FOF (Anonymous) Survey #1: Marriage, Sex and Affairs

It’s always enlightening (and entertaining) to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Starting today, and each week going forward, FabOverFifty will ask members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues. We’ll run a thumbnail synopsis of the results the following week.


What’s The Matter With Kids Today?

Sure, we adore our adult kids, but don’t we sometimes look at them and think they’ve landed from another planet? The amazing innovations of the 21st century, technology to take-out, have helped them shape some pretty amazing habits (as in stupefying.) Woefully, many of the (good) habits that defined us are going the way of the tyrannosaurus rex.


Stay Cool And Dry Through Your Night Sweats

Let’s face it, there’s nothing good to say about night sweats. Whether they’re caused by menopause or simply stress, they can take a toll on your sleep cycle, leaving you exhausted, wet, and sticky.

It’s time to get your sleep schedule back on track!


11 Signs You’re One Great Mom

These 11 gifts are better than any bouquet of roses, box of chocolate, or piece of bling you could ever get from any child! Better yet, you get them all year long, not just on the second Sunday of May.

Consider yourself an awesome mom if your kids…

1. Call just to say hi



Mary Ann’s Guide To Taking An Action-Packed Vacation

While Mary Ann’s closest friends are content to bask on the beach for their vacations, she’s always opted for holidays jam packed with adventure, from crossing the Costa Rican jungle on a zipline to biking hundreds of miles in the French countryside. What’s more, Mary Ann is perfectly happy to vacation alone, leaving her husband at home, if he’s not up to one of her “exhilarating experiences.”



The 14 Rules of FOFashion

My friend, Pauline Durban, is celebrating the second anniversary of her company, Covered Perfectly, which offers a broad selection of tops that do just what the name of her business says they’ll do: Cover (Us) Perfectly!PaulineCoveredPerfectly

Pauline’s tops keep selling well, not just because they’re absolutely flattering, but also because they’re easy care, available in wonderful colors and prints, and are well priced. “Many designers may have my kind of tops, but they don’t want to advertise ‘attractive clothes for older women,’” Pauline told me. “I have customers in their seventies who still want to look good.” While younger women also like Pauline’s tops, she isn’t reticent to associate her tops with FOF women.

I asked Pauline to tell us some of the things she’s learned about women and fashion since she became a designer.


10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Dating Website

Choosing the dating website that’s right for you can be as stressful as choosing the right man. Each one has a distinct personality and looks. To help make your decision easier–and get you together with a site that’s going to help you find your Mr. Right– heed our tips.


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15 Foolproof Tips for Taking Your First Excursion Alone with Your Grandchild

Every new grandmother dreams of the day she’ll be able to take her grandchild on an outing, a short vacation, or simply home for an overnight stay. But no matter what excursion you take with your grandchild, it’s crucial to make sure the timing–and circumstances– are absolutely right, so the stage will be set for enjoying each other’s company for years.



One Date You MUST Plan With Your Husband

Couples that don’t talk about money issues, from paying bills to planning retirement, just might wind up doing their talking in divorce court, with a lot less money to their names than they’d like!

Forty-four percent  of couples believe money is the biggest cause of divorce, and 56 percent believe spending is the biggest financial topic leading to divorce. Yet, 29 percent  of couples have less than  $25,000 saved for retirement, according to a revealing survey conducted by Edelman Financial Services (EFS).

“We don’t have a spending problem, we have a saving problem,” says David Bach, Vice Chairman of EFS and author of the #1 National bestselling book, Smart Couples Finish Rich.  


Discover The Ultimate Shopping Solution. Really!


If you’ve never heard of the website,, I recommend that you click your way on over there, pronto! stands out in an e-commerce world of sameness and mediocrity because it uses short, informative videos to show and tell about each product it sells, all selected by stylists, makeup artists, nutritionists, and other experts, who really do know the best from the busts!

I’ve found scores of cool and clever, unusual and uber-useful products that let us effortlessly solve everyday problems. Here are 5 of my favorites.