Win A Colorful Soulevant Chemise

Upset with the lack of support from traditional nightgowns, FOF Linda Wallace-Blau created Soulevant, a line of colorful, and comfortable—chemises designed with built-in, wire-free bras.

Now, one lucky FOF will get to own one of Linda’s gowns, just in time for spring. The winner will pick from the Tropical, Zebra, and Ocean prints. Great in bed, these mid-length gowns also can double as sundresses or beach cover-ups.

Priced at $90, the gowns are 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, so they have just the right amount of give. They’re also machine washable and made in the USA!


Meet Tyanna and Her Two Little ‘Piggies’

I recently asked which glasses you liked better
on me, the heavy looking black frames
or the lighter blue frames.

Although the overwhelming majority of women chose the blue, which I also love, I’ve been wearing the black frames for now since I wanted a change.

An interesting email relating to my glasses popped up this morning, from Tyanna Moon (gotta love her name) of Tacoma WA, where she is a leasing consultant.

The mother of a 21-year-old son in college, Tyanna remarried seven months ago, after being single for 17 years. Here is her email:

“I first thought the black, then I gave them a closer, thoughtful look and decided on the blue. But it’s really about you. Do you like the look? Does it fit who you are? Own the look, then truly you can wear it. I know this isn’t always true, but in this case, I believe it is.


7 Ways To Improve Yourself This Spring

Spiff up your home without breaking the bank.

Snap up 4 cool spring fashion looks for less!

Sharpen up with 5 leading beauty procedures
(and a knife is nowhere in sight)!

Sign up your face and neck for a skin care soirée.

Snuggle up with a suspenseful new book.

Jump up into a 3-minute-a-day exercise program.

Up the return from the creams and gels you’re using.

The Smartest, Simplest Way To Pay For Your Home Improvements

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I only recommend products or services I believe will be helpful for our readers.
All insights and expressed opinions are my own. —Geri Brin

Ed Note: This article is a must read for 57 percent of you who own a home and plan to spend money
on home improvement projects this year.

David and I were forced to leave our rental apartment in New York three years ago because the building was being converted into trillion dollar condos (OK, not trillion, but multi-million). We decided to move back into an apartment I’ve owned since 1992, where my daughter and her husband had been living. They were moving elsewhere. One problem: The apartment needed lots of work, since I hadn’t done anything with it in years.


4 Spring Fashion Trends and How To Get Them For Less

Spring is definitely in the air!

Thank goodness we’re coming out of hibernation and starting to pack away
our heavy winter jackets, warm sweaters and comfy pants. We can’t wait to hit the shops so we can welcome in the sunshine with the beautiful colors of the season.

No matter how many clothes we own, what woman doesn’t love to buy at least a few new pieces when the weather changes? Here’s a list of four great spring looks, which you can (happily) incorporate into your wardrobe, without putting a crimp in your budget.


{Frocks of Gibralter} Choosing The Perfect Gifts For Our Favorite FUFs (Fab Under Fifty Women)

It’s always fun to spot the gifts you’re pretty certain will please the 20-and-30-something daughters, nieces and friends in your life.

To help ensure that you put a big smile across a young woman’s face when she opens the box, first get a handle on her style. Remember, you’re not buying something you like. This is about her, and just because you think Banana Republic blouses are cool, doesn’t mean she wants to slip into one.

My daughter-in-law is Casual Cool, so it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll score if I buy her something from brands like Madewell or The Gap. Check out our suggestions for your favorite gals, from your Modern Boho daughter to your Preppy Chic colleague.


What’s Today’s Version Of Spin The Bottle?

Before the Sexual Revolution of the sixties, playing
spin the bottle and “making out” were our ideas of “hot”
times. After, well, that was a whole other story.

Which of these activities represented
YOUR involvement with boys?

1. Talking to your girlfriend about your crush on your Princess Phone


Financing Your Daughter’s Big Day: When It Makes Good Sense to Say “I Will!”

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sponsorship to write it, and provides more information at
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be helpful for my readers.
All insights and expressed opinions are my own. —Geri Brin

Catherine’s 29-year-old daughter, Karli, recently became engaged to a darling young man with a promising career as an accountant, and there’s nothing more Catherine would like to do for her than make a memorable wedding. But she figures the celebration is going to cost in the neighborhood of $20,000, in their hometown of Des Moines, which means she will have to dip into her 401K to help pay the wedding expenses.

“I’ve got the money but I’d rather not go into
my retirement account, which is earning good interest. I’d also have to pay income taxes on what I withdraw,” Catherine pondered.

Although we all know a wedding doesn’t have to cost $20,000, Catherine’s estimate isn’t too far off the mark. The national average spent on a wedding in 2013, excluding the honeymoon, was $29,858, according to the annual Real Weddings Survey by, which polled 13,000 U.S. brides and grooms. Even in Utah and Idaho, which had the lowest average spends in 2013, weddings cost $16,816 and $16,169 respectively. (The average was $86,918 in New York City!)

What Catherine doesn’t know, but should be delighted to hear, is that she can possibly finance Karli’s wedding at a fixed interest rate as low as 5.99%APR with autopay, and pay off the loan agreement from her and her husband’s income. This will allow her to keep her high performing assets intact (where she’s been earning well over 6% annually) and avoid using credit cards to pay for wedding expenses.


What’s Your Dating Style?

Whether we’re on a first date or the 1,000th date, after years with our mate, each of us has developed a dating style. While some FOFs abhor the idea of a formal evening, others like nothing more than getting “dressed up,” even for a movie.

Which of these dating types best defines you?

1. The Beauty Queen

Date nights give you perfect excuses to slip on your heels, a bit of bling, and a slinky new dress.


Could You Support Yourself During Tough Times?

This post is sponsored by Edelman Financial Services.

Chances are, you know a woman who was left financially strapped after her husband died,
or she went through a horrible divorce.

Don’t let that woman be you.

Last fall, we learned about important seminars that empower women to take control of their financial futures. No, these are not “get-rich-quick” schemes, but are valuable lessons detailing nine steps to help plan your financial future and retirement. Not only will you learn the skills to protect yourself in both good times and challenging times, but also your loved ones as well. Can one 90-minute seminar help a woman take control of her financial future? Absolutely! Consider how Rose Bach did it.


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