{Health} “If I Can’t Drink Diet Soda, What Can I Drink?!”

All Your cola questions answered.

Plus, enter to win a Sodastream (and make your own yummy carbonated drinks with natural ingredients) by leaving a comment below: What’s your healthy drink of choice?

Two weeks ago, we featured Six Reasons to Never Drink Another Diet Soda, in which Vincent Pedre, MD, gave us a pretty compelling argument for ditching Diet Coke. You had quite a bit to say in the comments! Many of you have already given up diet soda, and many more are committed to giving it up now. A few of you agreed with member 1955nurse when she said “OMG – yet one MORE thing that’s going to kill me! It can all be very confusing, and anxiety-producing. It gets to the point where you don’t know WHO or WHAT to believe anymore….

We hear you, so we combed the comments and took your top questions back to Dr. Pedre. His answers are below. We also added a tip from a reader about her fave soda substitute: carbonated water (with a squeeze of lemon) made in her Sodastream. Clever! Have your own healthy water alternative to share? Share it in the comments below and you’re entered to win your own SodaStream Fountain Jet.


Question from FOF Cindy:
I’m trying to kick a 64-oz-a-day diet soda habit. I tried 1/2 seltzer water 1/2 diet coke. Not so great. Maybe I should start 25/75 then build up?

Dr. Pedre:
To minimize withdrawal symptoms, reduce your intake by 8 ounces every 3-4 days (about ¾ of a typical can of soda). Substitute the volume with more water or sparkling water with lime. Vitamin C can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms–try 1000mg, 3 times a day. You could be fully weaned in one month. Of course, you can always go cold-turkey, and possibly suffer from headaches, fatigue and general malaise for up to 1 week. Note: When taking high doses of Vitamin C, consult with a health practitioner.


Question from FOF Diana S:
What about natural soda, such as “Zevia,” sweetened with stevia?

Dr. Pedre:
Stevia is a naturally-derived artificial sweetener that is sweeter than sugar. Like aspartame, It is still confusing your body into thinking it is getting something sweet, and by doing so can alter insulin secretion, spiking your appetite for carbs later in the day. If you want something sweet, treat yourself to some dark chocolate or real sugar, and stay away from the “fake” foods. That said, there is some gray area: in studies with artificially-induced diabetes in rats, stevia extract seemed to have an anti-diabetic effect, helping to lower blood glucose. What happens in an animal model doesn’t necessarily translate into humans, but it is something we need to know. Of the artificial sweeteners, it is probably the lesser of the “evils.”


Question from FOF Paula:
What about drinks sweetened with agave nectar?

Dr. Pedre:
We have to be careful with agave. Agave nectar is basically refined fructose, and can be just as concentrated as high-fructose corn syrup. Fructose is a sugar derived from fruit (as its name implies). Although agave does not spike insulin levels, in excess it can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain around the middle, and eventually metabolic syndrome with all its disease risks. If you must have agave, chose minimally processed, organic, cold-pressed agave nectar, which is mostly inulin, a dietary fiber and favorable “sugar” that feeds the good bacteria in our guts. And only have it once in a while, not every day.


Comment from FOF VJ:
A bottle of water costs 10,000 times more than tap water. Seventeen million barrels of oil, enough to run one million vehicles for a full year, are used each year to just make water bottles. And 22% of bottled water contains contaminants at higher than healthy levels. What’s the best alternative to bottled water?

Dr. Pedre:
This is why I got rid of the Poland Spring water cooler at my office, and replaced it with a Nikken Aqua Pour Deluxe gravity water filtration system, which filters regular tap water. We simply fill it up on the top, and the water that comes out the bottom is clean, pH-balanced, and free of drug metabolites or any heavy metals that may be leaching through old pipes. It was my solution for a more sustainably-minded medical office. Think about how much gas/oil would be saved if offices didn’t spend money on importing their water in water bottles!


Question from FOF MattH:
I drink diet soda for the caffeine since I don’t drink coffee. Are there are types of tea with higher levels of caffeine? I know green tea is very low.

Dr. Pedre:
A typical 16 oz. coffee has anywhere between 100 and 150mg of caffeine. A large green tea with two tea bags steeped for an extended time (15 minutes), will have 48 – 80 mg. If you can wean yourself down from the coffee, you can still gain sustainable energy from green tea without the cortisol/insulin effects of regular coffee that leave you feeling tired several hours after your cup. Green tea leaves have other phytochemicals, such as l-theanine, which help counter the caffeine effect, giving you a more even energy throughout the day.


Question from FOF jmb0923:
I am desperately trying to kick my diet soda habit. What are your thoughts on flavored waters like Propel?

