The Hose Knows: Nude
The Hose Knows: Nude The Hose Knows: Nude
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The Hose Knows: Nude

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The Hose Knows: Nude

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Super-smart tights that can be worn three ways: closed toe, open toe, or at ankle-high length. A flap underneath the foot, allows the hose to be converted so you can wear them with closed-toe shoes, peep-toes, or sandals. Thanks to patented technology, these tights have no bothersome toe seam. Why didn’t we think of that? Sheer for year- round wear. Manufactured in the U.S. from 20 denier nylon making them department-store quality at a drugstore price. Available in black or nude, sizes A-D.

No returns unless damaged.

Why we love it

Ever go to get a pedicure then realize you’re wearing pantyhose? What a nightmare...until now! These dream tights make pedicures, dance classes or podiatry visits completely hassle-free--just flip a simple flap to expose your bare feet. Plus, you can wear them with peep toe shoes and avoid unsightly webbing peeking through.

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