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{Giveaway} Win a custom color beauty system from Jill Kirsh “guru of hue”

2011 February 2

FOF Jill Kirsh, “Hollywood’s guru of hue,” is giving away her foolproof custom color system, worth over $240. It includes her ultimate makeup kit, a patented swatch book to take with you when you shop and an on-the-go mini compact. To enter, visit Jill’s page at Soft Surroundings to determine which of Jill’s color collections is right for you. Then tell us in the comments below!

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

You may love the color baby blue, but does baby blue love you?

“Before Jill Kirsh came to the FOF offices to explain her color system, avocado was the last color I would have ever worn,” says FOF Founder, Geri Brin. “After she left, I literally ran to H&M to buy an avocado shirt.”

Jill’s system is based on a simple concept: your most flattering shades are dictated by your hair. “It’s not your skin color,” says Jill. “Your hair is what frames your face.”

She breaks us into four hair color categories: deep brunettes, warm blondes, ash blondes/greys, golden browns/redheads. Each category corresponds to a palette of 30 colors you can wear, either alone or in combination, and to a complete set of makeup.

For example, Geri’s hair color type–golden brown/redhead–looks best in these these colors:

Of course, “there’s no law that says, you can’t wear other colors,” says Jill, but she promises that these colors look best.

Since her color consultation with Jill, Geri takes her treasured swatch book everywhere. “She even takes it to Starbucks,” says her sister, Shelley.

Enter to win Jill’s complete color system by visiting her page on Soft Surroundings to determine which of the four hair color categories fits you best. Then tell us which one you are in the comments below!

(See all our past winners, here.)

(See official rules, here.)

Contest closes February 10, 2011

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

[Read more about Jill, here]

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  • Paige McHugh says:

    I think this could help me look a lot better – great name for blog post.

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    blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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  • Irlene says:

    Ohhh I need this!! I would love to have my colors. I love many colors but once I put them on I look pale or sick. Help me!!

  • Judi DeVere says:

    I think color is an amazing tool if used well to make you look younger.

  • gshep says:

    I am a deep brunette. I would love to get the color swatch in the video.

  • ruta fox says:

    I am a golden brown redhead color type.
    I can usually guess pretty well, but as I get older, and the skin tone changes a little, I need some help. This looks fun and easy and the makeup looks great, too.

  • hoppupp says:

    I am a warm blonde and I need the help!

  • Catherine says:

    I’m truly sorry that I didn’t log in to your system before the contest ended. Would have loved to have had your system as an early birthday gift (Oct 24th). Can’t wait until I will be able to afford to get the color system and the color swatches. Your system is awesome!! Cathy

  • Kathy11016 says:

    I have ruddy red skin on the cheeks. I am a dark blonde
    naturally but have a lot of gray these days. Need an
    easy system.

  • Kay Ray says:

    I’m a warm blonde & I need all the help I can get

  • Irishstar says:

    Even though I’m graying I stillhave alot of “golden brown to rehead” I had auburn hair in my younger years. I turn 62 April this year and would love to have an updated look—help with make-up.

  • Loretta says:

    I am definitely an ash blond grey. I always despized the ashy color of my blond and “warmed it up” now that I’ve quit coloring I have stunning hair and my complexion is so much more vibrant. Now…to figure out the makeup piece.

  • Dodie Simmons says:

    I have highlighted auburn hair. There is a lot of gray that is under the highlights. I have trouble deciding what make up to wear and need all of the help I can get. I have a bucket-load of make up from department stores but only use a few consistantly

  • Deborah Martin says:

    I’m a warm blonde. After watching the video about warm blondes, I now understand why half the gorgeous items in my closet look prettier on their hangers than they do on me!

  • Mary Ann says:

    I am a golden brown and would love a make-over!!

  • Chinchilla says:

    I am a DEEP Brunette, in every sense of the word! My color sense Almost always draws me to the right colors in clothes, but makeup is another story. Sometimes, I may be getting it wrong. Please help make me an “ALWAYS” right on clothes and Makeup!

  • Delia says:

    I am a golden brown into grey. Interesting how color makes such a difference! I have trouble buying clothing because of store lighting, the swatches would solve that problem!

  • VIckie says:

    I am between the golden browns and the dark blonds with the color I put in my hair. I love it when makeup is made to fit your color and not searching for it.

  • Oveeda says:

    At last makeup that helps me to pull myself all together. It would be wonderful to find my cocor match,so I will be looking the best I can. Wow, it is exciting.

  • Helaine Obolsky says:

    Jill’s colors for Ash blondes and grays are best for me . Pale colors or some neutrals would wash all the color from my skin!

  • donna says:

    Hi, I have been in a horrible rut for a few months and now i am trying to take care of myself and at the age of 55 i really need help with make-up, just starting to try wearing it. The color swatches are fantastic and i am a median dark brunette and so it would really be fantastic to have the right colors for me, i am leaning a lot with fof. thank you!

  • Mary Kaemper says:

    I am a golden brown/redhead.

  • c says:

    The Warm Blonde Set would work for me.
    All of Jill Kirsh’s sets have such lovely colours.

  • Darlene says:

    I’m a Deep Brunette. The videos really helped me see how the colors would fit. Love this system. No more having sales/makeup girls looking to make a buck tell me something looks good on me only to realize later that it’s not my color.

  • Val says:

    I’m a golden brown/with gray.

  • Marce says:

    Deep brunette it is! Wow! I really need to stop wearing so much black! My closet would be almost empty! Lol

  • Marce says:

    Deep Brunette it is! Wow, maybe I really need to stop wearing so much black!

  • Dani says:

    Deep Brunette for me. I love this idea!

  • Robin Sinkhorn says:

    I’m a warm blonde. This looks like the only make-up kit you would ever need…and what fun it would be!!

  • katalin says:

    I am a natural red head and it is very hard to find the right shades to go with my hair and complexion. This whole idea seems to simplify the dreaded shopping.

  • Tierney says:

    Some days I fall in the ash blonds and some days I am a warm golden blond.

  • Jeanna says:

    I live on a farm so you can imagine how much I dress up and wear makeup, I do when I can which I would like it to be more. I need something to brighten my complexion.

  • Jeanna says:

    I love this site. I enjoy looking at everything.

