The 12 Types Of Women 45+ You’re Likely To Meet Online

We all know who they are, and sometimes, we’re even like one of them. The internet brings out all sorts of intriguing, irritating, entertaining, and hysterical behavior.

1. The Expert

know it all
A self-proclaimed authority, she tells you “everything you need to know” about a subject, but she actually doesn’t have the credentials.

2. The Self-Congratulator


Hardly a day goes by when she isn’t celebrating herself and her accomplishments.

3. The Oversharer

She gives you the details about almost everything in her day-to-day life, from what she ate for dinner last night to her husband’s latest medical test.

4. The Humble One


She doesn’t post often, but when she does, she actually has something compelling to say.

5. The Grateful OneTONYSrecord

She makes sure to thank all her Facebook friends for their undying “support” for everything she does.

6. The Cheerleader

She’s forever commenting on how adorable, smart, beautiful, and amazing everyone else is.

7. The Humanitarian

8612210069_1affee9d21_zForeign & Commonwealth Office

She’s always promoting some cause of the day.

8. The Fund Raiser

She goes one step further than The Humanitarian and often solicits donations for causes about which her family is passionate.

9. The Photographer

She makes sure to capture every moment, from her latest haircut to her trip to Target.

10. The Trendsetter

IMG_8555copy Advanced Style

She’s actually so cool, that you can’t wait to see what she’s wearing, doing and thinking.

11. The Gamer

She’s so addicted to the latest gaming apps that she wants everyone she knows to play with her.

12. The Mystery Woman

She constantly tells you about her new clothes and spectacular beauty treatments, but never ever shows a photo of herself.

Anonymous Poll: How’s Your Social Life With Your Girlfriends

It’s always enlightening to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues (and some not so complex issues), then we report the results back to you!

This week, we’re curious about your social life with your girlfriends.

1. On average, how often each month do you have exclusive nights out with your girlfriends?

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2. If you answered “never” to question #1, why don’t you have exclusive nights out with your girlfriends?

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3. If you do have exclusive nights out with your girlfriends, what do you most often do?

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4. Does your husband or significant other mind when you go out with your girlfriends?

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5. Does your husband or significant other have exclusive nights out with his friends?

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6. If you answered “yes” to question #5, do you mind?

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7. If you’re married or have a significant other, do you invite single girlfriends to join you when you go out with him?

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8. If you answered "never" to question #7, why don’t you invite single girlfriends to join you and your husband when you go out?

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9. If you answered “sometimes” or “all the time” to question #7, do you often treat your friend(s) when you and your husband invite her (them) out?

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10. Do you have girlfriends who are at least 20 years younger than you?

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11. If you answered “yes” to question #10, why?

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12. Do you consider your adult daughters or daughters-in-law as friends?

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13. If you answered “no” to question #12, why not?

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14. Is your husband or significant other friends with any of your girlfriends?

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15. If you answered “Yes, but I’m uncomfortable with it” in question #14, what makes you uncomfortable?

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20 Things You MUST Do For Your Aging Parents

They made our lives easier as we grew up (hopefully).  So shouldn’t we be making their lives easier now?

1. Try to be kind and patient if their forgetfulness frustrates you

2. Stress the importance of aerobic exercise


3. Periodically take them to dinner if you live nearby

4. Send them postcards wherever you go

5. Encourage your teenage or young adult children to call and/or visit them


6. Make sure they are participating in social activities

7. Make sure you, or someone else, is monitoring their medications if they’re unable to do it themselves


8. Periodically ask their opinions about issues that are important to you

9. Spot check their homes to ensure that they’re safe and clean

10. Engage them in conversation about their accomplishments, experiences and fond memories

11. Take them away for a trip, if they’re physically and mentally able

12. Talk to them about current events and issues

13. If you live far away, make sure there are friends or neighbors who can check in on them


14. Keep them involved in their passions as long as possible

15. Buy them something that will continually remind them of you

16. Involve yourself in an activity they love


17. Make sure they are up to date on their medical tests and doctors’ appointments

18. Make sure they’re still on top of their finances (and help them out if they’re not)

19. Frequently tell them you love them


20. Never ignore them!

11 Fashion Trends That Would Have Made Us Cringe Growing Up

When we were in our 20s and 30s, heaven help us if we wore slacks to a corporate job or heels without pantyhose, and if a fashionista mixed patterns in his collection, he’d be booed off the runway.

