Wish I Was There

If you could witness any event–past, present or future–
what would it be?

Finding the cure for cancer.”
Pam Lurgio- Sarpalius

To be at my 10-year old granddaughter’s high school graduation. I am 66 years. Had a liver transplant on 2/18/18 and was discharged one week/three days latter and am doing very well. My second chance of life and I am so grateful and thankful.”
Deborah Wyrick Johnson


Of What Are You Most Proud?

A parent should never tell her child that she’s proud of him, I once heard a psychologist advise. Instead, the parent should encourage her child to be proud of himself. Indeed. At any age, we should feel deep pleasure or satisfaction from our own own achievements and admirable qualities. And, we have many of both!

Congratulations, ladies, one and all!

“My son and daughter are lovely people. I’m so proud to be their mother. Both have great jobs and great partners.”
Jenny Fallowes

“I see the light at the end of the tunnel with retirement. And I did it on my own.”
Cornelia Lytle Stout (more…)

10 Wise Ways To Get Through A Bitter Divorce

Remember Mary Martin singing “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair” in the musical South Pacific? If only it were that easy! Ending a relationship can be a bittersweet time, or just plain bitter. Here, 10 FOFs give us valuable advice on getting through a distressing divorce.

“This heartache & drama won’t last forever. Stay strong & hold on as time really does heal. There will always be a tender scar but it won’t always be a gaping wound. Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture… Just ask God for “footlights” & take the next right step. Before you know it this will all be in your rear view mirror. Hold onto to what you know is true, focus on your kids, swallow your pride, keep your chin up, & as someone once told me, “chop wood, carry water”. Oh…& stay close to people you know you’re safe with.”
Kelley Parker


To Date Or Not To Date? Here Are The Answers.

If you’re single, by choice or not, and you’re considering dating, you’ll do well to heed the advice of women who have been there, done that! It’s honest, funny, and wise (if not sometimes cynical).

“Nothing wrong with dating. I think it’s taking it to the next step, i.e. giving your heart away, where trouble can occur. Listen to your gut feelings, not your heart; that is, don’t let loneliness–or the desire to not be alone–cloud your judgment. For example, if some guy talks about himself all evening – even if he’s one of those great-looking older men like James Brolin –all your flashing red lights should be going off. He may be good for a date or two but not for the long term. If we’re over 50, I would hope that we’ve learned enough hard lessons to be able to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing.”
Anna Maria


How Should I Frame Myself?

I used to buy entirely too many eyeglass frames every single year. I’d fall madly in love with a frame, wear it exclusively for about six months, then spot a style I loved more, and impulsively buy it. Frames are as distinctive accessories as jewelry, scarves and shoes, maybe even more because they stand out, front and center.

I stopped my obsession with frames about two years ago, when I found this pair, which I’ve been wearing exclusively every day. They’re lightweight, super comfortable, and don’t bend out of shape from all the abuse I inflict upon them. But, since the lenses have become pretty scratched up, I decided it might be time to shop for a new frame.

My Google search brought me to Eye Shoppe On Seventh, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which looked like it carried a unique selection of European brands, including Anne & Valentin, the brand I’ve been wearing for the last couple of years. “From understated elegance, to modern edgy, we carry the best and boldest collection of eyewear in Brooklyn,” the shop’s website brags. (I’ve got to confess that I’m a bit of a frame snob, and think countries including Italy, UK, Germany, France and Belgium design more fashion-forward frames than we have in the US).

Shop owner Michael Stoff showed me a dozen frames that he thought would look good. I loved most of them, as did my daughter Simone, who definitely has cutting-edge style. Many of my final choices were bolder than my current frame, but since I don’t intend to retire it, I thought it would be okay to be more daring this time. (more…)

Would You Ever Remarry Your Ex-Husband?

Over 1,000 of you chimed in when we asked if you’d remarry your ex-husbands. While over half of you (unsurprisingly) said “NEVER,” others had some unexpected answers, like Natasha, Rhonda and Rosemary.

No! In fact, I have a reoccuring nightmare that I’m remarried to my ex.”
Shelley Bendon

That’s the funniest question I’ve seen in a long, long time!! Must be a trick question!! Still laughing!!! “
Deb Skillman

I wouldn’t remarry my present husband!”
Gail Schaefer Manndel (more…)

If You Won The Lottery, Would Your Kids Win, Too?

Imagine if money wasn’t a concern. What would you give to your adult children? We especially love what Bonnie would do for her son and Lori’s clever idea!

“Investment properties, college funds for my grandkids, a grand trip for all of us to share…so many ideas!”
Katie Drew Jensen

“Buy my daughter a condo in a gated community and, my son, not sure. He’d have to tell me.”
Jeanette Koehler-Campbell

“I started to say houses and land. But I don’t think I’d just give houses without them putting any investment in. So maybe seed money for investments.”
Elizabeth Lyons (more…)

State of the Art

Meet Chris Johnson, a New York City born and bred artist. Chris always has been a true creative. He started his art career in 8th grade as an infamous graffiti writer, parlaying his street art pastime into a profession. Since studying at New York’s Pratt Institute, one of the most respected art schools in the United States, Chris has had local and international gallery shows. During a recent visit to his studio, I chose a selection of works to offer the FabOverFifty community, and Chris has agreed to let you set your own prices, since he’s a dear friend of mine.

If you’d like to own one of these unique, colorful and significant pieces, send an email to simone@faboverfifty.com with the name of the work and your offer.


Never Mind Fame. Bring on the Fortune!

We might have fantasized about being famous when we were young, but now we know better!

Always wanted to be an actress. Wishing I was famous not necessarily. I would love the challenge of playing several different characters to see if I could do it and do it well. Plus the paycheck isn’t that bad.”
Jeanette Koehler-Campbell

No, been there and done that. Don’t like the attention, not to mention the stalkers.”
Mary Plasket

Nope! I’m not in the mood to have people hate me who don’t know me and have people criticize me and still don’t know me and to have people think I’m not nice and those people do know me.”  
Paula Salem   (more…)

My Life As A TV Show

I yearned to be part of The Anderson Family when I was growing up, but alas, that family existed only inside our 1950s TV set, when Father Knows Best came on. When we asked which TV show you’d like your life to be like, the answers were so much fun to read! Here are some of the best.

I came of age in the early 70s..shows like That Girl and The Mary Tyler Moore Show encouraged me to venture out on my own..much to my parents dismay!!”
Diane Illingworth

Andy Griffith Show. Would love to live in Mayberry!!”
Penny Hillard (more…)