If Her Hair Could Talk, It Would Say “Thank You!”

If Kim Austin’s hair could talk, it would thank the 58-year-old Californian for finally finding a way to treat it right.

You see, Kim’s hair hated those henna treatments she did “back in the day,” and it wasn’t too crazy about the times she’d “frosted it” by yanking on it with a crochet hook and pulling it through a cap filled with holes. And, yikes, what about the times her hair and scalp felt like they were burning from all that drugstore color she applied!  But now Kim’s found a new premium color from Madison Reed that’s made in Italy, and her hair can’t wait until everyone sees it. It never looked–or felt–so beautiful.

“I didn’t do a good job when I used to color my own hair, “ said the payroll and benefits administrator for a charter bus company in San Diego. “When I decided I wanted a more professional and consistent look,  I started going to salons.”  Over the years, though, Kim’s hair became “over processed from all the color and chemicals that were used on it.”  When she tried going from blond to red, her hair looked washed out soon after the color was applied.

“It also was becoming so expensive to keep running back to the salon,” she explained.

Interestingly, a friend who’s a professional hair colorist told Kim about Madison Reed home hair color. “The company sells the exact same formula to salons, so I decided it was definitely worth giving it a try.  I also wanted to go back to doing my own hair,” Kim said.

First, Kim answered the simple questions on the Madison Reed website that would help determine her ideal color.  “Ordering is easy, and you can always reach someone to chat directly,” Kim said. When her Portofino natural auburn red was delivered right to her front door, she couldn’t wait to try it.

Voila! Stunning Results

Verdict:  “It took no time to go from blond to red, and I didn’t have to sit in a salon chair for hours. I just love the color, and the way it makes my hair feel and shine.  It doesn’t make it look like a solid mass of red, but lets my natural highlights show through,”  Kim enthused.  “And when my hair starts to fade, I can touch up the roots on my own and don’t have to pay exorbitant salon prices.”

Three weeks after doing her color, Kim uses Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss to add another dimension of color and shine.  “It’s not a permanent color.  You put it in and let it set for about 30 minutes. It’s a great way to maintain my color and extend the time till my next color, and it keeps my hair looking healthy,” Kim explained.

Kim loves to apply her color on Sunday since it’s  a relaxing time. “I soak my feet and do my hair. It’s a whole spa day. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and sitting in a salon chair for three hours hurts my back.  This is just so easy for me.  I can stand, walk around, be in my PJs, even watch a movie. The convenience is major!”

Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

Madison Reed’s lovingly crafted color is completely free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten & PPD, and even if the words aren’t familiar, they represent harsh chemicals you’d be wise not to put on your hair.  Ingredients that can leave your hair damaged over time were removed, and  nutrient-rich ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root extract were added.

Kim’s color kit, complete with cap, a few pair of gloves, stain guard cream, gentle color remover, shampoo and conditioner, was delivered right to her house. She also was pleased to learn that Madison Reed is Leaping Bunny certified, an international stamp of approval recognizing no animal testing is  used in the development of any of its products. Nice!

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