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Does your belly fat make you crazy?

Dr. Michael Kaplan, MD

Dr. Michael Kaplan, MD, is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer for The Center for Medical Weight Loss, the largest network of non-surgical medical weight loss providers in the U.S., with more than 420 offices in 46 U.S. states. He live and works in New York.

Stop obsessing and read this.

Posted on April 13, 2011

Being FOF comes with so many great things--wisdom, levity, experience, humor.....And one not-so-great thing: belly fat.

So we paused in the middle of our daily sit-up regimen to speak with Dr. Michael Kaplan, one of the nation’s foremost experts on weight loss. Dr. Kaplan revealed the truth behind belly fat over fifty--why it’s there, what you can do about it, and why you should stop obsessing.

  • FOF: We hear it from FOFs all the time: ‘It’s so much harder for me to lose weight now, and I’m gaining in my belly area. What can I do?’
    • Dr. Kaplan: The unfortunate consequence of aging--for everyone--is that your metabolism slows by about 5-10 percent per decade. When women hit menopause, it slows an additional 5-10 percent. Many women spend their lives at a normal BMI [body mass index] of 23 or 24, and then they hit menopause and find themselves at a BMI of 27 or 28--ever so slightly overweight. And they can’t take off the pounds. Also, the body is programmed during menopause to lay down extra subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. So even if you’ve never had fat in your abdomen, all of a sudden you have a belly.
  • Ack. Why do our bodies suddenly put fat in the middle?
    • We don’t know, but it’s universal. It’s just kind of in our DNA that this is going to happen to a woman when she hits menopause.
  • Can you get rid of it?
    • Yes. But the truth is, a woman has to work really hard to get rid of it. First, you have to exercise more. Even if you went your whole life at a normal weight and you exercised, you have to start adding exercise as you approach menopause. I see patients who have never exercised in their lives, and then they start menopause and suddenly have to start in order to maintain their bodies. The average recommendation for a woman to really be doing well at this age is 5 hours per week.
  • That’s a lot of hours.
    • It absolutely is. In all studies I’ve ever read, you have to do about three hours a week to lose weight, but after menopause, it is definitely harder.
  • What about diet?
    • A woman’s metabolism once she hits menopause--if she’s normal weight--is usually about 1300 calories a day. That means she’s burning about 1300 calories every day, so she has to eat 1300 calories to maintain her weight. It’s pretty hard to lose weight at that rate, because you have give up 3500 calories to get rid of just one pound.
  • How do you give up 3500 calories if you can only eat 1300?!
    • It’s over time! So if you ate 1000 calories a day, you would lose 1 lb every 12 days. It’s really discouraging for a lot of women, and we usually see them after they’ve gone on multiple commercial programs and the weight isn’t coming off. Or it’s coming off so slowly that they’re discouraged...
  • What’s your approach?
    • As doctors, we have the advantage that we can prescribe a low-calorie diet. Anything under 1000 calories per day has to be medically prescribed--by law. We prescribe nutraceuticals--low calorie shakes, bars and soups that are made according to the same standards as pharmaceuticals. Each one is 160 calories and patients consume 5 daily. A woman can temporarily use these to get back to her pre-menopausal weight. While she’s doing that, we’re working on the behavioral issues that are going to keep the weight off long term.
  • So that helps you speed up the initial weight loss, but what’s the long-term strategy?
    • We try to figure out a day-to-day routine, Monday through Friday, where she can eat about 1100 calories a day. We’ll come up with meal options and an exercise plan. If we do that, we’re banking about 2000 calories for the weekend, so she can relax and go out on Saturday and Sunday. We also address the psychological issues--that’s a huge part of this. We help women figure out their triggers---what causes them to overeat.
