This Sparkling Necklace Can Help Save The Lives Of Children In Your Community

We’re excited to keep warm and radiate style this winter with Chico’s holiday sweaters, and we’re also pleased to share with you a lovely pendant necklace, designed to benefit sick children.

Miracle Necklace, just $25, glitters in gold or silver, and would delight any exceptional woman on your gift list.

What makes it even more special is that Chico’s will give $10 for every necklace sold to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization which raises funds and awareness for 170 children’s hospitals that provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and Canada. Donations will benefit CMN Hospitals that are located closest to where the necklaces are purchased, including online purchases.

Sixty-two children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital every minute.collage

Some are battling cancer. Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others require constant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic disease. Donations to the Network help support the children through research and training, purchasing equipment and assisting for uncompensated care, all with the goal of saving as many lives as possible.

Launched in 1983 by Marie Osmond and her family, as well as John Schneider, Mick Shannon and Joe Lake, CMN Hospitals has raised over $5 billion, primarily from small donations. Chico’s and its sister brands (White House Black Market, Soma and Boston Proper) have been CMN Hospitals partners since 2011, and have raised over $6 million.

We encourage you to join us and Chico’s in supporting this estimable cause by purchasing a Miracle Necklace online or in boutiques. It won’t just make someone look good; it will make them feel good.

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Thanksgiving 1965 v. 2015

If you were born in 1964, which makes you one of the last baby boomers, you most likely don’t remember Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1965.

But we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane to that day, half a century ago, when life was simpler. Or, was it?


1965 | If you were hip (and wealthy) 50 year ago, you might have served Thanksgiving dinner in a dress from YSL’s Mondrian collection

2015 | It’s called color block today, but it’s got 1965 written all over it. Designed by Duro Olowu


6 Cool Ways To Keep Warm This Holiday Season

Sweaters have become the most versatile items of clothing a woman can own.

Sure, they help keep us feeling cozy during harsh winter days, but brilliant designers are giving them so many great looks, we can wear a different sweater for every occasion throughout the week. Whether you’re slouching around the house on a snow day, or going absolutely glam for a holiday event, there’s a sweater that will let you do it in style!

Its sweaters are long and lean; short and statement-making; festive, fringy, and flirty; sophisticated, shimmery, and sumptuous. Necks are cowled, rolled, and wrapped, or softly and simply scooped. And whether you like your sweaters open or closed, splashy or subtle, in chic black or radiant red, you won’t be able to find a more stylish-looking selection than at Chico’s. (more…)

[POLL] Do You Hate Your Boss?

It’s always enlightening to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues (and some not so complex issues), then we report the results back to you!


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Does YOUR Job Go Unrecognized?

100 million Americans do important jobs we rely on each day, which often go unrecognized. We joined the “1 in 100 million” campaign, sponsored by Kronos, to share the story of Shannon, a gal just like us, who drives trucks… and loves it!

Shannon Nesmith, 43, is a truck driver from Clermont, FL. “That’s a lady up there!” onlookers may say when she is maneuvering a sharp turn. What fellow highway drivers don’t realize, when they look up at Shannon through their windows, is that she loves her job and is on a mission to get it done.


Ever since she was little girl, Shannon was always sticking her head out the window trying to get truck drivers to honk at her.

Fast forward to today, and she’s delivering cargo loads up to 44,000 pounds around the country. Her deliveries include aluminum and plastic pipes, golf carts, military equipment, and even log flumes for a water ride at Six Flags. (more…)

10 Ways To Surprise Your Family During The Holidays

1. Invite your son or daughter’s long-lost childhood friend over for dinner

friends (more…)

You’re The Tops!

If you have a belly, like I do, you’ll love the Cascading Vest from Covered Perfectly.

The ingenious piece softly drapes over your hip and tummy areas, to present a slimming look. Or, you can tie the longer front panels at the waist when you’ve won your belly-busting battle.

I’m wearing the Blue Leopard vest over the company’s popular Simple Comfort Micromodal and Spandex top with three-quarter sleeves, and my own black velvet pants. These two Covered Perfectly tops, along with lots of other styles, come in a range of colors and patterns to suit any occasion, and personality, all year long.

[POLL] How Do YOU Spend The Holiday Season?

It’s always enlightening to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues (and some not so complex issues), then we report the results back to you!



9 Ways To Avoid Seasonal Depression

1. Take a 30-minute walk on a brisk, sunny day

walkingVitamin D from the sun helps fight against feeling low, even when it’s cold out.

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Help Your Single Friend, Sister, Mom, Co-Worker Find Love!

Who didn’t fall in love with Jonah, the little boy who wanted to find a new wife for his lonely father, after his mother died, in the 1993 hit movie Sleepless in Seattle?

Jonah struck pay dirt. After all, who knew better than he what kind of woman would make his dad happy!

Now, picture a grown-up Jonah. We’ll call him Matt. Like Jonah, Matt wanted to help his “mum” (he’s British) find a companion. Divorced ever since Matt was 8 years old, mum, a teacher, never remarried or had any long-term partners, and Matt thought it was time she did. (more…)