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{Giveaway} Sabi Pill Cases

2012 March 27

FabOverFifty is giving away the stylish pill carrier of your choice from the FOF Shop. Choose from 1. Shake,  2. Crush,  3. Grand Carafe and 4. Folio. Enter to win by answering in the comments below: Which of the four cases would you choose?

Can’t wait to find out if you won? Now, you can buy these mod pill cases in the FOF Shop.

A few years ago, entrepreneur Assaf Wand noticed that his wife, Liron, wasn’t taking her prenatal supplements in public because she didn’t like pulling out a prescription bottle in public. Realizing there could be a market for modern pill cases, Assaf got to work on a line of supplement storage that would be sleek, chic and functional. Last month, he launched his first five pill storage cases and accessories under the brand name Sabi, with plans to expand to home and travel products in the near future. Here, we chat withPinny Gniwisch, Sabi’s head of marketing, about their new line of mod pill products.

Who designed the product line?
We approached fusedesign, an company based out of San Francisco that has designed award-winning products such as the Herman Miller chair and the Jawbone Bluetooth. They were intrigued by our idea. We formed a partnership.

What elements of design make these pill storage products unique?
They’re easy to open and everything has dual purpose. For instance, the Grand Carafe, is a pill holder and a water bottle.  Crush is a pill holder and crusher.

Why do you want FOFs to know about your product?
They are fastest growing demographic in the world today–they’re aging gracefully and have money. They’re surrounded by brands like Apple and Method and, as a result, looking for products that facilitate something but don’t make them look bad while doing it.

What’s your best-selling item so far?
Crush, the pill crusher. People have told us they use it to crush pills for their pets and kids.

What’s the feedback you’ve received so far?
Customers have told us that Sabi products removed the stigma of taking pills and even sparked conversation around their supplement intake.


Enter to win a a mod pill case of your choice from the FOF Shop by answering in the comments below: Which of the four pill cases would you choose? (Choose from 1. Shake, 2. Crush, 3. Folio, and 4. Grand Carafe)

Can’t wait to find out if you won? Now, you can buy these mod pill cases in the FOF Shop.

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One FOF will win. See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes April 5, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

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