{Giveaway} Sacred Sleep Eucalyptus Sheets

FOF Jane Pinto is giving away a set of luxurious eucalyptus sheets from Sacred Sleep — a company that’s dedicated to improving sleep wellness. Enter to win by answering this question in the comments below: Which color and size eucalyptus sheets would you like to win?

Jane Pinto ran a successful real estate firm for 10 years. Throughout her life and for much of her career, she was plagued with trouble sleeping. “I was waking up four or five times each night,” says Jane. “One night my husband put his arm around me and said, ‘You know, sleep is sacred, isn’t it?’ and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I think I have an idea for a brand.'”

Jane sold her firm in 201o to pursue the idea. She and her husband founded Pinto Barn, a company that’s dedicated to creating conscious products for living a whole life, in 2011. Jane developed Sacred Sleep, a division of Pinto Barn, with help from a team of sleep and marketing experts. Their end goal was to lay out a product line that would people sleep better. Jane started researching different types of textiles, and discovered the many sleep benefits of eucalyptus, which are now the highlight of the Sacred Sleep line. “Eucalyptus sheets really wick away moisture,” Jane says, “They keep you cool when you’re hot, and warm when you’re cool.”

Sacred Sleep is available exclusively online, but Jane has plans to expand. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” says Jane. “Our goal is to eventually have Sacred Sleep retail stores, which will provide education on sleeping better in addition to our products.”

“For any women over fifty, quality of life becomes so real and important,” says Jane.  “It becomes more important to evaluate and create an environment that is really conducive to sleep wellness, and that includes investing in a quality set of sheets. They are so worth it.”

Enter to win a set of eucalyptus sheets from Sacred Sleep by answering this question in the comments below: Which color and size eucalyptus sheets would you like to win?
Enjoy 30% off all purchases at SacredSleep.com for the entire month of February by using promo code FOF30 at checkout!

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 7th, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • Beth Reagan

    I would so love to have any color of a set of your sheets I’m a kidney patient and have lots of pain and restless nights , I would love to try a set of your beautiful sheets .

  • Lorraine 53

    I would like the Sapphire Moon Eucalyptus Sheets in Queen Size please! Sounds deliciously restful.

  • Sandy

    Are eucalyptus sheets better than bamboo sheets to sleep on?

  • janet swink

    Pearl Moon!! I need sleep. My daughter passed away at age 24 two years ago and I haven’t had a good night sleep since. I was a very traumatic event and as a result my sleep has been greatly effected. Would so love to win!!!

  • Adella Gonzalez

    I would love the Harvest Moon Double Baratta Satin Embroidered Queen sheet set… I bet it feels so good against the skin.
    Finger’s crossed!

  • Tricha

    sapphire moon queen size

  • Mary Stovall

    Harvest Moon in Queen size please would be awesome! I suffer from hot flashes with Harvest Moon sheets, I could hopefully drift away to dreamland.

  • kgereg

    Pearl moon, king sheet set would be perfect. It’s amazing to me that these sheets become softer with washing. That’s great, because I forget half the time to add softener to the wash. Hmmm…something with the memory and aging or not enough good nights sleep? lol

  • Lauri

    I would really appreciate the chance to experience the Queen size in Pearl!

  • Karin C.

    I have been wanting a quality set of sheets and had not heard of these. It would be wonderful to sleep peacefully between these sheets. Thanks for chance to win them.
    I like the harvest moon in Cal. King size.

  • kar54wru

    Pearl Moon in Queen, they sound luscious.

  • memetu

    Lavender Moon – Queen size

  • Leslie Henson

    Lavender Moon in King Size set. My goal for 2013 is to get my carbon footprint down to as small as possible, and these sheets really fit the bill! Namaste!


    Pearl Moon in California King would be sublime!

  • kate vigil

    ah,my bed and body yearn for king size in pearl moon.

  • Sue

    Sapphire Moon in King Size would make my day and my night.

  • aromaworks

    These Eucalyptus Sacred Sheets look and sound amazing. I love the Harvest Moon, Queen size set. Eucalyptus sounds fantastic, and I imagine the fabric is very strong, as the tree and leaves are very hardy. I have been sleeping on bamboo sheets, and while like them because they are really beautiful, incredibly soft, and are also suppose to be good for regulating body temperature. However, I was surprised how quickly they began to fall apart after washing. I’ve had them for about a year and they are already thread bare in certain areas. Best wishes to the lucky person who wins this gorgeous bedding.


    King sized sheets with blue Sapphire stripe would be the lovliest for my room

  • Alicia

    The white sheets with the lovely purple trim……..in King size. Nothing better than cozy sheets for a good nights sleep.

  • Ginger Steinecke

    extra-long Twin size, and any color would be fabulous.

  • paula

    i have hotflashes & would love to win the pearl moon king sheets. sounds amazing!

