The First Cosmetics Collection Ever For Fab Women Over Fifty (Even 45)!

If I gathered all the makeup I’ve bought over the decades, it would resemble a small mountain. And, to think of the money I wasted on foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes that I tossed out because I discovered they weren’t the right colors, textures or consistencies after using them a few times.

Makeup IS NOT created for aging skin that’s dry, uneven, mottled, and sagging. It’s developed for the fully hydrated, toned and taut skin of 20 to 40 year olds. So, when I applied the makeup designed for younger women, it caked up in my fine lines, creases and wrinkles; dried out my skin even more, and the colors were either too bright or too dull.

Happily, Tricia Cusden was thinking much the same thing across the pond in England, and she set out to create a cosmetics collection precisely formulated to benefit the older face.

Her line, Look Fabulous Forever, literally is changing the faces of women who apply it, and disrupting the beauty industry in the UK. Women started flocking to Tricia’s brilliant online beauty tutorials from the moment she introduced her collection four years ago. These video tutorials now have millions of views.  And, even though Tricia and her team are just starting to promote LFF to American women, we already represent 20 percent of her business!

I admire Tricia for doing what a multi-billion dollar beauty industry would never dream of doing: Celebrate older women with products made just for us! “You do realize that older woman don’t buy makeup, don’t you?’ a beauty insider told me in 2013, before I launched Look Fabulous Forever,” Tricia remembered “How wrong are you, I thought. They do buy makeup, but they get frustrated when they use it, throw it in a drawer and think they’ve wasted more money.

“Everything tends to fade on our face when we lose melanin in the skin,” Tricia explained. “Our skin color fades.  Our cheeks and lips get paler. Our eyes have less definition. And, many women lose their eyebrows. Makeup can make a massive difference, because you can get  back color, definition, shape, light, and life in 15 minutes,” Tricia added. “The face goes from looking quite dull and featureless to looking really beautiful.”

I’ve tried nine products from the dozens in the LFF collection, including face, eye and lip primers, which prepare my skin for foundation, lipstick and shadow by filling in open pores and fine lines, and make my makeup look fresher and last longer.

Lovely, light, and smooth, Smooth Like Silk Face Prime goes on easily with my fingertips and feels like satin on my face. Completely colorless.

Lightweight, fresh and creamy, with a dewy feel, Continuous Cover Foundation provides excellent coverage. Evens out my skin tone and gives my face warmth and depth, without looking heavy. Doesn’t look or feel oily.

Creamy, with a dense pigment that easily covers age spots, discoloration around my eyes, and blemishes. Cover to Cover Conceal beautifully covered a red mark from my glasses across the bridge of my nose.

A skin-colored, creamy liquid that eliminates discoloration and acts a smooth base for eye color. Fabulous Eye Prime kept my eye makeup from wandering into lines on my eyelids, and helped it to look fresh all day.

No Shimmer Eye Shade is a matte powder without any glitter, since glittery isn’t a flattering look for older eyes, especially if they’re “hooded” by dropping skin on the lids.  I used Cream on the entire lid, and Taupe in the eye sockets.

My eyelashes have become sparser and wispier, so volumizing mascara tends to make them look and feel harder. Fabulous Lash Mascara defines and darkens my lashes, while leaving them soft and pliable.

Fabulous Blush feels like cream when I rub my fingertips over it, but goes onto my cheekbones as smoothly as powder. I’m using Peach Cream, which enhances my cheek color without making me look like a clown. Doesn’t stick in the lines on my face.

Fabulous Lip Prime seals the edges of my lips so the lip color doesn’t “bleed” into the fine lines around my mouth. Helps me get a nice sharp line around the edges of my lips when I apply the lip color.

My lips are thinner and less lip-smacking than they used to be, but Fabulous Lip Colour makes my lips look more attractive. I love the combination of Foxy Lady and Soft Caramel. Not too dark. Not too light.

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  1. Tressie says:

    Very well said! I totally agree that makeup is developed for the fully hydrated, toned and taut skin of 20 to 40 year olds. Older skin needs something else for the glowing skin.

  2. Sue says:

    Sorry, older skin or not, unless this literally gives you a facelift, and by the before and afters, clearly it does not…it cannot possibly be worth the exhorbitant price.


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