Dr. Pedre:
Vitamin-enhanced waters are a great marketing ploy.  Add flavor “naturally”– artificial, that is–and why is it still called water? Here are the Ingredients in Propel: Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Flavor(s) Natural, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Sucralose,Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Acesulfame Potassium, Niacinamide (Vitamin aB), Calcium Disodium EDTA,Vitamin E Acetate, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

Note that Sucralose (Splenda) is in the ingredients. I have recently diagnosed several patients with moderate to severe reactions to Sucralose. It is not a benign ingredient.

If you want flavored water, add a few lime or lemon wedges or cucumber slices to a pitcher of water for a refreshing spa-like treat. Or add strawberries, orange or mandarin wedges for more flavor. Keep it really natural, and avoid the artificial ingredients above.  Get your vitamins from foods or a whole-foods based multivitamin supplement.


Question from FOF Debi:
I’ve been drinking decaf coffee for 13 years–is there a study on that too?

Dr. Pedre:
One small study found that decaf coffee, but not caffeinated coffee, may promote heart disease risk factors by raising a certain type of cholesterol in the blood.  So, if you already have high cholesterol, and drink several cups of decaffeinated coffee per day, you might want to think about cutting down.

If you are in good health and exercise regularly, you can burn off any excess cholesterol through exercise, so decaf is probably not harmful in the same way.

Remember, decaf coffee still has some caffeine, so if you’re looking to avoid caffeine, consider an herbal tea instead.  The process of decaffeination sometimes uses chemicals — the least harmful will say “indirect decaffeination” or “naturally decaffeinated.”  If the coffee beans were decaffeinated using the solvent methylene chloride, residual levels of this suspected human carcinogen may stay on the beans and you should consider avoiding this type of decaf.


Tip: FOF VJ suggests using an at home water-carbonation system (she uses Sodastream) to add a little fizz to your water–then flavor it with natural ingredients such as lemon, lime, strawberry–you get the idea. Enter to win your own SodaStream by answering this question in the comments below:  What’s your healthy drink of choice–besides plain water?

One woman will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes April 4, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

  • Ben Jimenez

    Hi, try buying Arrowhead Sparkling (carbonated) flavored water and mix it with your favorite non sugar drink mix like Crystal light.You know the little squirt bottles they sell. This can help you get away from soda or diet soda

  • sara

    I have been trying to get rid of my acne I drink a lot of diet dr pepper and other diet sodas what cn I drink I like water but I get burn out of it and I tried over coners med went saw two doctors the second one said give up chocolate so iam trying that and im trying cut back on siet sodas to see if that’s it im 36 yrs old I have acne on face back and shoulder and chest I don’t know what to do plzzzz help me if u can thatnks?


  • Trese

    I recently quit drinking sweet soft drinks. I found that one type of drink was not sufficient, so I drink a combination of drinks. I drink juices, water, tea, coffee, and one percent cholate milk. A soda stream would be great to add to my arsenal of beverages.

  • Shayna

    I love to drink warm water with lemon wedges in it, and v8 juices. My boyfriend also buys some really awesome 100% juice drink that’s super healthy, we usually fill half a cup with the juice and half with water to cut the calories and sugar. Still tastes great!

  • Amy Van Dam

    I don’t drink diet coke anymore, but have been drinking 1-2 cans of diet mountain dew. Will definately try some of the posts on here. My 13 year old son loves pepsi but I know he needs to get off that too. He has been asking for a sodastream, so hopefully we win one.

  • Mike Kozak

    Berry pomegranate mio is the only way to go!! Both my wife and I love the stuff.

  • EliasInDallas

    I have been trying to kick my Diet Coke habit. I was drinking 2-3 cans a day. Now when I get the craving for a Diet Coke I reach for another mug of loose leaf tea (Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Breakfast, or Various Greens). I know hot bevridges isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (ha ha) but its working for me and I still get a trickle of caffeine too.

  • Doris

    I am desperately trying to kick the diet soda habit. I have been using seltzer water and cranberry juice as a replacement. However I still have my diet soda cravings. (sigh) one day at a time.

  • Gayegaye

    I like sparkling water with fruit juice, maybe a fresh orange squeezed in.

  • Mary E

    I like to drink Passion fruit iced tea at SBUX Also, Hint and Metrowater. they have just a taste of natural flavors without any sugar or caffeine. Just water.

  • Glenda Steffee

    Most of the time, I get a pretty glass, add chipped ice and filtered tap water. If I want carbonation, I will usually buy seltzer or flavored club soda.

  • Ange Taylor

    I mix a little fruit juice with a lime or lemon Arrowhead Sparkling water. I like Arrowhead better than the others because it is not sodium laden! I like to have the sparkling water as cold as I can get it, sometimes putting the bottle in the freezer for a little while. I also sometimes add True Orange or True Lemon in one of those bottles of Sparkling water!