  • GinaHendricks

    Lavender moon in King sounds heavenly

  • Linda Sparks

    Sapphire Moon in Queen – this sounds heavenly!
    Thank you.

  • Pam

    Sapphire Moon Queen would be thrilling to win. Going to bed is such a nice thing to do.

  • Mary Donahue

    I would love to own the Lavender Moon, queen size sheets. I am just about desperate for a good night’s sleep!

  • Faye

    I have never owned a luxury sheet of sheets , I would love to have a set beautiful set of Lavender Moon King size sheet. Thank you

  • Brenda

    Harvest Moon in Queen. I just want more than 5 hours sleep per night. A little luxury might help.


    King sized sheets with blue stripe would go perfectly in my bedroom

  • Joan Starr

    Lavender Moon for me. Soft sheets to wrap up in.

  • Felicia

    I would like the lavender moon queen set I suffer from insomnia so anything that could help with my sleep is welcome.

  • Pati Clark

    Lavender moon-Sounds so calming makes me want to cozy up for bedtime…ahhhh….King please !!!! I would love to win ….. all the great benefits that these sheets bring & love that they are organic …hope to win !!!! I could really use a good night sleep!

  • kellykat

    saphire moon in size double would really delight me

  • Teresa Wehunt

    Pearl Moon King size please, Spent months in hospital after Liver transplant and would love some new sheets for my bed.

  • Deed

    Harvest Moon in King Size . . . nothing beats the feeling of slipping into bed, tired, with a set of incredible sheets providing the welcome!

  • SandraKay

    Pearl Moon in Queen would be so wonderful. I really need a good nights sleep.

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    To be able to sleep again..what a pleasure. Over fifty is great but there are a few bumps in the night that won’t allow a good nights sleep. These sheets sound like a dream come true.

    King size in any color, I would be grateful.

  • Holliss Wille

    If I win, I would like King Size sheet set. I never heard of these sheets before, they sound wonderful. I’m in my 60’s now and harder to sleep and I still get too warm in bed with blankets and sheets, my feet need to stick out, and that helps. I hope I win..You can choose the color, I just want to sleep really well again..thanks,

    Mrs. H. Wille

  • kgritts

    I would Love Queen in Pearl Moon. I have night sweats every night and would LOVE to be more comfortable.

  • Peggy Franzino

    Please help me sleep! I would love a sapphire moon king size set

  • Rosemary Simm

    The Queen Sapphire Moon would love wonderful in my guest bedroom. That’s where I was banished to during those extremely hot sweaty nights. I was so clammy my poor husband couldn’t sleep. He thought I was wetting the bed as the sheets were soaked. What a relief these would be and the beauty of such a wonderful product.

  • pmernick

    I’d like to have the Queen Sized in Pearl Moon

  • Sandra Schnaare

    Pearl Moon Queen Size! 🙂

  • Kim

    I’d love to gift these to my sister and my husband. They both have trouble sleeping. What a great idea! Thank you for creating!
    Any color in King size.

  • Liz Rockler

    These sheets look dreamy! Queen size in Lavender Moon

  • Lauren Young

    I would like to win the color Pearl Moon sheets in queen size.

  • Margaret

    I would like to win the queen set in pearl moon.

  • Denise

    I would love a set of the beige sheets in king size. I live in a small town in the southwest. WalMart is the largest store here by far with all otheres being Mom & Pop businesses. On Thanksgiving last year my “veteran, Black Friday sale shopper” sister-in-law and I found ourselves at WalMart in front of the bin of 600 thread count sheets with about twenty other women. My SIL told me to be ready when the signal went off to start shopping. I had never done this before. She saw the panic on my face, and told me just to stand back and she would throw me sheets. When the buzzer went off people started grabbing sheets and hollering which ones were theirs and throwing them to each other. When the dust settled I ended up with no sheets and someone had taken my shopping cart and left my items from it in a neat little pile. I gathered my items and left the store. I will never shop a Black Friday event again, and I still need sheets.

  • Lesley

    I would choose queen sheets with the pearl moon border trim. They look yummy.

  • Beverly Allen

    I love the eucalyptus sheets. I use the queen size in white. I wish I had discovered them sooner. No other sheets even compare.

  • Cindy

    These sound like a little slice of Heaven! I would love queen size in lavender moon.



  • AJB

    Queen size, pearl moon

  • Lori Saulters

    Queen – in Lavender Moon…. I would LOVE to gte a set of these sheets! Thanks

  • Brenda Leon

    I would choose the Sapphire Moon in a king size. They sound really amazing. I would love to win!!

  • Ann Russell

    King in Pear Moon would transform my bedroom and help aid my dreaded Fibromyalgia. Sleep is critical to healing.

  • Catherine

    Sapphire Moon Queensize please!

  • olympicgirl

    I never thought about eucalyptus sheets before…I’d choose the pearl moon in king.

