{Gift Guide 2012}

Fa-la-la-la-la-FOFs! We’ve got ideas for all the characters in your life! From your zany pet-loving FOFriend to your jet-setting sister to your main squeeze–our FOF gurus have got you covered. Click through the gift guides below and see 55 suggestions for presents to GIVE. Plus, 8 fabulous giveaways you’ll RECEIVE when you enter to win!

  • MarDo

    The Tots and Teens is the title for me.

  • yyoerger

    Nice selection in all of the categories. I like the FOFrequent Flyer especially. Some innovative travel-helper ideas that I haven’t seen before.

  • Deb

    Tots and teens

  • carol

    i never win anything

  • Melissa Fraher

    I like the friend or sister guide!

  • Nancy

    The FOF Friend of Sister!

  • Diana Prewitt

    Pet lover!!

  • Marsha Crain

    I love all your idea!! Fun!!

  • LindyBelle

    I think all the gift suggestions are inspired. I would love to give any or all of them to those on my Christmas gift list.

  • liliMarlene

    Always looking for gift ideas for men. What do you get the man who has nothing and wants nothing?

  • AJB


  • Cindy

    LOVE the Foodie gifts!! Do I have to give them away, or can I “give” them to myself??

  • patti lovecky

    Would love to win the Sister gifts. Mine is so awesome, so giving, yet has so little, but never complains.

  • Carol Catto

    The FOF Man in your life is the one I would love to win

  • Basya

    They are all adorable. I want to have Man in Your Life for my dear husband of more than 30 years…

  • Ida

    I love all of them, Tots and Teens is perfect for me.

  • Beth Lowe

    Since we have several Pets it has to be The Pet Lover!

  • hananghaddar

    I will choose The FOF Man In Your Life because I love my husband very much and I want him to be happy.

  • Annette Taylor

    The Fo Friend or Sister sounds perrrfect! 🙂

  • Larisa

    Definitelly Pet Lover!

  • Zenaida

    I love The FOFriend or Sister!

  • Michelle

    shoot, food lover, man in my life, pet lover ……….i am easy!
    please I want to be a winner! please………..

  • thomas rusinak

    fof is almost alwas good but like the golden years they sometimes get tarmished

  • bonnie

    lets see, something for hubby, grown step daughters, the dogs, the foodie (this might be one for me) and lots for the grand kids

  • smfsprout

    I found some really good suggestions for numerous people on my list. Thanks for pulling this together.

  • Barbara M.

    Checking out the tots and teens!

  • Headinclouds

    For my Loves….Two favorites…FOF Man in Your Life and The Pet Lover!

  • mandrada

    These are all great gifting ideas, hard to choose, but I’ d love to have a set of spare one phones! Please!

  • Kathi

    They are all Great and would be honored to win any one of these gifts, but my Heart lies with “Pet Lover” Thank You for this opportunity, nice idea and Beautiful variety of gifts for everyone in your Life 🙂

  • sgoulet660

    love the for the foodie

  • htwollin

    Frequent Flyer!!

  • a1nettie

    Man in my life would love to give him something special and any kiddos Tots and Teens

  • ginny

    Great gift ideas!

  • Susan

    I am going to get one of those emergency cell phones for my 88 yr. old Mother who refuses to get a cell phone (an “annoying gadget” she thinks!). She’ll love it whether she wants to or not!

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  • Debbie W.

    FoFriend or Sister is for me!

  • beth

    love, love, love!!

  • Sharron

    I LOVE the Friend or Sister….have two sisters and many, many Friends! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • WavyGravy

    I think the men’s gifts are creative, clever and unique.

  • Karen Cunningham

    The FoFriend or Sister does it for me.


    The pet lover is for me.