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Aspirinpod could save your life! This adorable heart-shaped pillbox is perfectly sized to hold two adult aspirin or four baby aspirin--the dose doctors recommend you chew at the first sign of a heart attack.

It fits neatly everywhere, from your keychain to your golf bag, so you can be sure to have an aspirin with you if you or someone you love needs it in an emergency.

One order contains 10 Aspirinpods, so you can store them everywhere you might need them...or gift them to the people you love!

Lead time 5-10 business days.


Why we love it

A brilliant idea by a brilliant FOF. Aspirinpod fits easily on your keychain or in your purse. Plus, it the perfect little gift for your husband, best friend, mom, sister....or anyone you love!

About the manufacturer

Asprinpod was designed and patented by FOF Patti Frenette. She was inspired by her brother, who suffered a heart attack at 54-years-old. His wife gave him an aspirin to chew at the onset of heart attack symptoms, and according to his doctor, it saved his life. Pattiā€™s brilliant creation is designed to make sure everyone has the a life-saving aspirin at hand.


Aspirinpod (10 pack)