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Woman: Susan Hersh

Susan Hersh
Fort Lee, NJ


Professional Model, Host of “Meet the Experts”

Marital Status

4 years at F.I.T. for Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Her Fab Quotient

FOF Susan Hersh’s life pursuit -- professional modeling -- pursued her. “I wasn’t really thinking of it as a career,” says Susan, who idolized supermodel Twiggy as a teen and worked in fashion under designers Calvin Klein and Norma Kamali in her early career. “But, fashion is part of my DNA,” says Susan. Then, on two separate occasions, in her 30s, Susan was “discovered” by modeling scouts -- once, while she was sitting in a California coffee shop, and then, years later by a NYC rep working on an Avon campaign.

Opportunities are there

There are many opportunities available if you look for them. You'd be surprised. She isn't lucky. She works hard and grabbed the opportunity when she saw it. She is a beautiful woman who works in the beauty industry. There is a lot of opportunity for real women in commercial modeling.

An Attractive Woman who got Lucky!

Susan is a very down-to-earth person. I like that. She realizes that part of the reason she is successful is her beautiful grey hair and the fact that she gets noticed living in a big city. Most FOF's don't have that chance. She is one lucky woman.

A woman behind Pantene

A woman behind Pantene, she is really a fab girl and one of a respected top fashion model. I am just curious if woman like her that enthusiast with design and fashion, is she already have modeling agency?