What You Are Most Looking Forward To This Year

What does 2017 have in store for YOU?!

“I turn 50 this year.”

Tamara Williams

Staying cancer free, being financially stable and loving my job, just drama free.”

Connie Renee Sargent

“Marriage…Or not”

Linda Diane Ferber

Good health to me, my family and friends! If you’ve got good health, you’ve got everything!”

Karin Anderson Chaves

An opportunity to make a difference.”

Di Kostielney Goodrich


What Your Front Door Says About You

Before buying a house in Brooklyn six months ago, I lived in apartment buildings for my entire adult life, so I never gave a second thought to the front doors. Apartment front doors wouldn’t win design awards, even in luxury buildings in Manhattan, and you’re not permitted to change them.

The front door to my new house was downright ugly, from the design, with a little “window” that was better suited for a prison, to the depressing brown paint.  It also was smaller than the original front door, which was actually a double door that stood an imposing 8-feet tall. Some of the houses on the block still have their grand original doors, dating from around 1899. And, my door had a hideous black iron gate in front of it, probably dating back to the days when the neighborhood was, unfortunately, riddled with crime. Both doors had to go!

Every time I visited Brooklyn before I even contemplated moving here, I’d love to look at front doors in the borough’s distinct neighborhoods. Each door imparted a different vibe, so I had a pretty good idea what I wanted by the time it came to choosing one of my own. A rep from Home Depot told me there wasn’t enough space to have double doors, and even when I pointed out the double doors at the same style house a few doors away, his opinion didn’t change. I later learned that Home Depot doesn’t do custom doors in unconventional sizes (at least by today’s standards), so the guy fibbed rather than risk losing the sale. He lost the sale anyway, because Santos (who built my kitchen and bedroom closets) told me that, of course, he could make tall double doors that resembled the originals.

I originally wanted  black doors, but decided to go with blue because it’s happier, but still looks smart. Consulting with the people at Farrow & Ball, I chose their Cook’s Blue, which isn’t too bright or too subdued. The new steel rails leading up to the door are painted in a slightly darker shade of blue. The whole effect is sunny and welcoming, even on a bleak January day.

Each of the 11 doors we’ve photographed below, in New York and LA, conveys a unique mood. We’d love to see a photo of YOUR FRONT DOOR, with a note on what it says about YOU. You can email your photo to shelley@faboverfifty.com.


To Retire… Or Not To Retire?

Some of us quit working in our fifties, happy as can be. Others, though, are starting new careers and looking for new adventures during their ‘second halves.’ Just as we redefined marriage, sports and sex, we’re redefining ‘retirement.’ When we asked at what age you’d like to retire, this is how you responded.

Retirement Calendar

“My husband retired at 45 as a 100 percent disabled veteran. I went back to work to save my sanity. He spends his days volunteering all over town. I see myself working until I’m 65, because I need to be able to support myself if anything happens to him.”
Katie O’Berry


Your Priciest Purchases Of 2016

One FOF did something wonderful for 50 of her dearest friends and relatives. Another is treating herself to the same thing, 12 times! We asked about your most expensive purchase of 2016, and the answers were as varied and interesting as you are!

“I retired and bought myself a horse, brand new truck and horse trailer so we can travel together! All told $62k. Aaarrggghhhhh!”

Shannyn Scassero

“2 puppies @ $300 each. In my defense it was also my dumbest purchase! One would have been enough work but nooooooo, like a genius I had to double that.”

Jodi Smith Rasar


See Life More Clearly In “Manchester By The Sea”

The movie Manchester by the Sea won’t only give you a gigantic lump in your throat; it will make you see life just a little more clearly than you did 137 minutes earlier. And that can be an especially good thing during these unsettling times all over the world.  

Casey Affleck hauntingly plays Lee Chandler, who returns to the community where he was born and raised when his older brother dies, and is shocked to learn that he is the sole guardian of his 16-year-old nephew. We don’t know much about Lee at this point, except that he’s a loner handyman for an apartment complex in Boston; he’s depressed, and he’s terribly angry. But, as the story unfolds, we learn about the unspeakable tragedy that made him leave Manchester by the Sea, and we struggle along with him as he is forced to face his deeply troubled past and decide where to take his future.

Every single character in the gut-wrenching film, as well as the dialog and storyline, are so unpretentious and realistic that it seems at times to be a documentary. I held my breath when Lee’s nephew Patrick (beautifully played by Lucas Hedges) visited the hospital morgue to see his dad, and cheered him when he was clumsily trying to hook up with a girlfriend before her mother knocked on the bedroom door. I sided with Lee’s wife Randi (played by Michelle Williams), when she confronted his rowdy and drunk friends to get out of the house in the wee hours of the morning. And my heart broke when Randi, this time as Lee’s ex-wife, apologizes to him, saying I should fuckin’ burn in hell for what I said” (after their tragedy.)  In the book of most memorable movie scenes of all time, that one definitely should be on page one.

caption (more…)

Making Post-Holiday Cleanup Easy Peasy

It happens the same exact way every single year: The holidays are over but the cleanup is just beginning.

Despite your best intentions, it’s impossible to keep the house organized and tidy once the non-stop festivities begin. But now that the guests are gone, you’re facing everything from a yucky, greasy oven and your toddler grandson’s grape jam fingerprints in the kitchen, to countless dustballs, cookie crumbs and candy wrappers on every floor and rug. And even if cousin Carole’s Chow Chow puppy is captivating, the hills of fur she left behind definitely are not!

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Your Many States Of Matrimony

Some of us have been lucky in love (very lucky); others, not so much. But whether we’ve been there, done that, or swear by the state of matrimony, we’re a resilient bunch of women!

Came within three days of marrying my high school sweetheart in 1988, but we were very young and I broke it off for very valid reasons. I married someone else five years later. That lasted 17 years. I’ve been divorced since 2011 and recently have reconnected with my high school sweetheart. I am very hopeful that the past will be set right. He is my soulmate.”

Tere Tomlinson (more…)

Do You Believe In Soulmates?

Do you believe in soulmates? And have you found yours? Some of us have. Some haven’t been so lucky, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying.

“Oh my gosh, yes. 38 years. For 10 years, we lived apart while only seeing each other on the weekends. Since July, we decided we missed each too much to be apart. We are under the same household and I still love making dinner each night and holding hands watching Netflix. Yes, there is give and take but if respect is there…love endures.”
Phyllis Adams (more…)

17 Of Our Favorite Guilty Food Pleasures

Even the strongest woman has food cravings that she just can’t shake. Whether it’s sweets, or even pizza, every woman has a food (or foods) that she may consider a guilty pleasure.

Here are a few foods that look and taste too good to resist!

“I love donuts and will occasionally indulge. I figure that I’m already halfway through life anyway, I may as well enjoy what I have left.”
Laura Belle


Sleep, Skin… And Strategizing Your Future!


The kids, at last, are adults! You’re no longer working from dawn till dusk. You finally have time to rest…yeah right!Read More