The brand that miraculously turns my thinning hair from listless & flat to full & bouncy

My head of thick curly hair went the way of my perky breasts and flat tummy. And, even if I’ll never again slip into size 8 pencil pants or go braless, I was determined to liven up my natural curls and add volume to my dry lifeless tresses.

Over the years, I’ve tried gels, pomades, creams, and oils for the curls and a parade of formulas promising a fuller look. When one after another turned my hair into a greasy clump, I stopped searching for a solution.

Then the hair gods (actually, the Google Gods) magically led me to a clean hair care collection called EVOLVh. Now my hair looks fuller, more luminous, and healthier. It feels a whole lot softer. Voila! My curls are shapely again and bouncing for joy.



Created from custom blends of vital antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and powerful botanicals, EVOLVh all-natural shampoos and conditioners revitalize hair that’s become thinner, drier, duller and more brittle from years of coloring and blow drying.

EVOLVh doesn’t mix with a single bad guy. No sulfates or parabens. No silicone, phthalates or propylene glycol. Active ingredients, including sweet almond oil, kiwi seed, shea butter, and lecithin, help seal the weakened hair cuticle – that’s the outer protective protein layer – and strengthen and nourish the hair shaft inside. They go to work right on the itty-bitty molecules so my hair becomes more hydrated, flexible and manageable; softer, shinier and stronger. 

Don’t take my word alone. Watch how I use EVOLVh. See the results. And judge for yourself. 


Science based, EVOLVh has a high-performance formula for every hair type and concern. When the company saw the Instagram post about my love affair with its WonderBalm Magic for Curls (more on that miracle worker later), it invited me to try more of them.

Naturally, I headed right to the EVOLVh InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment, a single-step formula that eliminates the need for conventional heavy conditioners that can weigh down my fine, limp hair. Powered by tapioca and flaxseed oil, known for their ability to add volume and absorb excess oil, it also promised to promote hair and scalp health.

After I thoroughly wet my hair in the shower, I mix a small amount of the rich cleansing formula between my hands with water until it becomes sudsy. You never want to weigh your hair down by using too much of any product! Then I lather up my hair, massage my scalp a bit and rinse with warm water.

My hair is squeaky clean.

Next, I spray InstaVolume Volumizing Elixir into my towel-dried hair, concentrating on the roots to get maximum lift and fullness. Loaded with vital nutrients, such as pumpkin seed and flaxseed oil, this leave-in potion promises to protect against heat styling and UV rays, reduce frizz and give my hair shine and softness.

The light styling spray has a delicate fragrance and doesn’t make my hair feel the least bit sticky or weighed down. As I spray it on, I can literally see the curls start to take shape.



I could let my hair air dry at this point, but I finish off by treating my curls to two pumps of EVOLVh WonderBalm Magic for Curls mixed with a squirt of InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse. After rubbing the potions between my palms, I work them through my hair with my fingers, scrunching the curls as I go!

Luxuriously light and silicone free, plant-powered WonderBalm hydrates my curls and gives them super shape, shine, softness and movement, not stiffness and stickiness like every other product I’ve ever used. What’s more, my hair doesn’t feel as if it has anything in it!

A complementary curl shaper and volume booster, EVOLVh InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse is a silky, alcohol-free foam that absorbs excess oils so you can extend the time between washes.

Wonders for straight hair, too, WonderBalm and InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse protect against the heat of my straightening iron when I want a sleeker look and shield my tresses from the sun’s damaging UV rays.


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I started using Avenoir Cosmetics’ Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength – and Cell Repair Moisturizer two months ago, and now people compliment my hair color and my skin, which is brighter, firmer and smoother than it’s been in years. 

Thanks to Avenoir’s generosity, five lucky ladies will have the chance to try this powerful duo, blended with over 2,500 growth factors and proteins that help our skin cells perform like they did when we were younger. 

The formula was created by a biomedical engineer while he was researching stem cells in his lab.

Avenoir is the only company in the world using the proprietary Cell Repair Nutrient™ and confidential formula that make its serum and moisturizer so effective in improving skin texture, general redness and irritation and giving it a younger appearance. 


Giveaway ends Tuesday, May 25, 2021



Revitalize Aging Skin Cells With Restorative Cellular Nutrients

This post is sponsored by Avenoir Cosmetics, which compensated FabOverFifty to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers, as we’ve been doing for 11 years! 

I’m 73 years old chronologically, but my millions of facial skin cells are acting younger every week since I began feeding them a seriously spectacular serum packed with restorative nutrients.  My skin is firmer, brighter, smoother, and the softest it’s been in years, thanks to Avenoir Cosmetics’ Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength. There’s nothing remotely like it on the market. More on this in a minute. 

Cellular nutrition is a hot topic these days, now that scientists have uncovered a critical connection between how and why we age and the health of the 30 trillion cells in our bodies. And, it’s anything but a fad! 

Alas, the cells throughout our body start slacking off and producing less high-quality nutrients when we’re in our 40s. We tire faster and become weaker with each passing birthday; have decreased mobility and endurance, and are more susceptible to illness. The cells of our skin secrete less collagen and elastin, the proteins that kept our skin taut when we were young!  Older cells also hang around. We develop wrinkles, fine lines, redness and discoloration. Our skin sags, dulls and dries out.