  • If someone ups her exercise and changes her diet and deals with her psychological issues, is it possible that she still won’t lose her belly fat?
    • ImageYes. Often, a part of this isn’t going to go away. These fat cells develop and get bigger during menopause. You can make them smaller, but you can’t get rid of them completely. If you get down to the weight you’re happy at, but you still have belly fat that’s bothering you, I might suggest surgery. Liposuction would actually get the cells out. I recommend that as a last alternative.
  • It sounds like you’re saying, in a nutshell, if you want to want to completely lose that belly, you’re going to need to make it--and your weight--a major focus of your life.
    • Right, it has to become a battle that you’re fighting everyday.
  • Do you ever suggest that women just accept the extra pounds around their middles and stop obsessing?
    • You know, I have said that to people. There was a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine a few years back that said women actually live the longest with a BMI of 27-28 over age 70. But what we run into is people who are used to having a certain look. And if you spend your whole life with a BMI of 24 or 25 and now you’re 27 or 28, psychologically you don’t feel right.
  • Are there certain foods that trigger belly weight?
    • I wish I could say yes to that question, because it would make things easier, but really, there aren’t. I will say that if you are insulin resistant you probably will feel hungrier and eat more when you eat carbohydrates. It’s not the carbs themselves, it’s how your body reacts to them. Many people have that problem.
  • How do you know if you’re insulin resistant?
    • If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, diabetes or pre-diabetes. Also, there’s a medical test we can do, but I came up with a test that anyone can do at home: One morning, eat 200 calories of carbs for breakfast--an English muffin with jelly, for example. Write down the time you eat and then the time when you feel hungry again. The following day, eat 200 calories of fat and protein for breakfast--2 eggs with a small amount of cheese, for example. Again, write down when you eat, and when you feel hungry again. If you find that you are hungry an hour or two earlier on the carbohydrate day, you’re probably insulin resistant.
  • Is that something you can fix, or do you just need to avoid carbs?
    • It could get better. Sometimes losing weight actually makes the insulin resistance better. There’s also a medication called Metformin than can help the cravings--we use this often and patients don’t feel as hungry. And of course, if you just avoid those foods, then you won’t have those cravings.
  • Is there any way to lose weight specifically in the belly area?
    • No. That’s a huge myth. If you lose weight, you lose fat everywhere. A pound of fat comes from every fat cell in your body--they all shrink a little bit.
  • I’ve heard there’s a connection between stress and belly fat. Is this true?
    • Stress is absolutely related to gaining weight, but not specifically in the belly. The stress response--secreting cortisol and epinephrine--does make us hungry and does make us crave food. Lack of sleep does the same thing. A lot of menopausal women have hot flashes and don’t sleep well as a result, which can make them hungrier the next day. So if you treat your menopause symptoms, you may experience weight loss as a result.
  • What about situps? Can those help get rid of your belly?
    • Another major myth. All sit-ups do is strengthen the abdominal muscles--they don’t get rid of fat. So in some cases they can actually make your abdomen look a little bigger. The ideal is to lose the fat and then strengthen the muscles to get definition.
  • So it sounds like there’s no magic bullet that gets rid of all belly fat.
    • Yes, but it’s not hopeless. People have definitely done it. The most important thing to recognize is that it is a factor of aging...it’s not anything you did wrong.