  • Michelle M

    My drink of choice is Diet Coke, but I’m trying to quit. I do love ice-cold water.

  • Carol Myers

    I drink water from a well with a softener added to it. I drink it all day long. Sometimes I add a lemon or a lime. I will drink a diet soda or unsweetened tea when I go out. I am going to look into a soda stream to check it out on my own!!!!!

  • I am addicted to diet soda

    I am totally addicted to diet soda, and have been for years

  • Ginny K.

    Any type of fruit juice, Green Tea, and somtimes smoothies with added Ginger Ale. Yummy! A sodastream would make my healthy world a lot more fun! 😀

  • sccoed09

    I like the many varieties of green tea, and brew 3-4 2 quart pitchers of it each week, so only have a glass of soda a few times a week now.

  • Connie

    I love drinking vinegars with seltzer. Pok Pok in Portland, OR has a great line of vinegars to purchase.

  • linda

    Welllllllllll, there’s not much left to drink if we remove all the less tha healthful choices, but I am happier with iced green tea(made(made in the sun), slice of lime added, than most else.

  • kls_sea

    Juices are the healthiest drinks. And the one that not sweet, like vegi’s juices are also good as diet to loose some weight.

  • Debi

    I’m trying not to drink diet soda and i’m having a hard time. I do have health issues so I need to be very careful. I could deffinitely use the soda stream. I never won anything in 56 years, MAYBE my luck will change with you.

  • Leo39

    My drink would br cranbery juice. Also I like tomato juice, but not on every ocasion…

  • yyoerger

    Skim milk. It’s great to curb a hunger pang and ward off the munchies.

  • Karen

    About two years ago I stopped drinking diet soda — the taste no longer appealed to me. Now I drink more water and a green/black tea blend.

    A SodaStream sounds like fun!

  • JoAnn

    I went from 8-20 oz reg. cokes a day to the same in diet cokes until the cysts in my breast changed from the diet coke, now I’m looking for something else and it seems like this sodastream would be perfect.

  • Elaine Thatcher

    I drink a lot of Crystal Light, but I’m trying to get away from artificial sweeteners, so I’m using a Brita pitcher and adding lemon to the water. It’s satisfying.

  • Shirlee

    I am a cancer survivor, so I try to be careful not to drink too many
    diet sodas. I drink lemon water and herbal and green teas.
    I would love to have a Sodastream to make my own carbonated
    flavored drinks. How great!

  • Cathey Eastman

    My go to drink is—water. I drink it all day long!!!

  • pepper3

    I drink more green tea with stevia or honey & lemon. Hot or cold, it works!

  • Margaret

    I’ve been drinking fresh brewed Iced Tea with a squeeze of lemon and Sweet N Low for years. Always have loved “Good” Iced Tea. I use a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker and crushed ice from my refrigerator, so it’s not only No Calorie, but very Low Cost.

  • Leta

    Mixing a little juice in seltzer has always been the “soda” for my family. Not having to drag bottles back and forth from the supermarket is a bonus too..

  • Dorothy France

    I have been addicted to soda since I was a teenager and have found out it is really hard to quit. I can’t drink coffee but do drink tea as well. I got a sodastreamer now and find I drink more soda worth it. I will try lemon or lime in it.

  • Kathleen

    I am really REALLY trying to get off diet soda. I am down to 1-2day but just having trouble with that last one! I have learned to love Lipton’s green tea and have quit the diet version. Disappointed to know about Propel. My husband is diabetic and we both drink lots of fluids. Had never even heard of the machine to make our own!

  • HotSouthernMess

    Although I have always enjoyed coffee far too much, I did go for about four years without drinking soft drinks. I know I need to drink lots more water; but I crave that little “kick” of a carbonated soft drink. It’s not that I dislike water; it just sometimes seems to bland. The SodaStream may be just what I need to get me back on track.

  • francie

    I have tried so hard to quit and I am addicted. If this works then I’m all for it. HELP!

  • kim Meadows

    I have recently switched to green tea with lemon or lime juice. However I prefer it cold as it is SO refreshing in the tropics. I make a glass in the morning and put it in the fridge to drink that night. Same scenario each night. That way I am assured that I will drink at least 2 cups per day – it makes me feel good knowing that I am revitalising my body on a regular basis through something that I truly enjoy.

  • Dina

    I keep a pitcher of water with a few slices of lemon or lime in my fridg.

  • Kathy Handerhan

    I have a sodastream and we love it!

  • AJB

    P.S. Also love carbonated water, especially San Pellegrino.