  • Christine says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead and this (according to my 16 y/o daughter) is what I need. She specifically said need not want because I need serious help picking out my clothing. She’s right. I’m a military wife and Mom of 4 and I’m totally clueless. Perhaps we should start a 12-step organization. Hi! My name is Christine and I have no idea what looks good on me, what to buy and as for accessories, forget it. My make-up is from the 80′s and while I know it’s back in style, at 43 years old, it’s not appropriate any longer. I think this may do the trick. Yay!

  • robbie says:

    warm blonds would be great for me – maybe she should see my hair and skin tone – yikes

  • robbie says:

    would love a makeover – stuck in a rut for years – HELP!

  • Jen zha says:

    need golden brown to be little more darker

  • Sherrie Dunlap says:

    Having the swatch book with me would certainly be an aid not to leave home without! I ALWAYS buy things that look good in the store but when I get it home and put it on, heavens to betsy! Lord help me! LOL! Now, I’m going through all my clothes, and donating a LOT! I NEED the help to get it right this time! LOL!

  • TK says:

    I’m a Deep Brunette–this system looks easy and helpful.

  • Vicki H says:

    I would be in the deep brown category. I love the swatch book also. It’d be nice to know which colors would wash me out.

  • Anna says:

    Please help! I never know which makeup colors are right. I can decorate a house but have trouble with my face and hair color.

  • Ruth Chamberlain says:

    I would like to what I need to wear to look better…I fir into the Golden Browns and Redheads

  • Merrill says:

    Nice kit! Lots of great colors and the swatches included! I have olive skin, dark brown with touches of gray hair and dark brown eyes….just in case I win! :-)

  • Merrill says:

    Nice, classic colors in the kit! Also great for travel as i can see it has a smaller kit with a mirror! I’m a brunette by the way in case i win. :-)

  • Kate says:

    It was great fun time to watch and get know myself better!I love it! I’m in the dark golden brown, may be more redhead and look prefer almost any color except the light green… and red looks perfect on me! :)

  • Cheryl Grossel says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead. Loved the video!

  • Lisa says:

    I’m in the golden brown category

  • Sherri Ragan says:

    I am entering my 50s soon and for some reason my color palete has went nuts. I always look washed out.
    I can’t wait to try this. I am a red-head with brown eyes. I don’t mind looking my age but I don’t want to look tired. I wear lots of greens, but some shades of green aren’t right for me.

  • Linda says:

    I am a redhesd. I love color and make-up. It is great to have a handy Swatch book available to make it a sanp to look great!

  • ardeltadawn says:

    I am a golden brown/redhead. This system helps explain why the colors I sometimes choose don’t work. Would LOVE to win this makeover!!

  • hofken says:

    I’m a Golden Brown

  • AJB says:

    Deep Brunette is supposed to work best for me.

  • Dawn Couch says:

    What an awesome video. What a great and easy to understand concept. I am medium brown with blonde highlights to blend in the gray. At 50 years old thid summer I need all the help I can, This kit could be a HUGH help.

  • Jennifer Rutsky says:

    Deep Brunettes would be best for me!

  • Sheila says:

    Love to see what this would change for my makeup collection!

  • Barbara says:

    I am in the golden brown/redhead group and the colors are all similar to what a color consultant told me to wear. Now I can get the makeup to match!

  • Amy Shepard says:

    I would love Jill’s kit in Golden Brown/Redhead. Years ago there was a system similar to this and I loved it.
    I am definitely in need of a new look!

  • Robyn says:

    This is a great concept. I am a blond so I would go
    with warm blond. This would sure help me alot by
    not purchasing alot of makeup that ends up in the trash or clothes I have to return. I definitely could
    use the help if I were to win this.

  • Dorothy Saul says:

    I am a warm blonde. The colors in the make-up palette look beautiful! Thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity!

  • Susan says:

    I would love to win the color system for deep brunettes. I have dark hair and green/hazel eyes. How fantastic to get help and eliminate the guess work about what looks best.

  • Sheryl says:

    I fall into the golden brown/redhead category. I have kind of olive toned skin & am never sure what colors look good on me. I gravitate towards pastels but I’m not sure they are right for me. This kit would probably really do wonders for me and I’m at a point in life I really could use it!

  • sheryl m. perry says:

    I fall into the golden brown/redhead category. My hair is really toward darker brown but it seems to pick up red when its colored. I’ve never seemed to know what colors look best on me & its really confusing, so this kit would do wonders for me, especially since I’ll be hitting the big 50 in just a few months!

  • Vicki Wurgler says:

    the color system is a wonderful idea-I am a warm blonde

  • Sandra Crispo says:

    The Ash Blonds, Platinums, and Grays. Have very light coloring and was a brunette, but at 63 am mostly silver haired with slightly darker underneath. Do not wear much makeup but would be interested to see what the makeup kit would have in store for me, thanks!!!

  • Laurie Salow says:

    What a great idea – a swatchbook small enough to carry along while shopping! Love it!

    Laurie S.

  • Antonina says:

    I should really start from scratch and toss all of my old make-up, which includes lots of mistakes. Now I know my color group, golden brown, I’d love to try Jill’s kit!

  • Karen B. says:

    Warm Blonde – I love the idea of shopping with the colors – it will cut down on the returns – how many times do you bring something home and it just does not feel right? Now I know it was the color!

  • Susanne Ernst says:


    I found out that I am a golden brown/redhead and I would love to receive Jill’s wonderful make-up-kit.

    Hope my wish come true,

    best regards


  • Lindsey says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead! Looks like light gray is not a good color for me.

  • Patrice says:

    I’m a golden brown with reddish tones. I have brown eyes. I like all the colors on the models in the video on your website. Your system would greatly help both my makeup and clothing selections. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • michelle says:

    great to see color swatches are coming back, they really work!!! i still have mine from 25 years ago from someone who did it privately in Pittsburgh,PA. Has saved me money as well, I don’t choose clothes that don’t compliment me (or at least try not to!!) Never experienced the makeup though, watched the video and it really completes the whole look. Would love to try the makeup, what a moneysaver there!! I have tons of makeup that i thought was “right” for me that i don’t use. Need a “spring cleaning” of my makeup drawer, this would be perfect!!