Feeding targeted cellular nutrients to our cells can help restart and restore their processes as we get older, scientists have learned. And the precise ingredients we need to revitalize our aging skin cells have recently been discovered by biomedical engineer Dr. Ramon Coronado while he was researching stem cells in his lab.


The Authentic Avenoir Difference 

Combining powerful combinations of 2500 growth factors and proteins that help our skin cells perform like they did when we were younger, Dr. Coronado has introduced Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength and Cell Repair Moisturizer. 

The concentrated serum is a cocktail for growing stem cells to help combat chronic inflammation that we all develop at some point in our lives,” Dr. Coronado explained. It stimulates the younger skin cells, so they grow faster and overcompensate the harmful effects of the older cells as well as environmental toxins entering our skin,” he added.

A friend of Dr. Coronado saw immediate results when she used his new serum on a skin problem she had for years. Another woman used it on her age spots, and two weeks later they were gone. Fine wrinkles began fading away on the  skin of a third woman. “Although each woman had a unique skin issue, it indicated that the overall health of her skin was suffering. By providing the nutrients their cells needed to be healthy and perform at their best, the serum cleared up their individual problems,” Dr. Coronado noted. 


of participants saw an overall improvement


saw improved skin texture (smoothness/softness)


> 90%
saw improvement in general redness and irritation


reported a younger appearance

Avenoir Cosmetics is the only company in the world using Dr. Coronado’s proprietary Cell Repair Nutrient™, as well as his confidential formula that makes the clinical strength serum incredibly effective. Since use of the ingredients has traditionally been confined to laboratory settings, they’re harder to get and more expensive than those used in other skin care products. “But well worth it,” Dr. Coronado said. “It’s virtually impossible that the serum won’t benefit your skin,” he enthusiastically added.

The Dynamic Duo 

Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength costs more than other products on the market, but it includes “molecularly sophisticated components and growth factors that you simply don’t find in other products,” Dr. Coronado stressed. Besides, it’s a great deal less expensive than laser treatments at the dermatologist. Meant to be used before bed, the serum will feed your cells at an especially  beneficial time – when your body is at rest. Only a small amount is needed to do the job.  

Avenoir’s Cell Repair Moisturizer has the same ingredients as the serum, but is less concentrated and can be used day and night. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to significantly increase elasticity and tone. Using it regularly will invigorate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and firm. The effectiveness of the moisturizer alone cannot be matched. 

I’ve been using both products for one month and, as I mentioned at the start, my skin is tighter, brighter and baby soft. As the editor of a trusted website for women, I’ve tried many excellent skin care products over the years. The science behind Avenoir is second to none. 

Avenoir expects to introduce a toner and products for the eyes and neck this year with the exceptional benefits of its serum and moisturizer. I can’t wait. Thank you, Dr. Coronado. 

And start revitalizing aging skin cells with Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength and Cell Repair Moisturizer. 

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When In The US, Do As Italian Women Do: Use Collagenil

This is a post sponsored by Uniderm, which compensated FabOverFifty to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers, as we’ve been doing for almost 11 years! 

After showering – morning or night – I pat my cleansed face dry and immediately apply two products from Italy that I swear start working the minute they touch my skin: Bio Longevity Serum and Re-Pulp 3D. My complexion instantly looks flush and healthy. And, after using this duo exclusively for three months straight, the folds on either side of my nose are less pronounced, and my overall skin tone and texture are brighter and smoother.

   Geri Brin, Founder of FabOverFifty

As editor of a website for women 50+, I have tried a parade of serums, creams and lotions over the years, and liked a number of them. These two products I don’t just like. These I adore. Maybe that’s because they’re formulated by a company that wasn’t born yesterday in an effort to capitalize on the anti-aging craze sweeping the country. 

Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp come from Rome-based Collagenil, which has been in the beauty business since 1985, when it teamed up with the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine to create products. That’s a whole lot of experience over many decades, and Collagenil remains a leading choice among Italian women who take especially good care of their appearance and skin. Improving tone, laxity, sun damage and pesky wrinkles like crows feet are among their most pressing concerns. Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp are part of a complete Collagenil collection that addresses all of them! 

Collagenil enjoys a devoted following with women throughout Europe and has started to spread the good word to their American sisters.

Enter code FABOVERFIFTY30 at checkout for 30% OFF Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp 3D from November 20 (12:00 am) until December 20 (11:59 pm). One time only.


Besides the decades of experience behind it, Collagenil is a cosmeceutical collection, which means the products offer both aesthetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to benefit our skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they’re applied topically as creams, serums or lotions, but contain active ingredients and delivery methods that  help improve our skin tone and texture, pigmentation and fine lines.

Beauty might only be skin deep, but we want to do everything we can to maintain the beauty of our skin. Especially as we age. Collagenil doesn’t skimp on active ingredients, so its formulas work more effectively.   

