5 Winning Ways To Turn Your Hair From Catastrophic To Cool

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous we look from the neck down. If we’re not happy with our hair, we’re not happy. Period!  But bad hair days are inevitable, whether the humidity is to blame, or those pesky grays have popped up overnight. When you wake up to one of these days, here are 5 ways to take control of your locks, before they take control of you.space

Wear a striking headband and no one will notice that you’re having a bad hair day. Headbands come in an endless variety of sizes, colors, prints and materials. We love those that have tidy front knots built right in, and don’t rely on our ability to create one ourselves.
Clip-in hair extensions are ingenious “accessories” that can add volume to lifeless locks, on the top, sides or back of your head. Best to consult with a talented hair stylist when you’re choosing which color, style and length are best for you. And make sure it’s made of real hair. Synthetic extensions often look fake.

You’re frustrated seeing your gray roots pop up weeks away from your next salon appointment. Fortunately, you can bring life back to your hair in seconds, with a temporary root concealer, like Gray Away. It looks completely natural and washes out when you shampoo.
If your hair is long enough, putting it in a ponytail will give you an instant facelift. If you lack the length, a ponytail extension will do the trick. And, there are lots of fun and sophisticated looks that turn ponies into sure bets when your hair isn’t cooperating. Secure your pony with a sensational scarf or team it with a headband.


You’ll definitely have fewer bad hair days when your hair is short, because short styles don’t weigh down your hair, and tend to better disguise imperfections. We love styles that are somewhat spiky, uneven and a bit tousled. Halle looks sensational in hers.

This post is sponsored by Gray Away, a quick and easy solution to temporarily cover gray roots. We love supporting brands that support FabOverFifty!


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  1. Marie Doyle says:

    The SHORT CUT is the way to go. Living in the coastal area of So. CA means freeky weather……fog – wind – desert dry and heavens be praised some (well mostly) great days. But the short hair wins in all events……..I am a happy shortie with a super great Hair Stylist……ROSE.


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