  • AJB

    Fat-free milk.

  • jd321

    my healthy drink of choice is adding real lemon slices to water.


    I really like cold sparkling water with a piece of lemon or lime in it. Also, in the summer sun tea, no sugar, just lemon is wonderful. And, at dinner, a galss of Pinot Noir is my health drink of choice!

  • JeanneT

    I love Tazo’s Orange Tea – delicious!

  • Loretta England

    My drink of choice is a glass of skim milk.

  • MARY K

    I drink a lot of tea: black, green, herbal. Otherwise water.

  • jenbispo

    I have weaned myself off diet soda – for the most part – but still crave Diet Dr. Pepper. I drink a lot of water and iced green tea, but every now and then I get the urge for some soda. Would love to win the SodaStream!

  • Christine Norman

    Skim milk and diet soda – in moderation and no regrets.

  • jeanne nelson

    I have really been eyeing this product but it is expensive. Would love to win it. Thanks.

  • deborahf2

    I am hooked on fruit juice mixed with sparkling water, 2/3 water to 1/3 juice…grape juice, pear, pineapple, you name it…they all are delicious!

  • Jodelle Brohard

    My healthy drink of choice is spearmint tea. Or at least I hope that’s healthy.

  • dorothy gallion

    A very good friend of mine has the Soda Stream and she loves it. I usually go for green tea. I would love to try this and go for something different when using fresh fruit.

  • Janet Branigan

    Sun tea made with peach green tea! Delicious

  • mimi

    I like green tea iced

  • Sharon

    How About Coconut Water? I love seltzer with Lemon but my favorite of all time is coconut water, plain or with lemon/orange. Since I’m diabetic, even fruit juice (straight up) is a no-no so on special occasions, I will mix cran-grape or cranberry with seltzer and add a slice of lemon. When the kids were young, I told them they were having “Italian” soda which was seltzer with fruit juice instead of soda. I would love to get the sodastream especially since my son thought it was “cool.” Instead of video games get togethers, they can get together and have soda making parties! 🙂

  • kcolor273

    I’m trying to kick the diet cola habit completely and I’ve been doing pretty good so far, but I have to admit I still crave it every now and then. I saw the sodastream at a friends house and thought it was great!

  • Anne

    Diabetic and constantly thirsty, would love to cut down on diet soda.

  • Kathy

    After seeing all the the negative articles about aspartame I went cold turkey and ditched all the diet drinks on the market. I have switched to iced tea. Being diabetic I am limited in what I can drink. The Sodastream sounds like an awesome product where I can start drinking healthier liquids.

  • smfsprout

    I am down to one diet soda every 2-3 days, and mostly just drink it for the kick. I generally drink water with 100% natural TRUE Lemon or Lime. Just enough flavor and no sweetener is needed.

  • Carmen

    I love to try this and get off my diet Coke habit!

  • jeanne

    I love a green and white tea mix that I have most days. Have been contemplating getting a sodastream.

  • carrieobrien

    We love organic fruit juice, naturally sweetened, with fizzy water!

  • Mick

    I drink a lot of Crystal Light – it’s portable in single serving packets, adds flavor to a bottle of water, and with zero calories or carbonation. Carbonation is bad for you too: it creates belly bloat and who needs to be puffed up like a bullfrog?

  • Judy Burgi

    I enjoy lemonade from fresh lemons. V8 juice is a favorite of my husbands.

    I would love to win a SodaStream.

  • VJ


    A word of advise about the Soda Stream carbonation machine. I LOVE mine and couldn’t live without it.

    However, they tell you to only add flavorings of any kind AFTER you have carbonated the water. TRUST ME!! LISTEN TO THEM! Guess how I know! LOL

  • yanksdiva07

    During the Summer I just love cold tap water with a slice or two of cucumber, yummy or I make my own homemade ice tea with tea bags and fresh lemons,gotta make a batch this weekend, too fab!!

  • Polly

    In lieue of pop (as we call it in Northern Minnesota), my drink of choice is UNFLAVORED sparkling water. I like the bubbles. Sometimes I’ll add a touch of juice – cranberry is good. It makes a nice mixer for flavored vodkas, too, without added calories! I would LOVE LOVE a SodaStream!!! Pick me, pick me!

  • 1955nurse

    Trying to kick a “oke zero” addiction! My fav right now is San Pelligrino water w/lemon slices….I also like diet tonic water, but trying to get rid of that (because of the additives!) as well! I’m dying for a “Sodastream”! Keeping my fingers crossed…..

  • Lee Javier

    My healthy drink of choice–besides plain water is dark chocolate egg cream…MMMMMM…….Takes me back to my childhood…….I would love to have this SodaStream to make them and also make tropical fruit
    sodas as well………………..

