11 Things To Tell Your Aging Parents Before They Die

1. You’ll never forget your family vacations at the shore


2. You saw your mother sneak cigarettes, even though she swore she stopped smoking five years ago


3. They’d better leave you the good china because you love it more than your siblings do

4. Their hard work inspired you to work hard


5. You know your mother secretly had an eyelid lift


6. It was you, not your little sister, who broke their invaluable Ming vase 30 years ago


7. How much your son reminds you of your father


8. You learned how to listen more and talk less from them


9. You know how much your father really hates your meatloaf, even though he raved about it all the time


10. You know they never obeyed your rules about your kids when they babysat


11. How much you love them


  • CathyLynchLawdanski

    Beautiful and funny. My dad hated meatloaf, but it was the first thing I learned to cook, so he ate it! I’ve been missing them both! You gave me a chuckle and brought a tear to my eye!

    • Westy J

      me too with the meatloaf lol…thank you for sharing!