[GIVEAWAY] A Full Skincare Regimen From Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka Paris, an exceptional French beauty brand, has been creating cutting-edge skincare technologies since the brand’s inception in 1954. Developed by its own team of pharmaceutical and biological doctors, chemical engineers, biologists and bacteriologists, Yon-Ka incorporates essential oils, as well as other fruit and plant extracts, into its line of over 80 products.

Today, Yon-Ka is offering one lucky lady a full skincare regimen of six products, valued at $568!


Excellence Code Crème
($185 for 50mL)

Blended with 20 botanical active ingredients, including immortality herb, red algae, and hyaluronic acid. With three specific actions this luxurious cream maintains the skins barrier and keeps the skin firm, toned and bright. It “addresses all needs of mature skin that has been affected by hormonal changes,” claims the brand.

Excellence Code Masque
($79 for 50mL)

This face masque helps reduce skin fatigue and improve your complexion in just 15 minutes. Applied once or twice a week, the formula uses nutgrass extract, sweet almond proteins, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid. You can also use a thin layer as an overnight masque.

Excellence Code Contours ($89 for 50mL)

Specially designed for the skin around the eyes and lips, this potent formula helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles from tired eyes, as well as helps redefine lip lines. It features Persian silk tree extract, St. Paul’s wort, hyaluronic acid, red algae, and vitamins A & E, all potent ingredients that work effectively on these two areas that can show the signs of aging most. Its patented applicator imparts a cool temperature that works in tandem with the formula to help eliminate puffiness.

Cellular Code ($135 for 30mL)

A “must have” for any skincare regimen, this elixir helps strengthen the skin and improve its defense system against toxins and other skin stresses. Used before applying Yon-Ka Excellence Code Cream, the serum includes lipo-amino acid which balances the cells longevity proteins (sirtuin, survivin), with oxygenating garden nasturtium extract, as well as a blend of essential oils.


Lotion Yon-Ka PS
($41 for 200mL)

This “versatile healing water” purifies, tones and invigorates the skin with a blend of essential oils and glycerin. The lotion also soothes insect bites and sunburns.

Lait Nettoyant
($39 for 200mL)

Leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and hydrated, this two in one cleansing milk and make-up remover uses the power of bornéol, brown algae and plant glycerin, among other effective ingredients.

To enter this giveaway, sponsored by Yon-Ka Paris, please complete the form below. After you’ve entered, tell us why your skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka!

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1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes August 16, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • Maria Facchini Proctor

    My skin is very dry & starting to show signs of aging!

  • Patricia Houston

    getting older … showing wrinkles and dry skin

  • Karen Rosaen Cairns

    As I’ve aged I notice that due to hormonal changes my skin no longer looks bright and those wrinkles are showing up around the eyes and mouth. I want to look as good as possible and slow the aging process. Your products sound like they would be wonderful for this

  • Billie Jean Hicks-Grace

    I have dark circles under my eyes, I’m getting wrinkles by my eyes and mouth area. I am hoping to get a good routine that will help with some of my clogged pores as well as my aging.

  • June S.

    My skin has started sagging somewhat and I have the dark circles under my eyes really bad.

  • Pat Riley

    My skin has always been great , but as if late i have dark circles under my eyws, that just want go away, and i get plenty of rest. My eyes seem to be looking deeper into my skull. Around my eyes a little crows feet starting. My eye lids , drooping some, and wrinkles are starting to come . It would be nice to get on my problem area’s and start a regiment, to slow the process of aging, to prevent dull , dry ,skin. Wrinkling, would be a great experience. I love this Giveaway, it fits my needs for everyday Beauty care. Thank you

  • Jim E Rose

    Looking to win my wife some great stuff!

  • Ryian Peterson

    Looking for softer skin

  • Cheryll Cosenza

    I have always been really lucky in the skin department but I have noticed it’s not as soft as it usually is and it is starting to feel rougher. I am also worried about some lines I am seeing…I really want help fixing this!!

  • tpoage

    My skin needs help because it is dry and has wrinkles.

  • Mary Dobbs

    I would love to win because at the age of 81 and having devoted most of my life to my late husband and family, I would like to do something for myself and look the best that I can.

  • Jeremy Jorgensen

    For my Mom.

  • rebeccahackett

    bags on each side of mouth could use some firming

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    My skin needs it because I’m getting older and have wrinkles and some concerning brown spots!
    Nicole Carter on the form.