  • sgimperling

    Lemon water….hot or cold. Very refreshing.

  • Geri Greene

    I’m learning to like a half tea and half lemonade drink. I have also used cran-raspberry juice with some bubbly tonic or club soda. Evenings I am liking club soda and lime. Dress either with a twist of lemon or lime and it looks a little festive too! I’ve also remembered how much I like ginger ale! As do the grands!

  • patricia

    I always order water with lemon at resturants. This is healthier and saves money.

  • Doreen Olson

    My favorite beverages that are healthy are rooibos & hibiscus tea with just a smidgeon of stevia added and sparkling water with flavored stevias added–that way you can use the minimum amount of stevia and not be sending your body such a big message about drinkig something sweet (hope that makes sense).

  • Fran

    I am trying to kick my addiction to diet soda and I’d love a sodastream.

  • Maci

    I have a hard time drinking enough just plain water. I think experimenting with the Soda stream to carbonate a little juice for flavor without the calories of pure juice would be a great thing to try!

  • gatormomx2

    We like sparkling water mixed with Simply Lime or Simply Lemon. No sugar and tons of flavor.

  • val zenus

    Sun Tea – I make it in a gallon jug with apple cinnamon tea bags. I leave it out in the sun (on my driveway!) for about three hours. I then remove the tea bags and place the jug in the refrigerator. Tates great and doesn’t need sweetner!

  • Ianete

    Seltzer with a hit of Mio. What’s the scoops with Mio? I hope it’s healthier than diet vanilla Pepsi!

  • Lenore

    Carbonated water with natural flavoring!

  • Debbi

    Water with lemon. But I am a diet soda addict and trying to kick the habit. I’d love a sodastream!

  • donnarp1

    I mix lemonade or cranberry juice with sparkling water (Pelligrino) for my soda fix

  • Debra Gaswint

    I drink iced green tea or organic black tea. they are refreshing on a summer day and during the winter are also drink hot tea.

  • redzin

    I enjoy drinking cucumber water.

  • Naomi

    I like iced green tea!

  • Mollianne Massey

    I love to have cucumber/lemon water. I cut up a cucumber and a lemon and put then in a half gallon of water at night before I go to bed. In the morning, I have a delicious and refreshing container of water to drink. I use the same cucumber/lemon for 2 days, then start over. I’d love a soda stream to be able to add some bubbles to my daily drinking. I miss the bubbles of sodas 🙂

  • Patty Smith

    Thought I had proofed it better…the day of the Lunar Landing…

  • Tina

    I keep two full containers of water at my desk so if I’m thirsty I won’t run to the break run for a diet soda. After a few weeks I have actually lost the taste for diet soda. Now if I could get the hubby to give them up! He says DC is the only vice he has and I must agree. He runs 5 miles, eats healthy food and overall takes good care of himself. Never thought of sodastream as an option for him but think it is a great idea as he does love to save money and all of those sodas he drinks are hard on the food budget.

  • Patty Smith

    Love today’s article and comments re: diet soda. I had to just
    “Cold Turkey” it the same way I did cigarettes. My last cigarette
    was the day do our moon landing, 1969. I did not know if I would
    have withdrawal symptoms or not but have had significant fatigue.
    I drink a lot of water. Some of my meds cause me to have a very
    dry mouth. This is one reason I drank so much diet soda, even
    overnight. I always had it by my side, and I do mean Always!
    People here in Portland (Oregon) tend to be purists and vegan and
    very health conscious. People would look at my can of diet soda
    like it was a cigarette! I am not kidding…I found myself nudging it
    out of site, being happy it didn’t emit smoke! But I am feeling
    better. I know my body is happier, my skin dewier, Right? Those
    ingredients cannot be good for the body. So here I am at 68, still
    learning…thank you for lighting a fire under me. really.

  • Christine

    My healthy drink of choice is S. Pellegrino sparkling water with a twist of lemon and sweet n low; it’s very refreshing with no calories.

  • Cindy Gutierrez

    Luckily I love to just drink water, with or without lemon. Where I work there is free bottled water so I can drink water all day and not get thirsty for anything else.

  • bonnie newman

    OJ juice mixed with club soda

  • Laura Abshier

    My healthy drinks of choice are coffee and sweet tea made with real sugar. Coffee and tea are from the Earth so I feel pretty good about my “healthy” choices.

    • Patty Smith

      I love sweet tea too, with the real sugar. I grew up in the South…

  • 3thingsuneed

    I drink herbal tea often,, I do like soda but I get “tired” of it.. same ol same ol.. I actually switched to non-cola..
    I don’t care for water much,Propel is good sometimes.. and coffee is only 2 cups in the morning..
    and fruit drinks??.. if I have to or that is all there is of a choice left..lol oh hum!
    Humans Have to stay hydrated right?

