{Giveaway} Win a $75 gift card to Shabby Apple clothing

Win a $75 dollar gift card to Shabby Apple, a website featuring 50s inspired pieces with silhouettes that flatter your FOFigure without showing too much skin. Enter to win by becoming a fan of FabOverFifty and a fan of Shabby Apple, then answer this question in the comments below: Which Shabby Apple dress is your favorite?

(See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 28th, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

  • Paige McHugh

    To be honest after losing my career that I had for years because I was a “Whistle Blower”, I would love to pick from any to wear to a job interview.

  • I love the Animalia dress but really, there are so many cute options I’d really have to give it some serious thought before I picked just one!

  • Sarah K

    I love the Cleopatra dress!

  • bedazzling

    none. The long gray is nice but would look better with dolman sleeves.

  • Nancy M

    I really like the dresses in the Skyscraper and Tinseltown lines.

  • Gigi

    Really none. There are much cuter dresses on their website that would flatter any 50 plus woman.

  • nascarblue

    Being completely honest, my daughter is getting ready to graduate next year from college, I am entering this and I want to give my choice of dress to my daughter for working so hard and achieving her goals, my choice which was not easy, your dresses are simply awesome, I chose “EL CAPITON” this dress is her. Thank you for this chance to surprise my daughter and I know it will make her feel very proud for her accomplishments.

  • Sherry Ann Abrams

    Peony style dress in peachy pink is Shabby Apple perfection!

  • nascarblue

    love the Da Vinci, i had a hard time choosing, all of the dresses are great and how great to own a few of Shabby’s dresses, thank you

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    after looking through all of the dresses, hard choice, the one i really would love to wear is Joyride, this dress is adorable and fun to wear.

  • Sherry Ann Abrams

    Golden Afternoon is a beautifully designed dress! I love cap sleeves and the color is perfect to wear with coral jewelry. The scalloped hem of the dirndl skirt finishes off a gorgeous dress!

  • Inez

    Oh baby, this Ozark Farm chick adores the Bon Voyage. It’s a classic for sure!!!!

    Ya’ll have yourselves one blessed and beautiful day straight from the magnificent Missouri Ponderosa!


  • teresa scarborough

    the yellow print dress

  • kmariem18

    The long dress looks very wearable and versatile!

  • dparis

    I like the long dress. It’s a nice silouette and looks very flowy and comfortable. Can be dressed up or dressed down for a more casual look.

  • Paula Pile

    I like many of them, however my favorite is the Callooh, Callah.

  • Christine

    My favorite dress is without a doubt the pretty maxi dress!

  • Katie Smith

    I love the Jacobethan from the website but the gray maxi is calling my name!

  • Annmarie

    I like all the choices, especially the long, formal dress.
    Their clothes are all flattering, wearable, feminine and good looking.

  • Deb M

    There is a Shabby Apple dress on the site which is called Estate and it’s absolutely wonderful…classic and sharp.


    My favorite shabby apple dress is “Carnival”. It looks great and easy to wear.

  • joyzkim

    they are all so different but I liked Mainline….gorgeous

  • Becky

    I love the yellow and white dress. I would wear it all the time.

  • vickie pellouchoud

    desert modern!!!! i’m turning 50 in a week or so and i’m all about looking great and being comfortable. this is perfect california casual chic and comfortable….looks so flattering, i’m tall and think this would really be one of those things i’d wear all the time. want!!!! not to mention might be just the thing to spark up my nearly 20 year marriage….date nights just could pick up a bit. see and all from one dress!!! hahahahhahaa

  • rhonda

    Wee.. Comfort and style.That long dress is for me.

  • rhonda

    I love the long yet casual style.

  • rhonda

    I am a big fan of long comfortable flattering dresses.

  • Melody

    I love the Bon Voyage Remake!

  • linda henderson

    i have lost 55 lbs and need clothes that fit

  • jAN

    Azure Coast of course!

  • KL


  • Michelle

    All three designs are lovely, but for Casual California, I would get the most wear from the third, grey one. I like the neckline and it’s ease. Very adaptable for day to night as well.