Lakesis, an oil extracted from the sap of a tree in Greece, is the magical anti-aging ingredient in Bio Longevity Serum. It helps my skin seem younger, thicker and firmer by strengthening its underlying structural framework. Blue microalgae, another key ingredient, has antioxidant properties that help hydrate, revitalize and tone my skin. I use the serum morning and evening on my face, neck and decollete. 

Bio Longevity Serum works on my wrinkles, fine lines and all of the areas that stress and years of California sun have weakened,” says Diana P, another devoted fan. “This serum makes me look and feel 10 years younger.” 

The microspheres of hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid and botanical molecular complex in Re-Pulp 3D cream restore the color and natural contours of my face.  Another plant extract in the formula is thought to reduce the muscle tension that produces wrinkles. Acting like a safe herbal alternative to a well-known injectable, the extract minimizes wrinkles and age lines. 

My skin seemed smoother and tighter within a day of the first application, and the grooves on either side of my nose are noticeably reduced. I massage Re-Pulp – morning and night – into the areas of my face with the most sagging, such as my cheeks, cheekbones and around my nose. 

Originally available exclusively by prescription from aesthetic doctors and surgeons, Bio Longevity Serum and Re-Pulp 3D are reasonably priced so more women can take advantage of their outstanding benefits. 


Enter code FABOVERFIFTY30 at checkout for 30% OFF Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp 3D from November 20 (12:00 am) until December 20 (11:59 pm). One time only.

Dreamy, Creamy, and Hydrating

L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Lipstick by @LorealParis: Glides on, Stays on and Looks Luscious 

When it comes to wasting money, I am a champion in the lipstick department. I try out so many shades my lips become irritated. Then I dislike the color I finally chose. After a few more guilt-driven applications, I shove the tube in a drawer, eventually tossing it in the trash after months – sometimes years – when I’m on a cleaning binge. 

Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in (l to r) Pink Petal, Glowing Nude, Vibrant Fuchsia, Subtle Primrose, and bRadiant Bronze (my personal favorite!)

I’ve bought reds so bright I look like a clown to pinks so pale I resemble a ghost. Long-lasting color that dries out my lips to lipstick that fades before the evening even begins.  

Once in a while I find a shade I like, but never so much that I stop my quest for GPL (Geri’s perfect lipstick)!

When L’Oreal Paris asked if I’d try its Age Perfect Satin Lipstick, I thought a drugstore product couldn’t possibly work for me when a parade of lipsticks from upscale department stores didn’t.  As a certified makeup snob, I’ve long been convinced that the more a beauty product costs, the better it would be. Nevertheless, I told L’Oreal I’d be delighted to try its lipstick, as well as other products in the Age Perfect collection. After all, I had absolutely nothing to lose!

Surprise, surprise. I adore these products – including the Satin Lipstick – which are specifically formulated to address the needs of aging skin. The Age Perfect foundations don’t cake and settle into wrinkles, and protect against sun damage. The mascara gives volume to thinning lashes.  The eyeliner goes on easily and precisely, and doesn’t dry out my lids. 

And the Satin Lipstick – oh, the Satin Lipstick – is dreamy creamy, nourishing and hydrating, thanks to precious oils like rosa canina, extracted from the seeds of the wild rose, and luxurious jojoba butter. Its rich pigments give my lips vibrant satin color, which glides on smoothly with no resistance at all!  What’s more, the non-drying formula stays put for hours without feathering. Feathers are fun for boas, but not around my lips. 

Age Perfect Satin Lipstick comes in 10 super shades for every woman’s taste, including Blooming Rose, a classic red; Petal Pink, as pretty as its name implies, and Radiant Bronze, my favorite. It’s warm and lightens up my face.

You might also want to try Age Perfect Luminous Hydrating Lipstick, which is infused with nourishing serum and deeply hydrating Pro Vitamin B5. It will keep your lips delightfully moist for nine hours and won’t feather. Comes in 10 shades, too. 

I admire L’Oreal Paris for creating makeup for women like you and me. There’s nothing like it in the beauty business. Then again, there’s nothing like FabOverFifty women! L’oreal knows it and now is the time for us to know L’Oreal Paris. #Loreal Paris Partner


L’Oreal Paris compensated FabOverFifty to write this sponsored post. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own.

A Cosmeceutical Collection Taking Skin Health and Beauty to New Heights

Who can forget the bewildered look on Benjamin Braddocks’ face – played by Dustin Hoffman – when he hears these words in the 1967 movie, The Graduate: “I just want to say one word to you, Benjamin. Just one word. Plastics.” They’re uttered by a well intentioned friend of Ben’s parents, offering advice to the recent college graduate about his future. 

Instead of going into plastics, 21-year-old Ben has an affair with another of his parents’ friends, Mrs. Robinson, brilliantly portrayed by Anne Bancroft.

Collagenil is helping me keep my skin healthy and beautiful

Now, I just want to say two words to you, my FabOverFifty friends. Just two words. 

“Collagenil Cosmeceuticals.”

That’s my advice about what to use when it comes to the future of your facial skin, whether you’re 35 or 65. 