  • Susanne Troop

    I have very dry skin.

  • Liloo Dallas

    Trying to pull myself out of what I’m going through, I haven’t had much time for skincare. Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic gift.

  • Pauline Linares

    MY skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka because it’s looking tired and wrinkly. My pores are enlarged and my skin no longer looks fresh or youthful. I’m hoping to find a way to help the fine lines diminish. Thanks for the opportunity to try your lovely products!

  • Jana Williams

    Thanks So Much for this Awesome Giveaway, My Skin Also Thanks You! I Have Hypothyroidism So I Have Some Issues with My Skin Like Dryness & I Also Seem to Have Acne Too Now at 35 Yrs Old! I Mean I Didn’t Have Acne Too Bad as a Teenager So I Guess Now it’s My Turn! I’m Also Wanting to Start Focusing On Anti-aging Skin care Since I’m in My Mid-30’s! I would Be Just Thrilled to Find a Good Skin Care Regimen b/c I Haven’t Yet Found One that Focuses On My Skin Care Concerns & I Can’t Really Afford to Spend a Whole Lot on Skin Care Like I Should! Well Thanks Again for this Generous & Really Awesome Giveaway, it’s Very Much Appreciated! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day Everyone! – Jana

  • Paol Trenny

    My skin is starting to show its age so I need Yon Ka to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

  • hofken

    My skin is losing its elasticity and can use some help.

  • Marilyn Legault

    I’ve joined the over 50 group and need this 🙂

  • Donna Hazelwood Hart

    I love trying new products, particularly upscale like YAN-KA. And at 65, I need all the help I can get!

  • Connie Merritt

    I am starting to see the signs of aging and I want to do whatever I can to slow it down. I want to look the best I can. My skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka!

  • jules mcnubbin

    i would love something to help me look more alive 🙂

  • textiff

    My skin is showing signs of aging. Sun spots, age spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone. My skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka!

  • Mary W

    I have lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone that these Yon-Ka products would address.

  • Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    I need some extra help from Yon-Ka because I used to sunbath without sunblock as a teenager for hours. My aging skin is getting old and wrinkled.

  • Patti Gunderson

    At 61, I am beginning to notice forehead lines and a general dullness on my formerly excellent skin. I would like to nip it in the bud and I believe Yon-Ka may be just the product to accomplish this. I don’t mind spending the money for a good product but I want to try it out first and be sure that the product is right for me, especially as really good skincare can be expensive.

  • Wendy

    Your product looks and sounds like I might have found just what I need to restore my face from the grieving of the loss of my son. It has really taken a toll on me. Thank you.

  • Michelle Castagne

    My skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka because of the fine lines and the need for more hydration now that I’m older.

  • Sparkiles

    My skin is dull and blotchy with fine lines. I need some help from Yon-Ka Paris!!!!

  • Susan Pertierra

    My skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka Paris because I’m noticing more wrinkles and deeper lines as well as uneven skin tones.

  • Sharon Swiney

    This sounds like it would help to stay looking young, love trying new products

  • travelgirl

    I appreciate the opportunity to win this these products. I LOVE to try new products, and always looking for “just the right one” .

  • Ellen Willett

    getting older lines and wrinkles are too

  • Chris

    Since turning 50, it seems like I started aging more IMMEDIATELY! I have an old scar, (car accident, cut clear thru left ear, across cheek, stopping JUST short of my left eye), and alot of sun damage. Being disabled means I cannot afford any good facial creams or lotions…. I would love to be able to try a skincare regimen that involves more than soap and water!

  • Thank you so much for the giveaway!! Skincare sounds amazing!!

  • Cathy McIvor

    My skin needs a bit of extra pampering because I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. I live in Arizona, and this summer has been hot and hard on my skin.

  • Alina Lopez

    This aging gracefully……..

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    I need help because as I get older I notice way more wrinkles and dark spots! I need help!
    Nicole Carter on the form.

  • Linda Bye

    After turning 66 this year, I can use all the help I can get to stay looking younger. Would Love to have the chance to try this product out. Thx

  • Linda Waller

    It would be great to help to look as young as possible without surgery. Help Yon-Ka

  • Sue

    I’m turning 60 on August 16. I love Yon-Ka but it’s a bit out of my budget — I know Martha Stewart loves it! Her skin looks amazing. What gal doesn’t need a bit of a boost up at this age! Ha! Laughter helps, but Yon-Ka would help more! Thank you for this contest. 🙂

  • Susan

    I am in my early 60’s. I have some enlarged pores that nothing seems to help, and also sun spots from my younger years in the sun. My skin is combination and I have some neck wrinkles beginning. I would love to try Yon-Ka Paris; I have tried various products but have not seen any true changes. Thank-you.

