Finally — A Foot Cream That Really, Really Works on Dry, Cracked Skin!

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I could dunk my feet into a tub of olive oil for hours, and the next day my soles still would feel–and look–like sandpaper.  Sandpaper might even be softer and smoother! I’ve recently learned that the soles of our feet don’t have oil glands, and it didn’t help that I’ve rarely used cream or lotion on mine. What’s more, the skin on our feet loses elasticity as we age, which can lead to painful cracks on our soles and pads.  I can personally attest to that.

Oh, I’ve bought many foot creams over the years, with every good intention to use them, but when my soles continued to be as dry as the Sahara Desert after a few applications, I usually tossed the bottles in the trash can. Or, they languished in my bathroom vanity collecting dust.

It piqued my interest when I heard that Erika Tazberik, a scientist who spent 14 years developing skin care products for Johnson & Johnson, had formulated a product called SkinIntegra Rapid Crack Repair Cream that “visibly reduces cracks after one day.” That’s a powerful promise, so I set up an interview with Erika to learn more about her cream.

Now 61, Erika left J&J six years ago, following a major reorganization, and decided to start a new chapter in her life with her husband of three decades. Sadly, he passed away only six weeks later, after suffering from diabetes for many years. Like many diabetics, Erika’s husband developed painful cracks on his heels, the result of nerve damage and dryness from uncontrolled blood sugars. “The cracks were so sore, he could hardly walk a block,” Erika told me. “One doctor prescribed a nail lacquer with a drug in it, claiming it was the only way to seal them,” Erika recalled.


When a former J&J colleague contacted Erika about a job at a premium anti-aging skin care company, she casually mentioned to him during their five-hour interview: “Why doesn’t someone make products for diabetics? Although over 29 million people in the United States have the disease, no one cares about developing treatments for their skin issues.” Erika didn’t get the job, but her former colleague wanted to talk about launching a business to do just what Erika suggested: Produce an exceptional cream for dry feet that also would be safe and effective on diabetic skin. So he, Erika, and two other former J&J colleagues organized a company. Erika was charged with formulating the product.

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“I’ve dedicated my life to this for the last few years, finding which healthy attributes are missing in diabetic compromised skin that cause it to dry out and crack,” Erika said.  “We wanted to create a cream that would give the skin back all the right lipids (fat-like substances that form the walls of cells) and nutrients it needs to restore its health. SkinIntegra Rapid Crack Repair Cream is so special, so effective and so unique because its comprehensive combination of ingredients actually helps repair the skin, instead of just sitting on top of it. Its bio-mimicking, Accelerated Epi-Lipids formula intensively penetrates extremely dry and cracked skin, thoroughly nourishes it, and rapidly helps repair it,” Erika explained.


SkinIntegra Rapid Crack Repair Cream is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, to replenish the nutrients skin needs to soothe inflammation, increase elasticity  and heal faster; Urea and Lactic Acid, to remove dry, callused skin to make way for newer, healthier skin; Vitamins C + E, to help quench free radical damage caused by oxidative stress, and Hyaluronic Acid, to attract and retain moisture within the deeper layers of the skin. The formula doesn’t have preservatives, steroids, fragrance, dyes, parabens, phthalates or petrolatum.  

“SkinIntegra seems like an impressive new formula for healing and repairing extremely dry, cracked, callused skin commonly seen in diabetic and other patients. I appreciate that the formula was designed to address compromised skin in multiple ways, from breaking up the hardened skin on the surface to helping protect cells from damage and fortifying, strengthening and repairing skin. I’d recommend this formula as an option for anyone suffering from chronic or acute cracked skin,” said Dr. Jessica Krant, a 2018 Castle Connolly top doctor and one of New York’s favorite dermatologists.

Launched just a few months ago, SkinIntegra has consistently been getting 5-star reviews. A woman recently wrote on behalf of her brother, a diabetic whose painful foot cracks and fissures prevented him from walking following heart bypass surgery, until he used SkinIntegra.  

Being a diabetic I suffer a lot from dry and cracked heels, making it sometimes painful to walk. I tried so many products for dry skin and they did not work well. But applying SkinIntegra I saw instant results. The next day I was able to walk without the pain. I’m so happy that my feet feel soft and healthy. This product is Magic!” wrote Marta. “When I read testimonials like this, I realize that my years of hard work were worth it,” Erika said.


If SkinIntegra can successfully relieve skin affected by diabetes, the highest hurdle to clear, I couldn’t wait to try it on my severely dry and callused soles. The consistency is perfect; not at all thin and watery or dense and heavy.  A small amount covered my big feet (size 10.5), absorbed quickly, and didn’t feel the least bit greasy. Amazingly, my feet instantly felt soft, and continued to feel soft throughout the day. I’ve been applying SkinIntegra morning and evening for about three weeks, and my feet love it! So do my hands, elbows and knees. And, my hands stayed soft after I’ve washed them a few times during the day.

“Anyone whose profession or hobbies compromise their skin can use SkinIntegra,” Erika emphasized. “My 35-year-old niece, a fitness instructor in Australia, often complained about dry feet from the hot weather. And, she always wears sandals, which also causes the skin to lose moisture. SkinIntegra has become an essential part of her daily skin care routine.

“My husband and I do a great deal of work outside in the elements. Most of the over-the-counter products leave a greasy sticky feeling behind. Not this one. Exceptional must-have cream for all weather issues!” wrote Tcred in her review.

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“SkinIntegra also has been effective on skin conditions including psoriasis, keratosis and eczema, and it even relieved the painful sensation and dried out the lesions for a few people who were suffering with shingles. A friend’s three-year-old grandson had dermatitis, and his skin cleared in four days like he never had it. We can’t claim SkinIntegra is for eczema and other conditions until we prove it, but customers are exploring it for different applications,” Erika reported.

“This product is amazing.  My husband has chronic atopic dermatitis but nothing worked. SkinIntegra closed all the deep cracks on his hands after three applications. I also applied it on my son’s elbow scrape,  and it closed the injured area in less than a week. It’s so effective and works really fast. Highly recommend!!!” wrote Essentials.



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