Simply put, cosmeceutical products offer both aesthetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to benefit our skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they’re applied topically as creams, serums or lotions, but contain active ingredients and delivery methods that reach down deeper to  influence skin cell function. This helps  improve our skin tone and texture, pigmentation and fine lines.  

You’ve probably heard the names of many of these ingredients over the years, such as hydroxy acid, retinoids and elastin. But just because a cream or serum includes them doesn’t mean it’s going to do a thing to improve your skin. That’s because the mass market beauty companies either don’t use the highest quality active ingredients or use insufficient concentrations of decent active ingredients. They want to keep their costs as low as possible. 

Beauty might only be skin deep, but ingredients that don’t go deep into our skin won’t help maintain its beauty. Especially as we age. 

Cosmeceuticals should ideally deliver sufficient amounts of active ingredients to the skin, in biologically effective forms, to successfully target and help improve our concerns. They don’t take the place of plastic surgery or minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. But, even if you go those routes, every single doctor will stress that you use cosmeceuticals after your procedures. 


I’m pretty safe in saying that you’re not going to find the best quality cosmeceutical lines in mass market drug stores or your local Walmart. But now we have access to a world of beauty products online, and scores of new indy brands – many created by dermatologists –  have hit the market. 

Choosing the right cosmeceutical can be challenging, if not downright exasperating! Do you rely on reviews? On the reputation of the doctor who is touting his own line? On the advice of your best friend? I say while any of these approaches might work, it’s still hit or miss, because every woman’s skin is unique and will benefit from a unique combination of active ingredients in different cosmeceutical formulas, 

That’s why Collagenil is the cosmeceutical line with the edge: Each of its nine collections is tailored to address specific skin concerns for all the different skin types. Originally available exclusively by prescription from aesthetic doctors and surgeons, but priced so it didn’t break the bank, Collagenil’s  professional-grade products are now more widely available – and without prescriptions.  

The brand enjoys a devoted following throughout Europe and has started to spread the good word to American women. 

This really works on my wrinkles, fine lines and all of the areas that stress and years of California sun have weakened,” says Diana P of Collagenil’s antioxidant rich Bio Longevity Serum. “This serum makes me look and feel 10 years younger,” she adds.


Collagenil’s experience in the cosmeceutical arena goes back to 1985, when it teamed up with the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine to create its first products. Thirty five years later, it still collaborates with aesthetic doctors to develop new answers to their clients’ skin issues.

That’s a whole lot of experience over many decades, and Collagenil remains a leading choice among Italian women who take especially good care of their appearance and skin. Improving tone, laxity, sun damage and pesky wrinkles like crows feet are among their most pressing concerns. 

As editor of a trusted website, I’ve tried countless skincare products, and give Collagenil a solid five-star rating.  After having aesthetic treatments last year, I now apply only top-quality serums and creams to keep my skin looking its best. 

Collagenil Detergente Restitutivo gentle cleansing cream has been a trusted part of my skincare routine for four years.  It’s created with natural oils, including jojoba and sweet almond oils,  that are similar to our skin’s sebum and produce a soothing and softening effect. 

I love the cream’s velvety texture and delightful fragrance  – I detect the aroma of roses – and how it glides over my skin. Unlike aggressive soap or foaming facial cleansers, which have the same cleansing properties as dishwasher soap, creamy and gentle Detergente Restitutivo preserves my skin’s protective barrier while it performs its cleansing magic.

I recently added Collagenil Liftensive and Re-Pulp 3D to my regimen. The high concentration of peptides in Liftensive 24-hour formula acts on the skin structure to temporarily tighten, lift and tone my face, neck and decollete. I also notice it has a Botox-like effect to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Re-Pulp microspheres penetrate the upper layers of the skin to deliver hyaluronic acid and extract from the Konjac plant and hydrate and plump the skin. It also strengthens the collagen network to help improve the density and firmness of the skin. 

Unlike many cosmeceutical brands with highly inflated prices, the Collagenil collection is reasonably priced so more women can take advantage of its outstanding benefits. 


The Exceptional Facial Cleanser I Use On My Aging Skin

I had two glorious experiences four years ago that I’m enjoying to this day: I moved from Manhattan to an 1899 house in Brooklyn, and I started using a facial skin cleanser that I discovered in Italy! 

Negotiations for buying the house took place while I was in Rome for meetings with a company that makes the absolute best feminine hygiene wash in the universe. But that’s a story for another time.  I had run out of my facial cleanser during the trip, and a woman at the company kindly gave me a tube of Collagenil Detergente Restitutivo gentle cleansing cream, which it also manufactures.

I’ve been using this exceptional cleanser ever since, so I didn’t hesitate when the brand recently asked if I’d let more American women know about it on As editor of a trusted website, I’m often invited to try out beauty products for everything from my head to my toes. Detergente Restitutivo stands out. 

I haven’t used soap on my face – or body – for decades, since my mother told me it would dry out my skin. I didn’t always listen to her advice, but since her skin was beautiful,  I followed her lead.  Conventional soaps weaken and remove the skin’s protective barrier – composed of sweat, sebum (an oily waxy substance) and water – which coats and defends the skin against bacteria and helps keep it supple, soft and hydrated.