  • MoonRae

    All three are very cute but I like the maxi the most
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    • MoonRae

      ooops….I’m too late!! still love the dresses though
      Thanks FOF

  • RENE’

    I would love to have my figure flatten

  • Amanda Williamson

    The site has some really nice outfits that I liked. I think my favorite is Bon Voyage Remake. The navy dress would be perfect for work or a night on the town.

  • Joanne P.

    I love all 3 dresses but the red/white/blue dress is definately my style. Love it!!

  • Angela S

    I like the yellow, summery, dress, looks fresh and comfortable!

  • Michelle S

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the wrap dresses-I need the style to flatter my curves-love the fabrics, styles, and overall femininity!

    Now-can you add a plus-sized design??

  • marla

    I would love one of their dresses, they are so cute for this old gal of 53!

  • Monica McClung

    The yellow one! Gotta love that bright pop of color!

  • Diane

    The long dress…………….is just my style. I have others very similar…………beige as well as black but they are made of gauzy material and not knit as I think this one is. I love this dress and would make good use of it.
    Thanks for considering me………………………~!

  • Sara Donahue

    They are all adorable, but I love this blue charmer: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-963-bernini.aspx

  • lynda

    Oh my god, I’ve just found my new absolute favouritist store! Shabby Apple dresses are all drop dead gorgeous and so wonderfully unique. I love the pina colada, and the yellow days, and the creme noeud, and the ferris wheel, and …. It doesn’t stop, I can’t pick a favourite!

  • saintm

    I love the striped dress. It looks like it could become a “go-to” dress. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Karen H in NC

    I love the retro look of the yellow dress….reminds me of the type of dress worn by Donna Reed in her TV show.

  • candyce

    Love the red/white/blue dress, just the thing for classy 4th of July!

  • ogden kruger

    the striped dress is amazing, my Mother always got me into sailor stripes! we used to bet the french boat neck shirts in blue and white stripes. eventually we moved to other color stripes…..:)

  • kw

    i adore shabby apply. their retro clothes are just so perfect for work attire. i love the far right dress as it’s long and so flattering.
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  • Janice

    FB fan / like both. My FB profile:

    I LOVE the fork tailed devil dress!


    Blue & white striped is perfect for garden parties & weddings.

  • gshep

    I really like the long dress! I like your style Shabby Apple style! I am going to check out your site.

  • kathyire50


  • Julie

    like u both onfb Julie A Scott Laws
    like the bacaami dress

  • mandrada

    The black and white stripes dress with the red belt is so flattering. I really, really would love to own one and show it off. So very Audrey Hepburn like with the neckline and A-line…all in the symmetry and so ready to wear fashion.

  • Phoenix

    The long dress is most my style, but the others are lovely too.

  • Andrea Munce

    All of the dresses are gorgeous, but the yellow Pina Colada dress has my name all over it.


    Love the blue & white striped for a stroll on the beach.

  • Michele Williams

    The ELIZABETH ISLANDS would be an amazing look for anyone and I’m hoping it’s me! I think the color is great and will transition nicely from summer to fall. The wrap style is SO flattering on most body types and who doesn’t want to look amazing…always? Add some pops of color in jewelry and off I’ll go. Love the site, love the clothes…

  • Peggy

    I love the red/white striped dress w/ the red belt….cute!

  • Brooke Gordon

    I would love the Confidential dress! So simple and sweet.

  • kakkie60

    I prefer the longest of the three dresses. I am 5’9″ and enjoy the feeling and freedom of wearing dresses that I feel as I move around. I also like the color in which it is shown.

  • Pamela37

    I would love my figure flattered.


    I love the “Racquet Club”. It’s really stand out.


    The blue & white striped says summer vacation.

  • Nadya Kotik

    Hi my favorite dress is One for My baby! Thanks!

  • wendec

    Love the brown long dress!

  • Amy Lynn

    I am a fan of you both and love the Alice dress! Color +lace= SO PRETTY!

    • Amy Lynn

      Is this a daily entry? Not sure… Karen has entered every day? Thanks for clarification 🙂

  • bonnie

    starboard bow

  • Rebecca Quintana

    My favorite Shabby Apple dress has to be L’Amour! The color is gorgeous and I love the ruffles. The model seems to have so much fun in this dress, too. I hope that when I visit Europe I will have that much fun and look that stylish. It’s all about travelling in style right?!