  • Ashley says:

    I have black hair but have always wanted a bit of brown/red lowlights in my hair just to be different.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Hope I win! :D

  • Kathryn says:

    I am in a golden brown and I could use all the help I can get!!

  • Barbara McLaughlin says:

    Love the advise and website. There is not much information out there for we who have white gray hair and are of a certain age. I’m always looking for the right way to do my makeup without looking made up. Thanks

  • Sarah says:

    I’m a Golden Brown/Redhead and I think I see the mistakes I’ve been making in the past. Intriguing and a great idea. I hope I win!

  • Carol Segal says:

    I am a medium blond with lighter highlights. I love all colors, so it would be nice to be told by an expert what is best for me.

  • Sheryl says:

    I am a golden brown/redhead.

  • Debbie Chaney says:

    I’m a golden brown, and based on the demonstration video I get a strong message that I need to beef up my colors!

  • Rita Bankes says:

    Wow! Love this collection! I am a warm blonde and this would make make up AND selecting clothes so much easier! Sometimes it’s hard to tell what color will look good when you’re in the store, especially with fluorescent lighting.

  • Susan says:

    I would love to win. I am more warm blonde even though I do have some ash blonde in my hair.

  • Kristine P says:

    Mine would be golden brown and redhead. What a great prize.

  • Irishstar says:

    I have a feeling this is just what I’ve been looking for! Now that I’ve embraced the gray in my life I could use help in finding what colors would enhance my look. I’m really kind of lost and would REALLY appreciate help in putting me on the right road.

  • Patrick says:

    “My mother would adore this make-up collection!”

  • Mary Bouchard says:

    Silver-haired, myself, I can’t seem to find makeup that “works” for me, that doesn’t look artificial. So most of the time I go without, which is probably not the best thing for me. I’d be delighted to be picked to receive a makeup kit, though. I’m curious if it this formula approach works!

  • Susan says:

    Golden Brown/Redhead! Looks sensible and realistic!

  • Ann Bourget says:

    I am light ash blonde with pink undertones in my skin.tome. Color Coordination would sure be a good thing for me. Being that I am trying to find employment I need all the help that I can get !!!!

  • Robin says:

    Please mix up some warm blonde for me (passersby will be grateful).

  • Sharon Haas says:

    I’m in the golden brown/redhead and seem to be able to pull off any color except the yellows that I love!

  • Sue Arb says:

    WOW a swatch book. No more mistakes. I’m a red head with blonde highlights and blue eyes. Coordinating the hair with makeup, with clothing, just can’t go wrong. I sure would love to get it all right!!

  • beth w. says:

    i am a golden brown, or was before i started washing out and graying. do we change our colors as we gray? the golden/red tones in my hair have a washed out blah tone…that i can color either way. sometimes i go golden, sometimes i go darker brunette…depends on the fickle fingers of my hairdresser…
    in the summer, i look better in the golden brown colors…but in the winter months, i look better in the dark brunette colors…my skin gets so pale…

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    Deep Brunette (fading to gray…)

  • Deborah Trott says:

    This is all very interesting. In my younger years I was in the warm blonde catagory and now at 53 I fall into the golden brown/redhead catagory. Of course slight greying is showing thru at the temples. In my mind I still feel and visualize myself in my younger years until I look into the mirror every morning and see *my mother* staring back! Ha! Flattering as this is I would love to be able to look into the mirror and see myself staring back…:-) What a joy it would be to win a Custom Color Beauty System and know that I would be wearing a fitting color to start my day!!!

  • rose trigg says:

    I would look bes in the dark brunett colors.
    i know bright gem tones are for me as the video shows.

  • Edie says:

    golden brown/redhead is my group. ive never done this before and it would be exciting to see what makeup and colors are right for me.

  • Ellen says:

    I think it’s great to have colors selected for you based upon your coloring. I have been to the best of department stores and have not be lead in the right direction to this day. The sales people just try to push anything on you to make their sale without taking into consideration what looks best with our coloring. This is a great idea. Warm Blonde is my coloring. (with sometimes gray roots :(

  • chie says:

    if i can have some help with trying diffrent color for me and mekes me looks diffrent. it will be awsome!!
    love to try it!!

  • Marji says:

    Oh my! What a huge difference wearing appropriate colors makes for gray hair. It brings about a softness. When the proper makeup is added, the face has a glow. Jill Kirsh, you’re a genius for finding out how color makes a huge difference between having a fresh glow or drab look. Thank you!

  • Vera B says:

    Golden medium to dark brown is probably the closest to may hair color. Of course, with added caramel highlights! Would love to win, naturally.

  • Faith says:

    The warm browns it is for me.

  • Sheryl says:

    Wow, I would love to win. I’m awful with colors.

  • Stella says:

    I would love to find out what looks best on me now that I have aged, I am dying my hair, and have warm yellowish skin!
    Wish I could win this makeover

  • LisaE says:

    Right now my hair color is medium golden brown,with reddish highlights, so that is my new color palette! As my hair changes with each year, the color I dye it keeps evolving,too-never a dull moment as a FOF! Plus my complexion seems to have gotten much paler in the last few years-looking a little washed out lately-could use something new in my makeup bag of tricks!

  • linda townsend says:

    i believe the golden brown collection would be best for me.

  • Carol says:

    I have known for years that colors worn make all the difference in how youthful and alive one looks. Great to see these products on the market and I look forward to using them.

  • Jane Giambrone says:

    I would love a color swatch book to shop for my ash-blond, ash gray hair.

    I find it difficult to shop to determine a good color because lighting in stores and dressing rooms is usually not good.

  • Patricia Assanowicz says:

    Warm blonde works for me, that was a great video, I didn’t realize what a difference a color with my warm blonde hair could make. How great it would be to have on the “right” color and be able to go without makeup, when you do apply makeup, WHOO-WHOO, look out here I come, this is awesome and YES, I would LOVE to win this, how great to see my hubby look at me after choosing the right colors like the day he met me, just to hear the WOW what did you do, you look beautiful, would be great. I think we forget to compliment each other after a few years, I want that back, KUDOS to Jill, amazing!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed while I stare at my wardrobe, yes, I need help!!

  • Jane Giambrone says:

    I would be so happy to have a color swatch book when shopping for my clothing. It is so difficult to determine the correct colors while in the stores. Lighting is usually not good.

