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What is the average recovery time for a tummy tuck?

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  1. Dr. Charles Wallace wrote on :

    Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is one of my procedures where I tell women, “you will be able to bounce a quarter on your stomach”. In order to get that great look, you need two weeks for recovery time. To help with your discomfort, we place a pain pump in for the first 4 days. At 4-6 weeks you will be fully recovered and picking out those new clothes!

  2. Dr. Wesley Myers wrote on :

    Every patient’s experience and convalescence is individualized.
    Some patient’s are very stalwart and recover quickly while other patients take a little extra time. You can expect to be off of work for at least 2 weeks depending on if you have an office job or a job that requires manual labor. I recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 4 weeks. After that time, I recommend that you slowly return to you normal routine. Again this is variable from patient to patient.

  3. Dr. James Boynton wrote on :

    A “tummy tuck” procedure is an outpatient procedure that many patients go home several hours after the procedure, and some choose to stay overnight more as a “luxury” but not a requirement. I am one of the first plastic surgeons in Houston to use Exparel which is a new local long acting “numbing” medication that has markedly decreased post operative pain and I believe for the first time made this procedure a true “outpatient” procedure. My patients are able to get back to cardio at 2 weeks, add light weights at 4 weeks after the procedure, and do abs and situps at 6 weeks. I recommend to all patients that are working to try to get 2 weeks off of work. I hope this helps!

  4. Dr. Elizabeth Morgan wrote on :

    Tummy tuck recovery is quite predictable – assuming no complications:
    Week 1: 5 days of pain, you need muscle relaxants and narcotic pain killers.
    Week 1-2: 10 days of less pain but exhaustion. You walk slowly, need medicine to sleep comfortably at night.
    Week 3 – you are at 60% energy – may get back to a near-by desk job but can do nothing else.Exhausted at night.
    Week 4 – Getting to work is easier. Some energy for easy chores.
    Week – you have almost 100% of normal energy and resume your full life.
    Hope this helps!

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