  • karen spector

    I’m going to have open heart surgery and I know that I will need a pick me up while I’m recovering. So, anything that will make may skin look more youthful will be a great joy.

  • aida

    1.My B-day is next month, this Giveaway, would be a perfect Birthday gift 🙂
    2. To start my new year looking good for a 50+
    3. I need Yon-Ka Paris in my life at this point!!!!! S.O.S!!!!

  • margkeeg

    Age is beginning to win this battle – need some help

  • barbara wicklund

    my experienced skin could use this!

  • Cheryle

    I would love to try these products to see if they might help my dry aging skin. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Deborah Polydys

    My skin is extremely dull! Needs some serious help.Plus my face is losing its firmness. I’ve tried multiple products with no success. I’ve been wanting to try your products as the results sound so promising. This would be a great way to do that!

  • Angelia

    As I age I am looking for products that would give me great results. I can’t stop the clock but I hope to look as good as I can naturally!

  • Mrs. Dianna

    My skin has become very dull over the past year and could use some help.

    Using the Lait Nettoyant for leaving my skin feeling soft, refreshed and hydrated sounds heavenly. Also the Excellence Code Masque with this face masque that helps reduce skin fatigue that one is a must ….

    I hope i get to experience your product..


  • RustysR

    Mature skin needs lots of TLC and these Yon-Ka Paris products sound excellent!

  • Jennifer Heintz

    I take care of my skin now, but in my earlier years I was outdoors most of the time, either skiing in winter, or enjoying summer sports. This has taken a toll on the skin on the face. I would like to try the Yon-Ka products to see if they can make a difference.

  • Lanie

    My skin needs some TLC. Brighter and smoother would be nice!

  • Marilyn

    My skin needs help since I lost my husband to cancer three years ago I have not taken care of my skin. I have no routine it needs a boost. The elasticity is gone. I have no more eyelids as my eyes droop so low they completely cover them. Death has taken a toll on my life.

  • DLori27

    For the past few years, I always seem never to feel well. As such, I have stopped my skincare routine which I was always very diligent about and simply haven’t taken care of my skin. As such, my face and body seems to always be breaking out. I need skincare products where I could start a new program where I could look and feel good about myself again instead of always hiding in my apartment watching my life quickly tick away. As I’m writing this, I realize just how sad it is. Good Luck To All

  • LAMusing

    This would be fabulous! I sure need it!

  • strawberry3d

    I have acne with blemishes and oily skin

  • Elyse

    My skin could use a boost in tone and texture.

  • Sharon Haas

    I thought I always had been taking good care of my skin but it seems that it’s just getting so dull and flat looking lately that all of a sudden I’m just not sure if I have been as kind to it as I thought I was.

  • Kai W.

    I’m getting wrinkle and uneven pigment skin tone. I am looking older than my age.

  • Lee JAVI

    Need facial tune-up!!

  • IndyJones

    Would love to win anything that works.

  • RosemarySimm

    My beautiful golden years are fading with my face. I’ve always had laugh lines beside my eyes and enjoyed them as they brought fun comments how my happiness showed on me. Now the lines are a little more pronounced and lower face creases appeared ever so quickly. I love the Florida sun, but even with sunscreen my skin is dry and lacks luster. I really like that Yon-Ka uses natural herbs, roots and essential oils in their products. Thank you for the opportunity to capture this prize!

  • Mrsfitz

    Let’s see, large pores, puppet lines, smile lines, those frown lines…and pimples! Eek! 56 is so much fun.

  • RitaMimi King

    Aging skin is not fun. Finding the right product has been a challenge.

  • elisse

    I’m 57 and my skin is starting to “age”- lines, loss of firmness- and I’d love to try this regimen to see if I get visible results from it!

