety. I have MS and my husband is the KING of Procrastination......to get him to finish anything is next to impossible........if I could just have one room that I could go to and look around and feel peace & serenity.......I think my health would improve greatly.......as well as my attitude towards life in general. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!"
SunFlowerGal - post on 15:00 on 08/03/2010

It would be Heavenly!!!!
"I would LOVE to win a room makeover- a dream come true!!! We have not done anything new since my back injury in 1991. My 53 yr old husband just had a heart attack Memorial Day weekend, so it will be a long while before we can either afford to upgrade anything. Thanks 4 the chance to enter your contest :)"
coleta2 - post on 14:56 on 08/03/2010

Stress over Design ideas
"I truly stress over design ideas. I need to design on a budget, and I just don't have the talent or vision needed to do that. We are now empty-nesters, and I would love to makeover our daughter's bedroom to a guest bedroom. It has never really had anything done to it besides paint or wallpaper. I have a daughter who lives out of town, and I would love to have a room she could relax in and enjoy while she is visiting. It would be incredible to have the help of a professional, and it would also de-stress my life! "
BetsyG - post on 14:54 on 08/03/2010

For my love of 29 years
"Next week is our 29th anniversary...and my husband deserves to have his home office which he works out of every day finally made into an aoffice space and not a room where he makes do. It has been a very stressful year and we still do not know if he willl get to keep his job or not....finally having a real professional space would be just the the boost he needs to find a new job."
kmac - post on 14:53 on 08/03/2010

Need to step into this century!
"It's 2010, but my townhouse is living in the eighties! Builders grade carpet and light fixtures. And the tile is brown and burnt orange. Please help me out of this nightmare. :)"
mmimilinda - post on 14:51 on 08/03/2010

Melding our lives (and our stuff!)
"What a wonderful way to launch our new life together! He and I are melding our lives (and our stuff!) and will be living in the house from my previous life. This makeover would be perfect for what will be our new master bedroom, helping us to develop our style together, and expunging any sense of it's being just mine. "
Lizzycalif - post on 14:50 on 08/03/2010

"I love to volunteer and help where ever I can, it really does give more to me. I am currently unemployed and live in Michigan. I don't always have time for me, and would love to do something with my kitchen. We have a great view from every window in our home looking out, but I would love to have my favorite room, (kitchen), a beautiful view as well. It just needs something!"
uranut45 - post on 14:46 on 08/03/2010

Office on a Budget
"I am a fundraiser for a charitable organization, and I am also an amateur photographer (I have sold a few), who needs a workable solution that can combine my photography and my charitable work. I moved to TX 3 years ago from the NE, was laid off 2 years ago, and just do not have the wherewithall to create a harmonious working environment. I NEED HELP!!!"
Traywills - post on 14:45 on 08/03/2010

He says White is right/ She says color is warmer!
"We built our home in '07 and it is still pretty much a blank canvas! My husband can't seem to see outside the white zone and I want to warm things up! Help bring us together with a makeover that warms things up & gets us cozy again!"
ladyboarder9669 - post on 14:44 on 08/03/2010

I could use some help!
"This would be such a great prize to win! I could really use some help decorating my new home!"
FabulousMimi - post on 14:40 on 08/03/2010

A new change for a new me!
"Who couldn't use a refreshing change! I certainly could! Feeling better after a long bout with chronic illness -- who wouldn't feel better surrounded by beautiful new things!!! Pick me!!!"
Abee - post on 14:37 on 08/03/2010

Student's Nightmare
"I am a 60 year old fulltime student and my bedroom is my office and classroom. It is an unholy mess of stuff piled here and there. If I were to win this makeover for my room I would be in heaven everytime I entered my bedroom knowing that it would be completely organized. I use TV trays for my computer desk....sad, but true. I need organized space, my room needs help."
HERBERCJ - post on 14:36 on 08/03/2010

"It has been a year since that last child moved out and I have been sitting in her room wondering what in the world to do with it. I need something that says, "No husbands allowed". Unforfunately, I have no talent in that department. I know what I like. I just don't know how to put it together. I'm not special. I just want to feel like I am. At Last!"
karenmm58 - post on 14:32 on 08/03/2010

"I wan tot walk into one room in my house and have an ahh moment where everything looks like it should be there."
jankeyser - post on 14:28 on 08/03/2010

A New Take On My Living/Front Room
"If I win this, I will be 100% happy! Every item would breathe some new life into my front room!"
greeni304050 - post on 14:28 on 08/03/2010

Room Design Makeover
"my bedroom has had grandkiditis for the past years. I need a sanctuary to call my own. "
ArizonaRose65 - post on 14:27 on 08/03/2010

My home needs a little love!
"I am a widow at 65 and living on a fixed income. I don't have to tell you how hard it is to make ends meet in this economy! I also help care for my 90 year old dad and my mom of 86 who has Alzheimers. I love to garden and I love my small home of 1150 square feet. but know that soon I will probably no longer be able to care for it alone, and will need to sell. I have been in my home for 37 years but now am "underwater" in that I owe more than I can sell it for. It would be wonderful to have some help in "freshening" my home up in order to be able to sell at a top dollar price. "
jeaneenr - post on 14:23 on 08/03/2010

Old House Needs Update
"After the death of my mom 2 1/2 years ago, my husband, 3 kids and I had to move into her small, yet old home. We did a few renovations of our own, but could really use a room design makeover! "
kimcage - post on 14:20 on 08/03/2010

I'ts Time
"My house was built in 1920. The man who owned the house previously had not done any redecoratiing since the 40's (that's what it looks like) Is definitely time for a makeover, at least for one of the rooms that is."
chevy - post on 14:16 on 08/03/2010

can't afford home decor now
"with the economy affecting me, and most of you, home decor has to take a backseat to the mortgage and silly little things like food"
wpgrahamster - post on 14:13 on 08/03/2010

Desperately need the help
"Totally clueless and need someone to help point me in the right direction. Want to make my house a home."
nykamp - post on 14:11 on 08/03/2010

our house sucks
"Our whole house really needs it, but our bathroom is a disaster."
KAPUMAKA - post on 14:10 on 08/03/2010

"I need my own space"
"I guess why I would like to win this is because I always seem to buy and do everything for everyone else. I put myself on the bottom of the list. I fell from the second story to the first and have been disabled since. I pretty much messed up my back for life. I can not sleep on a bed because it does not work for me. I sleep on the floor in the living room and I seem to be in everyone's way. I have a small area under my staircase that I would like to make my area where I can find peace of mind.~ Thank you for giving this lovely package to one lucky winner. ~"
JK - post on 14:07 on 08/03/2010

Farm House in Texas
"I live in a 1922 farm house in Texas. My kitchen & bathroom are in desperate need of an update. I have put off doing anything because I don't know where to start! Professional help would be an answered prayer. "
WavyGravy - post on 14:06 on 08/03/2010

Family Home
"I live in the house I grew up in and want to make it more my own. This past June I retired after teaching 31 yrs. Since I'll be spending more time at home I want to make our living room my special retreat."
jmwetzler - post on 14:05 on 08/03/2010

No talent
"I have zero talent for decorating. Help me, please!"
Rallo - post on 14:03 on 08/03/2010

Man's world
"Moved in with my boyfriend and he sure needs something. Talked about decorating but he said "It looks like a MAN'S WORLD". It's not just a MAN'S WORLD now and need some professional help!"
jamorela2002 - post on 13:56 on 08/03/2010

"I'm selling my condo and moving into a newly constructed one and would love to have one of the rooms done by a professional."
missbuell - post on 13:53 on 08/03/2010

I need more Beauty in my life
"I need a space that makes me feel like a queen."
alieblue - post on 13:53 on 08/03/2010