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ntruj - post on 19:01 on 11/06/2013

Not impossible to lose fat anywhere on your body
"My mother is 56 and lost an amazing amount of weight and has kept it off. I will begin this regiment myself and have recommended it to several others! http://381243-nx247kq7n-jpu9rao9w.hop.clickbank.net/"
LUE - post on 17:23 on 06/28/2014 replied to ntruj

ajalevis - post on 02:14 on 12/27/2012

Exercise is important.
"I find this article very informative as from article I come to know that exercise hour for women and men are different to reduce their belly fat. As I know about how to lose belly fat and you can also refer howlosebellyfatfast.com where good information is given on reduction of belly fat."
saramartin - post on 08:32 on 12/26/2012

Why only Belly?
"If you lose ur full body fat,automatically ur belly will reduce. :) i came across this website which explains how to lose weight really fast without any side effects. Hope this will help people who are looking for fast weight loss."
LUE - post on 17:26 on 06/28/2014 replied to saramartin

jj1969 - post on 09:21 on 12/10/2012

great article
"im 43 this year, 5'10 and have always had a models metabolism--until i had a baby. diabetes saw me gain 90 pounds in 8 months and i went up to 220. my belly was huge and i could not fix it. i recomend liposuction for belly junk--it worked really well for me. i also maintain my belly by doing a few small things: i dont eat bread. the yeast in bread stays alive in the gut and expands [like when you make bread and leave yeast on the counter to rise] to stay alive, yeast needs sugar and its sending you a message to feed it! models dont eat bread at all for6 weeks before a shoot because its a huge factor in belly bloat. cut out bread. i exercise for ten minutes a day. i know it doesnt sound like much but if i only exerisise when i have time--guess what--i wont have time! then the days go by and ive not exercised. i start eating more poorly and find myself back at square one. if i commit to ten minutes a day--of anything i can do--i find it lays a base ground work for me to eat better throughut the day and i feel physically more sound. if im doing ten minutes a day, its managable. then im in a better spot to a longer work out because im not exhausted from not exercising and not eating well! i do do situps and i find they do make a difference. i also do internal sit ups., where you suck your belly in while driving or sitting, kind of like kegals for the belly. you can do this where you are just waiting during the day. it stengthens the very base layer of abdominal muscle and helps tone it. i drink loads of water. i just try not to drink soda. i add some orange or any fruit to my water because fruit makes the water have enzymes in it that the body recognizes as'food'. the body absorbs the water into tissue because the water is not considered food by the body. you feel more hydrated i swear it works. when you feel more hydrated by drinking water with a orange squeezed into it, you def want and desire to drink more water. these are small things i wanted to offer that help me to continue to work on having a stomach i can live with. and the last thing, i read a book about whole foods and began to understand how bad so much food is for our body. i cant do it all the time but when i do eat whole foods--foods that are not cooked heavily and are organic and loaded with stuff my body needs nutritionally--i actually find the belly reduces its bloat, i feel great and the ten minutes of exercise i want to do is easier to accomplish. try it for even a few days--eating avacado, red pepper, nuts, anything that is high protein and whoe--and see if you dont feel better. the cool thing about eating whole foods for me was that i ate whenever i was hungry and i ate throughout the day--and i didnt feel nearly as hungry as i did when i was eating my reg go to stuff. "
jj1969 - post on 09:24 on 12/10/2012 replied to jj1969

"the body absorbs the water with enzymes into tissues because the water is NOW [correction from 'not'] considered 'food' by the body. "
baileyshirley91 - post on 08:32 on 10/25/2012

lose weight without workout
"My friend recommend me a Shakeology shake. It really helful to me in losing weight. In 15 days only i have seen a drastic change in my body. If you want to know more about it visit: http://www.juliomedina.com/"
itsagirlthing - post on 23:28 on 04/02/2012

belly fat
"i found my all round weight increase was bad diet and lack of exercise...when i changed my diet and started exercising...my weight loss began...but when life events happened, i let some of the foods that i had eliminated from my diet back in (yes - bread, some sodas and three different nights of fast foods in one month...only 3!!!) ...i was doing an exercise routine that i have to get back into because it was working... i went from 125lbs to 115lbs in six weeks - thats not bad...and the fat was coming off my tummy and my whole body... it was wonderful...the exercises arent hard and i dont do them perfectly but it works...i just have to be more diligent the next time i get back into it...one is called the 3minute extreme home fat melter...the other one is called the 5minute belly fat destroyer...and the other one that i add is the 9minute after burn workout...then i do certain holds/ exercises for specific areas: thighs, butt, belly...i am now on my way back down again from 125lbs again and am 122lbs just in my change of diet...im 47yrs, 4'9" and my goal is 100lbs...i just have to be more focused, committed and more diligent with my food choices...i really want this...so if i can stop smoking (i sure did)...then i can do this! "
renagraham - post on 03:32 on 07/06/2012 replied to itsagirlthing