  • Jana Williams

    Thank You So Very Much for this Awesome Giveaway, I Struggle with My Skin All the Time! I Have Hypothyroidism & Aside from Draining All of My Energy & the Extra Weight Gain, it Effects My Skin! It Has Made My Skin Very Dry but at the Same Time I Break Out Which Was Very Strange to Me b/c I Thought that Only People with Oily Skin Break Out & as a Teenager I Never Had Acne! I Guess I’m Making Up for it Now Though & I Am Also Left with a Couple of Acne Scars and I Terribly Self Conscious About Them Too! I Just Wish I Had a Good Skin Care Regimen & in All Honesty I Can’t Afford to Spend a Lot on Skin Care Products! It Would Be Amazing to Have Beautiful Skin Again & I Can Stop Wearing Full Coverage Foundation & I Don’t Have to Wear a Lot of Eye Shadow to Draw the Attention Away from the Scars! I Would be Thrilled to Win but I Hope If I Don’t Win that Someone Can Get the Help They Need for Their Skin by Winning These Amazing Yon-Ka Products! Well Thanks Again for this Awesome Chance, Have a Blessed Day Everybody! – Jana

  • Ruth Bousquet

    The products look so fantastic.

  • Delora Mullins Williams

    I’m 63, retired and ready to hide from the world because of the age spots on my face! Make-up covers them, but I’d rather be make-up free.

  • K Davis

    I have aging skin, but also enlarged pores, blackheads, and an oily t zone.

  • Nicole Becker

    The older I get, the more rough my skin looks,. I would love to win these awesome beauty products!!

  • mlh125

    I’m always ready to try new products in my quest to age gracefully.

  • Diane Popper

    People, even strangers, have always told me I have beautiful skin. Lately, not so often…more like not at all. I’m 66 y/o and those darn age spots have arrived with a vengeance.
    Nothing seems to help, or hide, the puffiness under my eyes and now my eyelids are starting to droop. (My daughter keeps telling me to open my eyes when pics are being taken. But it really is the droops that are causing the half closed eye look.)
    Facial skin is sagging and lines are starting to etch around my mouth. And please tell me where the glow has gone? Won’t even begin to talk about my neck.
    Please send some much needed help! Thanks.

  • carrie obrien

    I’ve had too much sun exposure most of my life, so it’s time for me to pay attention! Would love to try this line out!

  • Kim Cage

    My skin is starting to show it’s age! At almost 60, this sounds just like what the doctor ordered! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Victoria

    At almost 68 years old I cannot look my age to get another position. So I can retire at 72……

  • Elizabeth Herberick

    Help me Yon-Ka… This sounds like just what my skin ordered… quite a long time ago!!

  • Pamm Peterson

    My skin is showing the wear and tear, sun, age and chlorine have left me with.

  • Kathy Cooper

    Actively trying to minimize the wrinkles and puffy eyes at the age of 58. Always looking for a great product to help accomplish that.

  • suri40

    I’m in my mid 60’s. I have uneven skin tone, discoloration, puffy eyes and lines, I would love to try something new.

  • Ruthie Bloszinsky

    I buy my skin care products at the grocery or drug store so I would really love to win this. Thanks for the chance

  • eddyrobey

    Life in the desert has much less moisture, so a good source would be a real blessing.

  • Tee Anderson

    I’m in my mid forties and Asian (lots of age spots) with young kids. We are often playing outside. I would love Yon-Ka products to help my skin.

  • amysmeltzer

    I need something to make my face less red and something for dark circles and starting to get wrinkles around my eyes.

  • annamarie

    At age 60, my skin is starting to loose its elasticity and contour. I would really love to have a full skin care regime…

  • Joanne Cunha Willey

    I have wrinkles and age spots. I am in need of help. I also have sagging skin under my neck.

  • Laurie Strebe

    I have heard Yon-Ka is one of the very few products that actually produce real results. 53 here, trying to stay at 53. I want to be more beautiful!!!

  • Pat Donahue

    This 61 year old face could really use some serious help!

  • Rust

    As my skin ages I find all of my tried and true products just don’t work as well. I would love a chance to try these!

  • Andrea Price

    I need this and so much more!! 56th birthday and 3rd wedding all in October..Please help me!!!,,,thank you

  • judy o

    toning, toning, toning. help this sagging skin, please. thanks for the chance

  • Anita Duvall

    My 50 year old face needs lots of help! Really would like to try a whole line of products that actually work for a change. Thanks

  • bonniesawinner

    My dark undereye circles are so bad, it’s embarrassing. I think the Excellence Code Contours sounds luxurious.

  • Janice Banasiak Stosiek Hildeb

    Turning 66 next week! Where did the time go. Trying to make up and correct all those years of sun abuse 🙁 – it felt and looked so good at the time!

