What Women Won’t Watch

Peggy says she “lost millions of brain cells” when she watched a show I adored, but I’m on the same page as Laura when it comes to these reality shows. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure when it comes to…well, almost anything! Especially TV shows and movies.



“Two and a half Men. Saw a few minutes of it and lost millions of brain cells.
Peggy Kelly Schultz
“Snakes An A Plane……..or anything with snakes! Gives me nightmares😟!
Machelle Trail
“Housewives of ANYWHERE, any of the so-called reality shows that focus on stupidity, like Springer, or Kardashians, or Honey Booboo. It’s degrading, depressing, and obnoxious.”
Laura Wiley
“I Love Lucy. Always found it embarrassing.”
Margaret Johnson
“Hogan’s Heroes, Saved by the Bell, The Bachelor/ette, Big Brother, Survivor, Cosby, Rachel Ray….and that is without cable, as I have the poverty package.”
Connie Breu
“Reruns of All in the Family. I feel sick knowing I grew up with everyone loving that show…gives me chills how they relate…and my family thought it was funny. Getting a grasp on my afflictions though.
Cherylan reed
“I refuse to watch late night tv talk shows, The View and Saturday Night Life. They have no respect for our president or country.”
Janice Overturf-Chevalier
“Fox News. It’s not news. It’s a bad sitcom that never ends.
Cecile Estrada

“The View, CNN, MSNBC, Will & Grace, and when The Chew finishes its run, I’ll be done with ABC altogether. Keep your political agendas out of my face!

Linda Campbell
“Anything about the Vietnam war. Absolute pain in my heart is still there.”
Kathleen Volenec
Naked and Afraid.
Pat Beal Williamson
“Another one is Wendy Williams—she’s so stuck on herself & does nothing but gossip. It’s sickening to watch her.”
Sue Schulte
“The View and The Bachelor.
Christine Farrington Higgins
“Ellen, all late night shows NBC News are just a few.”
Tina Webber
“Mom, The Golden Girls, I watched it when it first aired and now I’m sick of it. I’m sick of marathons of the same shows every week. It gets old fast, especially when they replay the same episodes in the same marathon. At least switch it up, since there are hundreds of episodes.
Carla Dick
“Big Bang, the laugh track makes me crazy!
Jamie-Lynn Huitema
I didn’t let my son watch The Flintstones because I don’t think men who sneak out to go to the lodge or deceive their wives make good role models, and I don’t think bossy, controlling women make good wives.”
David L Cornelius

Never Mind Skiing. Let’s Go Shopping.

If I ever attempted to ski, at any point in my life, I surely would have broken at least one bone in my body.  But, like Wendy (see her comment below), I might win a medal if this activity became an Olympic sport. And, now that I’ve bought my first grill, I might have a chance at winning for barbecuing if I practice enough. What ‘sport’ would get you a medal?”      



Sarah Bias
Dan Perkins
Kathy Ortiz
Listening to music!
Gaye Brady
“Binge watching TV.
Andrea Miller
“Decorating our home year round…gold.”
Diane Marold
“Reading and drinking coffee while listening to classical music.”
Jacquie Edwards
Sandi Taylor
Patti Bowman
“Facebook consternation.”
Betsy Reville
“Eating chocolate.”
Andrea Teresa
Michelle York
“Getting my family together.”
Dora Villarreal de Reyes
Wendy K Hahn
“Couch sitting.”
Gail Schaefer Manndel

The Best 600 Seconds Of Your Life

If you were forced to relive one 10-minute block of your life again and again for all eternity, what 10 minutes of your life would you choose?
“My last orgasm!”
Deanna Fernandez
The first 10 minutes I held both my kids for first time, and grandkids too, but I wouldn’t want to live it forever because I would miss out on them now!
Barbara Stanisci
Any 10 minutes spent with my dad, whether we were working together, fixing up a motorbike, helping each other out or just having a brew and a laugh. Miss him so much💔
John Harris
“The first time I realized ALL my kids had turned out to be amazing adults!”
Jill Jenkins Biggs

“This will sound risqué but it’s not— wedding night evening, got to the hotel with my husband. Got out of my dress after about 6 hours in it, all the pins out of my hair, took an awesome shower and changed into comfy clothes. Start the timer here- sat with hubby on the bed talking, eating goodies, and more wedding cake (strawberry cheesecake that was to die for.)

