{What do you think of this look?}

With temperatures pushing 100 degrees in New York City last week, FOFs tried to look cool and keep cool. Did this woman succeed? See what our style experts think then tell us in the comments below: Is her outfit haute or a hot mess?


Glenyse Thompson: “I love her outfit, she looks really cool. The fitted tee provides balance to her looser, pintucked skirt. By adding the flat sandals with complementary colors–she’s exuding a casual yet comfortable elegance. It’s a DO!”

Glenyse Thompson is a personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.


Sherrie Mathieson: “In the 80s women wearing looks like this aspired to mimic [designers] Comme Des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto. But today the look is tired, dated, unflattering and truly overwhelms her as does her unwieldy bag.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.


Lovey Dash: “[This look is] somewhere in the middle for me. I have seen this skirt on a few people in the last month actually. That being said, the skirt is okay, the sandal is okay…but: TAKE OFF THAT HEAVY BAG! We also need some fun bangles, fun earrings, a great necklace or a bolero top in a fun color. If it’s hit or miss I would have to say, ‘miss.’”

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.


Deborah Boland and Jojami Tyler (The Glam Gals): “This attractive gal is looking to project her creative side but we say, No ‘Curtain Call’ for this look. It appears as though she stole her skirt straight off drapery rods and that it is homemade with a few safety pins holding it up. Not only that, but her large black tote bag is overwhelming and covers up her nice figure. Even when dressing casually, you want your clothes to look classy and this outfit looks more like a costume.”

“Glam Gals” Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland co-write the brilliant fashion blog, Fabulous After 40.


Susan Grant: “Age appropriate–yes, hot-weather appropriate–yes, figure flattering–no! I would exchange the voluminous, dated, tie-dyed skirt for a neater, more polished look–either slim, low-belted cropped slacks or a more streamlined skirt.”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.


Susan Hersh: “Everything is so oversized including the handbag, dress and sunglasses–it makes you feel like she’s hiding. I would suggest downsizing the bag to a smaller, feminine one. The metallic sandals are the lightest part of this outfit and a good choice for the hard-to-miss, artsy, ombre dress that I’m still on the fence about.”

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

  • Bessheit

    The full skirt drags her look down and makes her look bottom heavy. The bag is too big and too dark in color and texture. She should pare down and lighten up

  • Kayleen

    This woman needs more STRUCTURE. The skirt brings attention to her tummy, but her best asset is her trim top. If that’s a bra strap peeking out – uffda.

  • nascarblue

    to me this outfit looks mis matched, the skirt looks too heavy, the purse too big, sorry this would go to the donation pile

  • Tracey

    It’s a very “cool” outfit, I just don’t think it looks right on her. Sorry.

  • Darlene McKnight

    I do not like it …..

  • Pamela Lloyd

    Love the shades! That’s it.

  • tarheel4ever

    My legs would be sweating under all that material but if she’s cool and happy, she looks fine to me. 🙂

  • Deb M

    Absolutely not, unless she is walking to the beach where she plans on taking off the “skirt” and spreading it out on the sand so she can lie in the sunshine and soak of the rays!

  • Boni

    No No No on the skirt! I love finding something that is out of the ordinary but this is just to heavy and boxy and unflattering. To much material. No!

  • nascarblue3

    Sorry she reminds me of Tara from gone with the wind, the curtains from the window, it reminds me of the Carol Burnett show when they did the skit from Tara, this looks like a hot mess to me, she does not have the body type to pull this off and to be honest i am not sure what body type you would need to make this work, for now i am calling her TARA. Sorry, it is a HOT MESS…

  • Sara

    It is just too much!!! BTW, I would suggest _searchingsenior. C’o’m for us over 50 to find love and more.

  • Carol

    This is is a TOTAL MISS! The skirt is plain ugly, the black bag does not say summer at all. Yuk =p

  • Susie Galvez

    To me it is way too much cloth for any type of weather. And I can’t help but think about Scarett O-Hara and the famous curtain scene with the green velvet drapes that became a gown to visit Rhett in jail.

    But this case, the gal in the photo has also packed her bags..at least by the look of the hanging suitcase on her arm.

    My vote travel lighter!

