ealdlf SAID:

I am 65 years old and have a ” turkey neck” for lack of a better word. I am interested in just having my neck area updated. My wrinkles do not bother me when I look in the mirror. What would be involved in having plastic surgery on my neck? Thank you

2 Answers

  1. DrWilliamRosenblatt wrote on :

    It’s a neck lift. It is surgery, done under sedation, it can be done in an out patient setting. You would need to have a consultation first though.

  2. DrKevinTehrani wrote on :

    Dear Elizabeth, thank you for your question. Depending on the anatomy of your neck, you may be a candidate for a neck lift. In this procedure, the muscles of the neck are tightened and the extra skin removed using minimal incisions under local anesthesia. Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure as you will need an in person consultation. Best of luck.

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