Do Your ‘Kids’ Check In Or Are They Checked Out? That Is The Question!

We asked you how often your adult children call to say hello, and simply to check if everything is okay, and we learned that some of your ‘kids’ are saints and others, not so saintly. When you read about Alicemary Devln’s son, you just might want him as your own!

Mine do all the time. I have three girls but I did have four. One passed away, but she called. They are so good to me.”
Shirley Santos O’Hara Clark

Never. I used to call mine several times a week and visit them all the time. True they lived close but it doesn’t matter. Hubby would call his parents at least once a week as well, and they lived about four hours away. Sometimes months go by without hearing.”
Claudia Sheldon Cizin

My sweet son calls or texts me at least every other day. Sometimes it’s every day. He is the most thoughtful and loving son He is also a wonderful husband and dad.”
Gwen Sprayberry Carlson

When they’re in the MOOD”
Linda Pardesi

My son, rarely. My daughter, a few times per month.🙁 By contrast, I call my mother almost every day. I think millennials are just not phone people. It’s all texting and emails.”
Ophelia Bradfordshire

My son will text or call three or four times a week, and comes to spend the night on Saturday nights after he gets off work at midnight, and stays Sunday till about 9 or 10 p.m. Of course, he spends about 60 hours a week pursuing a degree in nursing (after a bachelor’s in criminal justice) and then works two nights a week to support himself, his car, and his apartment. Yesterday, he brought homework and studied a couple of hours, then put in 12 LED garden lamps to light the path in front of my home, broke down a lot of cardboard boxes and put them in the recycling bin, put together a chrome two-decker storage thing because I can’t see the tiny parts that well, and adjusted the irrigation computer box (we have been having heavy, heavy rains) for a rain delay setting so the lawns don’t get too much water. Then, he thanked me for a wonderful time as he left at 9:30. I consider myself an extremely fortunate and blessed mother. “
Alicemary Devlin  

Everyday, so proud of how they have grown to be excellent adults.”
Sheila Gonzalez Gonzalez

Sons call us every week. Daughter calls once in awhile. I spoke to my parents every day. When my dad went into a nursing home I would take my two preschoolers with me to visit him every day.”
Eileen Bauer

Summertime, And The Dressing Is Easy (And Enchanting!)

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The Products You’d Recommend To Friends

We asked you to name one product (any product) that you’d recommend to a friend. Here’s what you told us (we especially love the Lestoil advice and the robotic vacuum!)


5 Reasons To End A Relationship

You meet a man for the first time, and he’s nice looking, but the moment he opens his mouth, you think AARGH! It looks like he hasn’t visited a dentist since his adult teeth came in. That’s it. You could never have a relationship with a man who has bad teeth. Other FOFs will accept the bad teeth. But catch a man cheating, and toodle–oo!

We asked you to name a relationship deal breaker. Here are your top five reasons.


“I say infidelity is number #1 because it involves lying, cheating, disrespect, disloyalty and insecurity.” Dessie Mercado


Making Sense Of Social Security Benefits

Debbie was ready to claim her social security benefits, which she estimated would be $900 a month. She was relying on the money to help her pay the bills. Then she learned two critical facts: 1.) She was entitled to benefits as a divorced spouse whose former husband she’d been married to at least 10 years, and 2.) She qualified for even higher benefits because her ex had died.

Turns out, Debbie’s new monthly benefits would exceed $2,000! She never dreamed her former marriage would bring her such good news.

Paul wanted to start taking his social security benefits when he was 62.  He had worked long and hard, he thought, and he felt he “deserved” to get the benefits as soon as possible. When he learned that his decision to claim for social security early would negatively impact his wife Laura’s benefits if he died first, it didn’t seem to phase him a bit. “She’ll have her own benefits,” he scoffed. His wife was not pleased. (more…)

Memories of My Mother

When we asked you to tell us your favorite memory of your mother, we thought we’d get wonderful responses, but we never dreamed they’d be so detailed and bring tears to our eyes.

No wonder FOF women are so incredible. Look who raised us!

I have many. However, the one that amazed me the most was the fact that mami never went to school. Her parents died when she was a little girl. She roamed from relative to relative, doing housework and cooking. When she grew older she worked for people who were rich. She took advantage of the opportunities to learn from them. Mami spoke intelligently, had the manners of an upper class person and she learned many other things. Her mind was like a sponge. She also had a lot of style, she dressed to a T. I was very proud of her and I admired her very much.”
Judy Hill   

“At night in the winter time. We lived in Ohio. It got cold. We were very poor. Mom would get up at night in the cold dark and put our winter coats on top of us to help keep us warm. I will never forget that. We stayed warm all night-love you mom.”
Betty Jean Fancher

“When my mom and I cooked dinner together every night! I was the oldest girl out of 6 kids. And we always had dinner on the table at 6:00 pm, just like my Dad wanted!”   
Carol Denering Unger

