choochoo SAID:

I’ve read horror stories of lumpy skin after laser lipo. Is that the norm? Also, what if it happens? Can it be corrected?

2 Answers

  1. DrMichaelHueneke wrote on :

    It is not the norm to have lumpy skin after liposuction, but can happen. Make sure you are seeing a board certified plastic surgeon. It can be corrected in many cases.

  2. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    Reason you have heard heart stories about lumps after laser liposuction is that a great number of non-surgeons have adopted this technique. Without adequate training lumpiness is relatively common. To reduce your risks as much as possible, seek a board certified plastic surgeon who has been doing liposuction for many years. Also remember, it is not the technique (whether the technique is tumescent, laser, or ultrasonic), it is the surgeon and their experience. Asked to see before and after pictures and discussed her concerns before agreeing to surgery.

    Center for Plastic Surgery, Highlands North Carolina

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