It's About Time!
"We have lived in this house over a decade and only painted one room - and that was before we moved in! We recently put on an addition to make room for our daughter but the house still is incomplete - windows without curtains, floors without rugs, walls not painted. This would help our home feel complete... finally!!"
marciebeth - post on 13:52 on 08/03/2010

The time has come...
"Now that my kids are grown and flown the nest, it's time for me to have a space that reflects my personal tastes--I'm looking for modern and clean and something that will help transition to this new and exciting time in my life!"
zoracle - post on 13:50 on 08/03/2010

Brand new Attitude!
"The room I'd love to redesign needs a vibrant, forward thinking, very brand NEW attitude! No pretension - just an open, flowing, inspirational and comfortable new environment!"
zawadzki6801 - post on 13:49 on 08/03/2010

"I love my house but some fresh eyes could add to the over all look of the family room."
aed83 - post on 13:47 on 08/03/2010

"Our den hasn't been updated since we moved into our home in the early 80's. It needs new paint, rugs, and furniture because our animals have taken a toll on the condition of it all. Winning this makeover would give us the chance to finally update."
jjosemans - post on 13:36 on 08/03/2010

Sun Room Nightmare
"I have a large, beautiful sun room -- it is bright and open. The problem I have is ever since my house flooded and got repaired, the room has turned into one giant storage area. I would love to have it fixed up so it can be functional. It's potential is really being wasted. "
smithy51@q.com - post on 13:33 on 08/03/2010

Dead Animals
"My country home overlooking a lake is small by very warm and cozy. The big problem with my Great Room is that my husband insists on hanging his hunting and fishing trophies on the wall! I need help!The room needs some tweaking! I would love to see the mounts hanging in the basement family room, and with the right suggestions, my husband might even reconsider HIS decorating faux pas! Thanks for your consideration! ~ Sue"
etrnlone - post on 13:31 on 08/03/2010

"i have a room with a low pitched ceiling and it's small. i need this makeover to show me that i can have a beautiful room even with all its problems."
etrnlone - post on 13:31 on 08/03/2010

"i have a room with a low pitched ceiling and it's small. i need this makeover to show me that i can have a beautiful room even with all its problems."
sarajo1954 - post on 13:29 on 08/03/2010

"First, I'm a single person. I am sleeping in a twin bed that once belongd to my daughter, who is now 30. My desk and dresser are falling apart. I live in an apartment complex for the elderly and disabled. My income is SSDI and VA pension, a grand total of $985. a month. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Jo"
frogers - post on 13:28 on 08/03/2010

All white
"One of our bedrooms is all white, painted over wall paper! I know it needs to be done, but dread it. This might just make it more fun!"
muggsy1963 - post on 13:25 on 08/03/2010

"i would like to make my granddaughter happy a do her room over she is a loving girl she is sixteen she does every thing for me she is little shy i like to made her so happy god send her to me i love her so much"
pepper3 - post on 13:25 on 08/03/2010

Great room needs to become great!
"We have been in our home for 16 years & love it. My Great Room is still stuck in the 90's (paper & drapes faded, furniture needs reupholstering, etc). Need an update badly!!"
thomp1kk - post on 13:24 on 08/03/2010

Need help;
"I do not no what I am doing can you help me please."
tahn67 - post on 13:20 on 08/03/2010

It would be FABULOUS
" it would be fabulous to win this make over.. we have been married for 35 years and our bedroom could certainly use it !! "
chaneyfamily7 - post on 13:18 on 08/03/2010

A change of scenery
"Sure we've accumulated plenty of stuff over 21 years of marriage. And I'm a working mom with 5 kids with absolutely no spare time for room design. And I'm definitely lacking in the organizational department and have absolutely no creative talent. But no hard luck story here. My life is great, but I'd really love to ditch the garage sale decor for a change."
forbamarebs - post on 13:17 on 08/03/2010

Makeover Magic
"It would truly be magic if Jennifer Levy could actually help me with ideas on what to do."
Jocelyn1989 - post on 13:16 on 08/03/2010

why do i need a room design
"cuz my family never wins anything and i want to give my parents somethin they deserve my mom and dad just recently lost both their dads and only have their moms left and they have been working non stop and havent had anytime to themselves to relax and i want to win this so i can show them that i love them even though they have been through alot in the last few years so please oh please help me"
Moserking - post on 13:13 on 08/03/2010

Makeover Magic
"I would love to win the makeover because my home is older and needs an uplift! We are raising our two beautiful adopted children (the second one just turning 3 next week), so time is very limited for decorating!"
scotthexter - post on 13:11 on 08/03/2010

Apparently, My Family Thinks We Need a Room Makeover
"My daughter just tweeted an article about how to use Feng Shui -- I think she was trying to tell me something -- as if I didn't already know! Help! We could start w/the computer/music/kitty litter room!"
saheller2004 - post on 13:10 on 08/03/2010

My room needs a makeover and so do I
"A much need room makeover will give me the kick start I need to get my own personal "makeover" in high gear. I was downsized from an industry I had been in for 25 years. Now at age 50 I am going back to school and am looking to re-enter the job market with a new skill set and killer attitude. This room makeover symbolizes my own personal transformation."
pnutski - post on 13:08 on 08/03/2010

"I've lived in my apartment for 15 yrs. with little chance of moving......it bores me to tears to keep looking at the same 4 walls........."
jokato - post on 13:08 on 08/03/2010

"I have an older home that I love and have dreamed of making over the livingroom area. I would be truly blessed to win the makeover of my dream."
dianas75 - post on 13:08 on 08/03/2010

Almost ready for Clean House to come knocking!
"I haven't done ANYTHING to my home since being diagnosed with breast cancer (and, so far winning for 10 years!). Have moved my Mom in and she's a neat freak....my place makes her crazy and I have no idea of where to start, what to do and how to find the time. Would love to have a sanctuary in either the living room or bedroom....HELP!!!"
harnedsm - post on 13:03 on 08/03/2010

Need a change & a lift!
"Been alone a very long time and have been doing it all by myself. My bedroom has good bones, but needs some really good design ideas and some TLC. Would love to make it my sanctuary."
rosie12132 - post on 13:00 on 08/03/2010

my disaster computer "room"
"Wow do I need Help!!! stuff everywhere and don't know how to organize it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
sissyh6 - post on 12:58 on 08/03/2010

"I can't begin to tell you what my all white surroundings do to me. I feel like I am in a sterile environment and there is not a lot I can do, but with accessories, What a difference it would make. I need color, joy and excitement."
stevieschneid - post on 12:58 on 08/03/2010

Mixed and matched mayhem
"I live in a house with 2 other girls - its been a great time - we are all in our 20s, figuring out jobs, careers, boys, life and having a great time doing it. But our little cottage is quite the mix match of left over college apartment, craigslist finds and family hand me downs. Needless to say it doesn't match and it makes us look like a bit of a bachelor pad. We live in Venice, by the beach and would love a place that feels cozy and homey - and a little girly :)"
sunny27 - post on 12:52 on 08/03/2010

pick a room!!!!
"i bought my first home a little over 2 years ago. it's a small ranch in dire need of an expert's touch!!! i have no sense of style, and would be so appreciative a room that's got it goin' on!!!! and, in this house, it could be any room - pick one! thanks for the opportunity and keep up the nice work with this fab site for us fab over fifty gals!"
queenofroses - post on 12:51 on 08/03/2010

"My guest room needs help after 20 years."
rogell - post on 12:50 on 08/03/2010

"My daughter and I currently live together after I lost my home. I enjoy living with her and my grandson but find that since moving with her I don't have a place that is totally my style. We have a mish mash of furniture that is sturdy and nice but lacks cohesiveness. "
joannmc - post on 12:48 on 08/03/2010