    With a color swatch you can take the correct colors into the dressing room with you for fit.

  • Elaine says:

    Color can really make you glow or wash you out. Glad to see it put together so it is easy to know which colors suit me best. I am a deep brunette and would love to see my hair shown at its best.

  • Deb Lee says:

    I have a ton of freckles and blonde hair, fair skin and I don’t ware makeup because I don’t know how to. I also had a stroke on my left side so sometimes it’s hard to put makeup on. I’d like to be entered in your contest just to see myself look good for once. Thank you, Deb Lee

  • Kay Weldy says:

    I am a warm blonde. The right colors definately complement your looks. Winning the custom color system would be fabulous to improve my appearance. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Gerri Alfino says:

    Yes, it’s the hair. In my thirties, was diagnosed by a pro as a “fall” (not a big fan of that pallette . . . ) . Largely grey now, and have noticed I can’t wear certain colors at all — have very happily transitioned to the colors I always loved in the first place. Would love advice from Jill!

  • Linda says:

    I will be 64 on the 23th of February and would love to win the Ash Blonde/ Gray. I need an uplift very badly.


  • Linda says:

    My hair is (mostly) golden brown, since it is getting lighter as I age, with a bit of help from my hairdresser!

  • Anita Mitchell says:

    I am in the golden brown/redhead category which puts me in the earthy colors and darker shades. I love plums, greens and browns especially, but have trouble finding the right colors/shades in makeup that look right on my face.

  • Marie says:

    How utterly fantastic. Jill really got it right. True match of skin and hair = the perfect picture painted by a real make-up artist. Please send me the ash – gray match – I am so ready to look good, go shopping for the RIGHT clothes.

  • Kathy says:

    I fit under the darker hair category because of my olive skin, but since I am older now, I look a little haggard with dark hair and bend towards the reds. I get a lot of compliments.
    I have been a makeup artist in my past because I have been designing my eyes since I was 16 with the pastels of the 60s and the Twiggy lashes.
    Winning this would be a dream come true for me. Right now, I can’t buy an eyebrow pencil! Laid off but still smiling! (p.s. once you reach 50 you should not care about such things, because your joy is within)

  • Alice Forbes says:

    My colors are for the redhead, light browns

  • rose mortimer says:

    golden brown. would really love to win I really need a change

  • belindabg says:

    I’m an Ash Blonde/Platinum/Grey Girl and would LOVE to have this swatch kit and makeup set! I recently got a new job and really need something to help me get ‘back to work’ in a new groove!!

  • Mary Jo Manzanares says:

    Ash blonde. But I occasionally go a little darker with my hair color and wonder how this would change what I look good in.

  • Rose Panariello says:

    My natural hair color is the dark brunette, but I use a somewhat lighter hair color shade, as I have a lot of graying. In her video, the colors the women were wearing in the dark brunette category really work well on me (the fuchias and purples, royal blues) however, I liked the makeup color pallette for the golden browns (the neutral tones), so torn between the two. But it is true how certain colors change your appearance.

  • sisterjtc says:

    WOW! Loved the makeovers. Great suggestions for helping us look and feel our best. Would love to have a more pulled together, color coordinated look.

  • Rebecca says:

    I could use the color system for deep brunettes.

  • Jeananne Howard says:

    I am a deep brunette…after a bad experience of “warming up” my hair color to look younger(ugh! whoever thought that one up is nuts!!) I am back to my natural dark coffee brown. I would love to win this!!! The colors looked great on all of the women in the video even with their varied skin tones….HELP! I want this! I want to look young and vibrant too!!

  • Judy L. Mahon says:

    please please I never win a thing. I am a graphic designer by trade, I would love to play with color.

  • Pat says:

    I am a golden brown/ redhead

  • Charlotte says:

    What a great idea. I am a dark brunette and would love to have a color book to take with me when I am shopping. No more wondering if what I am buying will match what is in my closet. Perfect!!

  • susan says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead, and this is really a sensible approach. We’ve been advised for years to base color choices on our eye color, which no one sees until close up, and it is sometimes obscured. Hair color keys into skin coloring, and as much as I may like hot pink, now i know why it never really works. I would love to try this!

  • Sue S says:

    I would fall under the Ash Blonde/Platinum/Gray, although I hate the word “gray” since it has such a negative connotation. I prefer silver. I am a stunning silver.

  • Marcia Robinson says:

    My hair is brown turning gray. Then it’s frosted so I don’t fit any of the wonderful makeup selections you have. Is there one specific goup that’s goode for me? I desperately need your help.

  • Anne Cintron says:

    I am a deep brunnette…..Would love to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong all these years.

  • Mary Wright says:

    I am a deep brunette. When she pulled out that color chart, I saw all the colors that should be in my closet. Guess I’m on the right track by watching the video and following the Soft Surroundings website.

  • Pat says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead and just starting to learn about the colors that are me. I’d love to win this!

  • June Smith says:

    After many years of blonde hair, I broke down and allowed my gray hair to grow out. Lucky for me, it’s a pretty shade of gray. I would love to win such a great makeup collection to go with my new “do”! Good luck to all who enter.

  • Donna says:

    My natural hair color is in the “golden brown and redhead” category. Since I started graying, I’ve been getting my hair colored….I’m not sure of the best colors for me!

  • Jeanne says:

    I definitely fall into the warm blonde category. Fortunately, her swatches include the colors I gravitate to.

  • Barb Bednarski says:

    The colors definitely made a difference in the stars’ appearance at the Golden Globes.

  • usabee says:

    Ash blonde.Would LOVE to win! Need all the help I can get!!!!!

  • Kai W. says:

    Color coordination… That would works for me. Never seemed to match anything right with my hair and skin tone. I don’t even think my hair would do what I want it to do.

  • Linda says:

    I know her palette in clothing is exactly what I need to look my best self! As a golden brown/redhead all i have to do is to wear beige or tan and people will be bringing me chicken soup. Can’t wait to try this out in cosmetics! I’m sick and tired of looking sick & tired.

  • mamayogi says:

    I am a golden brown and would love to zip up my makeup and wardrobe with color

  • Sharon says:

    Wonderful videos with vibrant colors that make a difference! But how to choose … I seem to do better with the deep brunette spectrum, but my hair is (dyed) more golden brown. Perhaps I am a medium deep brunette? :- )

  • tgreenstreet says:

    golden brown and redheads-I would love help with colors!

