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The Sky’s The Limit

2014 April 23

Let’s say you recently received oodles of money (as in money is no object). Perhaps you won the lottery or inherited a fortune. And let’s say you want to move to a new home and you’re leaving your mind open as to location, size and style.

Take a look at the layout of this place.


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The Anti-Aging Secret That’s Not Another Skin Cream

2014 April 17

Just because you have to wear glasses to see the fine print doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up looking cool. Choosing a fuddy-duddy pair of cheesy glasses from the limited drugstore selection can actually make you look like a fuddy-duddy. That used to be your only option. Now, you can change your look overnight—and throughout the day—with hip-looking, quality readers that work with most prescriptions.

And wait till you see the prices.

Readers.com creates glasses with top-notch materials, distinctive design and for any budget. Its expert staff will give you custom advice on style and strength. The online store even features a tool which recommends the best look for your face shape.

You might adore cat eye glasses but learn they don’t flatter your round face, or that rectangular shaped frames will be perfect for your long thin face.

Isn’t it about time you gave your eyes the beautiful frames they deserve?

Find out what frames fit your face, now!

Jean loved the selection at Readers.com so much, she ordered 10 pairs of glasses. “The colorful frames actually looked like a candy store on my ottoman. All those colors and shapes are marvelous. I can go anywhere and match my outfit,” Jean said.

Readers.com offers over 600 stylish choices, from luscious lavender to sophisticated black. And all are incredibly priced, under $20. It also features strengths up to +6.00, previously available only with prescriptions from an optometrist. Now, strong, snazzy glasses can be sent straight to your door! You’ll never have to look back at the drugstore again.

Click here to discover which frames fit your face shape and buy a pair now.

Don’t forget to enter code FOF2014 at checkout to receive an extra 10% off your order, exclusively for fans of FabOverFifty. Readers offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free returns.

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10 Dead Giveaways That You’re Not As Hip As You Think

2014 April 16

1. Using a landline


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{Giveaway} A Celebrity Cruise On Land

2014 April 15

Celebrity Cruises® & FabOverFifty are joining forces to bring you a fabulous giveaway—a cruise experience on land! One lucky winner will receive the full luxury experience of a Celebrity cruise—a first-class evening with some special treats! Your cruise on land will feature:

  • 2 tickets to this year’s James Beard Foundation’s Chefs & Champagne® event honoring Food Network Star, Bobby Flay. The evening will include flowing Taittinger Champagne and all sorts of drinks, and culinary offerings from over 30 celebrated chefs. The event will be held at Wölffer Estate Vineyard in the Hamptons on Saturday, July 26.

  • 1 Riedel wine tasting set (Value: $100)

  • 1 Bulgari bath product set (Value: $50)

  • 1 Celebrity Cruises® Martini shaker


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{FOF Woman of The Week} June Steenkamp

2014 April 11

Sitting in a Pretoria, South Africa, courtroom every single day, just feet from the man who murdered her beautiful and smart 29-year-old daughter, Reeva, June Steenkamp is hoping to learn the real circumstances of the death.

“I look at Oscar [Pistorius] the whole time, to see how he is coping, how he is behaving. I’m obsessed with looking at him. It’s just instinctive. I can’t explain it,” said 67-year-old June.

She doesn’t have to explain a thing. Any mother understands what is motivating June. Losing a daughter is the most horrific thing that can happen to a woman. “I think he has to see me, the mother, the person who gave birth to her, that he’s taken that away,” June said. “That’s what I want to see, that’s why I want to look in his face and he must look in mine. He must see now that I am there for justice for Reeva, no matter what happened, and the truth, obviously, which we don’t know we’ll ever get. But I hope for that.”

June has seen countless photos of the bloody crime scene and her daughter’s catastrophic head wound. She’s watched Oscar’s hysterical crying and retching. Through it all, one question haunts her, she says. Is he acting? Did he indeed think an intruder was in his bathroom, as he’s repeatedly claimed, or did he know it was Reeva, go into a rage and kill her?

June says Reeva told her she and Oscar were arguing frequently in the weeks before her death, and that she was afraid of being with him. We’ve read e-mail exchanges confirming this. We’ve heard Oscar was a jealous, hot-tempered man and once even berated Reeva for talking to another man for too long. If I were June, I couldn’t help but think he was guilty.

June is a special woman. “I’ve lost everything that’s important to me,” she said, “but, still, I can forgive. I’m being strong for Reeva. I have to be there. It’s hard for me to do it, but I’m representing my child. I’m there for her, as much as it’s hell for me, I know that I have to be there. I’m not a person who wants to punish him. I want my daughter back, but it’s never going to happen.”

Since their daughter’s murder, the Steenkamp’s have moved to a quiet village, where June opened a pub and her husband, Barry, is training horses.

For her fortitude, June Steenkamp is FOF Woman of the Week. We hope she finds the peace she deserves.

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Women Over 50 Taking It To The Extreme

2014 April 9

1. Would you do this for your daughter?


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{FOF Woman of The Week} Sister Judy Vaughan

2014 April 4

The church hasn’t always looked kindly at Sister Judy, a 68-year-old feminist nun, whose activism has ruffled more than a few feathers, and on more than one occasion. But even if the rules of the Catholic Church sometimes restricted her, the Sister’s commitment to God remained true and she recently celebrated her 50th anniversary as a Catholic nun.