What’s more, our skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity as we age, so it’s less able to retain moisture and guard against aggressive substances in the environment. The combination of soap and age is simply not good for our skin health, especially after menopause!




The Detergente Difference 

Collagenil Detergente Restitutivo is created with natural oils, including jojoba and sweet almond oils,  that are similar to our skin’s sebum and produce a soothing and softening effect.  I love the cream’s velvety texture and delightful fragrance  – I detect the aroma of roses – and how it glides over my skin.  Unlike aggressive soap or foaming facial cleansers, which have the same cleansing properties as dishwasher soap, creamy and gentle Detergente Restitutivo preserves my skin’s protective barrier while it performs its cleansing magic.

I apply the product on my dry skin morning and evening, massage it gently and then rinse it with water. My skin is left feeling nourished and refreshed, never the slightest bit dry. It’s also wonderful as a makeup remover, even for waterproof makeup. 

Detergente Restitutivo can be safely  used on any skin type, including sensitive, delicate or reddened skin. I discovered this marvelous cleanser four years ago, but Italian women have been using it for over three decades.

 “It nourishes the skin and leaves it smooth and radiant. I have been using it for years and it is worth every penny,  also because a little product is enough and the tube lasts a long time,” Claudia commented on Amazon. 

Collagenil also created Soft-Scrub Detergente, a delicate cleansing cream with vegetable-based microspheres that roll on the skin to gently exfoliate and remove dead cells and impurities without scratching or irritating the skin. Ingredients include sweet almond and jojoba oils to nourish, soften and moisturize, as well as aloe to soothe and refresh.   

I haven’t tried Soft-Scrub Detergente yet, but I think it will be a great complement to its sister cleanser, when I want to treat my skin to the benefits of exfoliation.

and cleanse your face like it’s never been cleansed before.

Get Younger-Looking Eyes, Instantly!

This is a “sponsored post.” Westmore Beauty compensated FabOverFifty with an advertising sponsorship to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own.

Many fab women I know over 50 are exasperated by bags and puffiness under their eyes. Don’t even get them started on those annoying crow’s feet that landed at the outer corners. Regrettably, these unwelcome signs of aging are facts of life, especially after our skin has been exposed to decades of sun. 

I’ve used concealers, serums – even cucumber slices – to reduce the trio of irksome eye problems. Not a single one has lived up to its promises! 

When Westmore Beauty invited me to try its 60-Second Eye Effects Tinted Firming Eye Gel as the editor of a trusted website I thought “sure, what do I have to lose?” I remembered seeing – but not believing – the results when the gel was demonstrated on TV on a 70-year-old woman. “Impossible,” I thought. Now I’d get to see for myself if it really works.

I asked my sister Shelley if she’d apply 60-Second Eye Effects, too, so we could compare the results. Since a photo is worth a thousand words, take a look at how it worked on us!

Results may vary

Just like the tube says, it took about 60 seconds to diminish the look of our under-eye discoloration, fine lines and puffiness. Our crow’s feet looked less noticeable too. What’s more, the skin felt and looked firmer and the texture was smoother.  

Even though we’ve been staying close to home during the last few months – and hardly ever wear makeup – 60-Second Eye Effects has become our go-to product every single day. 

This stuff is magical! Actually, it’s Hollywood Magic.

>>Click here to try Westmore Beauty!

Results may vary

The Westmore family has been involved in the Hollywood makeup business for over 100 years. They opened the first movie studio hair and makeup department in 1917, glamorized stars including Marilyn Monroe and Shirley McLaine, and did the special effects for movies such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  

If anyone knows how to create Hollywood makeup magic, it’s the Westmore family. Leveraging decades of artistic genius, technical skill and scientific know-how, the Westmore’s developed the precise formula that makes 60-Second Eye Effects work. 

>>Click here to try Westmore Beauty!

The secret is Flex-Tensor Technology, which creates an invisible and flexible film that instantly smooths and tightens under-eye skin, especially the “bags” you want to send packing. Color correctors in the formula help diminish the look of dark circles. Hyaluronic acid provides hydration to help plump the skin. And, special light-reflecting, micro-filler ingredients fill in lines and pores so under-eye skin appears smoother and more radiant. What’s more, the formula includes retinol and vitamin E, two remarkable anti-aging ingredients. 

The results of 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel are so unmistakably astonishing that all 30 women who participated in a company-sponsored user perception study agreed:

  The appearance of crow’s feet and under-eye circles was visibly diminished.

  Lines and wrinkles appeared significantly diminished.

  Skin felt and appeared firmer.

  Skin texture was visibly improved. 

You’ve got to see it for yourself. And, if you’re not as excited as my sister and I, as well as the countless women who’ve written glowing reviews, send back your tube within 60 days for a full refund less S&H! 

All This, Plus A Fab Gift! 

Your 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel comes with a super special gift Glow Effects 24K Gold Body Glow Stick – a $40 value

With just a twist of the base, you can highlight and illuminate everything from your cheekbones down to your collarbone, shoulders, decollete, arms and legs. Fragrance free and hydrating, too! 

