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Woman: Denise Austin

Denise Austin
Alexandria, V.A.


Television and DVD Fitness Expert, mom

Marital Status

B.A. in Physical Education with an emphasis in exercise physiology from University of Arizona

Her Fab Quotient

In 1980, "right when exercise was becoming popular," a 23-year old, just-graduated, bubbly gymnastics athlete named Denise Katnich began teaching aerobics at Los Angeles racquetball courts. "There weren't gyms or workout studios at the time, so I would rent out courts and teach aerobics with my little boom box," says Denise. Fast forward three decades, that radiant fitness teacher from California, now known as Denise Austin, is a household name.

Holy $#!%

Okay, she actually looks over 50 in these pictures. http://deniseaustinfan.blogspot.com/2014/09/denise-austin-old-pictures.html

YouTube Videos

Racy exercise clips from guru Denise Austin become a YouTube sensation.

'In the Internet age, anything you've said or done can come back to be used against you, and it appears that all those years in leg warmers have caught up with Austin. Dozens of clips from Austin's TV career have been posted on the site in recent months. Folks have cut up Austin's healthy and wholesome routines into 30-second or so snippets and turned them into something, well, dirty.


Austin says she's not aware she's become the object of so much perversion.

"Now I'm worried!" she says with a giggle. "I went to YouTube to see that autistic kid playing basketball in New York. That was wonderful. But that's about it."'

Stretch Comedy: Exercise guru gets indecent exposure.

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