Sister Judy’s Catholic upbringing in Los Angeles left her with three career choices when she graduated high school: Become a nurse or a teacher, or join the convent. She chose the third, making her vows months after graduating from St. Mary’s Academy High in the early 60s, at the height of the civil rights marches, antiwar protests, and emerging second wave of feminism.

Sister Judy joined the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and graduated from Mount St. Mary’s college in 1968 with a major in sociology and a minor in psychology, before she earned her master’s degree in sociology from San Diego State University and doctorate in social ethics from the University of Chicago. Grasping the momentous social and political movements around her, Sister Judy began to challenge the church, declaring that abortion could be a moral choice. After she became the director of House of Ruth, a homeless shelter for women in East L.A., the L.A. Archdiocese was so upset by her defiance it forbid Catholic social workers from referring women to her and House of Ruth.

For the last 18 years, Sister Judy has been running Alexandria House in L.A., a transitional center for homeless women and children, which she considers her most important project.

She continues her work as a nun and as an activist and is raising her adopted daughter, now a teenager. Her commitment to her beliefs and her years of helping women make her the FOF Woman of the Week.

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Women Over 50 Taking It To The Extreme

The Best New Way To Color Your Hair

2014 April 3

A new hair care company called eSalon.com is infuriating hairstylists across the country.

eSalon says they are fast becoming a target for outraged stylists: “Hairstylists have written us angry letters saying, ‘How could you do this? We’re losing clients because of you!’”

Maybe it’s because eSalon provides that same salon service, but at home. They offer clients the full treatment: affordable hair color for home use, with the personal guidance of a professional colorist, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

eSalon’s answer for hair color

eSalon is nothing like the one-size-fits-all boxed hair color you get at a drugstore. Instead, they provide custom blended hair color like you’d get in a salon. They use salon-grade ingredients that leave hair soft, shiny and provide excellent gray coverage. The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else.

And for a total hassle-free experience, each hair color order is delivered right to your door, and the color is under $20. That’s a far cry from the $100-plus you would pay at a salon!

Just ask eSalon’s colorists how jealous some can get: “It’s so bad, we’re sometimes reluctant to tell other colorists what we do. But mostly we’re proud of the service we provide for busy, professional women.”

Worth a try!

Customized color truly makes a difference. eSalon already has a handful of high-profile mentions under their belt. It was featured on The Rachael Ray Show, while InStyle Magazine named it “Best of the Web” and Total Beauty voted it “Best Hair Color” for 2013. Plus it’s received kudos from Lucky Magazine and Good Housekeeping.

It even comes with a professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and shampoo & conditioner – in addition to the guidance of expert colorists. Plus to top it off, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $10* (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

to give eSalon a try and get in on this 50% off special offer!

*Plus $4.95 S&H

The 18 Most Irritating Men Over 50

2014 April 1

Enough with these guys. They may be rich, successful, good-looking, talented, or even smart, but it’s time they change their acts or take lengthy sabbaticals.

1. Alec Baldwin

You’re just a blowhard, through and through.


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The Best New Way to Color Your Hair

2014 March 28

Recent write-ups on beauty sites claim eSalon is infuriating hairstylists across the country. It’s true – eSalon says outraged stylists have written letters saying, “How could you do this? We’re losing clients because of you!”

But despite the flurry of outrage, eSalon is turning heads. Even celebrity TV host Rachael Ray said on her show: “This is exciting!”

Maybe it’s because eSalon provides a salon style service, but at home. They offer clients the full treatment: affordable hair color for home use, with the guidance of a professional colorist, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Even Rachael Ray’s style guru Gretta Monahan said, “I own salons—I was very impressed by this.” Check out Rachael Ray’s reaction to eSalon for yourself.

eSalon’s answer for hair color

eSalon is nothing like the mass-made boxed colors at the drugstore. Instead, the hair color is individually blended just for you, like in a salon. They use salon-grade ingredients that give you professional color and 100% gray coverage. The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else. Then they’ll mail it right to your doorstep for a convenient home application, and the color is under $20.

And the results speak for themselves. Rachael Ray’s style expert Gretta said on the show: “This is a winner… it’s a great product!”

It’s not just the media that’s buzzing. Total Beauty users rate eSalon 9.6 out of 10 and it was voted “Best Hair Color 2013”—blowing away industry heavyweights like L’Oreal and Clairol!

One reviewer even said: “I discovered eSalon over a year ago and haven’t looked back. The custom formulated color is right on, and I have received more compliments on my color than when I was paying a stylist an exorbitant price.”

eSalon has also been named “Best of the Web” by InStyle and received glowing praise from Lucky Magazine and Good Housekeeping. With all this, it’s no surprise stylists are up in arms about their service!

Salon results or your money back!

Give eSalon a try yourself! Your color comes with a professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and shampoo & conditioner—in addition to the guidance of expert colorists.

Plus to top it off, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $10* (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

to give eSalon a try and get 50% off!

*Plus $4.95 S&H

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