I adore the Body Glow Stick. It glides over my skin and gives it a subtle and pretty glimmer. I carry it in my bag so it’s at my fingertips when I want a quick pick me up.

…And Even More  

If you want to give your eyes – and lips – even more zing, the Westmore Flawless Eye & Lip Collection will bring you 60-Second Eye Effects plus these three phenomenal products.

I apply the Gold Lip Treatment Oil on top of my fave lip color for a high shine

Lash Drama Bold & Beautiful Mascara makes your lashes look dramatically longer and more voluminous by coating it with a revolutionary new texture in an intense black pigment.  

On-The-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel creates perfectly defined, natural-looking brows with an exclusive blend of specially treated pigments and hair-like fibers. A unique two-sided brow brush helps you shape, soften and smooth the brows. 

They’ll stay full and fab all through the day and night! 

Beauty Starlit 24K Gold Lip Treatment Oil leaves your lips glowing, shining and voluptuous by infusing them with ultra-moisturizing and smoothing Jojoba and Argan oils, plus Vitamins E and C. I use it alone or apply it on top of my fave lip color for a glam high shine. 

From Embarrassment To Action: Expert Advice On Coping With Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Astellas compensated FOF with an advertising sponsorship to write this post. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will benefit the women in our community. Geri Brin, Founder,

The concert should have been a fun outing for Elaine and her young daughter, but it became a nightmare even before they left the car. “I had the urge to urinate and couldn’t hold it in another second,” Elaine recalls. Not wanting her “accident” to spoil the evening,  she wore a sweater around her waist for hours while her clothes were drying. That’s when Elaine knew she had to see a doctor. In her late 40s at the time, she’d been living with overactive bladder (OAB) for about six years and it was affecting her quality of life more and more.  

Characterized by frequency (needing to urinate eight or more times in 24 hours) and urgency, OAB can result in leakage if you don’t get to the bathroom in time.1 It occurs when your bladder contracts too often, even when it’s not full.2 “Instead of getting a first, second or final warning that you need to urinate, you get just the final warning, when the bladder is at maximum capacity.  If it begins to contract before you make it to the bathroom, you may experience a leak,” according to Dr. Ekene Enemchukwu, a urologist at Stanford University Medical Center.  

“The prevalence of OAB increases with age in both men and women.3 Almost 30 million people in the United States live with OAB symptoms,” Dr. Enemchukwu said.  

Years before her accident at the concert, when Elaine started working at a call center, she had to ask her boss if her desk could be located closer to a bathroom.  “Bathroom breaks were timed, and bonuses were based on the number of calls made each day and how long each one lasted,” Elaine remembered. But since she needed to use the bathroom two or three times an hour, she was afraid the job wasn’t going to work out.  Elaine bit the bullet and told her supervisor about her issue. While it was embarrassing to discuss bathroom problems, Elaine luckily had an accommodating boss and kept her job.


Elaine (left) shares her experience coping with symptoms of overactive bladder

As time went on, however, Elaine began to limit the activities she loved. She wanted to sign up for classes, for example, but she was concerned her frequent bathroom trips would distract the class. So she didn’t sign up. Her accident at the concert was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. “I had been coping, but I wasn’t being proactive with my lifestyle,” she said.

Elaine may have thought she was coping effectively, but Stacy Kaiser, psychotherapist and relationship expert, calls it unhealthy coping. “Coping in general is how we go about dealing with any difficult change in our life, such as a family challenge, a financial issue, stress at work, or a medical condition,” Stacy said. “And coping with a medical condition such as OAB, which can be very embarrassing for some women, is especially challenging.”2

        Stacy Kaiser

Elaine wasn’t coping successfully when she started avoiding activities she really wanted to do. Although she thought she was managing the situation by avoiding embarrassing moments, it wasn’t productive for her to withdraw from activities she enjoyed, Stacy said. People with OAB may isolate themselves from their support systems or social network,1 also a prime example of unhealthy coping. Healthy coping is finding ways to continue participating and engaging in your life, Stacy emphasized.

Once Elaine decided to reach out to a doctor, she was ready to shed her unhealthy coping habits and start taking charge of her life, rather than letting her condition take over. “Learning about a medical condition from a physician or medical expert helps give us the skills to get through challenging experiences in our lives,” Stacy stressed


             Dr. Ekene Enemchukwu

“Many people don’t go to the physician’s office because they think OAB is a normal part of aging.2 Instead, they ignore the problem,” Dr. Enemchukwu said. They also find it difficult to discuss and don’t know how to bring up the subject up with their doctor. OAB patients can feel anxious, isolated and hopeless because they think there’s no way to address or fix a problem that has dramatically altered their lives.5

“Self-consciousness also stems from feeling like you’re the only person dealing with the situation and no one else will understand,” Stacy said. In fact, 39 percent of women with symptoms reported that OAB interfered with daily activities; 12 percent said their symptoms caused them to stay at home; 38 percent reported decreased physical activities and 34 percent attributed their weight gain to an inability to exercise.4 Sharing what you’re going through with others is key to helping you learn about OAB and can also provide emotional relief. Talking to friends and family and having a good support network are important, too.