"I have lived in my 120 year old Pennsylvania farmhouse for 34 years and have always had a problem with the dark, north-facing room, awkwardly placed windows and large space-taking radiator. I would love to have some help in making my living room finally feel that it is my "living" room!"
mabrei - post on 12:47 on 08/03/2010

Room make over
" I need a room makeover as I hope to begin a new career so need change, uplifting and inspiration."
rherzogky - post on 12:46 on 08/03/2010

Well used room, needs some TLC
"My family room is in need of a pick-me-up after the wear and tear it has endured from being a "family" room in a family of 5 including, two now teenage girls and a 6 year old boy. This room has seen everything from family holidays (with all the extended family), to children and adult birthday parties, and parties to introduce my husband's latest home-brewed beer concoctions!, and everyting in between. We have lived in our home for 12 years, and have not updated anything in this room, so the carpet is worn, stained, and in general pretty ugly. The sofa and loveseat, are older than the house and are worn and ripped from years of kids doing back-flips off them and years of TV watching and video game play... The room has potential, but needs help!"
faboverseventy - post on 12:45 on 08/03/2010

room design makeover
"I want to do justice to the unique design of my home but because it is a one of a kind - I don't possess the vision to make that happen. I could use help in the bedroom with its free standing closet wall and deck; and in the L.R. (13 x 30ish) with great view of the garden and nice enough furniture that is more appropriate in a traditional home. Sound like a challenge? It is to me."
frizzle - post on 12:44 on 08/03/2010

Historic Home needs a modern update
"We would love to have the expertise of a designer to help us redecorate our historic home (100 years old)!! Our living room has a wonderful fireplace and large windows but has looked the same since we moved in over 25 years ago! Thanks for putting this contest together. It would be great to put some new life in this wonderful old home. "
jesslartread - post on 12:41 on 08/03/2010

A New Look !
"I Have made some major changes in my life - To take better care of myself & to lose an Major 40 pounds and one thing that will complete my transformation is to do my Bedroom Over - I spin alot of time in this place and I would love to change the dab surrounding into something upbeated and uplifting ... To Go With the New Me !!!!"
Pamela37 - post on 12:41 on 08/03/2010

Help my bedroom pop
"I painted it recently and I am having trouble liking it. I hate to spend the money to repaint when I know this color could work with the right decorating touch!"
rose59 - post on 12:38 on 08/03/2010

"I have two boys and and a huge extended family. I love to decorate, but run in problems trying to keeping the the dirtout and keeping it looking attractive when I am constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends in a livingroom room that is 8 by 10! Help"
rkessell - post on 12:31 on 08/03/2010

A New Life!
"One roof, 4 families! As my sister and her new husband start a new life together, they desperatly need your help in combining and putting together each of their things and styles into their home. My sister is over 40 and this is her 1st marriage to a man who is much more "mature". Their home is also home to my mother as well as it provided a home for me and my girls following hurricane Katrina. I would love to give them your help in bringing it all together as they start their life together and bring everything together!"
annc999 - post on 12:29 on 08/03/2010

"Where do I start? My bedroom is 12 years old - and it looks it! I watch so many design shows on TV, but I just can't decorate for the life of me. Winning this contest would be lovely. "
marina74 - post on 12:28 on 08/03/2010

Beautiful things around us.
"We came here from Belarus(Europe) one year ago.We rent an apartment and our living room is still empty. We are used to living around beautiful things and feeling comfortable at home."
Ruth Roscoe - post on 12:28 on 08/03/2010

Ms. Ruth Roscoe
"A future FOF, I am working on it. I have no taste and need help in decorating my apartment so I will become a true FOF. I think it would be great fun for this newly retired lady. Thank you"
Rozzie68 - post on 12:28 on 08/03/2010

"Need a room design makeover because I need to change my entire dining room -- out with the old and in with the new. Must sell an antique hutch (huge) that was given to me by my Mom. A new room design is needed as this is also the entry way to my condo. I need fresh, new "re-do" ideas -- what an opportuity this would be -- love Jill Zarin's unique fabrics and, my, they do "POP" !"
jsurface - post on 12:27 on 08/03/2010

time for a change
"I'm really tired of the look in my bedroom. I bought a cheap comforter 5 years ago and it's wearing out. My husband is considering tearing out a wall between the master bedroom and the bedroom next to it to make a suite. "
bmalcolm - post on 12:27 on 08/03/2010

TV Room in dire straights
"I have a TV room that does not feel inviting to sit in and watch movies with my 5 children and 4 grandchildren. I am a single mom that is planning to buy a 42 inch LCD TV but I need to update the rest of the room to make it family friendly. HELP! I would love to spend time with my family laughing, talking, and watching movies together."
jackiefogus - post on 12:26 on 08/03/2010

great room disaster
"my grandaughter has moved out & taken so much"stuff" don't know where to start to redo!! help!!"
Sjohn0124 - post on 12:25 on 08/03/2010

Real Love at 61 Years!
"It has been a wonderful life of career and family and friends, but it has taken 61 years to find the wonderful man who has stolen my heart.As we embark on our new life together, it would be such a special gift to have a room that is lovely and "ours", rather than the bits of this and that we are currently living with."
suggssharon2004 - post on 12:25 on 08/03/2010

My Designer Palace
"For my Fabolous mother who was a fabulous 50 that died in a tragic situation that was a wonderful designer. She froze to death on a bus stop last year. I would love to decorate with this of her taste to make me feel her in the room and feel comfortable.I would love to win so I can have designer decor in my home to make my mother proud!"
mlcarnelli - post on 12:24 on 08/03/2010

"Im planning to live with my couple in his appartment...but his bedroom is awfully dull and uncozy :)"
mlcarnelli - post on 12:23 on 08/03/2010

Loved too
"Is Buenos Aires too far away to win it? besoss"
phizzy54 - post on 12:22 on 08/03/2010

"We are always moving. Every 2 or 3 years. We need a style that is portable. It's tough trying to make a home for our kids when it always looks like we just unpacked! "
RLSKLS - post on 12:20 on 08/03/2010

"we are recently retired with a hodge podge basement area in out townhouse...would be great to get a professional makeover.."
rosey04172003 - post on 12:17 on 08/03/2010

Living and Loving Single Life in my Fifties
"At this point in my life my personal space represent who i am. My taste i fabulous.My promblem sometimes is i have champagne taste and beer money. But i know how to design on that dime and a makeover would make me more than fabolous it would make me better than blessed!!!"
belindabg - post on 12:17 on 08/03/2010

I need this because
"I moved, after losing all 3 of my homes in the real estate meltdown in Las Vegas. I have a nice place to live here in AZ but it's got no color, no real decor, and a mishmash of the furniture I haven't had to sell yet to pay my bills - (in other words, the old beat-up stuff). It would be really wonderful to have a few new things to decorate with, and some professional inspiration to assist me. Having a new-looking room at home would also help to lift my spirits after the past 18 months of hell I've been through, and am continuing to go through. Divorce, unemployment, career loss, loss of all my life savings, loss of my animals, and now my Mom has brain cancer. It's been a very tough, challenging time and having a special room would give me a place to recover my sanity, a sanctuary just for me!"
valeho63 - post on 12:11 on 08/03/2010

My Special Room
"I was able to buy a home for my little boy and myself in 2007. My bedroom was the main reason I bought this particular house, as the bedroom is huge. My walk in closet, and bathroom are big as well. I painted the room a Margarita Green with Silver and Purple as the contrasting colors. Well, after moving in and mortgage payments coming in, I haven't got to finish my "dream" bedroom. I would love the recommendations and assistance from a decorator!!!"
dmillerick - post on 12:09 on 08/03/2010

It would be a dream come true!
"My beautiful college grad daughter has just returned to the nest. and our smal 1929 twin is crying for help as am I!"
debbe_1 - post on 12:05 on 08/03/2010