  • Andrea

    As a woman of 54, you would not catch me dead in this look! It is wrong from head to toe! It looks like she crawled out of bed, and grabbed the first items she could find and threw them on! I like the fitted tanks, but that skirt? What is that about? The pin tucking makes her look frumpy and unkempt! It might, and I use that term loosely here, look good on a teen or 20 something, but not on a mature woman…it’s mutton dressed like lamb! The over-sized handbag, mimic’s the over-sized skirt…overkill! She appears to be drowning in it all! I don’t mind the metallic sandals, but they get lost! Being Fab over Fifty, we still want to look fresh and fashionable, not old and frumpy. Keep it simple, sleek and fresh, think Jackie O’ when dressing for a hot summer day! ;o.}}

  • Corky

    The skirt is a cross between roman shades and ballroom gown. Maybe it’s edgy and I’m missing the point of staying cool. She’s is an attractive woman and has a great body. But simplicity is key in hot weather. This is a miss (not a mess).

  • Claire

    You, have got to be kidding. She is a pretty woman but that look is haggie

  • kellykat

    just looking at her makes me feel the heat—-the skirt is too heavy,the bag is too heavy, bulky, & dark. not a “cool” summer look

  • Lois Edmonds

    She’s actually pulling it off to me except for the hand bag. And she does need accessories. But if staying cool is the aim, it’s a miss. The long layered skirt will hold the heat underneath it.

  • Wanda

    Truly a horrid “miss”. The colours, the lines, everything are all wrong for such a petite frame. Plus her top is too tight and the bag is not in keeping with anything else about the outfit.
    There are, no doubt, much better looks in her closet.

  • Susan Frank

    a mess & a miss! great hair, sunglasses & sandals. cute little figure ruined by this gigantic hot air balloon skirt & huge tote bag.

  • For hot weather it’s great…and she can carry it off…maybe her bag is necessary for whatever she’s hauling…the shoes seem comfortable and flat-ish…she’s lucky she has nice arms for her age…if I could look like that at my age (63), I would wear this in the summer!

  • Pat Weill

    do not think this look flatters-the woman is attractive..but the handbag is much too large, dark and heavy..there is just too much skirt..and unfortunately I agree re: the poor posture. I think a sundress (one piece) with a smaller and lighter bag would be a better choice…


    The purse has to go–too heavy, too big. The outfit would look chic on someone very thin with an hourglass figure and a very well defined waist. Her figure is a bit too straight, and her waist a little too heavy to pull off the dramatic skirt. It seems to me that the skirt should barely skim her hips, not be skintight, so that attention is on the hemline, not her hip-line.

  • Theresa

    Definitely a hot mess…..not age appropiate at all….you can look funky without looking like a mess

  • Marie Doyle

    YUCK! Looks like she is wearing her bed sheets!

  • Sweet Caroline

    This poor woman obviously doesn’t have a mirror in her house – the bag is ridiculous, and her bra strap is showing! Not too inspiring, although she may not be perspiring!

  • patatwell

    No,No No! Oh and stand up straight!

  • dmnyes

    Lose the winter purse and replace it with something light and summer like, maybe a woven hobo style. The tank looks in step, the sandals are a go.That skirt is not stylish at all. It looks like a ball gown that went through a flood.

  • Barbara F.

    She looks like she is in a disguise to hide out in plain sight. I was thinking the same as Boland and Tyler, her skirt looks as if she took her grandmother’s curtains straight from the rod. The oversized bag makes her look like a “bag lady”….but… I love the shoes.

  • Victoria

    This could be okay with some adjustment. The top is too tight around the belly but a larger size might work. The skirt would look okay if she had worn it with wedges or some other casual shoe that has a heel. With the flats it looks dumpy. The purse is the worst part of the whole thing. If she has to have a giant bag, why not a white one?

  • Mick

    OHFERHEAVENSAKE Stand up straight! The slouch adds 10 lbs. Get a tote for shopping in a seasonal fabric & lose all that black. Accessorize & smooth out those lumps – good foundation garments are essential. Where is the color? A bright blue svelte jeweltoned tank, untie the strings on that skirt to lose the layers & volume. Pop it up with some big multicolor jewelry, sunglasses, & it could be a save.

