8 things that make you secretly jealous


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  • Lena

    I relate to number 2. My friendship with my brother is irrevocably damaged due to his wife’s jealousy and insecurity. I don’t think I will ever trust him again. She had such a profound influence on his spineless character that he agreed with every ugly thing she said about me. My brother and I were best friends once.

  • dbepete

    These 8 are priceless…and TRUE!!

  • Mick

    Women (men!) with power and money who didn’t earn it. As an example, politicians who step into their deceased husband’s congressional position or wealthy clueless government diplomats with cushy appointments to exotic countries all expenses paid by taxpayers. Pseudo celebrities buying fame and attention. Criminals in positions of authority in corporations who are never sanctioned for their crimes because they pay it off. These are the people who ride an unearned , unqualified-for gravy train because of who they know (contribute money to), not WHAT they know. More resentment than jealousy, because if these people had genuine skills and honesty, it wouldn’t matter!!!

  • Debra S

    LOL I’m only jealous of women with money. Whether their own or they married well…. that is my secret confession. Anything else- meh.

  • Fran

    I’m only jealous of women with great hair and style…..I’m happy for all the others as well as the people with great hair and style……

  • Lorraine 53

    uuugghh! You’re right about half! 🙁