LeslieRenea SAID:

I have lost about 150 lbs I was wondering if there is another option to tighten the skin other than surgery?

5 Answers

  1. DrJanetTurkle wrote on :

    With the large volume weight loss you describe, surgery is the only effective treatment to tighten the tissue. Other therapies will not give you the type of result that is optimal in your situation. I would recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation to determine the best procedures for you.

  2. SRBrundage wrote on :

    In a situation as yours, unfortunately no. With large weight fluctuations such as yours the skins elasticity is irreversably damaged. Therefore any non surgical means to tighten your skin would be unsuccesful. Do not let someone try to talk you into a non surgical skin tightening machine. For you it would be a waste of your time and money. Get an opinion by a board certified plastic surgeon who is versed in patients who have lost large weights. Hope this helps.

  3. DrJohnOBrien wrote on :

    hello Leslie, congratulation on such a significant weight loss.in our practice we have tried multiple modalities and have found disappointing results with noninvasive skin tightening for patient’s in this condition. Our best results are with body contour procedures. We have significant experience in these procedures and look for a surgeon with a similar background. Best of luck. John J. O’Brien Junior M.D.

  4. DrBrookeSeckel wrote on :

    Congratulations Leslie that is a fantastic achievement! It will be very important to have an in person examination and consultation for a board certified plastic surgeon for a proper answer for you.
    That said, generally speaking non surgical skin tightening techniques like Thermage, Ulthera, Titan and others only achieve at best about 20% of the tightening that can be achieved by Tummy Tuck and other surgical options. If you have significan loose skin then surgery may be your best option. Be wary of the claims made on the internet about non surgical Tummy Tuck. See an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. You may read more in the following link: http://www.bostonplasticsurgeryspecialists.com/services/body/tummy-tuck-surgery/

  5. DrGustavoGalante wrote on :

    With that amount of weight loss, it is likely you have a large amount of excess skin which is best treated by surgically removing it. Non-surgical options are best used to very minimally loose skinwith little to no redundancy. But congratulations on the weight loss. Keep it up!!

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