  • skipheart

    The pearl moon Queen size sheets would be wonderful to replace the fitted sheet we are now using with a torn corner. Sheets are so expensive, would love to have quality feel sheets….please

  • Arlene

    Sounds like a lovely idea. Pearl Moon in full size would be even lovelier.

  • shelley Kostrunek

    Queen size pearl border.. I love them! I also have fibro and menopause issues. Went through a divorce after 20 years of marriage, and my parents moved away leaving me with no family in Omaha! What a trial by fire. Happy to say that all changes can have an upside if you have eyes to see!

  • Charlie

    Pearl Moon King size! Thanks

  • Naheed

    They sound wonderful. I would love to have Lavender Moon in Queen size. Thank you.


    Sapphire blue stripe king size would be perfect for me

  • Jennifer Barnes

    King Size in Harvest Moon.

  • Lori Mitchell RN

    I have never heard of such a thing as Eucalyptus Sheets, but they sound devine! I just started the lovely hot flashes a few months ago 🙁 I would LOVE the double Baratta Satin in Sapphire Moon, Queen size.

  • sharon

    I would love to win the pearl moon in queen.. thanks

  • Kelly McClary

    I would love to have a queen size lavender moon sacred sheet set on my bed!

  • michellep34

    Boy could I use a good night’s sleep! I would love to win these sheets.

  • Sarah Kane

    I would love to win a set of Queen sheets in Pearl Moon.

  • Linda

    That lovely Harvest Moon for me in Twin-size. They are all so lovely it’s hard to choose.

  • Peonylover

    Sapphire Moon, king size. I just love the idea of these. Wish I could think outside the box like that!

  • chrisskins

    Pearl Moon in Queen. Lovely sheets!

  • Shelley C

    Harvest moon in queen size…such a beautiful pop of color. I would love to try these luxurious sheets!


    Sapphire stripe on the king sized sheets would be perfect.

  • Phoenix

    These look lovely. I’d pick queen size Harvest Moon.

  • Marne Rogers

    The colors are well considered, making the choice that much more difficult. So,drum roll, please send queen size in Harvest Moon. And if you want throw in an extra set of standard pillow cases, I wouldn’t refuse.

  • Lori

    The Sapphire Moon in size Queen!

  • linda

    These sheets sound so completely luxurious. I would prefer the Pearl Moon in queen size-there is something classically elegant about a white dressed bed.

  • Betty Newman

    Lavendar Moon in Queen

  • Mary

    I would be delighted with any one of the lovely colors in either double or queen size. Thank you, Sacred Sleep, for thinking about the comfort of strangers.

  • Lisa

    I would like the pearl moon double Baratta Satin embroidered queen set. These sheets look fabulous. I hadn’t heard of the company previously. Love the thought of the eucalyptus.

  • teresa chavez

    i haven’t had a good feeling set of sheets since i was young, living at my mothers house, and I am 60 years old now. I much rather have flannel sheets than the ones they sell now days. (suppose to be cotton)

  • Bev Reece

    Sounds like a wonderful dream! Would love the in lavender moon – queen size.

  • aquickcpa

    Queen in Harvest Moon. Thanks!

  • Debra Collins

    I would so love to win a set of these. Going thru Menopause and just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia…Have terrible night sweets that effect my sleep nightly. This is the first time I have read about these.
    Queen in Pearl Moon would be my choice.

  • mimi

    I like the Sapphire Moon color in queen size.

  • Denise Rand

    I love the harvest moon in Queen size.

  • Jean

    Make me feel like I was on an expensive vacation

  • yyoerger

    Lavender Moon – king size. It’s true, sleep is sacred. Nothing better after a trip than getting back to your own bed. Especially if you have quality, comfortable linens like eucalyptus sheets.


    King sized with sapphire striped would be perfect in my bedroom

  • Wendy

    Pearl Moon. Who doesn’t love a great set of Pearls!

    • Wendy

      Oops! got caught up thinking about pearls and forgot to add Queen size!

  • Sandra Ohori

    Pearl Moon in King size………..thank you!!!

  • bev

    I have longed for special sheets to help me sleep through the night again. These look lovely. The Pearl Moon especially.

  • Linda Aaker Ritland

    I would love the sapphire moon in the King size

  • Bonnie

    Pearl Moon – King. Thank you

  • Michelle B.

    I would love the Pearl Moon in queen size..I have recurring sinus infections and headaches and im sure this will help to give me some relief…

  • Laurie

    Harvest Moon – King Size. Mmmmm – Pretty!

  • Melissa Winter


    What a great contest! I have never heard of these sheets until today and would be so blessed to receive the Harvest Moon King sheets. I love the fall colors which is my favorite season and my home is decorated in those colors. They would match perfectly! My husband deserves these sheets because I haven’t slept in years, and the poor guy gets up every day at 4:30 to go to work, and when I toss and turn, I wake him up. I recently started leaving our bed and going to a guest room, but I don’t want to start a bad habit! I love my husband and want to cuddle with him on an ongoing basis!

