16 Things That Scared Us Silly Growing Up

1. The shower scene in the
movie, Psycho


Meet The Woman Who Will Make You Glad That LA Writers Went On Strike In 2007

I have one favor to ask any woman who is reading this, whether you’re a lady of means and wouldn’t be caught dead shopping anywhere but Bergdorf Goodman, or watch your pennies and swear by Marshalls.

Next time HSN features MarlaWynne apparel, pour yourself a glass of wine (if it’s nighttime), settle into a comfortable chair and “meet” a woman with Bergdorf’s tastes and style, who designs clothes that sell at Marshalls prices, often for even less. I’ll be surprised if you don’t buy at least one piece from Marla’s collection. By the way, her great clothes are one thing; her magnetic personality is another.

Marla Ginsberg, 58, used to shop at the chichi stores all over the world, thinking nothing of buying a $300 pair of slacks here, a $1,000 sweater there, and goodness knows what in between. That’s when she was a successful international television executive and producer, living in Paris and flitting back and forth between CDG (Charles de Gaulle airport) and LAX. Her fortunes changed, however, when the writer’s strike hit in 2007-2008 and Marla lost her job. Back in LA with two teenage children to support, she wasn’t the type to wallow in self-pity. But what to do, she thought, accepting the fact that the likelihood of finding a post-strike job was “about as good as finding a natural blonde in Beverly Hills.”

“I’ll buy
a sewing machine”

Marla’s creative juices kicked in and she had one of those “ah-ha” moments. She’d buy a sewing machine, and she’d design clothes for the women being ignored by the big-name fashion designers, the women of her own generation, the boomers. She reasoned that if other women had as hard a time finding affordable fashion as she did, she could develop a viable business. “I wanted to cover all my icky bits, like my sagging underarms and pooching stomach,” Marla told me when we first met three years ago, “but all I could find were moo-moos and over-priced matronly styles that made me feel like a refugee from an artists colony.” So what if she didn’t know how to sew and or design clothes, she thought. She had developed a great appreciation of style, after living in France for 17 years. She knew she was creative. She’d figure it out.

Win a $1,000 wardrobe and personal consult with Marla!


11 Types of FOF Moms: Which One Are You?

We’d like to think we’re all around great moms, but a single mothering persona usually stands out, way above the rest. When your kids think about you, what image would they conjure up?

Tell us which type of mom you think you are, then share this list
with your kids and see what they say!

1. The Cool Mom

You not only smoke pot with them, you supply it.


How To Avoid 8 Embarrassing Situations

This post is brought to you by Wearever Incontinence Panties.

1. Forgetting someone’s name
at a party

Quickly say “hi” and introduce your companions to her, hoping she introduces herself
back to them (and you).


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Smart Women Finish Rich: Discover The 9 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals And Dreams

I’ve often joked that I hope my body gives out before my
money runs out.

The prospect of ever living from hand-to-mouth is mighty distressing, but I hate thinking about my financial future. I figure I’ll always be able to make an income, no matter how old I am. After all, I’ve been supporting myself since I graduated college. Never needed a man for that.

WRONG! What if I get sick and can’t work? How long will I be able to keep going before my money does, indeed, run out? I feel vulnerable just thinking about it.

And when I look at many of my women friends, whose husbands have handled their finances for decades, they’re in the same boat I am. They avoid talk of money at all costs. It’s too darn intimidating. But what if their hubbies die first? Will they be left financially secure?

One of my closest friends was literally left “holding the bag” when her husband died in his 50s. But the bag was virtually empty because his business was practically under water, and what little he had left went to healthcare costs. My friend had to create a new life on her own: Downsize her home; get a job (she hadn’t worked since college); learn how to live on a budget. It was a scary time for her.

So when the folks from Edelman Financial Services approached us about their 90-minute Smart Women Finish Rich seminars, they got my attention.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to spend such a little amount of time if what I learn could help me to take charge of my financial future, and to feel safer and more secure?


15 Things To Absolutely Avoid From Halloween to New Year’s 2015

1. Cooking a holiday meal, by
yourself, for 25 guests

Cut down the number of guests or get some help!


Win A $1000 Fall Wardrobe from A Design Star

When you’re wearing clothes designed by
MarlaWynne, your friends will wonder if you snuck off to Paris for a shopping spree.

“The Mother of Reinvention,” Marla Wynne was an over 50, out-of-work Hollywood producer who relied on her passion, drive and a new sewing machine (not to mention a need to feed herself and her kids) to launch a fashion career.

Now HSN’s fastest-rising fashion star, Marla creates collections as versatile as she is: Lovely to layer, marvelous to mix and match, perfectly packable and wonderfully washable. And they make every one of her growing legion of fans look like a million, covering all our “icky bits,” from jiggly underarms to pooching tummies.

Wouldn’t you love to be the lucky FOF to have Marla help you reinvent your look? Enter below to win a personal shopping consultation with our incredibly talented friend, and walk away with a spectacular MarlaWynne fall wardrobe, valued up to $1000.


Does He Still Have The Touch or Has He Totally Lost Touch?

Take a good, hard look at the man in your life, whether you’re married or call yourselves “domestic partners.”

Does he still make you feel tingly, up and down your spine, or put your nerves completely on edge? Is he your “soul mate,” or the mate you’d like to throw overboard on your next cruise? Does he give you more than you need, or make you needier than ever? Yep, relationships are complicated. But here’s an easy way to tell whether you should stay in the institution or check into one.

Take this quiz and ask your husband or partner to take it, too. It should be eye-opening to learn how he views himself in relation to you.


Top 11 Things Women Over 50 Fear Most

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. We couldn’t have said it any better, except
we’d change he to SHE.

1. Belly fat


12 Things That Drive Us Absolutely Wild

Sometimes, don’t you just want to lock yourself in a room (a pretty one, of course) and shut out all the irritating situations and people in your life? Here are a dozen of our most irritating irritations. We only have one question: How is it that everyone else is annoying but us?

1. Reading countless Facebook posts about all the cultural, artistic, humanitarian and creative things everyone
(but you) is doing; places they’re going and
kudos they’re receiving.