  • Susan Carmona

    I just turned 61 and my skin is starting to show it!

  • roguemom

    My skin is extremely dry and flaky, to the point that it sometimes bleeds. I am hoping to find something that can help ease my discomfort, and also help with the appearance of my skin, as it looks dull and lifeless. Like a tortilla!

  • Sharon Braswell

    My skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka for those under eye circles, not dark circles, but bag-like circles! Of course I have fine line wrinkles and would love tighter skin as well! Around and below my mouth, my face is droopy from a car accident and head injury. Thank you!!

  • Linda Kish

    My skin is catching up to my age recently. I will be 67 soon. The wrinkles are coming.

  • Murphy Cat

    I am a 59 year old woman that needs a little help with my skin , wrinkles, dark spots , etc. I hope I win this giveaway to give me some help . Thank you

  • bckegan

    Tired, thin skin

  • eddyrobey

    Because I live in the desert, where everything, including my skin is too dry

  • JinIN

    You will really pay for years of being too busy to take the time
    for skincare.

  • Susan Day Pfeifer

    Wrinkles 🙁

  • Carol Spilman Melodia

    If it is french..I want it!

  • Joyce Bogart

    “Howdy Doody” lines from corners of lips to chin –

  • Shauntea Crutcher

    I could use help with the dark circles and crows feet around my eyes.

  • Mishael Therese. Smith

    As we get older the natural ‘blush of youth’ wears thin. I’m not expecting miracles but I do like to put my ‘best face’ forward.

  • Joni Lackey

    Dark circles, wrinkles and no luster to my skin anymore. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  • Maureen Hutter

    I have dark circles, wrinkles and age spots!

  • Ruth Bousquet

    I have some wrinkles and love to be in the sun.

  • Kelly Commerford

    My skin has sun damage & aging.

  • Adrienne Z

    will be 58 soon and could use some help getting rid of some wrinkles that show up every morning when I look in the mirror. Not a pretty picture

  • Robert Tschinkel

    I am 65 yr old male and more and more the winkles are increasing and I need help!

  • Linda Kish

    I’m going to be 67 in September. So far, people think I’m much younger. I’d like to keep it that way. I have noticed some sagging recently that wasn’t there before.

  • Tess

    I am entering into that magical age of menopause and the fifties. Both have my skin asking for my attention in a new way! Money is not plentiful, so skincare options are limited … this would be a dream to try! Thank you for the giveaway .. and more importantly, for the resources you offer to us all! 🙂

  • Amber Lee Kolb

    My skin needs some extra help from Yon-Ka because I’m starting to get lines appearing around my eyes and lips! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Kimberly

    My skin tends to be a mix of oily and dry. I also have sensitive skin.

  • disqus_l7uUNjCwpe

    my skin needs help because I spend a lot of time in the sun and because I am aging

  • Susan Weinberg

    Sounds amazing and I would love to try it.

  • onyiakpanisi

    I haven’t been getting enough sleep since I had my son. I think this will help brighten my skin and reduce wrinkles and dark eyes circles. Thanks

  • Barbara Bernhard

    I am 63 would love to win this

  • anna sattali

    my 65 year old skin needs these products.

  • cynthiagray

    As I grow older I find I have darker circles under my eyes and they appear baggy. The texture of my skin is still soft and subtle and I can count my good genes for this, but I have a few tiny lip lines. That is all.

  • shirley delp

    my skin is so dry and dull. needs help

  • TJfacialist

    The time has come to really, really get serious about rebooting my skin to restore plumpness, vibrancy & tightness. I’m 55 years young and want to whittle away a decade or two!

  • Nora

    At 55 years old, my skin needs tender loving care.

  • Maria

    I am getting older and my skin needs better products.

  • Amanda

    At 55 I’m beginning to see my older self emerge in my face.

  • Ginger McLendon

    Wrinkles and dry skin

  • Christa Lopez

    My skin seems very dull and could use a boost!

  • Patti Gunderson

    I am 61 years old and am just now finding some fine lines on my forehead and some discolorations, especially on my hands. I have always had dark circles around my eyes and would love to finally see them improve.

  • sharon

    My skin needs brightening and fewer age spots!

  • Christine Pertuz

    WOW! What a skin care regimen. My skin is still in decent condition. And I want to keep it that way. Before it’s too late, I want to start on a great lifelong skin care line.

  • carolineno

    I want to have the best skin possible!