  • Geri C

    Lavender Moon

  • Candicech1

    Lavender moon in Queen please

  • Tanya

    What a wonderful idea! I would love the Lavender Moon (I think it’s great that she used Moon in each color) in the Queen size.

  • Sunn ymay

    I would like to place these sheets on my bed to create a sanctuary in my bedroom of calm and peace. The best match for me is the Pearl Moon Double Baratta Satin Embossed Queen Set.

  • Michelle

    Pearl moon is so soft looking. I have been looking for this color/style for my King size bed. Also, born in June, pearl is my gemstone.

  • Jean



    Sapphire stripe in king is my choice

  • nascarblue3

    Although they are all beautiful Sapphire is my favorite there is something about blue in all it’s different shades that brings me back to my childhood, i know it may sound funny, i just remember looking into my dad’s eyes for the first time and seeing his beautiful blue eyes, thank you, the size would be a queen, good luck to everyone.

  • Susan

    Queen size in any color. All of the colors are absolutely beautiful making it impossible to choose. I love surprises anyway!

  • Debbi Lehner

    I would love Harvest Moon in Queen Size. Thanks!

  • hofken

    King set in Harvest Moon

    [email protected]

  • Jane

    What a terrific idea and
    product! I covet Pearl Moon in King.

  • Share Ross

    Finally, a set of sheets that could keep me cool and keep my husband warm and.. they’re sustainably made? Wow. This must be a dream come true.

    LOVE the story behind this product line. I would simply adore and sing happy songs at the thought of winning the Queen sheet set in the Pearl Moon. Gorgeous and dreamy.

    Oh to sleep the whole night through. This could be the beautiful solution we’ve been searching for.

  • melody

    Sapphire Moon Queen Size.

  • Amy Z.

    I’d pick Lavender Moon in Queen size.

  • Violette Chef

    I’m planning to buy a new mattress set in the next few months, and would adore a new set sheets to christen it with. I’m torn between the colors (lavender, sapphire or pearl) how’s a girl to choose from all these lovelies. Only
    thing I can definitively choose is the size–queen please!

  • karen555

    Lavendar moon in queen size would be heavenly!!!

  • Gayle York

    Lavender Moon in Full Size, please, to make all my dreams come true…

  • Mary B

    Pearl Moon in a Queen size

  • Rosemary

    Oh I can almost feel and see the Lavender Moon in King

  • debbie jackson

    pearl moon in queen debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  • Kathy

    I would love to have Pearl Moon in King. I can see it on my bed now!

  • JoAnn J

    I would love a set of the Harvest Moon in Queen — they should wonderful!

  • Alice Longhorn

    I liked the lavendar in queen size, and could sure use a full night of sleep

  • Karen

    I haven’t slept well in the last 8 years.I will try anything to get a full nights sleep. Please, please enter me to win a set of eucalyptus sheets.
    I love all the colors. You pick one in Queen size.

  • Jean

    These would be just heavenly on my bed


    King size with blue stripe is my choice


    Thank U for this giveaway! I just bought a new bedroom suit, so these would be perfect as my birthday present too!

  • Janet Keyser

    OOOPS! I meant to say the Sapphire Moon colored sheets.

  • Janet Keyser

    I like the blue colored sheets, but they all look wonderful and soothing. A QUEEN size would be perfect! Thanks for offering these to us!

  • Edie Steinhoff

    Pearl moon in queen size!

  • Marian

    I would like o win a set of Pearl Moon Eucalyptus sheets.
    Thank you.

  • Christine Norman

    Lavender moon in king size would be dreamy.

  • sydney85

    I would love the Pearl Moon in King Size

  • C. Davis

    Purple and King size.

  • karen transue

    I would loveeeee the Sapphire Moon, Queen Size, oh boy I could really use these to get a good nights sleep!

  • Kai W.

    I love the sapphire moon in the Queen size.

  • Robi Malone

    I would love to be able to sleep much better at night. The lavender King size would be perfect for me.

  • Connie Williamson

    Those Pearl Moon sheets are decadent. I’d feel like the Queen of England sleeping on those sheets!

  • kay wolter

    sleep that would be amazing

  • soap

    I would like a queen size set. I totally agree with sacred sleep wellness, the importance of quality of life and routinely productive sleep. I’m there!

  • Thelma Rodriguez

    Sacred sleep, it would be wonderful to win Harvest Moon in Queen size and luxuriate in the feel of these sheets.

  • Lori Anderson

    The harvest moon queen sheets would be perfect!

  • Linda Bradley

    I would love the Queen Pearl Moon. That would be a great nights sleep!