  • Marian Crapanzano says:

    What a great and very logical idea. Since your hair does surround your face, why not pick colors that are compatable.
    I’m a golden brown and I would LOVE that kit!

  • pepper3 says:

    I’m an ash dark blond and love the color changes you did for this category.

  • Robin Sheeran says:

    I am a deep brunette and would love to win this make up kit. I am a make up junkie, a girl or woman can never have too many colors. I am 60 yrs old, I spin at the gym and work out evey other day, plus walk on the treadmill. I recently went to college in an RN to BSN program. I love my life of sobriety. One day at a time.

  • Lisa Resnick says:

    WOW! Have I’ve been all over the map w/ the wrong colors. I’m always a slave to the new color fashion father than being true to my warm Blonde hair… . What a neat concept to have a ready to go kit to help you!

  • Cindy McGarry says:

    My hair color is Warm Blonde. I love this system and had no idea that it was available at Soft Surroundings. I hope I win. Thanks for offereing this….

  • Catherine says:

    My color is the Golden Browns and Redheads as I have a lot of auburn coloring in my hair.

  • Kathy Seliger says:

    Silvery Gray – As someone who just grew out my dyed warm highlighted brunette hair into a silvery gray, I’m confused about what colors work for me now!

  • Marsha says:

    very interesting. i know i look better in certain colors, and with this system I can easily figure out which ones!

  • Beth Lowe says:

    I have light brown hair with some red that is highlighted blonde with a tan complexion so I would say I am warm blonde. I have always wondered what my best colors would be, this would be so helpful!

  • Bobbie Hudson Penick says:

    I’m a dark golden brown and i love this palette! I would love to win this system it’s beautiful.

  • stephanie says:

    I would be…Golden-Brown/Redhead category.

  • Pamela Wood says:

    Warm Blond is my hair color. The video shows the colors that work best for me and I agree totally!

  • Susan Bradley says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to put on make up the right way, especially now that I work part time in an office setting

  • Susan P. says:

    I am a golden brown-redhead and I like this system. I’d also love to win new make-up.

  • marilyn says:

    Golden Browns/Redheads- Whenever I wear greens I get compliments so should I be wearing green-toned eye makeup? I need advice.

  • Joan Lang says:

    Golden blondes (but would be grey if not for my wonderful hair colorist!)–does that make a difference to this system?

  • carol says:

    I NEED the ash blonde/grey…..what a difference the color swatch made without makeup. I’m not a big makeup wearer so the right color top would be my go-to on many days all by itself.

  • katjamarie says:

    I also fall into the Golden Brown & Redhead category. I use to think I knew what colors looked best on me, but lately I am not so sure. I have to internet shop a lot because of where I live, and when I get things (quite often) I am disappointed in how they look on me. Then I end up returning and getting a different color. I wish I could do it right the first time.

  • katjamarie says:

    I also fall into the golden browns & redheads category. I think I know what colors look good on me, (usually when I am out shopping) then when I get home–I think, why did I get this, this doesn’t look good. I end up blaming the lighting. I would love to see what would be right for me.

  • Elyse says:

    I’d love a color palette for warm blondes. The colors look perfect for me!

  • Yvonne Mize says:

    I am a golden blonde. The results look amazing!

  • Catherine says:

    I am a lifelong deep brunette, although I use somehelp to keep it that way… I am always flummoxed by make-up choices (fair-skinned, greenish blue eyes) but I think I have the fabric palette pretty down…

  • lee kluepfel says:

    I am almost totally gray, so I color my hair ash blond. I also have an olive complextion. I am at a loss as to what colors I should use. Pleeeeeaaaaaaase help.

  • Ivy says:

    Golden browns suite me very well as I am medium brown complexion, with olive undertones. Bronzers work well on me in the summer as I don’t wear foundations much. Berry colored blush and a neutral lip gloss pulls it all together.

  • Linda says:

    I am a deep brunette & am always drawn to bright clear colors like tin the video. I would love to win the kit so I do not make any more color goofs

  • Claudia Torres Dutra says:

    I would love to win this ultimate make up kit. I was born a deep brunnete and keep like that until last year. The years start to built up (I am 56) and I decided to be a golden brown lady. I see that the colours I used to look good in doesn´t work any more so this kit would be very useful.
    I love this site, it make me fell good, laugh and think that to be over 50 can be fabulous.
    Thnk you,
    Cláudia Dutra

  • Hannah B. says:

    I’m a Golden Browns and Redheads too and I always wear the jewel tones so I think I’m on the right track except that I know nothing about makeup.

  • Sandy says:

    I am not sure…my natural hair color would fall in the Warm Blondes, but I color my hair to the Golden Browns and Redheads range. Either one would be marvelous or Jill, help me decide! Thanks so much for the offer.

  • Deborah Finkelstein says:

    Golden Browns and Redheads would be my pallett colors if I win !! :) I am a warm golden complexion with green hazel eyes and these colors look amazing !

  • Rosanne says:

    I am undecided, as to what palette I should be in I was formerly a dark brunette, with brown eyes. My haircolor has been assisted by little bottles for approximately 15 plus years. If I came out of hiding I would most likely be white haired, but I don’t know if I am ready. What palette should I be matched with?

  • Lynne says:

    I am a warm blonde. I couldn’t believe what a difference wearing the right shade of color makes on a woman. Great make-overs!

  • Linda Baggetta says:

    I love to watch makeovers in progress, it interesting to watch the creativity of the stylist, and the appropriateness of the “look” for the woman.

  • Gabrielle Barrett says:

    I think I’m in the Golden Browns & Redheads category, but I am streaked withGrays, so I’m not certain.

  • Jan Carson says:

    Oops, sorry I meant the colors I get COMPLEMENTED on.

  • dianne conner says:

    I remember this wonderful and so helpful trend from the 80′s! am an ash blond. gray gal I do believe. It would be great to carry around a swatch book with me shopping so that I can truly pick out what colors look best on my fof face – I think color choice is especially important now because I have lost so much pigment in my hair and lips. I need these color swatches to help me bring out my features!
    Would love to win!

  • Lisa says:

    Golden browns and redheads, I’ve been a redhead all my life and love it! Love the makeup coly ideas.