Uncontrolled Diet
"Don't starve yourself presuming that this can be a quicker way to cut down on your belly fat. This will only lead you to take more food because this will ultimately lead you to be very hungry. So as to satiate that feeling, your body is wired to eat more, therefore you only worsen your case. Read my related post here: How to Lose Belly Fats the Safe Way? "
donnaleewilliams - post on 17:45 on 03/14/2012

belly fat
"hi my name is donnalee. i am a 57 year old woman, i am 5"1 weight is 100lbs. i wear size 4. i have all 100lbs of my weight in my belly. i have dropped my weight to 90lbs and guess where the wight stayed, rite the belly not one inch came off. people are always telling me that i am thin or skinny, well i have clothes on, but take clothes off and i get a diffrenet responds. i guess you'r not really that thin. my question is why the belly even at 90lbs, size 4 at times size 2. what is wrong with the belly. HELP."
dwjenpsych - post on 23:37 on 03/03/2012

Helpful but not hopeful
"Useful information - confirmation that there is no easy way - deprivation and hard exercise versus acceptance. I hate the fat stomach which seems to grow daily but hate to diet more and my commitment to exercise is off and on - more off. "
EuniceC - post on 12:16 on 01/11/2012

I feel so much better now!
"I was thinking that there was something wrong with me but now, I realize I'm just like everyone else at this age! Life for me at age 70 is really going to be great since I've been at a BMI of 28 and 29 my whole life, lol. Very helpful info, thanks. "
The Most Selfish Woman in America - post on 12:30 on 01/05/2012

Acceptance is the key!
"Ladies - face it! The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can get on with enjoying our lives. Being healthy is far more important that being skinny! And we've just been told that we would have to obsess on our intake and exercise, and still not conquer the problem totally. So relax, eat healthy, be the best you can be, and accept our new phase of life. If we are constantly obsessing about our bodies not being good enough, then we are constantly telling ourselves that we are not good enough, and that's just wrong! Choose to be happy. Accept each phase of life with grace and balance. Enjoy every moment. You deserve it! Christia Sale Women's Life-After-Divorce Expert www.themostselfishwomaninamerica.com "
colenMD - post on 14:44 on 12/04/2011

Quick loss of abdomen fat roll
"I am a plastic surgeon (myself over 60 yrs old) and stumbled upon this site. For your information In my office I have a laser called the Zeltiq which melts abdominal fat in one hour treatment by 25%. Four treatments 3 mo apart and all is gone. No scars, no side effects, no pain and lots of gain. Check it out. My website is www.colenmd.com and my face book link ishttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Colen-MD-Plastic-Surgery-Suite/139406812795604. if you click to like it all blogs and info is there as well. I am glad to provide this information"
tovismom - post on 22:32 on 02/01/2012 replied to colenMD

"Have heard this works but.... When money is an issue then this is not the option or the answer. Thanks anyway."
hananghaddar - post on 22:37 on 11/19/2011

"Thank you for this beautiful article, it helps a lot."
MissSBB - post on 13:06 on 11/15/2011

But I don't need to lose weight!
"The fat on my body has migrated from my arms, thighs and face to my torso. I weigh exactly the same weight as I did two years ago, but it's just in a different place now. If I try to drop any weight, it comes right off of my face, which is gaunt-looking enough already, and my thighs, which are looking like toothpicks. I'm probably the only woman in America who wishes her thighs were two inches fatter. (yeah, I know no one's going to throw me a pity party any time soon) I'm at my wits end and can't believe there is no solution other than some kind of fat removal procedure."
veritas2011 - post on 19:46 on 11/08/2011

