carrieobrien SAID:

I seem to scowl too often and have the creases between my eyes. Would Botox fix this?

3 Answers

  1. DrCsabaMagassy wrote on :

    Botox, like any of the preparations that paralyzes the muscles does a nice job of decreasing the “dynamic” wrinkles between the eyes..That should last between 3 to 6 months..For something more permanent, there is an endoscopic procedure that removes portions of the offending muscles..

  2. DrRobertaGartside wrote on :

    You are not alone in that may women and men too complain about this and Botox is a very good treatment option for this.

  3. DrWilliamRosenblatt wrote on :

    Botox will prevent the muscles in those creases from contracting, thus you should not be able to frown. It should last for about three months.

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