Livingroom makeover!!
"Wow! that would be wonderful. We live in a nice trailer home but it certainly could use a bit of a pick-me-up."
chacha - post on 12:03 on 08/03/2010

Old is relative. It's ok to be old, but this old house is not.
"I live in a 1950 bungalow, in a nice part of Houston. It had a facelift in 1985. Time for another, if you know what I mean? "
crismo - post on 12:02 on 08/03/2010

Help please!
"We have recently purchased a new home and it's overwhelming what all needs to be done. Winning this would be a great start!"
vivianj424 - post on 12:01 on 08/03/2010

"This would really make my day, been laid off for a year and totally depress. I would love to win this for my family and my two grandsons. Thanks Vivin"
deborah koluda - post on 12:01 on 08/03/2010

my home is 1970s
"I need help to change the old look of my home .I dont know where to start.Help me"
Christine - post on 12:01 on 08/03/2010

Juggler requires handler!
"I have two daughters, a dog and cat, and a husband - none of whom have any more design sense than I do! I'd appreciate a professional eye to help decide whether my daughter's "modern" drawings from school clash with the caked-on mustard from the bbq three weeks ago, or whether both go well with the handwoven blanket I got in Peru. My style is best characterized as: scattered, eclectic, family-driven, comfortable, functionality over form, and cluttered. Is pushing all the furniture against the walls considered a style? How about piles? I have lots of piles all over the place, including, literally, piles on piles...... Ayudame!"
Subring01 - post on 12:00 on 08/03/2010

"My living room is tired, tired, tired and I'm tired, tired, tired of looking at it! No money to change it right now, though!"
Portions - post on 12:00 on 08/03/2010

Who would not love a makeover!!
"Design help needed for my office, come quickly!!"
alitus13 - post on 12:00 on 08/03/2010

Living room so need it!!
"Our house was build in 60s.. and since we moved in we don't know what to do with living room. It is still have old wallpaper and because it is the first room you walking in - it is so "blah"... I want this room look fresh and welcoming, just do not know what to do with it.. We are in need of professional consultation and fresh ideas. Winning this makeover would be so wonderful!"
bouncerb - post on 11:58 on 08/03/2010

Living Room
"I've been wanting to re-do my living room for months! This would surely help!!"
hightx4 - post on 11:57 on 08/03/2010

"What a package! This givaway will definately make a family very happy!"
buneface - post on 11:56 on 08/03/2010

Desperately Dated
"I'm an aging flower child still living in the 60's - in my head and my home........Help!!!!! Peace and Love."
JanBergthun - post on 11:54 on 08/03/2010

Jennifer Levy to the rescue ----
"After taking an indepth look at Ms Levy's web site ---- I can truly say that she would be able to help me achieve my ultimate goal of finially finishing off my Living Room so that it becomes just that a " LIVING ROOM" would love to then send her the before and after pictures so she can show others how she has inspired me to achieve my goal with her help ----- her genius will help me to focus on what's wrong ------ Jan"
headwench4 - post on 11:54 on 08/03/2010

"This would be the best thing that ever happened for me. My son is getting married May 2011 and we are tring to figure out how to pay for wedding and do our house. We are having the rehersale dinner at our house to save some money so this would help us out sooo much. Having freinds over is one thing but future in laws we want to make a great impression. Our house was built in the 1960's, we have painted here and there but nothing like this. Winning this package would be as my grand daughters says Sanfrantastic! "
ssiceloff - post on 11:53 on 08/03/2010

Kids back home
"Two kids went to college; two kids are still home. Two kids returned from college; now four kids are home. Help!"
damita_eaton - post on 11:50 on 08/03/2010

Diva Dj
"I would love to have a consultation with Jill. I love watching home improvement shows, and I need help with designing my bedroom"
slabraham - post on 11:48 on 08/03/2010

Just Moved
"I could really use some help!"
cyndigaglia - post on 11:48 on 08/03/2010

Ready to clean house!
"My last child is off to college in two weeks and it is time to reduce the clutter and live in more sophisticated and organized surroundings! This sounds like a fabulous opportunity for people like me who are "decorationally" challenged. Bring it on!"
Sue Tucker - post on 11:47 on 08/03/2010

A Room makeover!
"What a wonderful thing this would be! Can you do my whole house? Ny husband and I moved into our house 15 years ago. It's a nice house, way out in the middle of nowhere, but it could use a little updating...The bathroom, expecially. I have a fair amount of company, and since we live so far out, most of our company stays for more than just one night. It would be nice to have a better bath for my guests! Thanks, FOF!"
mspat3 - post on 11:47 on 08/03/2010

mrs pat
"recent widow same house for 18 years, need to make it my own space ,a new look my style !!!! thanks"
Lowthian - post on 11:46 on 08/03/2010

From 1880's London to 1980's Scandinavia
"My 25 yrs of decorating taste is eclectic, not hectic. Problem is my husband likes simple lines and open space, so I am not random with my whimsy. Example: I have a Joanthan Adler bubble hanging lamp and other random collections that I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate since moving to my townhome. I understand now that my husband doesn't get my passion for interior design because I lack certain skills. I can really use this makeover!"
CATOCHA - post on 11:38 on 08/03/2010

" I NEED HELP!!! "
Kit_n_Katz - post on 11:37 on 08/03/2010

"I could use a room makeover. I have not changed a thing since, 1980. Help!!!!!!"
sumpnspicious - post on 11:37 on 08/03/2010

Hand-me-down furniture; little money; no inspiration!
"I don't know what to make of what I have, what to add, what to pitch, or if I should just start from square one. I think I just need lots of help."
bluegirl70 - post on 11:35 on 08/03/2010

"i look at my living room and think, "something needs to be done!" would love to win this package!"
jdmteddy - post on 11:33 on 08/03/2010

Family Room
" I built the house in 1984, and not much has changed, really overdue for a makeover. I have never used a decorator, so maybe I need some input. "
DallasisLove - post on 11:30 on 08/03/2010

"Make over? What's that??? I barely have enough time to help my chidren supporting our soldiers through their non profit Dallas is Love www.DallasisLove.org. Wishful thinking but I am very blessed! Thank you!"
reneefsch - post on 11:30 on 08/03/2010

My daughter's room
"My daughter recently returned to live in our apartment with us while she goes to graduate school. Her carpet is from 1975 (when we were married). Her furniture is still her original baby furniture (minus the crib and changing table). I really would like to update her room."
sflow - post on 11:28 on 08/03/2010

"I am trying to sell my house without spending a fortune upgrading. My family room needs help and would love to get some advice from a pro!"
phymci - post on 11:28 on 08/03/2010

Mish Mosh room
"I have just ordered a beautiful leather recliner and sleeper sofa and must tell you how HARD it was to find this essential combination for a Florida condominium! This is a 2nd bedroom that has a computer desk (yukky) and a TV, but needs something to tie everything together when my new furniture is delivered! HELP!"
melmorgan4 - post on 11:26 on 08/03/2010

Sterile Monotone Madness
"I need a room design makeover because the rooms in my house are monotone. I thought having neutral monotone would make the house have a large, crisp look, but instead, it looks sterile. A makeover is needed......HELP!!!!"
ccwrightr - post on 11:25 on 08/03/2010

"Hi, We moved from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma and back to Pennsylvania due to my job within 10 month. In the moving we lost all our furniture thanks to a scam from the moving company. Little by little we were able to get some furniture for our 2 kids, but our room it's just pathetic. we have a queen mattress and box spring that we got from craigslist, my husband is 6'5" and 200 lb, I'm 5'6". queen bed just doesnt make it for us, besides it's broke and make noise at every move. Please, make our room a real place to relax after a long day after work, kids and dogs...... Thank you!!"
aliskanyc - post on 11:24 on 08/03/2010

my mom really deserves it :-)
"This is for my mom, who turns 50 this year! She's been out of work for the last year and it's been rough for her.. I never realized until my fiance mentioned when we came to visit her in Bethesda, MD.. where she lives.. he says, "oh it's really sad, your mom all alone in this little apartement." And it dawned on me, "wow, it really is!" She spends her whole life taking care of everyone else but herself, including her home, which has so much potential but just needs a little revitalizing :-) Thanks FOB!"
Bev - post on 11:24 on 08/03/2010