  • Soledad

    I like her look. Although how cool the skirt is I don’t know. It seems to be too much material for hot weather. The purse is too big for this outfit. She needs something smaller and a more summery color. The t-shirt seems a little too small.

    • Soledad

      I think I need to explain my statements. I say I like the look and then proceed to say what’s wrong with it. LOL I like her outfit. I just wonder how comfortable it might be for hot weather. I like the style of the skirt and if the fabric is light and airy that would work for me. If I were wearing this outfit I would want the top to be a little looser. The purse does not go with the outfit. I like the sandals. There. That’s better. 🙂

  • Linda Chaney

    Tired, very tired. She looks like a fish wife after a day selling fish on the warf. Lose the purse, hair, shoes. Replace with a glam clutch with a chain or braided worn over the chest, stacked or high heel sandels, hair worn up and scattered or short and spiky! And get some color on her face. Shadow and lip gloss or such. Get out of the 13th century and into the 21st.

  • Pat

    Yuck! With so many cute maxi dresses out there this year, why choose this outfit?

  • sharon910

    nope nothing looks good

  • Heather B.

    Everything looks too heavy, the material, the skirt. The outfit doesn’t move, for summer you need it to flow. Even the colors are too heavy for summer. I prefer clean white and/or bright colors. Depending on what your activity is would determine the purse/tote size, nothing that looks like you are lugging it around.

  • deborahthedancer

    It is just not a look that inspires me. I cannot find a thing to say about it that is not negative.

  • Judi

    A hot mess. She can’t possibly be cool under that skirt. Today’s longer dresses are much cooler and more put together looking.

  • Cocoasmom

    This look overwhelms her. The bag is too big and she is way too short to carry this off. A shorter skirt and much smaller bag would work much better.

  • fran

    I do agreee about her posture- most peole have tendency to stand up too tall when being photographed-
    A pretty color but looks like it should be going out of an evening and the purse- HUGE and too dark.
    Let’s leave the curtain dress to Scarlett .

  • NoirinB

    This looks like a made-over bridesmaid dress – you know, the kind they tell you, “you could wear this again.” How much better a crinkled skirt with all those pleats would be on her! And yes, the bag is large, but on the other hand, when one is going back and forth to work, one cannot always have a dainty outfit-matching purse.

  • Carol Schwartzbard


  • Meesh

    Yikes! It sure isn’t making the most of her natural good looks. Too much volume on everything but her sandles and her tank-top.


  • Reese

    Without commenting on her posture… Actually, for me, the skirt and Tee totally work. The sandals are well balanced for the outfit. The bag …?!? OH HAIL NO!
    That horrid dark, clunky bag just drags the whole look down and makes it look like something she just dragged out of the bottom of a closet. Perhaps a light string shopping bag type or even a small clutch would have worked much better. But this? Uh-uh.

  • Jen McGahan

    Looks dumpy to me. Of course (does this picture prove it or what?) Mom was right: Posture pulls any look together and is your greatest accessory. Stand up!

    • Reese

      Jen, you are so right. Stand up straight and it will improve the appearance of almost any outfit. (within reason, of course!)

  • Joanne McWhorter

    She is a HOT MESS.

  • Bendel3

    She is petite like me, and I cannot wear a long skirt as it shortens me and this is clearly much to heavy for a hot day. Top is okay but paired with a lightweight, flowing shorter skirt and maybe a nylon Dooney bag she would be comfortable.

  • susan miller

    this is one of the worst looks I have seen in awhile. It looks too heavy and not the least bit flattening to her. I get hot just looking at her and wonder where she bought it (the local flea market maybe a find there) Never would leave my home in this.

  • Carolyn

    She needs to be re-dressed, not becoming at all. I hope that she plans on staying at home!

  • Kat S

    IT’S CURTAINS FOR YOU, SISTER!!! That is the first thing I thought. She is nice and cool till you get to that horrendous purse and the bottom of that skirt has GOT to go. My first question for her would be: were you a hippie in the 60s?

  • BlueBear

    Good grief! Are you sure she isn’t a bag lady?

  • JED

    Sorry, but this is a fashion fail!
    And if that multi layered skirt is cool, I’m Peter Rabbit!
    The bag is way too big and dark and overpowering, and as mentioned above the too snug tank top is not at all flattering.