One word......
1wicket46 - post on 12:45 on 01/12/2012 replied to veritas2011

Wear the items that help
"Spanx and spandex! You might as well get stock in both...they will never go away because there will always be woman with bigger bellies! :-)"
imcoreman - post on 12:09 on 08/06/2011

lap band surgery
"Lap band surgery may also be an option for reducing the belly. http://weightloss.marinahospital.com/"
elegantlady63 - post on 14:03 on 07/21/2011

Belly Fat Removal
"I recommend Zerona treatments as seen on Dr Oz to get rid of belly fat. These treatments really work. They are non-invasive and give me a chance to relax for the 40 min sessions every 72 hours until I have achieved my desired results. Prices vary by location. My friend in NY is paying twice what I pay in Md. Try it!"
TACACMS - post on 11:36 on 07/21/2011

If it were a man's problem...
"They would move heaven and earth to solve it. My thinking is this: If they can put a man on the moon, they can help women with this post menopausal weight gain . Like I said, if men had to deal with this, solutions would pop up all over the place!!!"
Rockyred - post on 19:49 on 10/28/2011 replied to TACACMS

"No kidding...if men suffered ANY of the maladies women have.....you just nailed it!!!! There would be a solution to everything! Argh!"
sugard49 - post on 16:51 on 07/03/2011

I thought it was just me....
"so thanks! I really feel like I am turning into a short, squat fireplug! I have a huge bust and am now only 5'1" tall, down almost 2 inches at age 61. My belly fat is embarrassing and annoying and makes it difficult to find flattering clothes. I thought it was because I'd been on steroids ten years ago and it seemed to begin then, however, I gain 5 lbs. without breathing now! I was always a stable weight and well-built. Now I have to accept the inevitable, it seems. How much is genetics involved? Are we programmed to end up a certain way genetically?"
LHowe - post on 12:29 on 06/30/2011

thanks ...
"for at least ending on a slightly more positive note than the rest of the article. how depressing."
tigggerbunny - post on 10:32 on 06/30/2011

No!!! You Can Change
"I too found the article somewhat negative, but you can change the belly fat! I started exercising, first at curves, and then when a half hour exercise was not enough I moved to a regular gym three or four times a week. I have forced myself into the gym and realize if I don't go, nobody else will take care of my body... I've lost weight and inches around my belly. You can do it too! It takes hard work and I exercise more than I ever did in my 30's. I'm in better shape now at 47 than I was in my 30's too. Now I am treating my belly fat with a Lipo Laser to break down the fat cells on my belly. IT'S WORKING!!! You don't have to accept it, but can work on it and make it go away! I've dropped from a size 11 jean down to a size 8....size 6 here I come!!"
Renae1128 - post on 03:51 on 07/08/2012 replied to ArtInMyHeart

Me Too
"I have experienced the same thing... Just at the beginning of menopause, from around age 45 through 50 I was in great shape - maybe the best of my life, but after about 5 years of being in menopause, the weight has come on around my middle and it's the most stubborn fat I've ever battled, even though I exercise more than I ever have. It does tend to drive you crazy... I really do think it's a fact of life that we must learn to accept to a certain extent. Do the best you can with what you have, but don't hyperfocus on these body issues. Focus on your health and quality of life first and foremost. It's a process for sure, but we'll be happier if we can truly do that."
ArtInMyHeart - post on 10:42 on 06/30/2011 replied to tigggerbunny

Just wait!
"I also was in better shape at 47 than in my 30s, but now that I'm 56 (and still making myself be active over an hour a day) the belly fat is there just as the doctor said, even though the rest of my body is fine. Sorry to have to tell you that!"
musicteac60 - post on 10:27 on 06/30/2011

Loosing Belly Fat
"The best diet that I have found to help with belly fat is the the Fat Flush Diet/Ann Louise Gittleman. I always go back to this diet: Spring and Fall. It works for me. I can see a different in my abdominal area within days after beginning this diet. It so works for me! I incorporate exercising as well. I am 65 years old."
sugard49 - post on 16:53 on 07/03/2011 replied to musicteac60

