You Told Us About Your Healthiest Habits

FOF women inspire each other, especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We sure admire Holly for how much she walks every day, and for what Terry gave up to lose weight and stay healthy.

“I walk four miles a day, drink lots of water and ride my bike.”
Cynthia A Thompson

“Eat organic and avoid sugar.”
Deb Beatty

“I walk everywhere. I don’t drive.”
Carine Munro


Creating The Artful Garden compensated FOF to create this sponsored post. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers.  All insights and opinions are our own– Geri Brin

Designer Charlie Bloom/Steel Panels Stark & Greensmith

Artful decoration can make or break a garden. We’re not talking about Greek statues, painted toadstools and garden gnomes. The big trend today is the use of natural materials for ornamentation – as well as for landscaping – that chime with nature. Think flamed metal, weathered copper, pebbles and water-worn stone, fashioned into organic shapes that shamelessly flatter every kind of flower and foliage. The world-famous Chelsea Flower Show, next month in London, will heavily feature rusted steel for decorative elements as well as laser-cut screens. Closer to home, online garden decor store Happy Gardens, with covetable, well-priced merchandise in down-to-earth materials, gets our vote!



Dragonfly Duo Garden Stake

A stash of garden stakes is indispensable. Plant a row of brightly-colored flower stakes to transform a window box at lean times of the year; use taller ones to mark the spots where you planted the lily bulbs; push a butterfly stake or three to hover around the buddleia, or dragonflies scooting permanently above the lavender. You can never have too many stakes, especially when flowers are thin on the ground.

Sun, Moon Mobile With Bells




A chiming mobile, beset with dangling celestial stars, moon and sun, or perhaps a multitude of tinkling bells, will add a dollop of charm to yard or garden. Choose metal – weathered copper or steel – over clunkier wood for the prettiest, calming sounds that distract from jarring traffic noise beyond the garden. Use the apex of an arch, arbour or pergola, the bough of bush or tree or any place you can find to hang one or more of these assets, for special effects.  (more…)

Start the Next Chapter of Your Life in Style

As we age, and our grown children leave the house (we hope!), many of us want to do something new and exciting. Some of us retire early. Others may cut back our work schedule and travel extensively. And, some will look for a new home that’s maintenance-free, with the conveniences we’ve always wanted. That’s where you’ll want to know about Stanley Martin Homes, experts in designing homes that fit your lifestyle, whatever your life stage.

A Lively and Welcoming Community in the Raleigh Area

Woodhall, a community of new single family homes with sprawling open-air architecture and 10-foot ceilings in Chatham County, a trendy location near Raleigh, NC, is a fine example of a Stanley Martin Homes neighborhood that’s a great fit for the over-50 crowd. Physically located in West Cary, with an Apex mailing address, this beautiful spot offers home sites up to one third of an acre, many with wooded views or backed up to trees. (more…)

Movies That Moved You

After I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as a 13-year-old, I was scared to take a shower for a long time, so I left the door of the bathroom open. Many movies have affected me, albeit in more significant ways than Psycho. What movie influenced you, and why?

To Kill A Mockingbird. I learned from a very young age, racism is Evil! I have continued throughout my life (now at 63) to fight for racial equality and justice!”
Gail Ferraro

Mr. Smith goes to Washington. One individual CAN make a difference.”
Laura Blunk (more…)

She’ll Turn A Piece of Your Clothing Into A Piece of (Wearable) Art!

I am complimented every time I wear my paint splatter tee shirt or sweatpants, and my sister Shelley loves her swing dress! So does her husband. My tee shirt used to be plain white, but I got ink on it, so my daughter Simone turned it into a piece of art!


Before joining me at FabOverFifty, talented Simone was a textiles designer in the apparel industry. She started embellishing her own clothes and handbags long before the look became wildly popular.  Today, you can find paint splatter on everyday clothes like jeans and tees to some of the fanciest (and most expensive) clothes in town!

If you’d like to have something you already own, or a new piece of clothing, artistically splattered with paint, send Simone a photo of the item and she’ll tell you what it will cost. Prices start at a reasonable $40, and depend on the item and whether you want the front or back painted, or both front and back. You also can discuss with Simone whether you want one, two or many colors.

Simone uses high-quality, washable paint. The colors have remained vibrant, even after I’ve machine washed my sweatpants and tee shirt many times. And, the paint is completely safe. If you’re buying a baby gift, think how pretty a set of white tees or onesies would look after Simone performs her magic on them!

If you’re not sure an item can be painted, send a photo, and Simone will let you know. Her email is


Ah, To Be A Child Again

I used to love going to the Carvel ice cream stand with my dad on a Sunday summer afternoon to buy a Brown Bonnet cone. Once I bit into the frozen chocolate coating, the soft ice cream would melt all over my hands, but I loved every single lick of it. Here are some of your happiest childhood memories.

Cramming all nine of us (counting mom & dad) into the station wagon after church and going on a picnic. Makes me teary just thinking about simpler times. Wish I’d have appreciated it more back then.”
Paulette Greyn

Climbing trees and playing outside. Family trips to get ice cream.”
Donna Wade


The One-Off Adventures of 18 Women (except for Karen!)

I’d never heard of speluking or Arrow Tag, but now that I have–thanks to Jaki and Patty– I wouldn’t even think of trying either. I’m also not so sure I’d venture where Karen did, even if my darling grandson begged me.

Which of these adventures have you tried, and would you do them ever again?

“Spin class (seat hurt my cro*ch), water skiing (did a standing split before I wiped out, and couldn’t walk for a week), river tubing (wound up on the opposite side of the river), Brazilian waxes (NO man is worth that agony), and finally any form of a ‘romantic’ relationship.”
Lorraine Marie

“Spelunking ~ we were sent down the wrong hole ~ extremely difficult to get out again!”
Jaki Taylor

“The Scream Machine Roller Coaster At Six Flags Over Georgia in the 70’s. I said I would try it one time, and believe me NEVER AGAIN.”
Becky Swords

“Arrow Tag…way more bruises than I expected.”
Patty Erickson

“Swimming in a shark tank with my 12-year old in Punta Cana.”
Karen Haines Stroud

“Snow skiing. Broke my ankle getting on the chair lift, with the instructor next to me!! Suffered for 23 months because it was broke INSIDE the joint, and the doctor I had wouldn’t accommodate my request for an MRI. Total jerk!!”
Kimberly Wallis

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16 Tips On “Aging Gracefully” And One Contrarian!

We often hear the term “aging gracefully” bandied about by women, but while it may mean letting their hair go gray to some, it’s anything but that to others. And, if you’re like Kimberly, “aging gracefully” is just a lot of hokum.

“I don’t intend to age gracefully. I intend to fly into home plate, covered in mud, laughing out loud, hair flying, hollering ‘It’s been a great ride.’”
Kimberly Feder


Wish I Was There

If you could witness any event–past, present or future–
what would it be?

Finding the cure for cancer.”
Pam Lurgio- Sarpalius

To be at my 10-year old granddaughter’s high school graduation. I am 66 years. Had a liver transplant on 2/18/18 and was discharged one week/three days latter and am doing very well. My second chance of life and I am so grateful and thankful.”
Deborah Wyrick Johnson