  • sandra

    seeing noticeable sun damage and signs of aging

  • Connie Hamblen Williamson

    My skin is getting older now and could use some TLC.

  • seaburd

    I am 66 and could definitely use products to bring back that youthful look.

  • Jodi Gradolph

    I look my age and would love to have better skin tone.

  • Kai W.

    My skin has been looking tired and dull. There are mornings that I look a lot older than my age.

  • Dilgal

    I need my glow back, and what the heck is going on with my neck??

  • Love3570

    I’m at the age where I can definately use some help. My skin is not as smooth as it used to be.

  • jody

    I have rosacea and rough skin, and I want to be an actress, so I need some help!

  • Lee JAVI

    At 64 I need help with uneven skin tone and elasticity……

  • DLori27

    My health has gotten progressively worse, I broke my hip and I don’t even bother to pay attention to my face. I need something great that will give me the incentive to start taking care of myself better and from everything Ive heard about this skincare brand, this may be it. I’d love the opportunity to try it.

  • Karen Geahlen

    I am 76y/o My aging skins shows it. I need to revive my skin. I would love to try these products.

  • Deborah Tindall Smith

    These all sound like some great products. I am going on 59 and have lived in Florida all my life. The sun is brutal on your skin. I wear SPF everyday and try to stay away from the sun. Have tried all kinds of products to address my aging skin issues. Would love to see how these wonderful products can help my skin. I want to look Fab Over Fifty!!!

  • suri40

    I’m 65 and it shows. I could certainly use some help.

  • Julie Mysiewicz

    Getting older and my skin needs help with brightening and smoothing. I don’t want any more wrinkles!

  • Julie Tardi

    my skin is so dry the golden years are not golden

  • Karen

    My skin needs something to revive and look better.

  • Donna Hazelwood Hart

    I’m 65, and have bought a lot of expensive products. I would love to try this line!

  • mlh125

    I’m 58… doing my best to age gracefully.

  • Val Orosa

    Dark spots, wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes all need help

  • Barb Carlson

    Dark spots from years of sun abuse (before we knew what we were doing!) are so bothersome.

  • Lauren Jones

    Let’s see…where to begin? lol! The signs of aging have arrived and I would like to replace them with less fine lines and puffiness and improved tone and elasticity!

  • Michelle Northcutt

    I’m officially starting to see the signs of aging, especially around the eyes! Plus, summer seems to take a toll on my skin leaving it a bit lackluster!

  • Jannet Kwan

    I need a product that deal with my fat chin.

  • Linda Bye

    At 66 yrs of age, I need all the help I can get

  • DLori27

    would love to try this skincare brand. Thank you for the opportunity


    My skin has brown spots and is dry…moisturizer always seems to oily….because of my combination skin it seems as though I can never find the right mix of products.

  • Sheila Totten

    The humidity here in TN has not helped my skin.I try and take good care of it yet I have developed brown spots.My neck especially needs more firmness and the lines around my mouth needhelp.I really need help.

  • Terri Wilson

    Having lived in Florida all but 14 years of my life, my skin has taken a toll. From the sun to the humidity. Freckles, brown spots. It’s a mess I could use helo in minimizing my 52 yr young face.

  • @pega1975

    I turn 60 in a few months and, while I take good care of my skin, the signs of aging become more prominent to me. I need help minimizing wrinkles and moisturing my skin.

  • Cathy McIvor

    I feel I needs extra help for my skin because I live in the Phoenix area and it is very hot and dry here.

  • vm_brooks

    Before childreen, I used the Yonka line of products and loved the way my skin looked and felt. Now, some years have passed and I would love to reinvent my skincare routine. This event could give me a luxurious boost that I would love to restart, update and improve my current skincare routine.

  • Cole McKinnon

    I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin since I turned 60. I need help.

  • I am 57 and have “aging skin”- I’d love more “firmness”, as well as help getting rid of fine lines, marionette lines, etc. the Excellence Code Crème, Code Conturs, and Cellular Code sound especially good- I would love to try a whole line- for once- to see if I get great, visible results!

  • anna sattali

    65 soon need all the help I can get.

  • gabear

    Among 5% of people who beat small cell lung cancer over 10 years ago and my skin needs help.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Like that the products contain essential oils My skin could use help with firmness and protection against toxins

  • jules mcnubbin

    my skin could use a pick me up! i look haggard!

  • Susan W. Goldstein

    Oh, my LORD!! Who is this old hag looking at me from the mirror?? Obviously whatever I am using is not working, but I would love to try this before I commit. I am looking for a “happily ever after” skincare routine and this is definitely one that I respect.