  • Linda

    King size Pearl Moon would be lovely 🙂

  • JAN

    Smooth soft skin? Gotta have these!

  • diane cooper

    I would love to win the Harvest Moon in queen! Thanks!

  • Louann

    OMG! I love it!! I would love to get the Pearl Moon in a queen size.

  • Helen Chun

    I would like to win size king sheets in pearl moon!

  • Evelyn

    Saphire Double Baratta Satin Queen Sheets – thank you in advance

  • janis

    lavender moon in king. thank you for the chance !!

  • Sue Epling

    Queen harvest moon please! Beautiful~

  • Ruth Wherley

    I would love to have the pearl moon queen size sheets!

  • Tom Hennessy

    I would like any color in Queen Size! If I go to sleep I will dream of these sheets!

  • Rebecca

    I like the Pearl Moon, King size.

  • Rose

    Beauty sleep I need…would love the Lavender Moon Queen set…

  • Jennifer

    LOVE the look! I’d be delighted with the Harvest Moon, in Queen!

  • peggy.taylor

    I have never tried any sacred sleep products, but I would love to have the opportunity. I can never find sheets with deep enough pockets and I would love to get a good nights sleep without having to put the sheets back on the corners of the mattress. I would love a king size set of eucalyptus sheets in any color!

  • Julie

    Lavender Moon in queen size, what a treat!

  • PAT E.


  • smfsprout

    Sapphire Moon in queen and a great night’s sleep. Aaahhhhh. Zzzzzzzz.

  • terri morgan

    I would like to win the queen size in pearl moon.

  • travelgirl

    I would love to win the Pearl Moon set, in king size, please. I want the opportunity to experience a truly restful night of sleep, and I know that these eucalyptus sheets would do the trick! These are incredible, and I wish you all the best with your new products.

  • Mary F.

    I would take ANY color in a queen size!

  • Nancy S

    My favorite…the Lavender Moon sheets in King Size!

  • debra

    queen size lavendar moon

  • Laurakb

    Lavender queen size thank you very much! Oh to sleep through the night without having to uncover for a while, cover back up. Etc.

  • elizabeth

    Lavendar moon in King size would be awesome. I hate when I wake up hot in bed. My husband gets hot too!

  • carol roberts


  • suerae01

    I would love to win the Harvest Moon set for a Queen sized bed


    Sheets are beautiful, I would love to win the Pearl Moon Double baratta satin embroidery sheet set size king. Love them!

  • IntoTheMist

    Lavender moon.

    I have a long twin, but would be willing to work any sheet to help me sleep.

  • Pamela Lloyd

    I’m a essential oil love and this prize would be a dream come true!

  • Jennifer Kielty

    I would love to win the Pearl Moon Double Baratta Satin embroidered Queen sheet set.

  • Basya

    I would enjoy tremendously if I am that lucky to win Pearl moon double baratta satin embroidered king sheet set. It may just change my life with actually a normal sleep whole night.

  • suzanne

    PEARL MOON King Size!! I’m fascinated that Jane pinpointed her sleep difficulties on the comfort of her sheets! Mostly, because I, too, wake up multiple times during the night. I just feel restless, I guess, and not too relaxed. LOVE this idea…and would love to try them!!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Queen size – pearl moon

  • Ava White

    I would love the Lavender Moon, Double size please 🙂 thank you!

  • deestea

    I would love the Pearl Moon in Queen size. Pearl Moon sounds so pretty 🙂 Also love the ‘Colors of Fall’ by Julie Miller on your website….gorgeous!!! Good luck to everyone! pearl moon…pearl moon…pearl moon…yes, I like that a lot 🙂


    oh, please…my husband and I haven’t had a restful sleep in who knows HOW long…. even invested in that stupid Tempur Pedic [last payment in 2014!] but maybe these sheets would do the trick…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jana Hayes

    I would love queen size pearl moon. Thank you

  • Dana

    I’d love ANY awesome color in Queen. thanks for the opportunity!

  • MBissaillon

    Sleep without be disturbed. Wow sounds wonderful! I would love a Queen Set in Sapphire Moon. Heavenly!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I like the harvest moon double baratta satin embroidered king sheet set. I like that they are hypoallergenic and anti microbial too!

  • Kathy M

    Would appreciate Queen size sheets with a gray set or something close.

  • lmmckenzie

    I’d love to be able to sleep thru the night without ihaving to stick one leg from underneath the sheets to cool off!
    I would love to win the Harvest Moon – Queen size

  • Christine

    I am totally in love with the Saphire Double Baratta Satin Queen Sheets; sure I hope I am the lucky one.

  • Marta

    I would love to have these sheets in the beautiful Lavernder Moon shade, size Double. I am a major insomniac & these sound devine!

  • tashia

    I would like to win the queen sized blue sheets

  • Dee Anttila

    I wake up at least 3 times during the night- would love to win Pearl Moon queen sheet set!