  • Sara

    I love the skirt! It looks cool and comfortable. However, it looks hideous with that tank top! It definitely needs another style top to make this outfit “pop”!

  • sandra

    upper half cute…..bottom half way too heavy!

  • Judith Pierce

    Ugh, no, unfortunately. Dump the diaper bag it’s dragging her down. The skirt is so heavy looking on the bottom. A simple, cool, swingy skirt would have been much more flattering. Maybe a small bag with long shoulder strap (lightweight) and a few accessories (colorful necklace) would perk up this look.

  • Dolores

    I don’t think she looks flatterings. It looks like she has a bed skirt on. The whole outfit is messy looking.

  • Rhonda

    This is a hot mess. Her purse is way too big and looks like luggage. Everything looks wrinkled. Her brastrap is showing, and there is way too much skirt.

  • Betty Herbert

    This gets a big NO from me. Sloppy. She may be staying cool but she sure doesn’t look cool

  • Sally G

    Atractive FOF who is going the right direction but missed perfection. Loosen the top so air can circulate (and her rolls don’t show); shorten and reduce the volume of the skirt, but keep it loose (so her rolls don’t show while keeping air flow); and get a smaller bag in the same shade.

  • Grace

    If it works for her it works for me.

  • ACeeKayWa

    A light cotton knit tank dress – above the knee – would be cooler and more comfortable not to mention more flattering. IMHO.

  • mlh125

    just awful!! looks like she grabbed the bed skirt and made a quick dress out of it…the bag is too large for the outfit..she probably should invest in a full-length mirror…

  • Nancy Richey

    A smaller purse, a few beaded necklaces of different lenghts, bangles on each wrist, simple but colorful earrings, and straightening up that posture would do wonders! Maybe a floppy hat with a colorful scarf, too.

  • marla

    I agree with glam gals too, she looks lost in that curtain, uh skirt!

  • Monika

    I love her hair, sunglasses and sandals. The tank and skirt are to heavy, to blah and oversized. She is so pretty but the outfit overshadows that. BUT I give her a A+ for trying.

  • Carol Myers

    haute mess!!!!!

  • Janice

    Agree with the Glam Gals. This looks like something out of Gone With The Wind. Straight off the rod! This beautiful lady is also much too petite in stature for such a large skirt and large handbag. She looks lost in all of it!

  • Judith Marshall

    I agree that the outfit overwhelms her and her posture doesn’t help.

    Judith Marshall
    Author of “Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever,” optioned for the big screen.

  • Christine

    Looks like she tried very hard, but there is too much material on the bottom. A thinner hankerchief bottom would look cooler.

  • teresa

    What a mess! Exemplifies the old saying that if you’re old enough to remember the look the first time around you’re too old to
    wear it the second time. The long skirt is too big and bulky for someone of her age and height, a style that long and voluminous is best left to the young and willowy, I think a narrower silhouette is much more flattering to the rest of us.

  • Mrsfitz

    So sorry dear, not a winner! I know it was sweltering and made the mistake of wearing a similar skirt last week and when I saw I photo I decided it had to go…You have a GREAT figure- a darling shift dress would be fabulous on you. Also, I know bags no longer have to match your shoes but using your winter bag all year is definately not,chic. Even if you can’t afford a second designer bag find a cute reusable shopping bag from a chic store. I’m not sure how you can even carry that suitcase!…and I can’t believe no in else said it but it’s definately not classy to have your bra strap showing . That was rather mean of the photographer not to give you the heads up on that! (I am happy to see you’re wearing a bra…FOF definately need the support).

  • Anne

    If she’s happy and feels cool, more power to her! IMO, her top half looks cool, bottom half looks warm. Too much fabric for me! Her sandals look comfy and cool, her bag seems huge and heavy. I agree she could use a bit of accessorizing, although when I’m hot in the summer I can’t even tolerate earrings, a watch, bangles, etc.

  • Mrsfitz

    So sorry dear, not a winner! I know it was sweltering and made the mistake of wearing a similar skirt last week and when I saw I photo I decided it had to go….

    You have a GREAT figure- a darling shift dress would be fabulous on you. Also, I know bags no longer have to match your shoes but using your winter bag all year is definately not,chic. Even if you can’t afford a second designer bag find a cute reusable shopping bag from a chic store. I’m not sure how you can even carry that suitcase!

