Anxiety Doesn’t Solve Problems

Snuggles with our hubbies help some of us, but others relieve our anxiety in more elaborate ways. Living with apprehension is no fun, and worrying just seems to exacerbate the situation. So, whatever it takes, get that anxiety out of your system. Pronto!

“A cup of hot tea and no TV. Try to relax and not to dwell. If it’s really hard, I have medication from my doctor that relieves anxiety. Sometimes, just sitting outside or taking a walk helps a bit. Talking to someone who understands also helps a lot. It’s not easy.”

Barbara Stanisci

“Learning to relax with Reiki therapy has helped me a great deal. Took meds for 18 years. Been off all meds for almost 10. Natural healing is MUCH BETTER than drugs.”

Karin Palm Coburn

“Snuggling with my hubby always helps.”

Sharon Weeder-Smytheman

“The gym and lots of water! I’ve been drinking teas, instead of coffee! Lots of hugs!”

Lisa Renee’ Neisslie

“Tried every natural remedy-meditation, acupuncture. Suffered for years. I did not want to take meds, but after years of suffering and moments that were ruined because of it, decided to start taking medication. Now, I feel perfectly fine and I have my life back. Taking a low dose, just enough to relieve the excess and I continue to take care of myself in other ways. A mix of medical and natural.”

Sophie Crête

“Deep breathing and being appreciative.”

Cathy Foote Mountford

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Scary Things That Have Happened To Us Recently

Some of us are darn lucky because the scariest thing that’s happened to us recently was misplacing a credit card. Others, not so lucky. Life’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

“I was nearly wiped out on a motorway by a car that spun out of control in the fast lane, missing me only because I touched the brakes gently. It continued to spin, smashing into the barrier in the main lane . The driver was killed. Only time in my life where I know I could have died.”

Debbie Tynan

“My marriage falling apart and having lost our beautiful period home with pool and quarter acre block…for a while it looked like we would be homeless..and losing my son to my husband, as my son had to live with him..horribly scary , heartbreaking, incredibly sad..33 years of marriage meant nothing to my husband.”

Carine Munro

“Menopause heart palpitations.”

Debbee Taylor Melzow

“Losing my nursing job because I became very sick!”

Pauline Green

“My husband died in November.”

Karen Marshall-Salyers

The Most Memorable Thing Your ‘Child’ Has Done For You

Many parents jest that they only hear from their children when they want something. That may be true, but some of our offspring really spring into action to show us their love when it’s least expected. Take these kids, for example!

My son Matthew sent me roses for Valentine’s Day while he was overseas serving our country. I’ll never forget how awesome that was!”
Kelli Wight

“My daughter saved my life with minutes to spare when she MADE a hospital doctor examine me when no one else could see how poorly I was. Then she and my son–aged 23 and 17–spent months visiting me in hospital and further months getting me well again at home. I am so proud of them.”
Jayne Sims


14 Ways To REALLY Show Your Love On Valentines Day

Start giving him (sincere) compliments, at least once a day, starting on Valentine’s Day

(A nice word can go a long way!)


How Often You See Your Adult ‘Kids’

We often can’t wait for our kids to get out of the house when they’re teenagers. But, oh, how we love to see them walking up our front steps once they become adults, with real jobs, actually nice personalities and homes of their own. When we asked how often you see your grown ‘kids,’ your responses were engaging, as always!

“As often as possible…love love love seeing my adult children and their families as much as we can but try hard always not to pressure.. they are all building and living their lives which is just as it should be…when we do get together it’s lovely, just lovely to see them, talk with them, feed them and love them .. aww and then there’s the added beautiful bonus of the grandchildren.”

Heather Hailstone Bradshaw

“Never. I’m in Oregon, one lives in Texas (6 yrs. since I’ve seen him) and the other now lives in Hawaii, but before that Nevada (I’ve seen him once in 4 yrs.). And I hate it.”

Jodi Smith Rasar

My only son moved to Vermont last July for my daughter- in-law to pursue her master’s degree, I live in California. We Skype once seek but I miss him terribly.  I’m planning to visit them in the spring.”

Deborah Lee Wilson

During holidays. We hope to move to be closer to two of them. None is closer than a 10-hour drive. They left Indiana after college to find good jobs.”

Debra Klockow

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If We Were Her, We’d Pose in a Bathing Suit, Too!

This is Teresa Hensley of West Virginia, a project manager for a major telecommunications company, where she’s worked for 30 years.


When A Friend Doesn’t Pay You Back

You loaned your best friend $200 three months ago and she hasn’t paid you back.


“Too late now. Either suck it up and ask her for it or let it go. Before you lend, you better get it straight in your head that you’ll not be getting it back because lending to friends/family never works. Or, if you must lend and must have it back, get everything in writing up front.”
Lorie Myers Worley

Ask if she needs more.”
Betty Delaney


What Your Front Door Says About You

Before buying a house in Brooklyn six months ago, I lived in apartment buildings for my entire adult life, so I never gave a second thought to the front doors. Apartment front doors wouldn’t win design awards, even in luxury buildings in Manhattan, and you’re not permitted to change them.

The front door to my new house was downright ugly, from the design, with a little “window” that was better suited for a prison, to the depressing brown paint.  It also was smaller than the original front door, which was actually a double door that stood an imposing 8-feet tall. Some of the houses on the block still have their grand original doors, dating from around 1899. And, my door had a hideous black iron gate in front of it, probably dating back to the days when the neighborhood was, unfortunately, riddled with crime. Both doors had to go!

Every time I visited Brooklyn before I even contemplated moving here, I’d love to look at front doors in the borough’s distinct neighborhoods. Each door imparted a different vibe, so I had a pretty good idea what I wanted by the time it came to choosing one of my own. A rep from Home Depot told me there wasn’t enough space to have double doors, and even when I pointed out the double doors at the same style house a few doors away, his opinion didn’t change. I later learned that Home Depot doesn’t do custom doors in unconventional sizes (at least by today’s standards), so the guy fibbed rather than risk losing the sale. He lost the sale anyway, because Santos (who built my kitchen and bedroom closets) told me that, of course, he could make tall double doors that resembled the originals.

I originally wanted  black doors, but decided to go with blue because it’s happier, but still looks smart. Consulting with the people at Farrow & Ball, I chose their Cook’s Blue, which isn’t too bright or too subdued. The new steel rails leading up to the door are painted in a slightly darker shade of blue. The whole effect is sunny and welcoming, even on a bleak January day.

Each of the 11 doors we’ve photographed below, in New York and LA, conveys a unique mood. We’d love to see a photo of YOUR FRONT DOOR, with a note on what it says about YOU. You can email your photo to


What You Are Most Looking Forward To This Year

What does 2017 have in store for YOU?!

“I turn 50 this year.”

Tamara Williams

Staying cancer free, being financially stable and loving my job, just drama free.”

Connie Renee Sargent

“Marriage…Or not”

Linda Diane Ferber

Good health to me, my family and friends! If you’ve got good health, you’ve got everything!”

Karin Anderson Chaves

An opportunity to make a difference.”

Di Kostielney Goodrich


To Retire… Or Not To Retire?

Some of us quit working in our fifties, happy as can be. Others, though, are starting new careers and looking for new adventures during their ‘second halves.’ Just as we redefined marriage, sports and sex, we’re redefining ‘retirement.’ When we asked at what age you’d like to retire, this is how you responded.

Retirement Calendar

“My husband retired at 45 as a 100 percent disabled veteran. I went back to work to save my sanity. He spends his days volunteering all over town. I see myself working until I’m 65, because I need to be able to support myself if anything happens to him.”
Katie O’Berry