Do You Feel More Confident With Or Without Makeup?


“I don’t leave my house without at least eyeliner and mascara. My grandma used to say, ‘You never know when you’re going to meet the man of your dreams!!’ So far, I keep running into nightmares!! Lol.”
Diane Illingworth

“I’m a simple no-frills type, but I feel more comfortable when I have at least a little blush and some lipstick on, just to give some color.”
Laura Belle


“I won’t open the door without my mascara. Sad!”
Wyn Peregrine

“I’ve always worn makeup so I’m not going to stop now, but I do have my days when I don’t bother with it.”
Trisha Elizabeth Whelan

“Mascara and red lips and I am ready for anything!”
Holly Catania

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