    …and I can’t believe no in else said it but it’s definately not classy to have your bra strap showing . That was rather mean of the photographer not to give you the heads up on that! (I am happy to see you’re wearing a bra…FOF definately need the support).

  • Shar

    Wow, HOT MESS! Guess I’ve been around long enough that I don’t want to see the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s ever AGAIN! I also don’t like bra or dress strap showing. Maybe I’m turning into my Mother!

  • Kate

    Honestly? This look is one that I might like. But it’s hot outside. Lose the skirt length and the too large bag! Lighten up! And add some “bling” for interest, but keep it light as well. What a cute shape she has! And her overall look says “fun”. A shame she seems to be competing with herself. Kate!

  • Diane

    To each his (her) own! This look is not for me. I think she is a lovely lady but the outfit makes her look dumpy. The large bag overwhelms her and looks too wintery. I like the sandals…………..not the skirt. It is not an outfit that I would ever wear but then, would it not be a boring world if no one took the chance to wear what they are comfortable in and what makes them happy? So if she felt good about it, then that is what counts!

  • susan s.

    I’d keep the tank top and start over from there. Not at all flattering.

  • Jacquie

    Definitely lose the handbag. A little more feminine on the sandals wouldn’t hurt.

  • ewhatley

    Scarlett O’Hara called. She wants her drapes back!! From the waist up, this outfit is fine for a hot summer day. But that long skirt, while stylish, looks heavy. It’s so voluminous, it makes me sweat just looking at the picture. Also, the large, heavy, dark tote would not be my choice for summer.

  • Bettie

    I like the T-shirt and the shoes and that is about it.

  • Melinda Torrence

    She looks like a melting cupcake. The skirt is WAY too big and long for her petite frame. In a knee length skirt, she would be so much cooler! Even just below the knee would help. And definitely lose the suitcase of a bag! A smaller, cross-body bag maybe?

  • Lauren

    today i have to agree with the experts, this is a mess. the bag is too large and dark, the skirt could work in some instances perhaps if it were a bit shorter and the top is just too plain…looks like her husbands wife beater….HOWEVER, she looks in great shape, is pretty, exudes confidence….i would like to meet her very much!

  • Marcy

    This is a mess. I agree with the Glam Gals.

  • catsrule9999

    Way too much bulk–not flattering.

  • Susane

    Pretty colors and I like the skirt. I think she is too petite to wear such a voluminous skirt and the purse competes for attention.

    She looks petite, so she should go with looks that make her look taller rather than things that cause a horizontal focus. She would look very nice in something that showed off her figure rather than adding bulk to it. I would put the purse in the closet and use it in the winter when you have the heaviness of a winter coat to offset the size and color of the bag.

  • Sam

    I think she looks great. I would suggest switching the black bag to one that is a summer one.

  • Norma Byrd

    She looks like a street urchin out of Les Miserables, albeit a somewhat over-fed one. What costume party was she headed for? Seriously, does anyone on the street these days own even a modicum of class, common sense, or good taste? How about photographing one of those?

  • CJ

    She dressed for the weather – points to her. Though the skirt looks heavy and hot. A straw bag would have complemented the outfit much better, but she’s like most of us who carry the same every-day bag.

  • Marina Klima

    I do not quite like the outfit. To me it looks sloppy, not even casual. The bra is sticking out, the bag is too baggy, the skirt does not agree with her elegant features and beautiful body. This woman can do so much better. She looks like she is out of her element.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    Yes, the skirt is voluminous, but it’s meant to be that way. I just saw that Eileen Fisher has a similar skirt that is part of her spring/summer collection, so I would assume it is still “IN.” The only part I don’t care for is the huge black bag. It just seems to “heavy” for summer. A light, straw crossbody bag would be perfect.

  • Mary K.

    I would say if you want tolook good at our age dress like Linda Gray of Dallas . She’s 71 and looks so good!!I don’t think she’d be wearing this outfit.

  • Debra S

    ugh no… The “purse” not!!! Looks like a suitcase! for hot weather? Oh man no, the bottom of the skirt- too too much, would just make you very hot. It just doesn’t go with the top of the dress. too much.

