Aloe Cadabra®: French Lavender
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Aloe Cadabra®: French Lavender

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Aloe Cadabra®: French Lavender

2 reviews
(2 reviews)

"If you have pain during sex...try a natural Rx lube with Aloe Cadabra, an all-natural lubricant made with organic aloe vera."
--Natural Health Magazine

Aloe Cadabra is the first all-natural lubricant made from 95% organic aloe vera. It contains Vitamin E to soothe and nourish while lubricating, and it’s pH balanced for a woman’s body. It allows for glide, ease, effectiveness--which for you means more fun! Naturally-scented with luscious French lavender for an even more enhanced experience. 2.5 oz.


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Why we love it

It’s the only all-natural way for FOFs to rev things up!