  • The Nan

    I like to drink “bubbly water” with a frozen slice of lemon or orange in it. If on hand, I add a frozen strawberry or blueberries.

  • Mare Fairchild

    Lemon water or apple carrot juice – freshly made of course.

  • Linda Thatcher

    Cocktails! All day! Just kidding! Filtered tap water, with a squeeze of lemon. I use an old trick my Mom used to use–she had her water glass on the back of the sink–my glass is there too, ready for a quick drink of water. Just put it in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Sodastream sounds interesting–nothing like carbonation to quench thirst after a hot AM of gardening.

  • Deborah Young


  • maureenh

    the soda stream sounds wonderful im down to 1 soda and i bottle of tea

  • maureenh

    water with fresh lemon

  • Mary1

    I have weaned myself off a 4 liter a day diet coke habit. I am now using MIO to flavor my water. While MIO may not be good for me, there are far fewer issues with it and I am drinking a lot less of it than I was of diet coke

  • Faye

    other than plain water, my healthy drink of choice is Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea! my second favourite, which is often easier to come by when travelling, is a half-and-half apple juice/sparkling water combo. 🙂
    We’ve been interested in the SodaStream for a while and would love the opportunity to try one!

  • Sandy

    The sodastream WOULD be great. I like to make sun tea with green tea, or brew it and then over ice.

  • Barb

    It is wrong to put stevia in the same catagory as aspertame. Stevia comes from a plant, not a chemical compound. White sugar and all of the fake sugars make me very ill when I try to use them, stevia is the only one that doesn’t hurt me. The doc. says as an alternative to stevia use a little real sugar, real sugar isn’t going to make you crave carbs? I realized as a young girl that if I ate kiddie cereal (with all the sugar) for breakfast that I would crave everything all day long, real sugar isn’t a good choice for a lot of reasons.

  • tami

    Since Stevia is for the most part, the powdered leaves of the Stevia plant, and not a chemical-created sweetener, I don’t see how it can be considered an “artificial sweetener”. My drink of choice is a large glass of water with a splash of lemon juice and a few drops of liquid stevia. Zero calories and supplies my need for water, utilizes the cleansing properties of lemon juice, and satisfies my sweet tooth all at the same time.

  • Phyllis Fleming

    FRS has a low calorie healthy energy concentrate liquid that I mix with water. Not only do I have more energy because of the quercetin in the product, but it tastes great! I’m sure the sodastream would make it even better!

  • Carol

    Sparkling water with lemon/lime, love the bubbles.

  • Marcia

    I sometimes crave the “fizz” you get in a soda — diet or otherwise. Using the Sodastream to carbonate some healthy ingredients would be soooo much better for my family and fun to boot.

  • Marynell

    I drink black tea sweetened with Stevita. In the summer i add herbs from my garden. Basil black tea or mint tea is great!

  • Christine Davis

    I like water with just a little fruit juice.

  • Deborah

    I drink tons of decaffeinated green tea and also lemon-lime selzer water. I love the selzer water because you still get the fizz burn thing in your throat like you get when you drink soda!

  • Diane

    My drink of choice is tea. I drink decaffeinated tea, hot or cold and with real sugar. I will be 70 in August and I weigh 110 pounds. I do not drink sodas, diet or otherwise and have never had a cup of coffee. Tea is the drink for me…………..many different types.

  • Mary Lou

    I keep a sport bottle filled with ice water all the time now. It just requires getting in the habit of reaching for that instead of soda. I have been adding Mio occasionally. I hope that isn’t deadly.

  • 50lish

    I being an addict, quit cold turkey in January, after my doc called in a prescription for Fosomax, which I refuse to take……still in denial I guess on that. I know try to drink Fuze and Sparking Ice. This machine sounds very interesting!!!

  • Cindy

    I drink iced sweet tea sweeten with splenda.

  • Gail

    If I win the soda stream, it will help me kick my diet soda habit. Plus I’m excited about the possibility of making carbonated drinks with all the tomatoes we will be picking this summer. Gosh I could start on it right away, I have frozen fresh tomatoes in the freezer!

  • Schmidty

    I recently ran across a product called pomegranate powder ‘superfood’. (The mfg was a company called OMG.) I am thinking of trying this mixed with water to replace some of my diet soda intake. What are your thoughts on this product?

    • Schmidty

      My answer to the contest query – my healthy drink of choice is water with lemon.

  • Jacqualin

    wonderful natural well water is my go-to. It’s the best thirst quencher. For variety in the summer I have some sun-tea with lemon. In the winter, iced coffee with skim milk for a little extra calcium.