  • Carol

    My favorite sheet color is the navy blue set, and the size would be a queen set. These sheets are cool and comfortable.

  • Pat

    Would love king size deep pocket in white

  • Sharon

    Sapphire Moon in King are lovely.

  • bloomingidiot

    Wow, I sure can use these! Queen pearl moon would be my pick.

  • RED

    Lovely sheets … in a collection of lovely colors. I’m loving the blue sapphire and also the pearl moon — for completely different looks. I’d need the double size to give me a truly wonderful night’s sleep!

  • kathi fincham

    Im not picky! I’ll take anything in queen. but the pearl would be my favorite

  • Zenaida

    I would love to win the Sapphire Moon Queen Sheet Set.

  • Margarida

    I would love Harvest Moon eucalyptus sheets in Queen size. Adore all the names!

  • ticki566

    These would be perfect for our RV trips…we go through many weather changes and don’t like using the AC at night. One set of queen size sheets in blue, please!

  • Susan Franklin


  • Pam McLean

    Lavender in queen size!!!!! PLEASE and thank you.

  • kim c

    Pearl Moon Queen sized sheets would be heaven!

  • Cynthia

    The cream or gold would look great in my room-love bamboo products. This is a brilliant idea!

  • Elisse

    Lavender Moon Queen, please! They look beautiful!

  • Barbara wicklund

    lavender moon in King!

  • Mary Sue Finnerty

    I’m a horrible sleeper and would love to try these.

  • carrie obrien

    white/orange queen—Hot Damn!!

  • bertkl

    Pearl Moon in Queen please. These sheets look amazing!

  • fran

    I’d love to get these so I could have a good nights sleep….I love Pearl Moon in queen size…..love the fact they wick the moisture.

  • Esther Bradley-DeTally

    Lavender, size Q, thank you maam and if you please, would be my druthers. Fess up. I wouldn’t keep them, as I am a writing teacher, and I conduct a writing gorup for homeless women on a weekly basis. One such woman has fibromyalgia and bone on bone knees, but she has the possibility of having a room, renting it. I think these sheets would help her in her healing process. She’s been in enormous pain, but she is coming out of living in horror filled places, and despite all, has integrity, love and compassion for others. Picture this: lavendar sheets soothing this woman every night – all for the love of each other – we are our sister’s keeper.

  • Dena Majett

    I would love a king set in Sapphire blue..which also happens to be my birthstone..ooo la la.

  • tarheel4ever

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of luxurious eucalyptus sheets from Sacred Sleep. If I should be so lucky as to win, I would want a Queen set with taupe or cream trim. 🙂

  • Liz S.

    Just what I need! Lavender Moon in King please!

  • Sandy L

    I take sleeping pills every nite. The sheets sound so inviting. If I’m lucky enough to win I would like the sapphire moon, full size. Thanks

  • alaina maxam

    wow these sound wonderful. color doesn’t matter but i would use queen size

  • SharShar65

    Lavender Moon, of course, to match my bedroom walls. I’d need queen size sheet set, please.

  • Roxanne

    Both my husband and I have sleep issues. I’m trying everything, and the healthful and eco values of the sheets sounds wonderfully beneficial. The Lavender Moon is lovely and suggests restfulness to me. I’d be thrilled to win them in queen-size!

  • Josie

    Would love to have these eucalyptus sheets in queen size in pearl moon. Sounds great!!

  • Mamavalveeta03

    “Harvest Moon” (great name for orange!) in Queen size, please! Great idea, I hope they work.

  • Jean

    These would be wonderful

  • Debbie Chaney

    I need the pearl moon double baratta satin embroidered
    king sheet set…please!

  • Kim Cage

    Would love to win the Sapphire Moon color in KIng!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m in desperate need of new sheets and these are beautiful!!

  • Joanna Baker

    Pearl Moon Queen Sheet Set please!

  • wizardewu

    I would love the Sapphire Moon queen sheet set.

  • connie moore

    Pearl Moon Queen Sheet set

  • Jan Wright

    Looking for Queen set I would love to be considered any set would be great

  • Dorothy B

    I sleep like a Queen and love the color purple. So lavender moon would be lovely Thanks for chance.

  • Roberta

    Pearl Moon Queen Sheet Set would be lovely.

  • lisa mcfarland

    full size – harvest moon

  • Larisa

    I love them all! They not that diferent in colors, but Lavender Moon in King Size Set would be perfect for my bedroom!

  • DonnaJoy

    I would like to win the marvelous sheets:

    Color: Pearl Moon
    Size: King

  • Andrea Ricks

    I would like Queen size sheets in Sapphire Moon. Thanking you in advance, Andrea

  • spurnky

    These are wonderful!! Color: Pearl Moon — Size: Queen

  • Susan Bradley

    Lavender Moon in Queen size please, please, please!!!

