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Yep, Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder

2014 August 27

Do you ever pass a stranger on the street and immediately notice her ravishing hair?

Her incredible jewelry? Her absolutely stunning outfit? She looks so great, you even stop and turn around to watch as she walks away.

Or, you notice her, but for dramatically different reasons. Her unseemly makeup? Her unfitting pants? Her unbecoming ensemble? “Where did she ever find that getup?” you say to yourself. “Who does she think she is, wearing those ridiculous shoes?”

You know the adage: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So true, isn’t it?

We thought it would be fun to see which of these looks we bless and which we boo! Have fun. There’s really no right or wrong. We’re FabOverFifty, and the only “fashion gods” we should be worshipping are ourselves. So there, Anna Wintour!

Cast your votes right now, and we’ll report the results next week!

P.S. Each time you vote, the page will refresh!

Ageless or Aging?


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12 Things You Must Do For Your Adult Kids Before You Die

2014 August 20

1. Go on an unforgettable vacation
with them (and their spouses,
if they’re married).

From a fishing trip to European cruise, depending on your tastes and budget.


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How Do Your Answers Compare With Other FOFs?

2014 August 13

Choose how you’d react in each of these situations and then find out how your responses stack up against those of other FOFs.

You notice your hair is thinning and your scalp is showing. You:

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11 Things That Bring Us Great Comfort

2014 August 7

It can be fulfilling to step out of our comfort zone and take on a good challenge, but there’s nothing quite so satisfying as the people, places and things that bring us great comfort—physically, spiritually and mentally. Here are 11 that top our list.

1. Grown children who call simply to
say “thinking of you.”


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The 11 Types of FOFs: Which One Are You?

2014 August 6

We’d like to think we’re multi-dimensional and multi-talented multitaskers, but one of our many attributes usually stands out, way above the rest. It’s the one that often defines us, even if we’d prefer not to be pigeonholed. When others think about you, what image do you suppose they conjure up?

1. The Domestic Goddess

You get a rush from the scent of Pine Sol and a 425 degree oven.


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Look Fabulous In Fuchsia!

2014 July 31

FOF Shelley took
a trip to the Ming Wang showroom in NYC and modeled
its striking
Three-Quarter Sleeve Notch Collar Knit Jacket.

The contemporary brushstroke plaid, in a dramatic contrast of fuchsia and black, is fashioned in a blazer shape and features a single button closure and subtly padded shoulders.


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9 Foods That Are (Possibly) Better Than Sex

2014 July 29

Some things are simply irresistible.

Like sex with a man who takes your breath away when your eyes meet his; an iced-cold drink on a sweltering summer day; and these nine ridiculously caloric foods. We applaud anyone with the discipline to eat nothing but kale and quinoa the rest of her life, but even the wisest doctors in the land say it’s perfectly ok to splurge, as long as it’s once in a while. And we mean ONCE IN A WHILE.

1. Ice Cream

You haven’t lived a full life until you’ve tried Churros con Leche.


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Win Tickets to 50 Shades! The Musical in NYC

2014 July 17

Whether you’re a 50 Shades of Grey fanatic or you couldn’t get through the first 10 pages…

You’ll enjoy 50 Shades! The Musical – The Original Parody, now playing Off-Broadway at the Elektra Theatre in New York City.

Be prepared for a bit of raunch, and a lot of skin (no nudity, however)! The story starts with Carol, Pam, and Bev deciding the next selection for their book club. When they choose 50 Shades of Grey, the fun (or should we say, fantasy) begins. Clever lyrics, lively dancing and a cavorting cast of real characters, from virginal college student, Anastasia, to illustrious businessman, Christian Grey (this one has a paunch to go with the raunch).


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10 Habits We Dislike Most About The Men We Love Most

2014 July 16

1. They have selective hearing


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{Giveaway} Talbots Shopping Spree

2014 July 15

Have you seen Talbots lately? It’s hipper, brighter and smarter looking than ever.

Featuring the same impeccable tailoring we’ve been enjoying for 65 years, the Updated Classic collection of apparel, shoes and accessories will take us effortlessly from day to night and work to play.

Dresses are fit or flare; pants stop at the ankle, roll up or skim our heels, and shirts are long, short, embroidered and ruched. And ooh! the fabrics, like luscious linen, soft cotton, and silky charmeuse.

Talbots is generously giving $250 gift cards to two lucky FOFs, which can be used online or at one of its nearly 500 shops.


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