Is a psychoanalysis required before patients are allowed to receive rhinoplasties? Can the results of the psychoanalysis keep patients from being candidates for the procedure?

  • DrStephenGreenberg

    No- we do not require a psychoanalysis.

  • DrNealGoldberg

    psychoanalysis is not part of the pre-op work-up for rhinoplasty

  • DrMalcolmRoth

    Each individual has unique needs. It is certainly not unusual for a plastic surgeon to suggest a consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist before cosmetic surgery to determine if the patient is suitable for the operation. This is something that a well trained and thoughtful plastic surgeon should always consider.

  • DrWilliamRosenblatt

    IF the plastic surgeon thinks you may have issues they may ask you to be see by a psychiatrist first, but there is no requirement for psychoanalysis.