Blush 101: Buying & Applying

3. Blush should be applied lightly and wisely onto the apply of your cheeks to avoid a heavy look. It’s always easier to build up your blush than to tone it down. Don’t apply your blush right after moisturising your skin. It will not blend nicely and will give you a cakey look.

Applying powder blush

After applying your foundation and powder, use a makeup brush to sweep a dusting of powder blush across the apples of your cheeks and up the cheekbones in a gentle light circular movement. If you’ve applied too much blush, use translucent powder to tone it down.

Applying cream blush

Dip a few fingertips or a cosmetic sponge into the pot, dab the cream on the apples of the cheeks, then blend the color naturally, so it fades out across the cheekbones.

4. The size of your blush brush should complement the size of your face: If you have a small face, buy a small brush; if you have large cheek bones, a bigger brush will work best.

5. A good quality brush will allow you to blend your powder blush so it looks natural.

 Whether you choose a brush with natural bristles of animal hair or fur, or a synthetic brush with nylon or polyester bristles, make sure it’s soft,  A tough-bristled brush will make blending difficult and result in a harsh look.  If the bristles of the brush aren’t well anchored in the handle, they’ll fall out with every use.  Urban Decay and EcoTools manufacture brushes that are really handy and easy to use.

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  1. Grace Valenzuela Lemos says:

    Spell check doesn’t work with wrong words. Proofreading content is important too. Subheading No. 3 of Blush 101 is a perfect example of poor proofreading. I see so much of this type of error now days.

  2. faby says:

    Thank you Sherry for your precious advice! I wish I had all these tips when I was younger 🙁 I remember my husband telling me I looked like an Indian warrior. Now it makes sense.


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