  • Jan Carson says:

    I am a warm blonde. I am amazed at how right on Jill was about the colors that look good on me. I only know those colors from being completed on. I do have trouble with make-up and shopping. I would love to win this prize. Thanks!

  • Darlene says:

    I’m a warm blonde and would love to see what colors compliment me best!

  • Jackie says:

    Golden Brown is my color. I would love to win a new makeup system.

  • Barbara says:

    I was a Warm Blonde but I am now graying into the Ash Blonde category. Since I have made the decision not to color my graying hair I need to purchase the right colors to make me look my best. Thanks so much for offering this contest.

  • Kim says:

    Deep Brunette is me!!! Love her category and how she figures all this out. Would love to win a kit,I desperately need help!!

  • Florence says:

    Deep brunette may be my color catagory, but I also have some grey in my hair. My skin tone is quite fair and many colors used by brunettes have never done much for me. Therefore, I would love to have a color kit just to try something different. Perhaps I have been mistaken in my color choices.

  • Leslie Carcaise says:

    I’m ash blonde and always noticed certain colors look good on me and others I’ve avoided. Glad to know I was on the right track. Would love to win this one!

  • Margarida says:

    I needa colour palette to match my brunette hair.

  • margara says:

    i found out im not so lost colorwise! im a golden brown redhead and i loved the whole palette! id love to win! thanks for the chance!

  • Arleen Lothian says:

    Golden Browns and Redheads. I have all the above in my hair coloring. I know what colors I gravitate to, but they never seem to work with my fair, yellowish complextion. HELP!

  • Deborah Shirley says:

    I am golden brown/redhead, and have gradually learned the hard way which colors are not flattering to me. I really like the color beauty system developed by Jill Kirsh; and would appreciate having and using this kit in preparation for my youngest daughter’s upcoming wedding.
    Thank you for an opportunity to win this fantastic kit.

  • Kay M. says:

    I am a Golden Brown/Redhead. This is amazing!

  • Margarida says:

    As I have dark skin, and dark hair I can wear most colours. Baby blue looks good on me.

  • Barb Sandrock says:

    I’m a Golden Brown/Red Head. I’d love to have a kit to help me choose clothing & makeup shades that suit me.

  • Debbie says:

    I am a deep brunette. I have blue eyes and everyone seems to think I should wear blue. Blue seems to make me fade away. I would love a color swatch kits to match my garment colors for the most flattering look for me.

  • starsmom says:

    ash blondes for me!! what gorgeous colors!!

  • sewhite says:

    I would love the set for golden brown and redheads. I would love to try her set and see my color pop.

  • JoAnn says:

    I’m a brunette, I don’t know about being a “deep” brunette but choosing the right color palette for my face has always been daunting. Winning the right combo would help immensely.

  • Gayle says:

    I am in the Golden Brown/Redhead category. My hair has a lot of red in it, and I always look washed out.

  • Joni says:

    I am in the golden brown category. I recall in the past going to the makeup counter and the sales reps always wanting to use pinks on me. If they were peachy pinks that would have been OK, but inevitably I would end up with a nonflattering cool pink when my hair and skin tone were warm. I would love to win this kit so I would be able to wear the colors that would compliment my skin tone and look gorgeous instead of dull and tired.

  • Pamela says:

    In looking at the Helen Mirren pictures, the 2 colors presented an amazing contrast on her. I am surprised with her access to many stylists, they selected a color not very flattering to her.
    I am a deep brunette. I would be so thrilled to win the kit and have assurance of the colors/shades which enhance my looks versus detract.

  • Barbara says:

    I’m a warm blonde and in my sixties but it still amazes me how the wrong color can just throw everything off. When the colors work it’s as if the “camera” has focused properly and you’re in HD. After all these years, still working at getting it right.

  • Andrea Lawley says:

    Golden brown redhead and I definitely KNOW my colors. At this age, all I need to do is put on the wrong one, like grey, and it’s all over! I’d love to have this wonderful make-up and color kit to learn even more!

  • Marilyn Montague says:

    I wear my hair generally dark auburn or dark burgundy and have dark brown eyes and light olive complexion. I am losing elasticity in the eye are especially the lids which tend to sag and cover up my eye area around the eyball. Making it appear I have no eyelids. It’s not pretty. I could use all the help I could get.

  • Patricia N says:

    I’m definitely a Deep Brunette. This kit would be great since I’m becoming paler the older I get, and I don’t want to look so washed out…

  • Deidra says:

    I am a brunette with golden highlights. I would love the chance to have colors that would match me. To have them already there, wow, how nice would that be! Go Steelers!

  • barbara wicklund says:

    The warm blondes kit is what I need!

  • joan says:

    Golden brown or red is my catagory. Any help I can get picking out new colors and makeup would be great. I am really tired of always going to black. Spring is coming, I hope, and I need help.

  • Susan Lockwood says:

    I am a warm blond and the colors shown in the video work for me in addition to jewel tones. I would be thrilled to win her gift.

  • Kim Lencsak says:

    Golden Browns wold be my choice….love the look!

  • Debbie Sorg says:

    Warm Blonde-My current makeup drawer looks like something a teenager might use. This would be great to have instead.

  • Tina says:

    I am in the red head category and absolutely love the simplicity of the make-up palette!

  • Debbie Sorg says:

    Having a special kit containing all the right colors and tones would be great! Right now my makeup looks like something a teenager would use. HELP!

  • Roxanne says:

    Golden Brown and Redheads – that’s me! I’ve been wondering why my skin is looking so drab lately…need to may more attention to colors!

  • karen mazza says:

    I am a golden brown/redhead. I love this idea since i can tell when i have the right color on cause people will comments. too bad they never tell you when a color looks bad.

  • Debbie says:

    Warm blonde would be my color selection

  • Phyllis says:

    I am a warm blonde!

  • Jana says:

    My hair is dark brown with sallow olive skin. I used to be a medium olive skin, but as I aged, it just looks yuck! Colors I used to wear now look awful. I NEED HELP!!!!!!

  • Phoenix says:

    Golden brown. Thanks!

  • MrsK says:

    I’m a deep brunette with natural red highlights in my hair. I would LOVE to win this to make sure I’m wearing colors that flatter me!!!