  • bclaxton

    My healthy drink of the day is green tea. Still, I’m finding it very,very hard to give up diet soda. I’ve been drining it for almost 50 years!

  • Theresa

    I live in the South. Iced tea is a staple in our house year round. Sodas are an “every blue moon” treat. Apple juice is on hand for the teenager & my husband starts every day with orange juice & ends his day with a cup of Earl Gray White. We really don’t miss sodas. I kicked the diet soda habit years ago when I noticed that I gained weight while drinking them.

  • Marsha

    My healthy drink choice is of course, water. But I don’t drink enough of it like I should. I used to drink it all the time but I was a lot more active. Since my husband is a diabetic this sodastream would be great for the both of us.

  • Kate B

    I’m hooked on Diet Pepsi so I’ve been trying to cut back. I’ve been experimenting with a drop of extracts (raspberry, lemon, mint) in ice water but always prefer to go back to real citrus sliced in ice cold water.

  • Gayla

    I fix me a glass of water and add a tablespoon of Heralife aloe with mango . This is a refreshing drink I was a serious diet soda drinker and have now weened myself from all soda.

  • v

    Filtered tap water mixed with extra-strong green tea is my morning drink, then it’s (filtered tap) water mixed with either vitamin c crystals or diatomaceous earth for the rest of the day and night. I would love to have a soda stream for the vitamin c water (which I drink most often)!

  • Linda White

    My drink of choice is soda….ginger ale is my fav BUT would like to cut back and have it occassionally instead of a few times per week. Never did like the diet soda because of the after taste. I love lemonade so the soda stream would be great for me as I can have the carbonation when I make my own lemonade….where I can control the sweetness myself.

  • Karen

    I drink unsweetened teas, cranberry juice and lemon juice mixed with iced cold water and a little splenda added. Now, if I could just get my husband off of Dr. Pepper.

  • Ellen

    Perrier or other sparkling bottled water – but I’d prefer to obtain it in other ways than bottled. Expensive for me and the environment!

  • bison61

    I have a diet soda maybe once or twice a week, I have a cup of green tea in midmorning and midafternoon

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  • GRL

    I’ve had a Soda Stream for years and LOVE it! Add a touch of their natural “mywater” essence and you’ve got a bubbly and tasty but healthy drink.

  • Pamela

    Talking Rain in Lime flavor is refreshing with a slice of lime. Also sun tea is always great in summer. I like them both with out sugar.

  • Pat

    I read this about the diet sodas. Before reading this I would start my day out with a diet soda, my morning caffine. Would have another in the afternoon and one before bed. I still have one a day, I’ve been drinking water with lemon, sometimes I add a little sweet and low. During the summer I make a lot of lemonade and raspberry/lemonade. I will tell you, that I have noticed my gravings for sweets have gone, and when I have had something sweet, it is almost too sweet. My issue is……. I am not eating more, but have gained weight, since cutting back on the diet soda.

  • Cathy Niswonger

    My favorite drink is French Vanilla Black Tea. It is so smooth and soothing. It has such a refreshing effect and taste!

    I also like fruit and vegetable juices. I was so surprised to learn that the fruit displayed on the label may not be what is actually in the drink. I purchased a Pomegranate flavored water which contained absolutely no pomegranate whatsoever. When I read the ingredients the primary “fruit” listed was Black Carrot Juice! What’s that?!?

    I will definitely be reading the labels more in order to make certain that what I want is what I am getting.

    A sodastream certainly would save me a lot of reading!

    • Grom

      You need to see a doctor becusae the bacteria could travel to your bladder and cause an even worse infection. Don’t avoid it. The sooner you take care of it, the sooner it will be over. The treatment is quick and easy.

  • Collett Withers

    My favorite is cranberry juices.. Or water with fresh lemon.

  • Victoria Salti

    I adore Diet Cola but after reading FOF’s article by Dr. Pedre I am persuaded to make this change. When I get cravings I drink ICE by Talking Rain. I have always loved water with fresh grapefruit I bet it would taste delicious in the SodaStream.

  • Beth

    I use True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange – packets of evaporated juice – each packet is equal to one wedge of the particular fruit. They’re unsweetened, have 0 calories and 0 sugars. Good with plain or sparkling water, and I also use them on salads for a bit of spark.

  • gshep

    Would love to try this! When I didn’t have time to eat,I could drink a Coke and keep going.I do so many healthy things , but need to change from traditional soft drinks.

  • Talex

    I, too, have been looking for an alternative to diet soda. I like fruit juices but don’t consume much of them because of the calorie content. I like carbonated flavored water with ice. I don’t really like plain water, but flavored water is a great substitute for soda. The SodaStream would be very welcome – awesome, in fact. I could make my own!

