Wilson SAID:

I had silicone implants (textured bag)placed ,back in 1991. That was the 2nd time after first ones had problems. So they have been in now for 21 years. I’ve had no problems with them , but have just been told I need to replace them before they rupture. As at some point they probably will. It is not a procedure that I want to do again , after having them done twice to begin. I am now 54 and was hoping they would be fine indefinitely . Do you think the procedure needs to be redone ? If so why? If not why not?

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  1. CurtisWongMD wrote on :

    Once it was determined that silicone does not cause systemic disorders, the urgency to replace them has waned. Your implant is surrounded by a capsule that contains any ‘leakage’ from your implant should it be compromised. In the absence of any concerns or symptoms, there is no obligation you need to change them out. However, if there is any evidence that you do have a ruptured implant, its our knee jerk recommendation that you should replace them since its ‘broken’. But the decision is really up to you.

  2. DrEllenJanetzke wrote on :

    Several patients have asked this question recently. Some have been very misguided and told that they need to replace the implants as a precautionary act. We have heard ridiculous numbers like every 3-5 years. Most have said every ten years. I believe the ten year number came from the warranty information on most of the implants.
    My suggestion to you would be to wait and see if you need to replace them. If you are having no issues, they are not ruptured, there is no hardening or pain, leave them alone. Hope this helps!!

  3. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    If you have not had any problems with your implants (breast pain, change in size, change in shape or feel, for example) then it is unlikely there is a problem. However, at your age you have hopefully had several mammograms by now, and your implants were seen on these images as well. Being symptom free with no evidence of rupture on a mammogram, then you probably need nothing done. An MRI would help to confirm that the implant is truly intact if there is a question on the mammogram. Best to follow up with your plastic surgeon yearly, and take his or her recommendations based on your exam.

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