  • sherrykay says:

    Warm blonde and I need help! I cannot remember the best colors or their shades. The kit looks like the perfect thing to pop into my handbag.

  • Julie says:

    My catagory is golden brown/red head. Lately I have noticed that my make-up did not “stand out” rater I look “washed out”. I have always read that when you age you should stick to neutral tones such as a tan/brown eyeshadow. I am following that advice but perhaps its not the best advice? When I was younger I always loved make up and now I am unsure as my skin ages- how to apply it, what colors to wear. I believe the neutral colors are aging me.

  • Eileen says:

    I am a warm blonde. I would love to have the kit so that I can just get it together in the morning without going through tons of clothes & then trying to figure out which make up to wear. I might actually be on time for work if this thinking was done for me!

  • Erika says:

    As a Deep Brunette, I never realized the impact my clothing colors had on my facial appearance. Thank you for this awareness!
    I love make-up and would definitely enjoy your selection.
    Thank you,

  • Maureen McDonald-Hoffman says:

    I would be in the Golden-Brown/Redhead category. Would love to try makeup and color just for me!

  • Barb Mazzara says:

    Warm Blonde fits me the best. I am very fair & would love to have the right colors so I don’t look washed out or over painted.

  • katie says:

    I’m more of a cool blonde so I’m not sure but Jewel tones work well on me

  • Renee J. says:

    What an awesome gift to win! I would love this!

  • Marie Nicklas says:

    Would love the colors to compliment my hair; I use a medium brown base and low lights of brown, highlights of blonde. I haven’t changed my makeup color in years … still using the colors I used when I was a red head!!

  • Rosalie Opalka says:

    I need a color make over. Nothing looks good on me any more. Every time I put on make it seems “off” Since I have retired, my wardrobe needs have changed greatly. I also have health challenges that forced this retirement I have little desire to dress up or put on make up. I need a boost to my self image. This would be a wonderful gift!

  • Esther Purcell says:

    I am in the ash blond/ gray category. I’m a big believer in the difference that color can make in one’s apperance & would love to win the kit. :)

  • cyndib says:

    I am now a golden brunette. I would love to see what the new color palettes could do for me!

  • ogden kruger says:

    i can’t believe the difference of Helen Mirren in the two colors, the beige just washes her out. Seeing the two together really show how your look can be lifted up with the right color! Many of us FOF’s could use a little advice in this area!

  • Carol Harrity says:

    My color was Ash Blonde, Plantinum, Gray. I found the color selections to go with my hair color very interesting.

  • Sandra DeMers says:

    I used to have really dark hair as a child – almost black. It has lightened as I have aged, but I am still a deep brunette, and I have clearly been wearing the wrong colors. I didn’t know! Please send those swatches ASAP!

  • Eliza says:

    Would love to know which colors are best for my hair color and skin tone. I am completely gray, but dye my hair brown with auburn highlights. I’m 54, 5’9″ with curly hair (currently cropped short, but considering growing it out again).

  • Cindy says:

    Deep Brunette is my color category. How great it would be to have a kit with all “pieces” in the complimentary colors for me!

  • Debra Seitz says:

    I have silver-grey hair now and I swear that my skin tone changed too! Colors that flattered me all my life prior to the grey hair no longer seem to work, and it would be wonderful to be sure of the ones that do…

  • Cindy Nitzke says:

    I’m an ash blonde who has spent my whole life explaining to people that I can like certain colors but never wear them. My hair picks up the color of my clothes which when it’s a lime green, yellow or orange isn’t a good thing. The swatchbook would be so great to have to take shopping.

  • Cindy says:

    Deep Brunette is my color catagory. Would love to have a kit with all the complementry colors for me so I don’t have to try to choose each “piece” at the store myself!

  • janet says:

    golden brown, I’m going to go through my closet and pull out my most flattering colors.

  • Moonchime says:

    I am in the warm blond category. I would sooooo love to win this wonderful prize. I am 55 and need all the help I can get. Thanks!!

  • Ginger says:

    With my ash blonde with a bit of gray hair color and my skin tone, it’s too easy to look ‘tired and old’. These color suggestions are a great way to bring out the best and most youthful look for this ’50++er.’

  • Debra says:

    I am a Ash Blond going Grey. Love the colors and shopping booklet. Great to keep in my purse.

  • Joan says:

    My goodness, as a brunette with pale skin- wearing the right color of clothes and makeup can make such a big difference in one’s appearance! I am tired of looking tired at times! Now I know how to improve my looks as well as my spirit!

  • Sharon says:

    I had dark brown hair until I was 40 and noticed I was more grey than brown. I had my hair colored BLONDE of all things. :-( I never felt comfortable or looked right in the colors I wore before dyeing my hair. I now have my true silvery grey hair back – YES! I would love to have the complete color system for grey hair! I truly NEED a swatch book!

  • fabulous mimi says:

    I’d love to know what the “right” colors can do for me!
    It is true that what “worked” for me in my “youth” may not be “working” for me now. It’s probably time that I updated my look to maximize what color can do for me.

  • Wendy Rowand says:

    I love the idea of color related to my hair. I have worn my hair in a warm blonde shade for years. For awhile I went ash, but it didn’t seem to favor my complexion. I’d love to win this make-up set!

  • Sandee says:

    Who wouldn’t want to look younger, refreshed and glow like a star. Due to the fact that I have lost that youthful look, I need to redo my self in a new exciting way. This custom made Jewel Colors would do wonders and help me achieve a “NEW LOOK!” From a new haircolor, to makeup, to a change of color, should do the trick!!

  • Gina D says:

    deep brunette

  • Gigi says:

    Golden Browns. Such pretty colors.

  • Sue Roberts says:

    I’m a dark brunette with frosted highlights to hide the gray that is begining to come in. I used to wear makeup every day, but have practically given up wearing anything but eye makeup. Nothing seems to cover very well or stay on my skin. Living in Florida, after a couple of hours the makeup is almost dripping off my skin and the mineral makeup is just horrible on me.

  • Kim Allmon says:

    The color palette that would work best for me is for ash blondes. It contains more muted colors in the face kit and that would make my face appear more natural. It’s amazing how having the correct makeup & clothes on really changes your face!

