Meet Judy Gibbs

Location: Dallas, TX
Age: 67
Marital Status: Married
Education: Bachelor’s Degree from LSU

Fondly reflecting on her proper and close-knit background, Judy says her look today is “casual sophistication.” She prefers an architectural style, but shuns tight-fitting clothes. “I need to feel comfortable when I’m going out.”

Has age changed the way you dress?

I used to have a broader taste, but now I stick to what I know my body can handle. My legs just aren’t pretty anymore, so I keep them fairly covered.

Why do you like to shop most at Allie-Coosh?

It’s the only place in town that I can find a lot of different outfits in wonderful, washable fabrics. Other shops carry only to size 12.

I prefer easy pants with shawls or jackets. I recently bought a jacket with darts and a big collar that scrunches. People couldn’t get over it.

Do you have a favorite accessory or item of clothing?

A white cotton Eskandar shirt with a high neck and Allie-Coosh pants. Bold jewelry because everything else is simple. Diane Malouf is one of my favorite jewelry designers.

Signature perfume?

I always come back to Tresor by Lancome. It has a fresh smell to it.

Beauty routine?Image

I wash my face with plain water. Then I use Ponds cleansing cream because it feels so good, followed by Chanel moisturizer. I’ve succumbed to it.

Your inspiration?

My daughter in law keeps me forward thinking. She’s 38 and in the fashion business and I love to watch whatever she’s doing. But really, everyone inspires me.

How do you rejuvenate?

I walk three miles three times a week.

Favorite restaurant in Dallas?

Mi Cocina Mexican restaurant in Highland Park Village because it serves the best margaritas. S & D Oyster for its Po Boys and the neighborhood.

A great book?

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.  He was incarcerated in Australia and then found his way to Mumbai following his release. The story was fascinating because it gave me a glimpse of India and a flavor of the slums.

We went to northern India last year and the women are absolutely beautiful in their saris.  I’ll never forget seeing a woman in a red and gold sari carrying a tray filled with cow dung on her head. Everything looks beautiful there, even the way she stacked the cow dung.

Secret favorite spot in Dallas?

The Zen enclave in the back of the Nasher Sculpture Museum. You can sit on a concrete bench and look up and see the sky and the clouds.

It’s your own little niche and a there’s a peace that comes over you. It makes you say, ‘Maybe everything is right with the world.’