  • barbara wicklund

    I’ve heard good things about this brand! Would love to try it!

  • elaine roberts

    Unevenness, fine lines, under eye dark circles, I need help all over.

  • Mrs. Dianna

    The fact that it works skin fatigue and improve your complexion, & strengthen the skin and improve its defense system against toxins I could use it.
    My job i work in the community with Mentally challenged adults exposing my skin to everything you can imagine in home and community.
    My skin has become very dull & dry this would be a blessing to try….

  • Debbie Penney

    My skin has uneven skin tones

  • Stephanie Wolk

    Every morning the “ravages of time” show me a new construction! The other morning I was doing my makeup and thought, “what is wrong with my ear”. On closer inspection I saw that my ear was fine, it was just a bunch of old skin that has now created a crevasse at the side of my face. LOL! You have to laugh!

  • Sandy Bonesteel

    My skin does need this skin care regimen because my skin looks tired. My eyes also look tired and puffy; with a couple of fine lines.

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    At almost 60 my skin could use some serious help. Sun damage, dark spots and a few wrinkles need you!

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    My skin definitely needs some extra love and tlc, it’s getting drier and a new regimen would be fantastic.

  • Eugenie

    As I have grown older my skin has gotten drier and in need of help to regain its youthful look.

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    I would love to win these products to help my aging skin look and feel better

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    This last year I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and my skin and hair have undergone a lot of changes, I would love to find something that works for me and could help me find a better skin care program.

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    I need all the help I can get. lol. Would love to win this! 🙂

  • Brigitte W

    My skin could truly use some extra help from Yon-Ka. My little shih-tzu, Yoshi, was horribly attacked almost one month ago and the heartbreak, stress, worry, and lack of sleep during his recovery is taking its toll on my skin. Thankfully he is beginning to show signs of improvement, and our family can all begin to heal from this ordeal. Yoshi is such a brave little dog!

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    I would love to try this beauty regimen as I have not really happy with my current one.

  • Darlene Comeaux

    I just want to get rid of the wrinkles around my nose and mouth.

  • Marilyn

    My eyes are a mess the I have no more eyelids and my eyes are drooping something awful along with discoloration. Also the elasticity in my skin and discoloration as well. I could really use some good products as I can’t find anything that actually works.

  • Lin Kinna

    I need the Yon-Ka skin care items to help my sagging, dark spotted, aging skin. I used Yon-ka when I was younger and loved it. Which I had kept up with it!

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    My skin needs all the help it can get, I live in a high altitude desert climate and even with drinking lots of water it needs some hydration.

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    I have skin that’s drying and drooping. Need some help from this fabulous range of products, if I were to win!! I’m 62 years old and Yon-Ka is also 62, so I think it’s right for me!!

  • Don’tMesswithMyTexas

    I’m turning 65 soon. I want my skin to look younger and smoother.

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    My face needs a radical makeover! This skincare line sounds
    Could really use a lift. Excuse the pun!

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    My skin needs all the help I can get. As a teenager I baked in the sun without sunblock for hours at a time. My skin is dry and lot of fine wrinkles.

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    My skin has been aging, and I haven’t yet found the right skin care regimen to rejuvenate my skin.

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    Between combination skin, age, & menopause- I need ALL the help I can get!

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    surgical menopause……….cancer..need I say more…

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    My skin is aging from sun exposure.

  • Wildwestwishes

    I am allergic to all types of sunscreen. Believe me I have tried too many to list. The wrinkles around my eyes and forehead are getting worse .. I Would love to reverse the signs of aging so I look as young on the outside, as I feel on the inside !!! ;0)

  • Rust

    As I age my skin responds less to my skin care regimen. I’m always on the look for new effective products.

  • Pat Donahue

    I have horrible mouth wrinkles. This might help. I have tried so many products. This sounds so good.

  • Carrie Dubay

    My skin tone is extremely uneven. I’m not sure what to use to even it out. I also have crows feet and frown lines. I really want to find something that will help rejuvenate my skin some but so the ageing process down some. After all now that I am entering the second half of my life is going to be better than the first half

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  • I’ve always had good skin, but since menopause my skin is drier, dull, and looks lifeless. The products that I swore by for decades no longer are working for me. I’ve been looking for a new regimen for my changing skin and this line looks fantastic with natural, botanical ingredients!

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