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ASPS Option A

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Option A: FOF Week, The Beauty Bash &


I.  FOF Week (Sept 30 to-Oct 6, 2012)  

* You and your practice will be promoted in all marketing materials and in an FOF Week passport distributed to all attendees. You are invited to host an “open house” for as many days you like during which you can meet with FOF women in small groups or one-on-one to answer questions. 


* You are promoted in a dynamic FOF Week marketing campaign designed to drive women to visit your open house throughout the week.


II. The Beauty Bash (Sept 29). Receive:

* A private “office” for one-on-one consultations with attendees

* Prominent display of brochures or other marketing materials 

* An on-stage presentation* Limited to the first 25 doctors and / or practices who register

* Inclusion in all Beauty Bash marketing materials, including media packages, a directory for attendees, and a gift bag.


III. On online presence:

* One year Inclusion in a dedicated section called The Premier Plastic Surgeons in America including:

* Your photo

* Your contact information 

* A link to your website

* A testimonial from a patient and one B&A photo

* A featured interview on a timely subject.