“The touch of her hands”
Jane E Evans

I also have so many memories of my mom, but I knew we had a special connection when she stood up to my father for me. It was 1975 and I was 22, single and pregnant. I lost my job. I lost my apartment. I had no money and nowhere to go. My father said if I don’t have an abortion he was disowning me. But my champion..stood up to him and said..”If you don’t let her come home, she and I will get an apartment together. I went home the same day. So because of my mom..I have a beautiful 41-year-old daughter that I love with all my heart. Thanks mom…you are amazing!”
Diane Illingworth

“Omg, too many! But ones that stand out in particular are all the times my mom got ‘dragged’ to the many Bay City Rollers concerts in Boston. She would chaperone me and about 8 other teens. She was such an awesome lady and I miss her so much.”
Paula Demihosa Roberts

“I went through a rough period in grade school. There was a girl that wanted to beat me up and I was scared. Everyday for a couple of weeks I would go to the nurse’s office saying I felt sick. The nurse finally told my mom something must be bothering me. My mom came and got me every day. Being the youngest of four I loved the attention. We baked cookies and did fun things together. Then it came time for me to pull it together and stop coming home. To help me my mom had the fairies come visit. In the morning I found a tiny envelope with a tiny note from them. And a special tiny fairy candy that would give me courage. Hahahaha it worked. I stopped going home and faced the situation. Seriously I could face anything with the fairies on my side! She understood I just needed some time and extra attention. My mom always brought magic to our home!”
Ellen Cowie

You Couldn’t Wait Until They Moved Out! Now, You’re Moving In With Them!!

We asked whether you’d move in with your adult children, and got the best answers yet, hands down, to any question we’ve asked during the last few months. Check out Deborah’s response. Funny lady.

A few of you also told us what it’s like to be the “kid” and move in with YOUR parents. Ladies, you’re the best. We love you!

“Oh heavens no. Almost everything that they were taught at home, they tossed out the window.”
Vickey Kilde-Goeden

“My mother is on social security and the cost of living is more than she can handle. She now lives with me and I am glad. I’m single.  My children are grown and married. I have 1/4 acre and a 1,500-square foot home. We keep each other company, and I know she’s safe.  I gave her the master bedroom with its own entry, so it’s like a studio apartment.  We both have become closer and more respectful to each other’s privacy. I’m glad I asked her.”
Marina Chavez

“Research says loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking. I’ve lived through both. But it was the loneliness that nearly killed me. Had my daughter lived closer, I probably would be in my own home. But I moved 1,500 miles to live with her. It’s working good. And now I not only have my daughter, I’ve made several new friends.”
Glenda Trammel


Make The Great Outdoors Even Greater

I can’t wait till my first real backyard is renovated next month, and I can enjoy the great outdoors.

I have no idea what furniture to buy (some of it is a small fortune), but I’ve done my research, and selected the smaller items that should make outdoor entertaining easy, fun, and comfortable.

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Disposable flatware may be fine for a kid’s birthday party, but bring out the ‘good stuff’ when you entertain outdoors. Besides, you’ll have this sturdy, and reasonably priced, stainless steel set for years. Colorful plastic handles bring life to your summer soirees.

Could You Fall For A Much Younger Man?

When we asked on Facebook whether you could fall for a man 25 years younger (like 64-year-old Brigitte Macron, the wife of the new 39-year-old president of France), we were amazed (and delighted) by the big response. The post received almost 42,000 views, and 250 women weighed in. While many FOFs said “no way,” others weren’t quite so definitive. We love Melanie’s comment!

I taught my son to love with his heart, and to be open minded. Race, religion, same sex, disability don’t matter. Loving the person you’re with, that’s something to explore. And being happy is a treasure. I’d hope I could think the same way.”
Priscilla Witt

Guys date/marry much younger women and no one blinks. I say, good for her! Next.”
Barbara Winslow

“No. I was married to someone for over 32 years, together for over 33, who was five years younger, and there were always subtle differences, throughout our years together. In the end, I think it made a difference, to him.  

“I could not fathom being with someone who could be my son. About all you would have in common is sex. And that only goes so far.”
Jan Nielsen (more…)

When Was The Last Time You Felt In Danger?

“When the danger is great, one must not run away.”

Pope Benedict XVI

“Danger is sauce for prayers.”

Benjamin Franklin

Whether you agree with Pope Benedict, and face peril head on, or talk to a higher power when you’re in jeopardy, danger is an undeniable fact of life. Except if you’re Mavis. What a lucky lady!

Three weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to a medication. I felt as if I were having a stroke or heart attack. I thought I was possibly dying. All I could think of was my 16- year-old daughter and how much I love her. What would she do without me?  I was afraid I would die in front of her.

“My husband called 911 and off to the ER we went. I was eventually ok thank God-amen. However, that experience was frightening and I’m so grateful and blessed to be ok.”
Cindy Anelante