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{Tested} Get Grounded Footwear

2014 January 23

A few months ago, we asked you why you wanted to try Get Grounded Footwear’s Groundals ($49.99 a pair). 5 lucky FOFs tested the innovative sandals—see their reviews below!

{Test This} Get Grounded Footwear

2013 October 16

We recently asked Justin Donoghue, 3rd Planet’s COO, to explain the concept of grounding and to tell us how his company’s Groundals sandals can benefit our health. Now, we’re giving you the chance to test them! 5 lucky FOFs will win and test Groundals ($49.99 with free shipping), in the size and color of their … READ MORE »

Get Grounded

2013 October 10

What on Earth is grounding? When we walk barefoot, free electrons from the Earth’s surface are transferred into our body through thousands of nerves in our feet. The process, called grounding or earthing, reportedly provides health benefits, including anti-oxidization to improving chronic pain. Since most of us can’t go barefoot all the time, Get Grounded … READ MORE »