(Almost) anything goes today, and even if that neck scarf is a tad hot in the summer, at least it looks cool!

Now, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear…

1. Dark bras under light blouses or sweaters

Sarah Jessica Parker                       Photo Credits: Jean Catuffe,

2. Shirts sticking out under jackets


3. Shoes that don’t match handbags


4. Mixed patterns and prints

patternsPhoto Credits: Jtaniavolobueva /

5. Multiple necklaces, bracelets, rings and pins

multiple                           From

6. White after Labor Day,  and sparkly and glittery during the day

                             Photo Credits: AdvancedStyle

7. Tops that show cleavage before 6 p.m.


8. Neck-hugging scarves during the summer

scarf in summer

9. Slacks to work


10. Fancy lingerie to a dressy event


11. Shoes without socks or pantyhose

How To Choose The Best Necklace For Your Outfit

You’re bound to hear “oohs” and “aahs” when you follow a few simple rules and pair just the right necklaces with your outfits. Since this is the one piece of jewelry that takes center stage, it always looks its best when the length, color, size and shape complement, rather than clash with, your ensemble.


1. Your neckline shouldn’t obscure the necklace, so if you’re wearing a scoop-style top, for example, your necklace should either hang a couple of inches below or above it.

2. Your necklace shouldn’t fight with your neckline, so if you’re wearing a top with a feminine princess neckline, pair it with a necklace that has delicate, smaller stones or charms, rather than a chunky, overpowering piece.

3. If you aren’t wild about your neck, stay away from chokers or high necklaces that draw attention to it, and instead choose pieces that hang closer to your breastbone.

4. If you’re a petite, slender woman, smaller-scale necklaces will be more flattering than big , heavy pieces.

5. Delicate necklaces tend to get lost if you’re a larger woman, whether you’re tall or short, but don’t choose necklaces that are dramatically oversized, either.

6. When you’re layering, make sure to choose necklaces of slightly different lengths so they’re not hiding one another. Also remember to layer necklaces with complementary styles, stones and weights.

A shortish necklace of irregularly shaped, large pieces of turquoise, for example, would look silly with a longish chain featuring small round cubic zirconia stones. But the cubic zirconia chain could look smashing with another chain of delicate seed pearls.

7. Big and bold print tops are often better left unadorned since they make it hard to see the necklace, anyway.

8. Colorful necklaces look best against solid tops. The colors in the necklace don’t have to exactly match your top, just as long as they complement it.

9. Black necklaces, on the other hand, can look dramatic on patterned clothes, as long as the pattern doesn’t make the necklace invisible.

10. Don’t wear necklaces that can catch on open weave sweaters and create tears and holes.

11. A dressy necklace can bring new dimension to simple black slacks and a modern white shirt.

Here, we highlight four necklaces by designer Bess Heitner, and recommend outfits from Chico’s wonderful new fall collection that would show off each magnificent piece.


Bess’s dramatic black Venetian glass necklace, featuring a colorful mini mosaic, would be a standout on a lightweight, fluid jacket with a simple tank top, Chico’s textured striped dress, or modern white shirt.

Bess’s stunning malachite copper collar would make beautiful music with Chico’s faux suede jacket with soft knit sleeves or faux suede fringe jacket

Imagine this collar of multi-color jasper paired with a crushed textured jacket or an elegant and easy blouse with a sophisticated sheen   

Pair this multi color coin pearl necklace with a cozy supersoft shirttail sweater,  a button-down sheer shirt with soft embroidery, or a soft denim classic shirtdress.

Bess is generously offering FOFs a 20% discount on any necklace in her collection. Please enter code FOF at checkout.

[GIVEAWAY] An Old Friend Gets A Makeover

I am excited to share the #BleachInYourBest promotion and giveaway with the FabOverFifty community! I am being compensated by The Clorox Company to participate in this challenge.

I feel a definite sense of satisfaction after I scrub down the shower walls, tub, sink and toilet in my all-white bathroom, and everything is glistening. I actually don’t want to use any of the appliances, so they can stay pristine!