That 10 minutes of relaxing, just the two of us, without a concern in the world right after our wedding and everything was done. It was the first 10 minutes that weren’t orchestrated, planned, or involving anyone else. I’d die happy living in that moment forever.

Sarah Noël
A particular day with a particular guy and a hug that was incredible. Just like a movie. I wish I had realized then what I realized much later regarding him.
Deborah Larson
“Any 10 minutes with my mom.”
Becky Davies
“Powder skiing in shoulder deep snow at Snowbird Utah.
Riley Mo
“My first kiss.”
JoAnn Evans

Mastering The Mix

When my graceful, tasteful, elegant friend, Terry Gibraltar, surveyed the fans of her online shop, House of Terrance, about their style, she asked which subject would most interest them when flipping through articles in a fashion magazine.

a. The newest Korean designers
b. The coolest new sneakers 
c. The  prettiest bridesmaid dresses
d. How to update your workwear
e. How to mix prints

The winner was “e”, a subject near and dear to Terry since she’s been mixing prints, patterns, and colors for years. Now that it’s become a popular look, she decided to create a guide to help all of us to become mix masters.

“Women are searching for more expressive and individualistic ways of dressing,” Terry said, and access to social media is helping them.  “You no longer have to be a stylist or fashion editor to make this look work for you,” she stressed. “Mixing patterns can be an instant way to update your wardrobe, especially now that we no longer have countless fashion rules!”

1.Color and silhouette are important

Keep your mix easy and classic in shape. To make things simple, stay with two or three colors at the most.  More than that and you risk looking clownish.

Terry mixes blues by combining an old Zara jacket, Uniqlo tee, and Gap scarf
J. Crew gingham jacket, Zara striped tee, scarf, and skirt. Hopp wedge sandals

2.  Pay attention to pattern scale

Use a range of big and little patterns to make your mix more interesting and sophisticated.  Start experimenting by mixing black and white prints in different sizes.

Marimekko for Uniqlo wide leg pants, Joe Fresh cotton cardigan, Patrick-Earl for House of Terrance tee, dot headband, Filt French net market bag
Terry mixes black and white with a    Maria Cornejo dress, vintage checked jacket, checked hat bought on the street and Everlan wedges


3.  Add a basic solid to the mix

A solid jean jacket, leather jacket, or blazer will help create visual tranquility in your ensemble. And for a shortcut to pattern mixing, look for pieces that incorporate two or more patterns.

Alexander McQueen black silk blazer, Zara floral top, skirt and headband, Other Stories ribbon necklace, and Felix Rey mesh clutch
Legacy (Terry’s favorite boutique) mixed print silk dress, Joe Fresh cardigan, old Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti slingbacks

4.  Be fearless!

Try mixing a floral with a stripe, plaid or animal prints (often considered neutrals these days). Or, you can mix the same pattern in different colors or scale. It all can work, especially if you keep tips 1 and 2 in mind.

Terry in mixed florals. Vintage leather jacket, Joe Fresh floral tee, Tory Burch floral jeans, MSGM floral platform sneakers
Florals mix with animals. Vintage Dolce and Gabbana jacket, Alice and Olivia tee, J. Crew trousers, old Cole Haans

the magnificent selection of apparel and accessories on Terry’s website, and get an exclusive 20 percent discount for one week, through Thursday, June 28, 2018. Enter code FAB20 at checkout.     

oxo Geri

How Dry I Am!

Sponsored by Icon, Geri’s favorite undies

Once upon a time I had a ball shopping for panties. I’d spend way too much time combing through the vast selection of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles, buy way too many panties, and spend way too much money. Then my joyous excursions abruptly ended. I had developed urinary incontinence, and if I wanted to protect myself from embarrassing leaks at inopportune times, my underwear choices went from wondrous to woeful. Were granny looking disposables my destiny?

Happily, the world of incontinence underwear no longer is limited to drugstore disposables, and even they are becoming sleeker, now that one in three women experience bladder leaks!