  • Beth Lowe

    I love the Harvest Moon in the full size Please…

  • Ida

    Recently I developed sleeplessness and can’t rest until 2-3 in the morning. I tried everything. Probably those sheet are the answer. I would love to win Pearl Moon Double Baratta King Sheet Set. It looks awesome.

  • Deb Anderson

    These sound wonderful!! I’d love to win the PEARL MOON QUEEN SHEET SET.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I like Sapphire Moon in Queen!

  • carrie

    i would love the harvest moon sheets in king

  • marsha h

    Pearl Moon in King would be wonderful.

  • paula

    the sheets sound amazing! I’d love to win the pearl moon in king

  • velder dixon

    any color-they r all so great in queen size

  • eddyrobey

    Pearl moon in queen size would give happy dreams

  • Stephanie V.

    queen harvest – look amazing – going through the “change” right now – ugh!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Melonie

    A cool nights sleep? Wow, this Mississippi woman would be thrilled. Pearl Moon in Queen, please!!

  • ktpotat

    lavender moon in full

  • Connie H.

    These sheets sound wonderful. I would love to win the Pearl Moon in a queen size.

  • Janet

    I would love to have a set of queen size in harvest moon.

  • Vicky D

    Queen size Pearl Moon unless I can talk my husband into getting a king size bed…

  • Allison S

    I would love to win these sheets in Blue / Queen – besides loving the color – I have always like Jane had an issue with getting a good nights sleep – still to this day & would love to have / try anything that will help me in that quest – :O)

  • javierl22

    Queen size in sapphire blue would be wonderful….

  • Brenda

    I would absolutely love a set of Harvest Moon King size sheets for my bed. My husband has a bad back with herniated disc and spinal sinosis and anything to help him would be appreciated.
    The sheets look so pretty and would fit in my Arizona home beautifully.
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  • dmnyes

    Taupe, in queen size because it will compliment any color decor I may choose for my sacred retreat.

    • dmnyes

      I would like Pearl Moon in queen because it would compliment any color decor I choose for my scared retreat!

  • Sacha Schroeder

    King size and pearl moon! We desperately need new sheets. Thanks so much for the chance!!! 🙂

  • Mikeline Skibsted

    Queen sized Sapphire Blue Would be wonderful!

    Thank You!

  • Paula Diekhoff

    White sheets; king size. This would be a nice birthday present for myself (2-5)!

  • leslie c

    Lavender moon in queen size would fit my bed and decor very nicely!

  • Mikeline Skibsted

    No Green? Being raised in Southern California, we had an abundance of eucalyptus trees around us. There was a strand of about 15 bordering the Orange Grove near our house. The air carried a perfume of Orange Blossom and Eucalyptus that I remember to this day. What a wonderful scent! All the colors are beautiful, but if I have to choose it will be blue.

  • Kathi Elster

    I would LOVE to have the Sapphire Moon double barite satin embroidered queen sheet set.

  • Carol

    I love sapphire moon. Queen sized.

  • mink

    pearl moon
    queen sheet set

  • AnnaLeaf

    Queen size lavender moon

  • Ann

    The pearl moon in king. Those are beautiful sheets!

  • Jill

    Queen Size and lavender or blue. These sound awesome!

  • elr

    I would love to win a pair of Harvest Moon Eucalyptus Sheets for our new King size bed. Sound like they would be so soft.

  • Anita Conley

    I think they are all beautiful with the
    baratte satin embroidered color choices. I love the pearl moon soft. I have been thru years of sleep issues so anything I can do to make my bed more relaxed, cozy, inviting and sleep better would be like a beautiful dream.

    Proven fact well rested makes you ready for the new day!

  • diana shenderovich

    Pearl moon double baratta satin embroidered king sheet set

  • Camilla Wilson

    Blue full would be nice.

  • beth

    full size in the blue! very nice!!

  • Kathy B

    Please oh please send me the double baratte satin embroidered sapphire moon set in Queen size

  • rosy copeland


  • BlueBear

    Sapphire Moon king size would be ideal for me, as I’m a “blue” gal and find it a soothing color. I too have had problems sleeping all my life and I am into anything that can help me make it through the night!

  • Fay Swenson

    Would love to win the harvest moon king sheet set as always love to get a good nights sleep. Just recently started getting a little better as started using a machine at night to help.

  • Dorothy Campbell

    Harvest Moon in a queen size would be great. But, to be honest I liked all the colors

  • Melthecat

    I would love a set of king size sheets.

  • Maggi Bosse


  • joyzkim

    I like the pearl moon in a kings size!

  • mprimo1

    Pearl Moon King is the one I will pick. They all look lovely.

  • Kim Marie

    These sheets look oh so fab! I would love to win the sapphire blue king size sheets.

  • joyce

    Pearl moon in the queen size.

  • margaret

    Love all the colors, would be happy with either one in a queen size. Sounds like a great item.