I am selfish
"As a 50 plus woman and single parent, I've spent my whole adult life trying to do for others, may it be family, loved ones, friends, folks in need. Would love my bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary for me, and not for the grandchildren to enjoy. They have the rest of the house a mess!!! "
cc - post on 11:22 on 08/03/2010

for my sister-in-law and brother
"My brother and sister-in-law are selfless, harding working, lovely people. They both work and have two great children. My poor brother is a do-it-yourselfer but never quite gets finished. My sister-in-law does for everyone else, but herself. Their den is stuck in the 70's. What a surprise this would be to actually have a beautiful room to enjoy and relax in as a family. Really, you must see to believe. Thanks"
minnow141 - post on 11:22 on 08/03/2010

Small space, lots of stuff
"I have a small house with a lot of stuff that is shuffled around as I need it. For instance, I need to pull out the pc printer when needed, because I don't have space to leave it out on a permanent basis. I need help with creating new space from limited space."
alwazalady - post on 11:21 on 08/03/2010

The New Me!
"I have recently divorced and in my quest to renew myself I need to rid myself of the old and bring on in the new. I have begun making over my bedroom but am in desperate need for HELP with my living area. I know what I like in colors, but don't know what to do with them. I need the room to reflect me, the "new me" and want it to POP. HELP!"
Tastefully Simple - post on 11:21 on 08/03/2010

What a wonderful prize!
"Since most of my rooms are reminiscent of the 70's, this prize would be very much appreciated."
lynn710 - post on 11:20 on 08/03/2010

Help My Bedroom is a Disaster
"I need a tranquil setting for me alone. My bedroom is pretty small, and I must admit I'm not very creative. I would be so appreciative of a beautiful new bedroom. I live in an order building and the walls could definitely look nice being covered w/a beautiful wallpaper. Along w/the other nice items. I'd so appreciate it. "
Athens85 - post on 11:20 on 08/03/2010

room makeover
"It's a really hard choice to pick a room for a makeover seeing as how my entire house stepped right out of the 70's. But I'm going to choose the bathroom. I have some really ugly silver/black/green foil paper on my ceiling and walls. It is headache not to mention nightmare producing. I need a makeover so badly. I would love to have a current look."
betkollen - post on 11:18 on 08/03/2010

No money; no taste
"I need help!"
lynnmarie2u - post on 11:16 on 08/03/2010

make my drab look dazzling!!
"Honestly,the reason is quite simple. I cannot at this time afford to even think about a makeover,let alone actually do one.With the economy the way its,just taking care of essentials is draining,so no room left in budget to redo my tired apartment."
ida_dunn - post on 11:16 on 08/03/2010

How fabulous!
"I would love to make over my bedroom...it has been years...time for a change. Idunn"
Mlisa - post on 11:15 on 08/03/2010

"I would love a beautiful room in the house to bring friends and family to and I have absolutely no design sense!"
staceyg206 - post on 11:15 on 08/03/2010

new living room
"my daughter is disabled and the state has agreed to build a bathing area for her in the middle of our house. This changes the dimensions of my living room and % am at a loss for what to do. Would love some creative ideas! Thanks"
rapint - post on 11:15 on 08/03/2010

I need a living room makeover
"My living room has not been updated since I moved into my condominium in 1984, and I would love Jennifer Levy's help!"
darleneirc - post on 11:13 on 08/03/2010

63 year old grandmother needs room!
"I'm 63 and raise a grandson thats 12. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment and I would like to make the living room my own room Please !"
ckniaz - post on 11:13 on 08/03/2010

"I am happy with most of the rooms in our house, with the exception of our family room. Frankly, I don't even know where to start. Consequently, it is the least used room. With it's placement right off the kitchen that should not be the case. A makeover would be just the ticket to make the family room just that a "family room". "
onlymekt - post on 11:12 on 08/03/2010

I'm domestically challenged
"No talent -- no taste. It would be so nice to have ONE room that looks like it has some style. I need help!"
Puddycat - post on 11:10 on 08/03/2010

Much-needed room-lift!
"I am totally lost on how to make the family room layout work. It's the room I spend the most time in and yet it's the least inviting. I've spent time searching for ideas to make the room work. Please help me!!!"
fl50l - post on 11:09 on 08/03/2010

New Home
"I had hoped in my new home that I would make one room, the family room, my own style only, perfectly decorated. Instead, I hung the pictures too high, didn't vary the paint color from the rest of the home, and purchased white blinds instead of fabric window treatments. Darn, I'd love to get a 2nd chance to do it right with the expert help from the very talented Jill Zarin."
svlockwood - post on 11:09 on 08/03/2010

"I love my living room but it needs a boost after 10 years. This would be fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity."
MAMARITA_2003 - post on 11:08 on 08/03/2010

Thanks for the chance
"My 20yr old daughter really needed me to move in with her, and she did her best to decorate my bedroom into what she perceived as what I would like. It's a big dark blue hole with some of my Asian inspired thinks hung here and there. I really need help getting this to what I like. I love her effort, but it's just not me."
uniongap - post on 11:07 on 08/03/2010

Room Makeover
"I really need this"
dwashburn - post on 11:06 on 08/03/2010

Restore sanity to our house
"My oldest daughter is heading off to college this fall and my 13 year-old daughter is struggling with her age, her sister leaving and her parents! She has been begging to re-do her bedroom and I think winning this contest would be wonderful for her and give her a little something since so much attention has been given to her sister; AND it may give us all something to concentrate on and bring a little sanity back to our lives as well as create a mature room for when she heads off to college. Thank you for offering this very cool contest! "
puertoricolady41 - post on 11:04 on 08/03/2010

"That would be nice!!"
Damizelle - post on 11:02 on 08/03/2010

Bring spice into my life
"My home has seen no changes in its decor in a long time, and this package would be the perfect start!"
frisco144 - post on 11:01 on 08/03/2010

"I have lived in my 60's ranch since 1977-my bedroom has the same decor it did when the house was built! I have updated every room but this one--I need help--I am stumped!"
mclarkin - post on 11:01 on 08/03/2010

room design makeover
"I'd like to see my place via the optics of a designer......oh yes...."
Julie.D - post on 11:01 on 08/03/2010

tiny bedroom
"maybe Jennifer could offer some suggestions on how to store all my clothes in a small bedroom and make it look pretty instead of cluttered. Also LOVE Jill on Real Housewives. I am a huge fan!!"
jufaswife - post on 10:58 on 08/03/2010

Why I need a room design makeover?
"Never had a designer before and this would be great to help me get rid of some of the clutter. I just don't know what to do with some of the things I have. Also, just need a change!"
torpedo1962 - post on 10:58 on 08/03/2010

white room
"my living room is too white.I like it bright but its too bright,need some different colors.Please Help me!!"
joyzkim - post on 10:55 on 08/03/2010

Not a Designer am I
"We have been in our home for 15 years and if I like the way a room is set up, I tend to just leave it be as is forever. I never change things up or rearrange the furniture. I need some guidance on how to make things look different without doing too much. My living room can really use a make-over."
marylinda - post on 10:52 on 08/03/2010

What did I do????crazy colors
"A few years ago I was housebound for about a year. I decided I wanted to re-do our bedroom for a real zen feel. So that is when I knew I was Crazy!!! Purple walls(ugly purple) and royal blue headboard and curtains(now that just topped it off.) Our funiture is old and I find no peace in there. I never even picked a bedspread I was so disguted with it(after I started getting out of the house). We now have custody of our 2 grandchildren and REALLY need that special hideaway. HELP!!!"
susan l - post on 10:52 on 08/03/2010