I’ve tried a number of brands over the last decade, from undies with pockets to hold washable pads to undies with built-in pads. Unfortunately, the washable pads often came loose from their pockets during the day, and the built-in pads had less-than-stellar absorbability.  Besides, both styles came in fabrics that were either too thick or two cheesy, and their assortment of styles and colors was neither contemporary or cheerful.

The Password is ‘Icon’: Leak It to Every Woman You Know

Finally, my persistent Googling produced results:  I discovered a line of undies, called Icon, that not only promised it would protect me from moderate bladder leakage (absorbing up to eight teaspoons of liquid and keeping me dry), but it looked hip, came in styles from thong to hi-waist, and in lovely colors, soft rose to saucy spice.  Starting today, and for one week only, these sensational undies are on sale for 33.3% off.

        Hi-waist in rose

Icon undies feature four ultra-thin layers of absorbency technology: (1) a fast-drying, moisture-wicking inner lining, so you don’t feel damp, even after a leak. (2) an absorbent layer in a high-tech fabric that doesn’t bulk up as it absorbs liquid. (3) an anti-odor layer, featuring antimicrobial technology, that keeps you smelling fresh and feeling clean. (4) a breathable leak-proof layer that protects your clothes from dampness. The undies are available in two absorbances, light and moderate.

Check out this clever Icon video

These gloriously thin undies look and feel like a pair of fine underwear. The soft fabric includes Spandex so it has a perfect amount of give, and fits and feels wonderful against my skin. And, you don’t see panty lines under summer pants.  Icons also machine wash beautifully in cold water and can be tumbled dry, which makes them better for the environment than pads and panty liners, which comprise 7 percent of landfill waste. “Icon decreases your carbon footprint and elevates your bladder-leak solutions,” a company spokesperson said.

Taking An Icon-ic Cruise

       Hiphuggers in spice

I just purchased four pair of the light hiphuggers and one pair of the moderate hiphuggers. Could not be more pleased!!” wrote Claudia G, who leaks  everyday from sneezing and exercising. Claudia was thrilled to take her Icons on an 11-day Caribbean cruise! “No yucky pads sticking to me and wilting in the tropic warmth; able to change from bathing suit and back without worrying about pads, and so comfortable. Rinsed them out every night and dry in the morning. Next time I will not bring my backup underwear and pads–more room for Caribbean rum! Used the moderate  pair for the all-day plane ride back home and it worked beautifully! Going to refer several friends. Thank you, thank you!!” Claudia wrote.

Icon not only wants to provide comfortable, flattering, and sustainable underwear for leaks, but to educate women about pelvic floor health and give us a way to connect with each other on its blog The Iconic. Please check it out!

Now that you can’t wait to slip into a new pair of Icons, you’ll be thrilled to know that all its sensational styles are on sale starting today (Monday, June 18th) at noon ET. Since Icon rarely holds a sale, it wants to make sure it’s a biggie.

for 33.3% off on Icon undies through Monday, June 25th at noon ET.*

*As Icon cleverly says: “Peeing is believing. Take Icon for a dry run.  If your love isn’t undie-niable within 30 days, we’ll refund you. Easy pee-sy!”