Fat Flush diet
"Thanks for the diet info...I will try that!"
Polly - post on 15:58 on 04/28/2011

stop the madness
"I think it would be best if we just accepted who we are, wear clothes that flatter a 'fuller' figure, and LIVE YOUR LIFE :) I've had a tummy most of my life - and at age 56, it's not getting any smaller. It's ridiculous that we obsess over this stuff - it adds nothing to the quality of our lives, and unless your weight is a health hazard, I say "stop worrying!" Now, where's that ice cream cone I was promising myself? ;)"
Indigo Girl - post on 13:14 on 07/04/2011 replied to Polly

"I couldn't agree more!! I don't want to have to "fight this battle every day for the rest of my life". I've already battled breast cancer and the treatment for that put me into early menopause. Now I'm of menopause age (this was 6 years ago). I like who I am and don't want to deprive or deny myself...life is too short. As long as I stay healthy I'm good!"
BlueBear - post on 17:06 on 06/30/2011 replied to Polly

Could not agree more!
"I am 66 and, as my days on this earth dwindle down, I too believe we have to accept the things we cannot change. Life is so very short (my Mother died at 52!) and spending it worrying over 5-10 lbs is simply ludicrous at this age. Eat healthy, love wisely and muchly and be kind. In the end, nobody will mention your belly fat but they certainly will say if you were mean-spirited and so obsessed with your body that you forgot what was important in life!"
d2thewin - post on 00:03 on 04/24/2011

Thank you
"This is honest talk about a problem that more woman than not have. I appreciate the information and it certainly makes me understand that I can work out to feel good but I don't have to kill myself to lose all the fat. "
Womens Voices - post on 18:32 on 04/18/2011

Menopause and Weight Gain
"Weight during menopause is certainly a big concern, as it is harder to lose it! Well phrased that it is a factor of aging and not anything we do wrong, but it is something that should be worked at, as there are many health concerns that tie into excess body weight (http://womensvoicesforchange.org/menopause-and-excess-body-weight-ask-dr-pat.htm). "
RenaeMoore - post on 20:46 on 04/14/2011

"It can be done! I'm 54 years young and have found that clean eating (if it doesn't grow don't eat it!, shop the perimeter of the grocery store, nothing from a box, etc.) a good weight training program and 'moving' at least 4-5 days a week works. I like to know what I am eating is good 'fuel' for my engine, eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks a day, drink plenty of water, don't eat anything after dinner (best by 6 or 7pm) and if I want have a glass of wine or sweet treat on the weekend. It's true that we have to work harder than we did when we are younger, make time to be good to yourself! I am an avid cyclist and it's great for burning lots of calories! "
Becky Beer - post on 20:25 on 04/14/2011

"Yes!, My belly fat makes me very crazy, I've tried all the $$$ tricks,not one has worked.[snake oil] I'm sure. I workout as much as I can,[not 5 hrs. though]I wish I could. I'm happy to hear the truth about menopause and aging ;I will live with being the best I can be at my age and weight. And no more spending my money on the latest breakthrough weight loss product on the market! [snake oil!] I am FOB and happy with myself for now on! Thank you for the truth."
sherry57 - post on 20:14 on 04/14/2011

What about the Hormonal effect?
"Finally somebody who is being straight with us. As a prediabetic currently on metformin, I can attest to smaller meals more frequently does seem to prevent weight gain. Now weight loss is another matter. I was able to lose 10 lbs but could not sustain it. I could not eat fruit, rice, pasta, bread etc., and I felt deprived. I do have two questions: Are hormonal imbalances addressed since this does impact insulin levels and for someone who is already pre-diabetic are the less invasive surgical corrections? This population usually healy much more slowly and run the risk of more post-operative infections/complications. Thank you."
floggingwally - post on 19:49 on 04/14/2011