"My house needs a makeover, hoping you can help this happen!"
daystar100@aol.com - post on 10:50 on 08/03/2010

Tween/Teen Space!
"Always, lots of home projects & things to update & upgrade. But, at this stage of the game with tween & young teen girls (12 & 14), I think it's most important to focus on them. Knowing where the girls are & who they are hanging out with are pretty darn important in this day & age. Redoing a special hangout room for them would be just the trick! It would be a fun challenge & something that could really make a difference for them & their friends! xoxo"
cathorse - post on 10:50 on 08/03/2010

I Want!!!
"Been in my house for over 30 years and need a change. Help me please!!"
laflannery - post on 10:49 on 08/03/2010

New life for an old room
"I have been in my house for 10 years and it is still the same builder paint (white walls) and boring carpet, etc. I am not good at decorating and our family room needs a major pick-me -up. It is where we spend most of our time and it is boring and drab. I know with a little help, it could look so spectatcular! "
smileyj - post on 10:48 on 08/03/2010

Don't have enough time in a day....
"I purchased my home 4 years ago and have done a little something to every room in the house except for my bed room. I am a single mom and I work two jobs with an active 15yr old son and would love to come home to a room that I can relax in and enjoy my time."
aliciaely - post on 10:48 on 08/03/2010

my "living" room
"As my kids are getting older and starting to leave the family home, I am faced with the fact that I NEVER took the time to design. The front room has been a repository for sports equipment, school books and grown out clothing awaiting the Goodwill truck. At 53, it would be lovely to have a real grown up room."
ogdenkruger - post on 10:48 on 08/03/2010

ogden needs a do-over
"i have been in this home for 18 years and worked inside and out to create some great living areas....i love it, though it really needs some sprucing up...i have been afraid of color in some respects and maybe a little lazy...i need help in de cluttering so i can do new puttering!!!"
efreedman - post on 10:47 on 08/03/2010

My Home is My Oasis
"Because I live 150 miles away from my job and often only spend 50% or less of my time at home during the week, it has become my oasis. I live the rest of the week in a nodescript, impersonal motel room. Given my limited time, I have not been able to crystallize/optimize my approach to design. This would definitely make my home even more of an oasis and improve the quality of my life!"
Bert1026 - post on 10:47 on 08/03/2010

Fantastic Apartment no Furniture
"I've been in my apartment for over a year, however, I'm currently economically challenged and my living room is totally bare. I need some help!"
ladykatnip@aol.com - post on 10:47 on 08/03/2010

If it was any older, it'd be antique!
"My living room furniture was my Mom's old set that I had recovered many years ago, ditto for the dining room. My bed was bought 1980 and the dresser (all I got in the divorce, though I bought every piece in our house!) is from 1972. I'm living in a time warp: it's high time to be brought into the 21st century."
horses22059 - post on 10:46 on 08/03/2010

What to do
"I think everyone who enters ought to receive some kind of make over for their particular room in the home. Since so many women have such heart felt concerns for themselves and others, it would be difficult to choose just one person. I know I could not do that. If I had a lot of money and influence in this world, I would give to everyone on the comment list. Paula"
daiselu - post on 10:46 on 08/03/2010

"A new room make-over is filled with inpiration .....to love the new look and create a feeling of determination to be better in every area of your life...it can give you the energy to be the Best you can Be!!!"
huntpatton2 - post on 10:45 on 08/03/2010

Continuous Renewal
"I believe that continuous renewal is critical to maintaining a youthful and energetic attitude as you grow older. A room design makeover would be a great opportunity to make my environment look as young and vibrant as I feel!"
cobrateacher - post on 10:44 on 08/03/2010

The old needs to go!
"My living room/dining room is a disaster, in my eyes. Although everything is in good condition, all the furniture is more than thirty years old, and fit perfectly in a different house. When I moved here, I thought it would all be changed soon, but other things keep taking precedence. None of it suits me at all, but it's what's here. I need a makeover like crazy!"
jo.cavins - post on 10:44 on 08/03/2010

Fun stuff
"I can find a perfect spot for each of these fun items."
carolecare - post on 10:44 on 08/03/2010

Color & Life
"My living room is so dated and colorless. After looking at the above prizes, I can see just how much these warm, inviting colors would add. We do not have the extra money to make any improvements as my husband & I both had cancer in the past 7 years, so medical bills take precidence over any "Fun" items like room makeovers. I think we need a room makeover to liven up the space."
eab1313 - post on 10:43 on 08/03/2010

An old home/ a new room
"I live in a 100 year old farmhouse that has never been anything but old. I would love a room that has been decorated for when we have company!. "
rosiey60 - post on 10:43 on 08/03/2010

fab make over
"I love my house,except for my dinning room, which is stuck in the 70's. Black lacquer furniture, peach silk fabrics,brass chandelier, please make it go away!"
cparkin - post on 10:43 on 08/03/2010

New home/New room
"We moved into our new home several years ago and still have the same paint and carpet that came with the house. The colors are OK but the carpet needs to be replaced. It is in good shape but the loop pile and multi colors no longer work. My home needs to make a statement that is me, not the previous owner. "
olmdance4 - post on 10:42 on 08/03/2010

What I wouldn't give to makeover this room...
"I used to fix & flip homes a few years back. I have now purchased my first home on my own and it is a smallish townhome compared to the homes I used to work on which were usually Historic homes and much larger. I love my little place but have much to finish to get it into shape. I'd be eternally grateful now that I am recovering from Hip Replacement surgery and decor is not in the budget presently. Thanks for considering me."
njsunbunny - post on 10:40 on 08/03/2010

Decisions, Decisions
"My living room is in a state of limbo! It is 2/3's of the way painted and I can't motivate myself to put another coat on the last wall. I started the project with lots of ideas and energy and bombed out. Winning this sweepstakes would give me the direction and motivation to continue this project!"
cj1 - post on 10:37 on 08/03/2010

I finally get a new home!
"We raised 6 children in a tiny house and now have a bit of money to get a new home. Open concept, wood floors. The only furniture I'm moving into the living area is my mother-in-laws Queen Anne sofa and a 50's wood coffee table reminiscent of Mission style. Good start, but need help to build on, please! Thanks for considering!"
clarareo - post on 10:36 on 08/03/2010

"What a great idea! We have been in our home about 20 years, and it is definitely time for some rooms to be made over."
maggyred - post on 10:36 on 08/03/2010

"My living room is dull....just dull...and it is such a nice space. I need help! Great giveaway:)"
PNUTBUTTA - post on 10:36 on 08/03/2010

mayerm999 - post on 10:36 on 08/03/2010

"I am decluttering and would like a fresh new look that is simple and elegant."
rockysmom - post on 10:36 on 08/03/2010

rockys mom
" I/we need a room design makeover because it is an older/Upstate home that we inherited and are having trouble selling or living in. It is costing a great deal to keep up and becoming a hardship. A new room decor would help greatly. thank you! lisa/barbara (mother/ daughter)"
woodsdebk - post on 10:35 on 08/03/2010

"I have recently become disabled. We were in the midst updating our home. But now I have not the energy or time, nor funds to complete projects. I need some simple, cost effective, but good ideas on how to make my home comfortable and with an easy flow."
majesticroyalred - post on 10:34 on 08/03/2010

a chance for a new beginning
"i have a bare bones living room that i would love to turn into a living room and art studio with wonderful style. this is a great way to win the starburst clock. i have dreamed of that clock for years! pick me...i am in desprate need to pick my life up and rock!"
cinjasal - post on 10:33 on 08/03/2010