The Best and Worst Things About Getting Older

It’s unsure who said “youth is wasted on the young,” but whoever said it was brilliant. Most of us agree that if we knew then what we know now, we’d have wasted a lot less time.
“The best is being able to do what you want when you want. The worst is realizing you should have kept up a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, cause for me it has come back to bite me.”
Mona Blowatt
“The best thing is that you feel more at peace with yourself. The worst thing is there are less years in front than behind.”
Jakki Coles
“The best thing is watching your grandkids grow up – the worst thing is knowing the outcome of almost every situation long before it comes to pass, yet unable to stop it. You can warn them but life is a lesson learned the hard way.
Sheila Jean Metcalf
“The best thing about getting older is that you are now comfortable in your own skin. You are wiser and you just enjoy what you have and know to not take your life for granted. The downside is that someday I will have to leave loved ones behind.”
Holly Irene Oler
“The best thing is the wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years. That and the ability to speak your mind with that knowledge. The worst is the aches and pains and having to work harder at your weight and body.”
Florence Diana Hunt
“For me, it’s the life lessons that now make me wiser. It’s the knowledge that we raised great children who are now wonderful, hard-working, smart, loving adults. It’s retirement, which means more time with my husband to travel and enjoy life more after working our butts off all those years. It’s college that’s been paid and the mortgage done. Sure, there are health concerns and everyday aches and pains, but I’m more confident and secure with myself, learned to stand up for myself and now stopped putting everyone else first and that’s ok! I also learned how to say NO 😉.
Regina Brady Bello
“I can honestly say that life just gets better and better.
The only downside is there is less time left.”
Helen Worland
“There is no best thing and the worst thing is you are old!”
Suzanna Coffey Piercy
 “Best not giving a ratz azz what anyone thinks of me. Worst thing trying to keep buns from eventually hitting the back of my knees.
Leslie Kendall
“Best is being retired and not a slave to the alarm clock every day! Worst is your body not doing what it used to do pain free.”
Bonnie Bell
“The best is grandchildren, the worse is feeling old, in lots of pain, and some fine lines around the eyes that I can’t get rid of no matter what I try 😢.
Eliza White

What You’d Do With $2 Million to Impact the Most People

It’s heartwarming to learn what worthwhile and wide-ranging things you’d do if you had a large amount of money.
“Probably I would fund a food donation center for the needy, and set up a trust fund for the same to continue when I’m gone.”
Lu Kennedy McLain
“Funding education to learn a trade. That would trickle down for generations.”
Laurie Sylvest Nicholas
I am a HUGE animal lover, so I would definitely do something for homeless animals!! ❤️🐾🐾❤️
Paula Bernhardt
“Pay college tuition for those interested in becoming teachers. Think of not only their lives being positively impacted, but of the lives of their students for years and years to come. And they’d finish college with no student loan debt to hamstring them as they start their careers.”
Sarah Noël
“Something to try and heal our mother earth. She is dying right around us!”
Lynn Kammerer
“Supply clean water for all. Aqueducts, wells, irrigation, pumps, purification, whatever it takes.”
Kathi Mulvehill Surgenor
“Free babysitting/daycare service for moms/dads to work without worry.”
Doreen Pack
“Housing for homeless veterans.”
Lourie Strickland
“I would fund real life Type 1 diabetes education to newly diagnosed families.
Mary Jean Newton Pendarvis
“Create tiny house villages in areas where they’re needed.”
JoAnn Kyzer Doty

Fit For a King

While there were a few cynics in the group, the overwhelming majority of us loved watching the marriage of Meghan and her man! Our friend Pauline even awoke at 2:30 am in LA to see the festivities.  Makes sense. She’s a Brit.

“Loved watching history in the making…a beautiful day. Wondered why they didn’t use their full Christian names in their vows? And no curtsy to the Queen?”
Joyce Penn
 “I would’ve loved to have seen a sparkly belt or sash to jazz it up but Meghan didn’t ask me. She was still beautiful.”
Robbie Massie
“It was Exquisite and Marvelous. I had tears coming down my face, I just wish them both happiness years to come. Prince Harry’s Mum would be very very proud of her Baby Boy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Congrats to both of you. I wish you all the Happiness in the World. Just Love one another and just be Happy❤️❤️❤️❤️.”
Tammy Cross – Daugherty
Loved it! Love them! It was like going on vacation from a job you hate and getting away from people who are grinding on your last nerve!”
Jennifer L Miller
“Kitty Spencer best dressed, Serena Williams close second best dressed. Oprah Winfrey not so much. Harry and Meghan fabulous. Meghan’s mother is beautiful.”
Caroline Chesney Anderson
“Fab-u-lous !! Obviously they are besotted and it was a wonderful diversion from all the negative, depressing news. Pomp and pageantry….It’s what we do best!!”
Pat Morris
“Loved it. Every part of it, including her dress. Elegant and so her. Got up at 2:30 to watch the build up and have watched it again.”
Pauline Durban
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released the official photographs taken on their wedding day by renowned fashion and portrait photographer Alexi Lubomirski.
“The ceremony was too long. Mostly nice except for preaching minister. The dress was beautiful the best one ever. They looked happy.”
Fran Estrada
“I thought it was simply beautiful. We have no royalty here and it’s nice to take a peek into British tradition.”
Anna Peterson

“I think it’s about time we stop talking about it.”
April Woods Shaw
Like as if they’re the only people on earth… 😂.”
Lovella Price
“Waste of money and useless. 82 million can do a lot.”
Joe DiMento
“The American women sure outfashioned the Brits!!”
Susan Farley
“No curtsy to the Queen! American Bishop too over the top!! Too Americanized.”
Virginia Polifroni
There was a wedding?”
Debbie Kelly

What is Your Biggest “Pet Peeve”?