It turns out that seeing a doctor was one of the best things Elaine could do for her emotional well-being, and for her OAB. She not only learned how common it is, but she also discovered it’s a medical condition that can be managed by behavioral, lifestyle and dietary changes and, in certain cases, prescription medications. Dr. Enemchukwu has a few recommendations:

  • Pre-empt the urge: If you experience urinary leakage or frequency, try to get ahead of your symptoms when possible by remembering to use the restroom before you feel the sudden urge to go, or before heading to an outing or road trip.
  • Be mindful of your fluid intake: Many patients believe that limiting fluids will help manage their OAB symptoms, but this can be problematic as it creates concentrated urine, which may be irritating to your bladder.5 It can also lead to dehydration.5 Your body needs water to function, so if you don’t drink enough, it will affect you in other ways.5
  • Avoid foods or drinks that can irritate your bladder: These include caffeine, spicy foods, carbonated fluids, citrus, tomato-based products, alcohol and tobacco.6 Keep in mind it’s important to talk to your doctor before making changes in your diet or exercise routine.


Now retired and living with her fiancé in Florida, 64-year-old Elaine said she lives a proactive lifestyle, refusing to let her OAB symptoms control her daily activities.

Planning ahead is important to her. Elaine keeps an extra outfit on hand when she’ll be out for hours and doesn’t drink too much if she’s going on a long trip. Often having a loved one at her side— namely her daughter— is a big support, she said. “We recently made the long drive north from Florida to New Jersey, and my daughter started looking for bathrooms on the road before I did since she knows I’ll have to make a lot of stops.”  Elaine also relieves stress by listening to music and meditating and performs Kegel exercises to help strengthen her pelvic floor muscles.1 She advises anyone living with OAB symptoms to seek support from loved ones and health care professionals.

Passionate about helping other women with OAB to “enjoy their lives and have fun, not to let it overrule their lives,” Elaine has joined a new OAB awareness campaign called Coping Confessions, sponsored by Astellas. The campaign is brimming with online resources, including an online self-assessment tool that helps you become more aware of the way in which you cope, and “on-the-go” videos of women coping with OAB. To learn more about how you can assess your own coping behaviors and about overactive bladder, visit

In a Coping Confessions video clip, Elaine joins experts on-the-go to share how she copes with overactive bladder

“We want to empower people to talk about their symptoms and to understand that healthy, productive coping is an important part of managing a medical problem, in addition to seeking expert guidance,” said Dr.  Enemchukwu. “I’ve seen so many patients who have been dealing with OAB for decades, too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, even their own family members or friends. Talking about OAB can reduce the stigma associated with this condition.”


Although the precise causes of OAB are unknown, it impacts both men and women, but occurs more frequently in women.4,7 

If you believe you may have OAB, visit your healthcare provider so he or she can conduct a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and perform a physical exam. If you do have it,  your doctor can help you take the right steps to manage your symptoms. Go to the appointment with a short list of your symptoms,  which can help make the discussion productive. Make sure to give specifics, including:

 How many times you went to the bathroom in a given day.

➧  How many times you get up during the night to use the bathroom.

  How many times you had to change clothing because you leaked or had an accident.

  How many times you had to drop everything you were doing and run to the bathroom.

  Any activities you’ve avoided because you feared you may have an accident. 

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always talk with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. This article is sponsored by Astellas.


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Honest-to-Goodness Skincare For Life-Changing Results

Sally, a 55 year-old from Phoenix, disliked her fine lines, large pores and loose, delicate skin. “I looked like a much older woman,” she lamented. After investing a small fortune in anti-aging creams that promised to “turn back the clock” – but did nothing – Sally was so dismayed, she started thinking about plastic surgery.

Across the country, in Atlanta, Marie had been suffering with consistent acne for about eight years. She tried treating it with one product after another, including oral medication the dermatologist prescribed. Nothing worked. When it came to her skin, she couldn’t focus on anything else, and desperately wanted a way to get rid of her blemishes.


Sally’s appearance was changing right before her eyes, thanks to the beauty brand’s Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. “If I had to pick one skincare item, this would be it. My skin is tight, firm looking and no longer looks fragile. I have fewer lines and smaller pores,” said Sally, thrilled to look like the young woman she is!

Meanwhile, Marie thought her Paula’s Choice exfoliant was magic in the bottle.  “I’m not one to share my opinions with the entire internet, but I think this product has made the single biggest difference in my skin,” Marie wrote in her 5-star review of Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. “My skin was smoother and softer within the first week, and my existing acne cleared up in another few weeks,” she said. Marie’s been using the exfoliant twice a day for two months, and her acne is completely gone. “I can finally concentrate on supporting and nourishing my skin. This product is legitimately amazing,” she raved.


Like millions of women in their 40s and beyond, Marie and Sally yearned to find honest-to-goodness solutions for their bothersome skin problems.  Paula’s Choice delivered because it’s refreshingly – and dramatically – different in a beauty market overflowing with exaggerations, misleading information, and downright lies! 

