How You Feel About Fashion

Valerie and Debra Anne are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to their attitude about fashion. Whose side are you on?

“Yes I love looking good and feeling good but I do not follow silly trends.”
Els Vicente

Totally! It gets better as I get older! Never giving up!!!
Lori Legault


Stand-Out Stunners at Irresistible Prices

Now that a new year has arrived, it would be fun to refresh my wardrobe with exciting new pieces. So, when Eva Trends reached out to us, I was pleased to see its cool Boho looks, including swingy linen/cotton dresses to casual, loose tops and relaxed, baggy bottoms.

Eva Trends direct-to-consumer prices are unbeatable! They’re irresistible since the company is offering a generous and exclusive 20 percent discount to the FOF community on your first purchase. You’ll even receive a free scarf with your purchase. 


Acknowledging Those Who Impacted Our Lives

We asked you to tell us who had the biggest influence on your life, besides your parents. Here’s a selection of our favorite responses. Each so different. Each showing how lucky we are to have others who did so much for us.

“Grandmother, aunt and a boss. Women need role models.”
Jackie Ralph

“Maternal grandparents and perhaps my advisor in college who wouldn’t let me quit.”
Carole Crane (more…)

Your Perfect Partner: A Rich Workaholic Or Passionate And Empathetic?

We couldn’t say it better than Cindy or with more humor than Paulette. When it comes to choosing the perfect partner, we’re as different as night and day, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, the mountains and the beach.
You get the point!

I’ve been in both situations. I would much rather have an empathetic, affectionate partner. Money doesn’t hold you, look into your eyes and soothe your soul when you’re going through the often dark valleys of life, but a loving partner surely can. NOTHING is more powerful and everlasting than the power of love, especially money.”
Cindy Anelante

“At my age I could so deal with the rich workaholic!”
Beth Hall

Rich! I’ve married for love twice and it sucks. I should have gone for money.”
Lois Sullivan Vella


Put On A Happy Face

It’s fun to be happy. Period. These are the things that recently delighted 16 of us!

My new teaching job. I still can hardly believe I was chosen for this position. I love it!”
DeeAynn Durbin

Playing in the snow. It lasted less than a day, but it was great.”
Carol Smothers-Swift

The relationship I enjoy with my new daughter-in-law.”
Robyn Ann


How Would You Answer These Questions?

We’re always excited to read your comments in response to our questions on Facebook. They show us time and again how smart, creative, kind, logical, perceptive and acerbic we can be. And funny, like Pauline Coombs.

How do you deal with confrontation?

I confront it and deal with whatever the issue may be in a respectful way. Most misunderstandings are easily fixed by honest conversation. It’s only a problem when one of the parties is not being honest, whether with the other person or themselves”
Jo-Anne K. Hughes

As little as possible. I don’t do well with confrontation. I will do anything to avoid it.”
Paulette Greyn


Sock It To ‘Em

You’re passionate every year about stuffing the Christmas stockings with loads of delightful little gifts for your wonderful family, but with less than three weeks before the big day, you don’t see how you’re going to get it done! It’s easy to shop online for the big presents, but when it comes to the smaller goodies, you’d prefer to see what strikes your fancy in the shops. But oh, who needs the holiday traffic and crowds?

Fret not! The majority of us have a store within five miles of our homes where we can find unique and affordable gifts that will earn each of us the Stocking Stuffer of The Year award. Better yet, you won’t have to brave the madness at the mall, where you leave with a giant headache.

Before I tell you which store I mean, let me show you the stocking stuffers I discovered there this weekend. (more…)

Fast With Food

This post was SPONSORED by ProLon. All opinions are my own.

Wouldn’t it be sublime if you could finally get rid of the visceral fat around your belly, have more energy, and help your cells act like they did when you were younger, in only three months?

You wouldn’t have to starve, suffer on a never-ending diet where you deprive yourself of so many foods you enjoy, or exercise incessantly to ensure that all these awesome things actually do take place in your body.

Here’s what you’ll have to do: Eat a meticulously formulated, strictly controlled assortment of food with high healthy fat, very low protein, a moderate amount of carbs, low sugar and salt for only five days a month, for three consecutive months. You’ll accomplish all the really good things that fasting does, but it’ll be safer and easier, give you more energy, and, you’ll get to eat!  

This game-changing dietary program, called the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD™), has been scientifically proven to positively impact biological aging and related health risk factors.  Those are pretty weighty claims, but considering more than $26 million of federally funded research went into creating the program, and it was in development for 20 years, I wanted to give it a try and tell you about it!

Throughout my experience (at the time of writing this it was day 4!) I’ve lost weight; my mind is clearer and brighter; my insides feel ‘cleaner’, and I have plenty of energy.  Going on the plan isn’t the easiest undertaking (I felt a bit headachy on the second and third days), but I forge on when I think of all the great things it’s doing for me.  Eating like this for five days isn’t an insurmountable goal. Over 20,000 people have already experienced the diet.

Fasting Isn’t Fun, But It Really Makes Sense

Improving our health by fasting dates back many centuries; as a matter of fact, Hippocrates and Plato were big fans of fasting. Can’t get better endorsements than theirs, even if they’re not on Yelp! And, scientists believe that ever since hunter-gatherers had erratic access to food, humans have evolved with livers and muscles that store quickly accessible carbohydrates in the form of glycogen, and fat tissue holding long-lasting energy reserves. We could sustain ourselves for weeks without food, as long as we had water!


You Won’t Believe What Her Husband Called Her!

Do you ever stop to think about how your partner would describe you? When we asked you to tell us, in just five words, your answers were priceless. Ladies, you’re the best!

Beautiful person inside and out
Lisa Fielden

He says he only needs one word – Awesome! Awwweeee – he’s so sweet!”
Barb Linares (more…)

What Dreams You’re Chasing

If you don’t have at least one dream you’re chasing, life wouldn’t be much fun, we say. Ten FOFs reveal their dreams, and each is as wonderful as the next. What’s your dream?

“Hoping I get to spend alone time with my husband before we die. We’ve been married almost 28 years and have always had a house full of kids. We’ve never even been on a vacation alone.”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

“Home of my own back on the beach!”
Robin Ford

“Moving to Florida.”
Sharon Nadeau (more…)