Most everyone has at least a couple of pretty maddening habits that can make someone else’s hair stand on end. Even someone who loves us a whole lot. One of our biggest pet peeves in seeing dirty dishes in the sink, especially when the dishwasher is inches away. And, if you know Mary Anne, don’t ever hang up on her, or she’s going to do something you won’t like!  Check below to see what it is.

People who try to save an entire row of seats for their later arrival family or friends at movie theaters.
Andrea Bledsoe


“Clerks not saying ‘thank you.’ They just give you the receipt and say ‘there you go,’ or ‘have a nice day.’”
Carol Bowyer Gravelle


LaDonna Stephens


“Christmas lights still up in April with them still turning on around 6 pm when it now gets dark after 8 pm!”
Gail Listopad-keyes


“People cracking gum.”
Carol Abood


“Just one???? Today it is bad drivers. Tomorrow it could be something else.”
Laurie Abernathey Barnett


People that can’t put their phones down!”
Linda Batey 


People being inconsiderate with their shopping carts in the store.”
Richard Alexander


“People who dye their dogs colors.”
Shar Harper


“Neighbor’s who insist on using my front lawn as a turn around spot.”
Connie Chretien


“Terrible table manners and noisy eaters!”
Margot Thompson-Henson


“People who instruct me by saying ‘all you have to do,’ as if the task is as easy as blinking my eyes. I mean really, it’s so easy a moron could do it so maybe, just maybe, if you try really really hard, you’ll do it too …’all you have to do …’”
Paula Lafleur


“People on their phones while driving!!!!!!!!!”
Paula Bernhardt


Pedestrians who push the button for the walk signal but jaywalk anyway. Drivers are forced to wait for the light for no reason. If the driver “jay drives” through the light, he might get a ticket. A ticket for the pedestrian is very unlikely. If you don’t intend to wait for the walk signal, then don’t press the darned button.
Anne Bayer


“Chewing like a cow. Moo!”
Jeanie Stiebel


“People who don’t put something back where they know it belongs!!!”
Vickey Kilde-Goeden


Don’t ever hang up on me.  I’ll hunt you down.”
Mary Anne Duchscherer
“Hands Down, RUDE PEOPLE. And there are alot of them out there.”
Marianne Creighton


“Snooty, cliquey, insecure, immature acting women. No time for a kindergarten relationship at this phase in my life.”
Michelle West Stano


A liar. I cannot stand to be lied to or lied on. It literally makes me physically sick and so angry.”
Terri Madison


People who wear socks and sandals.”
Coryne e Skulls


“Scantily dressed people.”
Kally Lewis

If You Could Be Invisible For a Day, What Would You Do?

We’ve probably all dreamt what it would be like to be invisible. Maybe we’d eavesdrop on a gossipy friend, or walk the red carpet at the Oscars.  While Christi would collect a windfall of cash, Karen would do normal everyday things, but with a twist. As usual, you’re a creative bunch.

“Spy on my ex to see IF he was who he said he was….BUT I’m sure my own gut feeling was right. Don’t need to be invisible for that really….LOL.”
Colleen Davis


 “Totally rob a big bank…LOL.”
Christi O’Brien


“Walk around naked as nature intended, doing normal everyday things.”
Karen Watkins


“Listen to what my friends and family say about me.  Then I’d be free. Or comforted.”
Nancy Cox Ferrara


“I would put all seven grandchildren together and just watch!”
Libby McNeill


“Pop tires of rude drivers.”
Brooke St John


“Go to a Disney hotel and to all the parks.”
Annmarie Diaz Passaro 


“I would like to smack some people! They would never know what hit them…LOL.”
Faye Allen