Are Your “Kids” Best Friends?

Just because they’re siblings doesn’t mean they’re going to be “thick as thieves,” as the adage goes. Our “kids” might not even like each other. Although that might sadden some of us, many of us are realistic about the rift in our children’s relationships.

P.S. Make sure to read Christy’s funny comment.

Girl and boy, now 25 and 23. Used to be very close growing up. Then moved apart due to being so different and wanting so much different out of life. Both really great people though. She lives in Chicago, he lives close to us in Texas. They’re getting closer again, face timing, planning on a trip to visit soon. Really makes me happy, I think they’ll remain close now.”
Marshall Devall

Absolutely! Both boys, 19 & 22. They hang out together with the same group of friends! Play hockey together a couple times a week!”
Kim Liinamaa (more…)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

My elegant mother-in-law refused to acknowledge that she needed hearing aids, and would often make believe she was following conversations among groups of people. When we dined in noisy restaurants, she became completely lost!

Hearing aids aren’t what they used to be, but are you just like my mother in law?

Please give us the anonymous answers to these questions, and learn how you stack up against your FOFriends when it comes to your hearing.

1. Do you think you hear as well as you used to?

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2. If you don’t think you hear as well as you used to, have you had your hearing checked?

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3. If you answered no to question #2, why haven’t you had your hearing checked?

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4. Do you currently wear hearing aids?

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5. If you found out you needed hearing aids, would you get them?

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6. If you answered no to question #5, why wouldn’t you get hearing aids?

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7. If you do wear hearing aids, are you happy with them?

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8. If you answered no to question #7, why aren’t you happy with them?

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9. What percent of people who need hearing aids actually get them?

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The Best And The Worst Of 18 Cities

Most of us have love hate relationships with the cities and towns where we live. Here, 18 FOFs tell us the best–and worst–attributes of the places they call “home.” We loved hearing from women from Bolsover in the UK to Ship Bottom in New Jersey.

Sacramento, California

Stacey M.

Best: Proximity to really awesome places like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe

Worst: Crime, population growth, traffic, air quality and summer heat


When Life Threw Her A Curve, She Became A Curvy Widow

Bobby is a 50-something owner of a construction company, married for decades to a uber-successful writer. They have no children. When her husband suddenly dies, and Bobby does her share of grieving, she figures her love life is caput. Her therapist thinks otherwise, and advises her to go on to meet a new man. She creates Curvy Widow as her username, and begins her wild and woolly journey into the world of online dating.  

If you’ve ever attempted to meet a man through the internet, you know what that’s like. Nerds. Cheapskates. Sex-starved creeps. Married men! Bobby found out, too.


How To REALLY Help Out A Sick Friend

If a good friend or relative becomes critically ill, our words of comfort and periodic visits can only go so far to relieve her of her anxiety. We can, and should, do a great deal more to help her during stressful times.

Consider these recommendations, and please pass on any others in the comments section.


19 Secrets for Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep can be elusive as we age. But, we need it. We REALLY need it. “Sleep is brain food,” says Dr. Partha Nandi, host of the syndicated television show, ASK DR. NANDI.

With that important message in mind, here are wonderful tips on improving your sleep from 18 FOFriends, plus Geri Brin’s own recommendation. We love each and every one!

“Yes, the right mattress, mattress topper, and pillow combination. It took me years to get all three right.”

Kelly S.


10 Must Dos Once You Turn 50

You’re lucky you got to 50!
Now, make the most it it.

Schedule important medical tests

One woman we know was so busy working, she missed her colonoscopy appointment. When she finally got around to having the test, she had advanced colon cancer. She died in her 50s!


Yes or No: Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

When we asked if you believe in the adage, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” we got some pretty psychological answers. Seems that getting older can bring with it the ability to see some situations in gray, rather than only black or white. Rebecca explains it well, so we put her comment first.

Gotta love FOF women!

“At one time in my life I would have defiantly said YES! However, being older & wiser I can say with certainty that there are two kinds of cheaters-ones that love the thrill & will never change & ones that truly made very bad judgement & if you are dealing with THIS kind of person you will immediately see heartfelt remorse & a strong desire to do anything that needs to be done….to make amends.”



Would You Invite Your Aging Parents To Live With You?

Some of us have houses far larger than we need, but would never dream of inviting an aging parent to live with us. Others wouldn’t dream of having dad or mom live anywhere else, even if we had to sacrifice our own comforts. Sometimes, it’s just plain impossible to take care of the physical and emotional needs of an elderly parent, no matter how much we want to care for them under our own roof.

Sixteen members of the FabOverFifty community tell us what it was like to have their folks move in, why they wouldn’t think of it, or why they actually might move in with them.

“My mother knows that when she is ready she has a place with me. She loves her independence, and right now is still active enough to be on her own. I travel with her as the ‘baggage carrier’.”

Jacqueline Lovell-Santos (more…)

What To Absolutely Give Your ‘Kid’ Before He Heads Off For College

Pretty soon, your little chick is going to flee the nest and head off to college, for the first or fourth time, and you’ll be heading to Bed, Bath & Beyond for sheets, towels, and all the other necessities she’ll need to live on her own!

You also might want to include some of these in her (or his) luggage, to make her life as stress free as possible.

After all, that’s what parents are for, right?!


Even if he doesn’t display a framed photo of you and his siblings on his dorm dresser, he can stash it in a drawer and sneak a peak when he’s feeling homesick. This frame will also let him see you in action, which makes it that much cooler!   


Save her from making a mad dash to the drugstore when she cuts her leg shaving in the shower or develops a headache from too much studying.


Sure, the dorm or library has a printer your kid can use, but just think how much more time he can devote to writing the paper when he can print it right in his room. (more…)