It seems like I’ve bought every conceivable bathroom cleanser known to man (er, woman), because it’s hard for me to resist manufacturers’ claims about the “latest” and “greatest” products. But one product, Clorox, has remained by my side over the years I’ve spent toiling. No matter what the foams, powders and sprays say on their labels, Clorox does a consistently great job for me.

I especially love the fresh smell of the bathroom (and, of course, my white laundry) after it’s been cleaned with Clorox, but I invariably pour half a bottle of bleach into the bucket of water since I never bother to find out the appropriate amount to use. Plus, some of the bleach often splashes on my clothes in the process.

Now that Clorox has introduced ingenious Clorox Control Bleach Crystals and Packs, liquid no longer is the only form of Clorox bleach.  

Just Add Water

The new pre-measured, single-use pouches require no measuring and pouring (so, no spilling), and are activated by water. I simply toss a pouch into the toilet, swirl it around with a brush, flush, and the bowl sparkles. Or, I can simply place a pouch into the washing machine, along with my whites, and it will dissolve and start doing its job during the wash cycle. Even if I’m all dressed up and ready to go out, I don’t have to worry what the bottle of liquid bleach might have in store for my outfit.

The innovative crystals also are activated by water, so they only start working when you want them to. Like the pouches, the crystals work wonders, when mixed with water, on the tub, bathroom sink, as well as on kitchen counters and other hard surfaces. Both the packs and the crystals deliver the same whitening power as Clorox liquid bleach, but put you in control!  


Even if you’re not quite ready to buy a new bottle of bleach, you should seriously consider buying the Clorox Control Bleach Crystals or Packs in time for your next bathroom duty or wash day.

Bleach in YOUR best… and win!


Please make sure to use the hashtag #BleachInYourBest in your entries! The contest ends on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Visit for inspiration on how you can #BleachInYourBest using Clorox® Control products.

POLL: Tell Us About Your Relationship With Technology

It’s always enlightening to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues (and some not so complex issues), then we report the results back to you!

This week, we’re curious about your relationship with technology, at least when it comes to computers and phones.


1. Approximately how much time do you spend a day on any kind of website, excluding e-mails?

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2. What is the most common activity you do online?

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3. Which social media platform do you use most?

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4. Which way do you prefer to get information online?

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5. Do you own a smartphone?

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6. If you answered ‘no’ to question #5, why not?

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7. Do you comment when articles make you mad?

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8. If you answered yes to #7, what is the main thing you expect to accomplish?

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9. Do you ‘spy’ on former friends and colleagues online?

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10. If you answered ‘yes’ to #9, why do you ‘spy’ on others online?

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11. If you post something online, do you try to make your life seem more interesting than you think it actually is?

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12. If you answered yes to #11, why do you do this?

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13. Do you like to brag about yourself online?

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14. If you answered yes to #13, why do you brag about yourself online?

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15. Do you wish the internet would close down?

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INFOGRAPHIC: How You Dress For Your Age


12 Responses You Should ALWAYS Keep To Yourself

The things that sometimes come out of our mouths can be quite astounding, even to us.  If we thought before we spoke, we probably wouldn’t utter half of what pops into our minds.
No doubt, we’ve all heard at least a few of the statements below. And, no doubt, we’ve managed to put a foot in our mouth when we responded.

It’s never too late to stop saying the wrong things, even if you can’t utter the right ones.








from →  ,

10 Surefire Ways To Get Your Adult Kids’ Attention

Whether our kids are in high school, away at college, or have moved out lock, stock and barrel, don’t most of us look for ways to get their attention? Sometimes it seems that if we vanished into midair, they wouldn’t know we were among the missing unless they texted, emailed or (heaven forbid!) called, and we didn’t respond.

With this in mind, we created an action plan of 10 ways to command their attention. At least one is sure to work!


1. E-mail them funny photos of yourself that they can’t ignore


2. Tell them you’re drawing up your will


3. Send them a “care package,” even if they’re out of school

4. Text them that you have “good news,” and figure out what you’ll say when they call


5. Buy something for their apartment and tell them you want to personally deliver it


6. When you next see them, sneak a loving note or a token gift into their bag/car/jacket


7. Invite them to an “out of the box” activity, e.g. a mixology class, scuba diving lessons, a fashion show


8. Tell them you’re about to throw out their high school and college “junk” unless they come and go through it themselves


9. Be overly active on social media


10. Stop paying a bill that you normally pay