suzy0206 SAID:

I wear a 36F bra and feel very frumpy and top heavy. I would love to get a breast reduction. What is the average cost for this type of surgery and what is the recovery time involved?

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  1. Dr. Charles Wallace wrote on :

    After dealing with neck and back problems, our breast reduction patients are the happiest by far and wish they would have made the decision years before. Our breast reduction patients state that it has given them their lives back by eliminating the pain and making them active again.
    Since this is insurance related, it is difficult to give a price. Recovery time is 4-6 weeks and most patients are surprised with the minimal amount of pain.

  2. DrJeffreyDitesheim wrote on :

    Cost for a breast reduction: This depends on the complexity of the procedure, the technique, if liposuction is used. If insurance is not covering, and this is elective, you should expect to pay $6-10,000 for all expenses including operating room, anesthesia and surgeon. Recovery is usually two weeks, but many patients are able to return to work in less than 7 days. Dr. Ditesheim

  3. Dr. R. Thomas Noel wrote on :

    Breast reduction patients are among the happiest in a Plastic surgeons practice. Not only do they commonly get asked “Did you lose weight?”, but they feel so much better. Regarding costs, Breast reduction is commonly an insurance covered procedure that requires pre-approval by your Plastic Surgeon. Costs can certainly vary by region and Surgeon and Hospital if it’s done without insurance coverage, so it’s hard to give you an estimate. If you’ve had long standing back and neck problems, had physical therapy or chiropractic therapy, or other medical treatments for your symptoms it would be more likely to be covered. Visit with a Board Certified Plastic surgeon and check out your options and the cost if not covered. I ask patients to avoid vigorous activity for 4 to 6 weeks. Walking would be fine and most patients take about 5 weeks before an underwire bra becomes comfortable. We use soft sleep bras during that period.

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