Dianne aka Floggingwally
"Ah-ah - yes I did lose belly fat by 1. removing sugar from my diet 2. removing all foods with preservatives from my diet 3. only eating sprouted grains 4. training for a half marathon 5. work out 4 days a week sounds like a lot, but it has become a life style change for both my husband and for me - we are both major foodies and still enjoy wine, but we are 100 percent more active and really have fun creating new recipes with fresh ingredients - We feel amazing! It works!"
semills40 - post on 18:52 on 04/14/2011

of course!!
"I am so glad to hear someone (a man)come to the aid of the premenopause and post menopause women!! I knew alot of the article because I have been living the "belly fat" nightmare for many years now. If there was just a safe pill to eat up all that fat, that would be fantabolous!!!!!!!!!!"
linaperl - post on 14:40 on 04/14/2011

thank you!
"ragtop - you are right! want to come be our copyeditor? :) correction made...."
ragtop - post on 13:59 on 04/14/2011

Insulin resistant home test question
"Interesting and informative. Just one question: "One morning, eat 200 calories of carbs for breakfast . . . The following day, eat 200 calories of fat and carbohydrates for breakfast--2 eggs with a small amount of cheese, for example." Should second day read "fat and protein"?"
belindabg - post on 13:35 on 04/14/2011

I just finally GAVE UP
"In my youth, I had liposuction to remove the 'pregnant' belly look I'd inherited from my Mom and all the female relatives on her side. Then, when I reached my early 40's the pounds came creeping on - blame a tough career, being the main breadwinner in a bad marriage, and health problems, combined with MASSIVE amounts of stress. When the weight you remove from liposuction comes back, it comes back in new areas - for me it was my upper arms and BACK and lower jaw area. UGH. Now that I've hit menopause, I've got this nasty little HUGE fat pad at the lowest part of my abdomen - the pudendal area, and it's VERY UGLY in clothes and naked. I know the only thing to remove it will be more surgery - but I'm just not up for it anymore, and neither is my wallet after losing my career after 23 years and being out of work for 2. I've tried all I can over the years to lose weight - literally every diet that ever came down the pike and then some - and I'm herniated in L5 so exercise is NOT an option at this point. I swim three times a week, used to walk 4 miles a day at my former job. Now I'm basically resigned to it, I'm FAT AND FABULOUS AND FIFTY next week and the world will just have to TAKE ME AS I AM!!"
olympicgirl - post on 13:16 on 04/14/2011

Male Doctors
"My doctor doesn't seem to be that sympathetic. I feel like it's something I've done, but I know it's not. And it is way more work than I ever thought it would be."
linaperl - post on 12:57 on 04/14/2011

I hear you, but . . .
"Hi JJ - I understand what you're saying. As an editor for the site, I just want to say, we tried to be as honest as possible with this article. I think a lot of outlets will give you "hope" at the expense of truth. The fact is, you CAN lose your belly fat, and it IS hard work. "
JJKnaack - post on 12:39 on 04/14/2011

Way too negative!
"There wasn't one positive thing said in this article for women. I felt something was missing with all this for sure. Where's the hope???"
melissiana - post on 12:16 on 04/14/2011

My Belly Fat Solution
"I do a power yoga class with Susan Powter here in Taos, New Mexico. She kicks our a...s, but amazing results 3 times a week. Also live stream every day on her radio show KVOT.com"
Andy - post on 11:08 on 04/14/2011

FINALLY-the truth
"OK, just what I've always thought. No magic. However, it might be time for me to look at the bank account and see if I can afford a tummy tuck. "
spcale - post on 10:57 on 04/14/2011

Dang it!
"Tha's all I have to say. Woman-55, 56 next month."
Suburbohemian - post on 10:40 on 04/14/2011

Very Intelligent Article
"It is full of hard truths and not misconceptions and I thank you for it."
pfitz@stites.com - post on 10:28 on 04/14/2011

Very informative
"This was a really good article. Thank you. It made a lot of sense and relieved some "stress" - lol "


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