  • Maria Carmela Renna

    The gorgeous yellow “Bellissima” – what a stunning dress – very ladylike and elegant, yet alluring – LOVE Shabby Apple – as for the three dresses depicted above, I like the center one for its nautical look.

  • Lynn B.

    I am a fan of you and Shabby Apple and love the Overboard dress! Thanks for the giveaway!


    Blue & white striped is great for summer parties.

  • Donna Wolff

    Love the maxi. Very elegant yet understated!!

  • Candicech1

    My favorite is the Desert Modern. It looks so comfortable and you can dress it up or down.

  • Roz Rickman

    Mychoice is the brown maxi dress. Looks elegant, yet super comfortable.

  • Diana Brockmeier

    A beautiful casual dress for lots of occasions! Comfortable too!


    The blue & white striped is perfect for my vacation

  • Mary Kueppers

    The dress on the right. like the way it flows.

  • Suzy

    The yellow one, it reminds me of my mother!


    Prefer the blue & white striped dress.


    I’ve already selected the striped dress as my favorite in a previous comment….I just wanted to alert the FOF community about the great swim suits at Shabby Apple–I just ordered the “sweet spot” one-piece. Take a look.


    The striped dress just screams “ME”! I love the red waist band and the mock turtle neckline. I might even pull out the red lipstick if I win this fabulous dress. The Shabby Apple site has some other great clothes as well–back to shopping.

  • svlockwood

    I love the yellow!

  • spurnky

    I love the CEO Dress and The Boss Dress.


  • Dianne Ward

    Love them all but I think the middle stripe is just right for summer. The red belt makes it “pop”.

  • nascarblue3

    love the center one, the red belt really makes this dress pop, also to me you can make this dress into casual or chic, i also love the shabby apple site, going back on after this, very creative outfits


    The striped dress would be great on my vacation.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    The “Tea Time” dress is a gorgeous color of purple and I love the lace!

  • Diana Prewitt

    The one on the right.

  • Theresa E Miller

    The yellow dress for day, the brown maxi for night!

  • Theresa E Miller

    Hard to choose, but I like the yellow dress for day and the long, brown dress for night.

  • Debra Simning-Chapman

    I love numerous items here, but I really love the Aloha Dress.

  • jenni104

    I love “Toe the Line”. It would be perfect for Summer and into Fall with a little cashmere sweater. There are quite a few dresses I fell in love with, but choosing just one I would start with “Toe the Line”. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Linda Letto

    Love the stripe 1

  • Kathi

    I Love the dress on the far righ, It is so Pretty and so very comfortable looking yet elegant. Very Very Nice

  • Judy Garrison

    Love the long brown one. Just makes you want to sigh!

  • Pamela

    All the dresses are just great…..however the long one would be perfect for me!

  • Sharon

    Love the dress on left but, I look better in any color but yellow. Gray hair looks better in pink, blue, green or purple. The middle one is sooooo cute too! I love them all!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I like the brown maxi. Very pretty.


    Love the striped dress.

  • Diane Casey

    It is so difficult to pick just one! However, I will choose “The Bon Voyage”as my favorite for its classic styling. I love the pleats!

  • nonstpcute

    I like the yellow one! I am a dress girl….wear them every day! :)))

  • Lori

    Oh wow, I love the New Caledonia dress (although my size is unavailable).

  • Melissa

    I am a sailor so I just love the stripped dress. Just my style.

  • eva hoffman

    the long one!! Beautiful!

  • ellenherbert

    Love the ‘Nantucket’ – gorgeous!

  • Nikki Gwin

    Love Me Do!

  • Dana Overstreet

    The Marco Polo dress is my fave…. classic, casual yet polished.

  • Melissa

    I am a sailor so I just love the stripped dress

  • ellenherbert

    Became a fan on FB!

  • casey04

    I like the brown maxi.

  • Terry Hesse

    I love the dress on the far right. It looks like something that Katherine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich would wear for an elegant evening out. It is classic and timless and I love the way it drapes. I checked out the Shabby Apple website and their clothes look fabulous!