Starting over AGAIN
"Here I am starting over at 56 years old - another home another life...I was married at 20 - husband died 15 years later - raised my son for the next seven years - met a wonderful man and spent the next ten years with him - he died in 2007...I am starting my life over again and need help with getting started decorating "
claudia451 - post on 10:33 on 08/03/2010

goldenlady1980 - post on 10:32 on 08/03/2010

Spectacular Space
"We really need help in our entire home, but would LOVE to make our great room truly GREAT! In need of design to make our space spectacular! Haven't changed much in 15 years! "
jcain227 - post on 10:32 on 08/03/2010

"I need help, all the walls in my home are white. We have lived in our home for over 20 years and the walls are still white. We need COLOR and help with our decorating style. We have no style. We still live in the 60 's with the style. I never have won anything, even conversation with Jill could do nothing but help with our home. I hope this will be taken as a cry for HELP...."
kjwhit1 - post on 10:31 on 08/03/2010

"My condo and I are BOTH in need of a makeover.A makeover for my bedroom would be a great start!!! Thank you!"
MARGARET BYNOE - post on 10:30 on 08/03/2010

Help, I need to add youthful lust to my master bedroom!
"My master bedroom has Ethan Allen four poster bed, 19th century furniture. The furniture is sturdy but does not produce any romantic interludes for two people in their sixties who need all the help they can get. The television set also is an integral part of the room, but I would love for it to be hidden, and come up from the bottom of our bed and disappear so my competition isn't so obvious. So please design our bedroom, so "night time becomes the right time for love, and not tv and knitting. "
petra7781 - post on 10:29 on 08/03/2010

Tastefully Just Mine
"I rent a room that reflects the homeowner's style. I plan on staying there for a long while, but would love to have my room reflect me and my taste; a room that says more than "sleep here.""
beachgirl12347 - post on 10:29 on 08/03/2010

Ready for a change
"I have lived in the same house for 22 years. After my divorce, the house has gone a little downhill due to the fact that I can't do it all! I could certainly use some help with decorating ideas and would appreciate anything. Plus, I love Jill Zarin and the Real Housewives!"
Lori M - post on 10:28 on 08/03/2010

"We need help with our master bedroom---it has an early garage theme at the moment and could really use some TLC."
klpollon - post on 10:28 on 08/03/2010

Blissful Bedroom
"A blissful bedroom would be my wish for an interior make-over. Bedroom should be serene and peaceful and right now my bedroom is anything but serenity. I would like it to be a place my husband and I could go to retreat, refresh, and reunite our spirits."
patticake16 - post on 10:27 on 08/03/2010

Family Room
"My family room could use a makeover. Kids are finishing college and moving back home and this room is where we live. Please help!"
Julie.D - post on 10:26 on 08/03/2010

"I hate every room in my house. It is in serious need of work and it depresses me......."
epillersdorf - post on 10:26 on 08/03/2010

Fab Room Makeover
"I am currently working from home, but my office is the guest bedroom which means that I have to work around the bed, dresser and other bedroom furniture. I would like to make this my office space and have it reflect my personality. This would be fab if I won it - just the consultation alone would be great."
corinne37@comcast.net - post on 10:26 on 08/03/2010

So needed
"Hello, Last September my daughter was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. She is an artist and would give art lessons in her small home. Last winter, the snow caused the ceiling in her studio to collapse, causing damage to her rug, furniture etc. Her basement became flooded, and a tree branch come through the roof. It is difficult enough dealing with chemo, and being told by the doctors that she must avoid stress, but all this was all too much. The cancer has returned to her bowels, and although her friends and I have put her house together the best we can, it would be wonderful if she could win this package to spruce up her home. Thank you, Corinne"
schmo927 - post on 10:25 on 08/03/2010

Dark Hot and Gloomy Room
"Recently my boyfriend and his son moved into my home due to the current economy his home went into foreclosure, I only have a 2 bedroom so my son moved upstairs into the attic. Well we painted and put down some old carpeting my sister gave us for free and placed an air conditioner in the window. But the room is so hot and even with the paint and carpet is really dark and gloomy we really could use some help with design, color and circulation he hates the room now and sleeps at his friends house. I need my boy back Please help!!"
dkeltner - post on 10:25 on 08/03/2010

Master isn't so master
"My bedroom looks the same as it did before my divorce three years ago! I need a change in a very small space."
cjsynergy - post on 10:25 on 08/03/2010

Need help
"I need help - our master is so non-descript and not the oasis we need and want - Would so love to win this prize and make it an awesome space. Thank you!"
dee777 - post on 10:25 on 08/03/2010

"We have had the same bedroom for 17 years, definately time for a makeover! "
sc2466 - post on 10:25 on 08/03/2010

In Desperate Need
"My husband never wants change in our home furnishings. We are in dire need of a change and an update. Plus we could use some expert advice. I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity."
Hotforfifty - post on 10:24 on 08/03/2010

Small Space
"I'd love to redo my little bedroom. Would love to do something exciting to one of the walls, add some shelves to eliminate the books on the floor. "
cher2437 - post on 10:24 on 08/03/2010

"I recently retired from full time teaching. Unfortunately, this is not a happy occasion, since I retired due to health reasons. Perhaps a change in my home environment could make my home more inviting as my "new place to be." I went from being here occassionally to being here the majority of the time. I'm trying to find a way to distract myself from the void left by no longer doing what I LOVED to do!"
ShelleyOdette - post on 10:24 on 08/03/2010

Ocean home!!
"43 surgeries, 3 auto immune diseases and for Xmas last year my dear husband was diagnosed with neck/head cancer. He is my Rock and always has done everything for me. We need a new family room make over so bad but can't afford it as he is on County Cancer treatments and can't work, we miss home, West Coast so badly, plus the Ocean blues, cream yellow and white would be so peaceful where we all gather to rest and talk. Thank you."
getmorechi - post on 10:23 on 08/03/2010

I'm in transition
"this is my last year of teaching and I'm retiring from THIS job and on to reinvent myself in another way. I'm excited for the change, but nervous also...what will I become when I grow up? So I have this wonderful living room with new wood flooring, but furniture that I purchased when my mind was in a different time. My kids say it's not that bad, but I just need some tweaking to make the room come together. Right now it's in transition, like me!"
cboza - post on 10:23 on 08/03/2010

dual-purpose room
"my husband and I moved into a new home three months ago and are at a loss -- well, let's say I'm more at a loss than he is ;-) -- about our "library" (a/k/a our guest room). It needs to be a place where we feel comfortable curling up with a good book and also serve as a crisp, no-nonsense space for the occasional guests. I definitely could use some professional advice on how to make this room do double-duty."
Deidra07 - post on 10:23 on 08/03/2010

Decorating Help - ASAP!
"I JUST bought my FIRST home in May and I was able to get all my rooms painted, which is beautiful. But I have 3 bedrooms and 2 of them have no furniture whatsoever! A dining room that has one small table and 2 chairs: and in the living room w/fireplace one small couch and TV. I NEED furniture bad but ideas even more. I would love some help from Jennifer Levy! I didn't even have a house warming because there is no where for anyone to sit. I need some decorating help and bad! "
lyn@bluefrog.com - post on 10:23 on 08/03/2010

"When it comes to my bedrooms Iam challenged by lack of space. Also decorating is a passion I would be thrilled to have a professional help me with fabrics and Colors!!"
janelle.james - post on 10:21 on 08/03/2010

Stuck on boring
"I've been trying to redo my living room for a year but basically keep going back to the same arrangements and color scheme. I need someone to steer me in a new direction!"
loveyhowel - post on 10:20 on 08/03/2010

Much needed help
"What a great idea! I need a critical, good eye to redo a home that hasn't changed much in the last decade..."
sdarnell@barthelectric.com - post on 10:20 on 08/03/2010