Paula’s Choice follows the truth – not what’s popular. It doesn’t promise miracles, but delivers results. Relying completely on science and research to create potent and effective formulas, Paula’s Choice uses everything skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. 

“We don’t follow trends or opinions. We follow the facts,” said Paula Begoun, whose best-selling books of candid beauty advice led to the creation of her eponymous skincare brand of honest products. A consistent cult favorite among the internet’s beauty cognoscenti, Paula’s Choice becomes the “can’t-live-without-it” brand when a woman discovers its remarkable results on her skin.  Just take a look at the thousands of exceptional reviews on its website.

Paula’s Choice chemists understand skin physiology, and precisely how the ingredients in their products react with our skin.

Consider the following:

◉     Although most of us adore fragrance in our skincare products, the truth is that it irritates the skin. While you might not see the damage on the skin’s surface, it can be silently lurking below. Just because an ingredient is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s always best. Paula’s Choice formulas never have a bit of fragrance or essential oils. What’s more, they’re never tested on animals, have dyes or drying alcohol.

◉     Glass jars or transparent packaging may be appealing on the outside, but honestly, they’re only helping the skincare ingredients inside to oxidize faster and lose their potency. Every time you open a jar you’re exposing the formula to large amounts of air. Light also can pass through transparent containers, another problem. Paula’s Choice products are always packaged to ensure that their power-packed formulas stay stable and effective.

◉     While other beauty products claim they’re created for mature skin, Paula’s Choice appropriately develops its unique collection based on women’s skin types –  from dry to super oily and super sensitive. The truth is “age is not a skin type,” said Deborah Kilgore, director of skincare education for the company.   Women can have oily skin with enlarged pores and bumps well into their 50s, 60s, and beyond, for example. No matter her age, a woman with oily skin needs lightweight and fluid products, and one with dry skin requires creamier formulas with lush textures.

While age isn’t a skin type, Paula’s Choice understands that a woman’s skin can experience changes in mid-life, from becoming thinner and laxer to redder and unevenly textured. That’s why it offers specific products to match every woman’s needs, with textures to match her skin type. A universal set of products can’t work on everyone. Paula’s Choice range of products lets each woman create her own curated routine.


If we all began taking care of our skin when we were young –  most importantly, protecting it from sun damage – we’d have younger looking skin as we aged.  Sun, pollution and poor diet – not chronological age – are the three biggest skin-aging culprits. The sun begins to affect our skin from the moment we’re born. Even women in their 30s can have substantial sun damage if they haven’t been protecting it.

Outstanding News: It’s never too late to start a skin protection regimen. These four Paula’s Choice products should be part of every woman’s daily skincare routine, and used in the order they’re listed here:

◉     WATER-SOLUBLE CLEANSER: You want a gentle but effective cleanser that can be rinsed away easily with your hands or a soft washcloth. “You don’t want a cleanser that must be wiped off, and involves you tugging at your face, which further breaks down the elastin fibers,” Paula noted.  

“I am loving how my skin looks after using Paula’s Choice toner and exfoliant for six weeks.” – Geri

◉     GENTLE TONER: This lays down a layer of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrating ingredients that aging skin needs to preserve and reinforce its barrier, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase firmness and improve uneven skin tone. “It’s like a liquid moisturizer, especially during the hot months, when you’d prefer something light,” Paula said.  It also removes the last traces of makeup. 

◉     LEAVE-ON EXFOLIANT:  A gentle, leave-on exfoliant is essential for removing built-up, dead skin cells that make skin look and feel dull, uneven and rough. It helps stimulate the process of skin cell regeneration that has been slowed down by sun damage and age.

            Exfoliant formulated with water-soluble alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) works only on the skin’s surface to slough away dry, dead skin so that new, more evenly pigmented cells can form and make the skin smoother. AHA is preferred by those with normal/dry skin with sun damage.  It’s a great option for diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles, improving the look of dull uneven skin, and enhancing natural moisturizing factors in skin.

            Exfoliant with oil-soluble beta hydroxy acid (BHA) works on the skin’s surface and deep inside the pores to slough away dead skin cells and relieve pore congestion. BHA is preferred by those with oily/combo skin that’s prone to bumps, clogged pores, rosacea-related redness and sun damage. 

     DAYTIME MOISTURIZER WITH SUN PROTECTION AND ANTIOXIDANTS: This may be the last product to apply, but it’s absolutely not least in terms of protecting our skin. We must be “religiously obsessive” about using moisturizer with sunscreen “every single day, inside and out,” Paula emphasized. “It should be like brushing your teeth.  I can’t say it enough!” Insert video of me using this product with this caption: 

“Broad spectrum sunscreen and gentle exfoliation are the steps missing from most women’s routines, and unless you use both, you won’t get maximum results,” Deborah explained.  An exfoliant will help make your skin brighter and clearer, but if you don’t also apply sunscreen every day, you’ll help diminish all the good you’re doing for it.

It would be nice if one skincare product really, truly did it all, but different concerns demand different formulas. Paula’s Choice has created the absolute best treatment products for every woman’s skin. Start treating your skin to them. Pronto!

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