  • Michele Stith says:

    The color advice from Jill Kirsh is something every woman should know.
    Actually, any female of any age!
    Thanks Jill

  • Cynthia says:

    Golden brown/redhead – but I didn’t note any blues on the color swatches.

  • Bette E Butcher says:

    Guess the golden brown/redhead. I am strawberry blonde. My grey almost is a real light blonde streak. I look good in, reds and yellows.

  • Elise Puhala says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead with a smattering of grey. I’m 58 years old and don’t color my hair…I like it just the way it is…but I need help in bringing out my true colors. Your info is terrific!

  • Donna Washburn says:

    I am deep brunette and love the colors – I already have many of them!!

  • Susan Siceloff says:

    I am in the brunette category, and all the colors mentioned truly work for me!

  • Hollis Wagenstein says:

    Me? I’m a schizophrenic hybrid (meaning, I like different colors, enjoy how I look in different colors, and sometimes find it hard to choose – NOT that I’m a mutant axe murderer!) I tint my naturally brunette hair to a sunny auburn (and to cover the growing percentage of gray). I think I could work wonders with either the deep brunettes or the redheads… or both! I’m sure I will love any Jill Kirsh product I get to try.

  • Kellie Jean Faust says:

    I am a cross between a deep brunette and a warm blond I think. I guess I should let someone else tell me though. Maybe it’s just that I like the deep jewel colors of the deep brunette or the warm blond.

  • DOTTI says:


  • Ellen Falkenberry says:

    I would need the collection for Warm Browns and Redheads – my hair is brown with a lot of red in it. I am really excited to try this collection!

  • Joan Santa Cruz says:

    Now, this would be just what I need! At age 62, I have tried to figure out what shades of color I need to use for make-up, clothing and hair color. Your custom color-system could create a new, youthful me! I would absolutely LOVE TO WIN! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  • Linda Vivian says:

    My hair is a golden brown with lighter and darker highlights.
    I would love to know the palette for me. I currently wear a lot of browns,pinks and greys.

  • ellen herbert says:

    Hi there – hair is golden brown/red. thanks much. Excellent giveaway!

  • Jacqualin says:

    I’m a golden brown with green eyes. I’d love things that go with my tomato reds, greens and browns!

  • Min Kataczinsky says:


  • Debra says:

    I think I would look good in the ash blonde, grey, my hair is growing streaks of white, I mean really white hair !!! I love this idea, and having it all come together… Wow.. I don’t know why but I pick out colors great for other people but not for myself… I could really use this kind of help !!! Love the swatches too…

  • Marilyn says:

    I love, love, LOVE color, and Jill’s website explains a LOT! I will sometimes just “throw something on,” and it may not be a color I usually wear, but I get compliments! Now, I know why! It’s a color from Jill’s swatch for red heads, but I didn’t see light blues in the color swatch on the video – and I always get my biggest compliments when I wear a soft, muted blue. So, I’m sure the swatches Jill offers have more than what the video shows. Jill, I’d love to see what you have in store for me!

  • Margarita says:

    I loved the color swatch booklet for deep brunettes. I’ve know some color look great on me, but when I go shopping sometimes I forget what colors look best on me. Jill Kirsh’s handy swatch is a great tool. Love it!

  • Rosalie Seemann says:

    The ‘Golden Brown / Redhead’ category fits me best. The color swatch system sounds like a wonderful way to help me decide between colors that may catch my “eye” but not necessarily complement my ‘eyes.’

  • Myra says:

    I’m a golden brown/ redhead. True colors work best for me.

  • Valeen N says:

    I’m definitely in the golden browns/redheads category! I love all the colors that are listed for us!

  • Karen Ann Chaffee says:

    I’m a golden brown, and I have always worn basic black. I love shades of coral, and on occasion a bold red. It’s fun to light up my face by wearing the right color!

  • carolyn girardot says:

    Finally a system with easy parameters especially for those who are happy to stop coloring hair and just look our best naturally. It’s the easiest way to look youthful and healthy with grey hair.

  • Jennifer Snowdon says:

    I’m naturally a brunette but with my light olive skintone and blue eyes have donned the reds. Going lighter and more highlighted in the summer and more auburn in the winter as my skin tone lightens. So I’m living in the red family now!

  • Erin Walsh says:

    I’m a “Warm Blonde”. Thanks for the chance it looks like a great system. I’m always all over the place when it comes to what colors look good on me versus colors I just like.

  • Lisa Weiss says:

    I’m an ash blonde (probably turning grey). I like the idea of a color palette to help me pick things that look best on me.

  • Carol S says:

    I can, and have been either deep brunette or Golden Browns. So it is hard to pick colors at times. I prefer a neutral palette during the cold winter months, and usually like to add golden hi-lites to my hair in Spring, along with brighter, livlier make-up. Black or charcoal grey are nice neutral’s for wardrobe.

  • Kathy says:

    My hair has always been described as “mousy” brown or blonde. Now with the grey coming in, it is just plain nothing. I thought “ash blonde” sounds so much nicer. I never really thought about matching colors to my hair. I’ve always looked to my complexion. This is interesting!

  • GinaParker says:

    I was a warm blonde, but now I’m a golden brown/redhead! I have found that I can wear more colors with darker hair that I just couldn’t when it was lighter.

  • Cassi Jensen says:

    I’m a golden brown/redhead with very pale skin, so a lot of colors make me look washed out. Her site is very helpful!

  • Nancy says:

    Ash blonde has the right colors for me–they don’t make me look washed out.

  • Mara Kaplan says:

    The golden brunette is the color pallet for me. I can’t wait to explore this further. Thank you for introducing me to softsurroundings.com, it is a great site.

  • Karena says:

    I would love to know the best palette for me,( you would think I would know!) This is truly wnderful!!!
    Art by Karena

  • Di says:

    Lovely colors… and perfect for my very light complexion! I wear make-up every day. I mostly wear cooler tones, but in the spring and summer soften them up a bit.


  • admin says:

    i have gray hair so i look best in warm colors

  • admin says:

    I’m a deep brunette which means I look best in the “true” colors like royal blue, royal purple, etc. black is my best neutral.

  • Nell Jean Campbell says:

    I went from Deep Brunette to Grey and never realized that the Jewel colors that suited back in the eighties might not be appropriate today. Since retirement, I stopped worrying about make-up as well.