Expecting a Grandaughter!
"After having only boys, I finally will be blessed with a grandaughter! (my youngest niece is 13 so it has been a long time for any new females in our family) What an awesome opportunity it would be to be able to decorate with feminine flair and even more special if I was awarded the prize. I have my fingers crossed! "
goody50 - post on 10:20 on 08/03/2010

New Room, New Me
"I'd love to do something with a room in my house that's of a bygone era. I'd love to make it sunny and bright with beautiful colors and loads of personaility. Rooms are like people and this one is on it's last leg and it needs to be brought back to life so can you please help me save the life of a room??!!!!!!! LOL or cry in silence!"
LouiseDesina - post on 10:20 on 08/03/2010

Creating possibility
"I love a new fresh perspective."
Cassi97 - post on 10:19 on 08/03/2010

Shabby but not chic :)
"Our condo is stuck in a rut.. we need help updating it! "
ktpotat - post on 10:19 on 08/03/2010

"What a cool prize! I'd like to win for the London Bridge pillow alone."
lakelorain - post on 10:19 on 08/03/2010

What to do?
"I have a room that has both my front door and my back door in it. I don't have any idea how to decorate it and mostly just use the middle of the room. Help!"
kasday - post on 10:19 on 08/03/2010

Love my daughter
"I have been meaning to redo her room for months but need some advice. This would help greatly!"
pdipalma - post on 10:19 on 08/03/2010

Miracle needed!
"My husband and I love a lot of style elements of the past tempered with some modern simplicity and would like to decorate accordingly but unfortunately he's been let go 3 times since we bought our house so decorating was never really an option."
moonalisa - post on 10:18 on 08/03/2010

Let there be light!!!!
"My family and I have a walkout basement, that the walkout was not taken advantage of. There is one single door (does have glass) and a small window on the entire wall. I have tried to recreate a Charleston garden (Charleston,SC my favorite place in the world!) in our backyard and it is so charming. When we are in the basement, the lack of windows and doors can't take advantage of the wonderful view. I would love a professionals opinion!"
susanbishop - post on 10:18 on 08/03/2010

Mother & Daughter
"Have moved back in to take care of Mom. We've redone the kitchen, but now the living and dining rooms look tired. Sure could use Jennifer's help with updating!"
daviesrost - post on 10:18 on 08/03/2010

This could inspire a whole new chapter in my life!
"I have been divorced for awhile and soon will be empty-nested for the first time. I would love to start this new chapter in my life with a dramatic change and what better way than to change where I spend alot of my down time! I am at a crossroads in my life and could use this gift! I know that otherwise, I wouldn't spend the money on something for me. Have spent a lifetime spending all I had on my kids, so it would feel invigorating to spruce up my life and my home with this makeover! Whoever wins, though, will truly feel like a queen in her new surroundings! Our home is OUR palace!"
annyannetti - post on 10:18 on 08/03/2010

Drab to Fab
"I love all of these ideas and I am familiar with Zarin Fabrics, Jonathan Adler, Umbra and Jill Malek from watching my favorite design shows on television -- but I cannot afford these items or the help of a designer. I would like to win this contest so I can finally turn my bedroom from drab to fab!"
danster - post on 10:18 on 08/03/2010

A retreat
"I have never had a sense of my personal style or design. I don't even know where to start. My bedroom is very nondescript and I can't even describe it to friends. I would love to have someone listen to me about my likes, style, etc. and then design a room that suits me! Right now my bedroom is a place I go to sleep, shower and dress. I would love to be able to enter my room and feel like I am retreating into a restful, peaceful place where I can relax and listen to my own thoughts."
annaopp@gmail.com - post on 10:18 on 08/03/2010

I need a little boost
"I love all these sweet little pieces - and together they would go a long way in helping me improve my living room!"
cloud30 - post on 10:17 on 08/03/2010

"ok I collect things all sorts and have no idea where to place it. A designer and some of your collections woohoo I would so appreciate it."
Doreen R - post on 10:16 on 08/03/2010

"I'm moving into a new home in a few months. This would be so perfect. "
crowefeather - post on 10:16 on 08/03/2010

My room is stuck in the 80's
"I need a makeover for my family room it's too dark and outdated and I want it to feel cheerful and happy so we can enjoy spending time together in it."
dmanz - post on 10:16 on 08/03/2010

"We've been in our house for 25 years and my livingroom show's every moment of those 25 years. It's the first room you see when you enter our home and so often it sets the mood for the evening. We are about to celebrate our 35 wedding anniversary and we will be renewing our marriage vows AND our life vows...to live each day with as much joy as we can...to dedicate ourselves to being the best that we can...and to smile often and long. That's the message I'd love for people to come away with as they enter our home and especially as they leave it. "
kellyh921 - post on 10:15 on 08/03/2010

"I have been working on renovating my 100 year old house for the last 5 years. I have run out of energy, motivation, and ideas and definitely need some help with this last room. I would LOVE some help from Jennifer Levy!"
ljp1161 - post on 10:15 on 08/03/2010

Have to move and need a makoever
"We are in the process of short selling our house due to adverse economical issues. We will be moving into an older apartment in a two family that definitely needs some style and a makeover. It would be a pleasant surprise in this not so pleasant time!"
Lindasb50 - post on 10:15 on 08/03/2010

Forgotten room
"There is an extra bedroom in my house that is always on my "to do" list for a mkeover, but somehow other things always seem to take precedence. I was very impressed by Jennifer's style, and I know that my forgotten room would lend itself fabulously to her type of decor."
Mz. B - post on 10:15 on 08/03/2010

Need some lively color in my life
"Move to NC 3 years ago after becoming a widow. - all neutral walls of shades of beige- have worked with what I can afford to bring color but truly need to liven up the rooms to match my personality. - Miss Bee - Mooresville, NC"
isemanje@aol.com - post on 10:14 on 08/03/2010

Room Makeover -HELP
"Like so many of us, I recently lost my job and my apartment has needed a makeover for years. I was in the middle of redoing my apartment when my position was eliminated. Really could use this!!!!!!!!!"
GTX34-35 - post on 10:14 on 08/03/2010

Room Makeover
"This would be wonderful to have a room makeover, just what I need!!!"
beadson - post on 10:14 on 08/03/2010

Any room with 33 years of clutter needs a makeover!
"I've lived in my 1 bedroom condo for 33 years and the only redecorating I've done is adding to the clutter! Please help!"
fhoagland - post on 10:14 on 08/03/2010

Love everything...need help
"The pillows are absolutely great....they could be used just about anywhere....I love being home and want something I can't wait to get home to."
LizinNewBern - post on 10:13 on 08/03/2010

"What a great way to begin the new fall season!!!"
fofof - post on 10:13 on 08/03/2010

I need this!
"I have had the same furniture in my living room for 25 years-since my divorce, and through a move. I just can't seem to find a way to represent my style and need help reducing clutter. This would be a godsend! "
sgimperling - post on 10:13 on 08/03/2010

Sounds Super!
"Any help I can get is greatly appreciated!!"
lnovak - post on 10:13 on 08/03/2010

"I love color and comfort but have no idea how to pull it all together without creating chaos so I've always opted for the blah/no decision white walls. Now I'm about to move and am taking the plunge into the fabulous world of color and texture...but I NEED help!!!!!! Winning this would be THE BEST makeover ever."
susan@zheninc.com - post on 10:13 on 08/03/2010

"i could use the design help"
sdresner - post on 10:13 on 08/03/2010

a little change goes a long way
"we live in an apartment but we consider it our home and it's always nice to add a bit of change to your home and make it cozy"
bburton1959 - post on 09:48 on 08/03/2010

"I would love to have this. My house is devoid of style. I am clueless of what to do with my Living room. "
SaraWald - post on 22:41 on 08/02/2010

i'd love this
"what a giveaway!"