  • Catrina H

    I drink water, unstweetened tea, fruit juices and Zevia (Dr. Zevia) cola. Contrary to this article, I have never seen Stevia referred to as an artificial sweetener.

  • Robin

    I drink club soda with a splash of Pom Juice, Grapefruit or Orange. Just a splash. Sometimes I use a fresh orange or frozen fruit slices (peach, strawberry or blueberries). It is refreshing, and another way to add a little more fruit to your diet.

  • katholeen

    I mostly drink iced tea, I have been weaning myself off of Splenda to sweeten it, but I miss sparkling fizzy drinks -the soda stream would be fabulous!

  • cynthia pope

    green tea unsweet

  • Eddy

    I usually keep a pot of strong, concentrated tea ready to pour over ice. There are so many herbal flavors available, that it’s always interesting.

  • Cindy

    I am a fan of Tazo tea. The fruity flavors are naturally sweet and are delicious iced. Passion is my favorite. If you want a hot tea that also tastes sweet (without sweeteners), try Tazo vanilla rooibos. I too am working on beating the diet cola addiction and would love the soda stream. Good luck!

  • Sheree Warner

    When I go to restaurants I usually drink water with lemon. At home I get to craving something more to drink and will make Lemonade using water, lemon and honey. I was so excited to see the Soda Stream when it first came out and have been wanting one ever since. Thanks for holding this generous “giveaway”.

  • Barb M.

    If I’m not drinking coffee (oh well…), I’m drinking our whole-house-and-under-the-sink-filtered water with or without Crystal Light. After 5 years, we finally paid it off and I think it’s been well worth it. I’ve seen the Soda Stream at the store and *wished* for one! I would love to be able to say, “YES!” to the kids for soda!! They roll eyes whenever we say, “Drink a glass of water.”

  • Dierdre

    My suggested healthy water alternative is Crystal Light Pure, which tastes great, has a variety of flavors, and has no artificial sweeteners.

  • Judi

    I have the biggest Coca Cola addiction on the planet. I would like to try the soda stream and add some fruit to the water. What a great alternative!

  • Monica Tagabuel

    My drink is tea.

  • Joanne

    My drink of choice is green tea, brewed by the cup at home. I sometimes add a bit of lemon, or orange juice just to have a different flavor. I love Pepsi, but have cut down to one 12 oz. can per week, after hearing how the flavoring in cola drinks can cause damage to my body. I would love to have a SodaStream to experiment with various flavors again!

  • Pamela B

    The only soda I drink is seltzer, gave up the diet drinks over 20 years ago, would love to make my own.

  • Kelly

    I drink unsweetened tea if I want something other than water. I have been working hard to eliminate soda. It’s tough!

  • tlo

    I have been at a loss for something with a little ‘kick’ to replace my former diet soda habit. Maybe the SodaStream is just what I’ve been looking for!

  • Lisa DeAngelo

    I gave up DC for lent and think I will stay with that decision for the long term. I have been using Crystal Light packets but now am questioning that decision because of the aspartame. I may just resort to my own home brewed tea but will also investigate the
    Soda Stream. Has anyone tried Mio? I wonder if there is anything in that that can kill me? LOL 🙂

  • Regina S

    my favorite drink of choice is good ole’ southern iced tea.

  • Brenda

    I start every day with a glass of water and fresh lemon juice squeezed in. I’m slowly getting over my DP “need”. But I love the flavor Dr. Pepper so it’s not easy.

  • DawnMarie Helin

    My drink of choice is a mix of 25% natural fruit juice and 75% carbonated water. It gives me flavor, a little vitamin boost and the bubbly I love!

  • pfunnylady

    At least one or two cups of green tea; it has more anti-oxidents than orange juice. The rest of the day I drink iced herbal teas.

  • SusanMaria Detterman

    I drink 100% cranberry juice, but I add it with water to make it half and half, 1/2 cup juice, 1/2 cup water and add lots of ice. It really helps with my cravings for something sweet!!

  • elisse

    My drinks of choice are fruit juices (cranberry, mango, cherry, etc.) and have been since I was a kid. I never liked colas, and most sodas are WAY too sweet for me- the diet ones are the worst and have a Nasty aftertaste to boot! As a result, I drink almost no soda of any kind, and I would LOVE a Sodastream, not only for my husband and I, but for the guests at our Inn!

  • Barbara wicklund

    We make lemonade with real lemon juice, stevia and water. It’s fantastic! Would love to carbonate it!

  • anna

    I’m down to one diet soda a day. The sodastream would be great