  • Mary K.

    Not a fan of this. Like the tank top part. the rest looks like the drapes from Tara in Gone With the Wind.

  • Marcia Kaylakie

    I am in agreement with Jojami and Deborah, it’s a no go for me. Skirt is a little too voluminous, bag too big and dark. she looks like she is totally overheated (in a bad way). That being said, it is a look, but just not for me. How interesting that there is a sharp diagreement among the comments!! I would be interested in seeing the demographics….

  • KathyJ

    I like the dress. It looks cool and comfortable. The purse is a good compliment. Shoes…..could have done better. What I don’t like is the ‘slouch’. Every outfit looks best when your body language speaks it’s best too!

  • Sandra

    Not a big fab of this section in your site.
    Seems like it’s just a bunch of ladies trashing the looks.
    This women looks so great! Lets be kinder…
    Are we all getting sour with age?

    • Mamavalveeta03

      Great point, Sandra!

  • Anna Lapping

    I think she looks frumpy. Too much fabric in the skirt overwhelms her.

  • Betsy

    Frumpy is a good description, I don’t like the look at all.

  • Anne

    I think she looks terrible! Her sandals are cute, but the skirt looks like a stage set and I hate the peeking bra look with the t-shirt. Her bag is HUGE and, altogether, she looks as though she is having an identity crisis!

  • joyzkim

    Too much for me….frumpy comes to mind. Sorry

  • KathleenRileyDaniels (@RileyRants)

    It reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara when she creates an outfit from the curtains — of course I am imagining the Carol Burnett version and not the movie… “Went With the Wind” from The Carol Burnett Show (Part of 2) from Greatest Comedy Sketches http://bit.ly/OyX4Gm

  • Trisha

    I like her shoes, love her hair, do not like the purse, it is too bulky and heavy for the rest of her outfit. She looks hot (as in temperature), I think the tight tee could have been replaced with a lighter top, linen, perhaps.

  • Terry

    Come on ladies, she looks really good. I wished I looked like her and had the courage to dressed remotely like this.
    Lets give her some credit!

  • kickinit1999

    The skirt looks too much like curtains. The purse is to huge. the top looks like it belongs with some shorts on a 100 degree day in Ks. And she looks like she’s hiding behind her sunglasses. She’s a very pretty lady….but it all hides her and does her no justice.

  • Kim Kline

    Too much of the same and not enough of the different. The skirt is too heavy, the top not flattering in fit or color, the purse too heavy, the glasses too big, there is no color or flair. Possibilities is the skirt were of a much lighter fabric with a lighter billowing effect and possibly had some color. Layering the top… Or is that a bra strap? Too much, but if it makes her happy who am I to say.

  • kalee123

    What on earth was she thinking. I could never leave
    my apt looking like that. Sorry but it’s a mess!

  • Phuong

    I think she looks cool. I like that she didn’t get so fussy with accessories.

  • Yehudit Mentesh

    Love this look!very sophisticated yet fun and practical. I miss some fun Jewelry…She looks really great!

  • PKW

    works for her! I think if her bag was a nice straw tote or linen canvas it would go with the outfit better.

  • Dindy904

    This lady is very attractive…and has a face that make you think she is a good friend to many….BUT, I THINK SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS MADE A MISTAKE IN HER CHOICE OF OUTFIT IN THIS PICTURE…NOTHING WORKS RIGHT AT ALL…TERRIBLE. But she still looks like a lovely lady!

  • Jane

    First of all she has a great figure! I think she looks really cute, upbeat and fun.

  • Noa

    I love how the 80’s meets 2012. Perfect match!

  • Yaél

    I think she looks good, except for the skirt which is a bit overwhelming and could do with being a bit less cumbersome. Otherwise, a fun and approachable look.

  • Lauren

    The skirt does seem a bit over the top but I like that she paired it with a tighter top. The bag is a bit heavy as well but overall she gives off a confident and assured look- which I like. She pulls it off well though I do not like the style.

  • Joanne Cohen

    What a great summer look. This is a hit! She is adorable.

  • Vicky

    Very cute! Love the skirt.

  • Fleur

    I really like her look, and she also looks down to earth, someone I would want to chat with.

  • Rita

    I think she looks fab!