  • Jan T.

    King size Pearl Moon!

  • Diana Prewitt

    Blue queen would be awesome!

  • Terri B’Hymer

    Full size Harvest Moon would be perfect!

  • Cici2Three

    My husband would be FOREVER grateful if I win a King set in the Harvest Moon!

  • Tonya Hickerson

    Blue queen puhleeze!!

  • Teresa H

    I would love to win the harvest moon in a queen size.These sound like they would be wonderful to sleep on.

  • fabulous MiMi

    So pretty!
    Could use the King in Pearl Moon shade or the queen in the Lavender moon.

  • Mary Layton

    I would Love lavender moon in Queen please!

  • Lisa Sapiro

    I would love to win a lavendar king size set. They sheets look amazing!

  • mary ann

    I would be delighted to win the lavender moon in a queen size. These seem so nice. What a great idea. I have been wanting to get something like this and winning these would solve my problem.


    these sheets sound so luxurious! the blue are such a gorgeous shade! would love a set in any color however!

  • Catherine

    I think the Harvest Moon is just divine — as staying asleep the entire night would be — in Full if you make it.

  • Kelli Williams

    Queen, any color, but blue is my favorite

  • mandrada

    All the sheets look great, but I would like to win the blue or torquious on for my mom. She loves eucalyptus and the ocean, this would make a great birthday present for her!

  • paula

    the sheets sound amazing. would love pearl moon in king

  • Sapphire moon double sheets for sacred sleep!

  • Candace

    I would love the pearl moon in queen size … it would be wonderful to have something that would help improve my sleep!

  • Cheryl

    Pearl Moon King Size!!

  • Naomi

    Harvest Moon in King, please!

  • Natalie Haynes

    Pearl Moon in king size. Beautiful sheets!

  • Gonhikin

    I would love the pearl moon double baratta satin embroidered queen sheet set. These sound like they would be wonderful under my down comforter!

  • ann heffner

    pink, king sized would be my first choice, but any color at all would be fine. My room is set to accept almost any color of accents

  • Shaun Ross

    Sapphire moon in full size

  • Natalie Haynes

    Pearl Moon King set

  • Darinda Huntley

    I’d like to receive a queen set, in Lavendar Moon

  • Amy Gallo

    Sapphire Moon in queen would be lovely! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • shellrobin

    I would love to win the lavender moon king size set. I love the smell of eucalyptus and was looking for green. However, I love the smell of lavender too so it made perfect sense as the smells and colors are my favorites!

  • bamr07


  • Shannon Orton

    Pearl Moon in King would be wonderful

  • Jocelyn rice

    Blue and full size

  • Beth R

    King Lavendar Moon – these sheets look wonderful and I bet feel even better!

  • Teresa Scarborough

    love this!!!!! queen size and color Pearl

  • kathy kukla

    Purple Queen size I have COPD.

  • Pat Noel

    Queen size, Harvest Moon.

  • Belinda MacDonald

    I would love to win a set of Sacred Sleep Eucalyptus Sheets is a sky blue or turquoise and the size I need would be Queen Size Plus with extra deep pockets, heaven knows I need all the help I can get in getting a good night’s sleep, I’m usually up every couple of hours so if these sheets help improve sleep then they would be worth their weight in gold!!

  • Mary W

    California King in color sapphire moon please!

  • Fran Herzig

    I would love to try Eucalyptus King Size sheets in Pearl Moon. My husband and I are finicky where sheets are concerned and tend to buy the more luxurious sheets simply because they feel so good. It would be an honor to sleep on Ms. Pinto’s sheet.

  • marilyn wirtz

    I would love white in twin if available

  • S Kay DeGroot

    Love the pearl moon in a queen size!

  • Tanya Dvorak

    King in Sapphire, even the name speak peacefullness. Love it!

  • MaryAnn Pepe

    I would love to win the white on white in full please!

  • Christine

    King sized sheets in white please

  • pamela =

    I would love to have the pearl moon queen size.

  • Regina

    pearl moon king size – what a neat concept!!

  • Debra Barber

    I would love to win the Lavender Moon King Sheet Set!

  • Yana

    King size in Lavender moon, please

  • deborahf2

    I would love the lavender moon in queen size…

  • mary branham

    Would love to try these sheets. Sounds great.
    I like all the colors. Surprise me if I win.
    I need queen size.

  • Robin Stanfield

    All shades of blue are my favorite colors and a california king would fit absolutely perfect!

  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    I would love to win the blue in queen size! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jayne Cameron

    I liked the Sapphire Moon Sheets

  • Carole Lehr Johnson

    Lavender moon in double, please!

  • Monica Platz

    King sized sheets in white would be fabulous!

  • Deborah

    I would LOVE the queen size set in lavender moon!

  • Deb

    blue queen please!


    Blue king sized would be perfect