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Why are so many women so unhappy with their appearance that they feel they need to have surgery? A Clarisonic, a lovely cream, a good diet, exercise. I get it. But surgery?

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    Hi Constance,

    I am taking the liberty of answering this. Some women wear lots of makeup; others wear none. Some let their gray hair grow in; others cover it up at all costs…..etc.

    When I was 50, even 60, I asked the same question you did. I thought women who had “plastic surgery” were self-centered and foolish. No more. I’m 65 and I’ve had a few things done to my face: A chin implant, liposuction on my jowls, excess skin removed from my eyelids, and Ultherapy. And every single procedure made me look better. Yes, better. Not like I did at 21, 31, 41, or 51. But better than I looked at 65.

    You use the word “unhappy,” referring to how women who have plastic surgery feel about their appearance. Some women are, indeed, unhappy, which is their prerogative. Our feelings belong to each of us, don’t they? I wasn’t “unhappy.” I didn’t dwell on my eyelids or my jowls, but once i had the option to make them look better, I decided to take it.

    I use Clarisonic and very good creams. My diet is pretty good (most of the time) and although I don’t exercise as much as I should, I walk a fair amount. None of that is going to do for my chin, jowls, and eyes what plastic surgery did.

    I read a testimonial yesterday from a women who was so unhappy about the fat around her 60 plus year old tummy that she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror. She was an avid exerciser and diet fanatic, but couldn’t look her tummy fat, so she had a full tummy tuck at 64 and is thrilled. Although I still look at myself in the mirror, my tummy fat doesn’t thrill me either. I’m not planning on a tummy tuck, but I respect what my FOFriend did to change hers.

    I hope I’ve answered your question.

    Geri Brin

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