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DSW Shoe Store
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The Gunslinger
Bandera, TX
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"I wandered into Serenella one day and met Leslee [the owner]. I can honestly say she taught me how to dress. She really listened to me. I would say, 'This is just too Stevie Nicks for me' or 'I'm not crazy about drawing attention to that part of my body' and she would say, 'Got it.'

In my life with Jack, I need a lot of looks. We travel all the time. And when we do, we're at conferences, then at dinners, then at museums, then walking for hours, then meeting with business colleagues, etc. I could lose my mind with the planning, but I just give Leslee my itinerary and walk her through every day, she designs an entire wardrobe for the trip."

-Suzy Welch


"I love the quality of her clothes. Leslee [the owner] inspires me. I've learned about fashion from talking with her. She'll call me when she gets something in that she thinks will look good on me. She knows me personally and she knows what I like."


-Haya Linde


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