Holiday Glitter Belongs On The Tree, Not On Your Face

Just because you’ll be going to a string of glittery holiday parties doesn’t mean your makeup should be glittery, too.

That look may be cute on a 20-something, but about the only thing it will do for a FOFace is make it look like a clown. Take it from Tricia Cusden, who knows a thing or two about making up older faces, at holiday time and throughout the year.  Not only is this fab-looking Englishwoman over 50; she created a cosmetics collection precisely formulated to benefit the older face, after endlessly searching the stores for suitable colors, textures and consistencies.
Makeup IS NOT created for aging skin that’s dry, uneven, mottled, and sagging. It’s developed for the fully hydrated, toned and taut skin of 20 to 40 year olds. So, when we apply the makeup designed for younger women, it typically cakes up in our fine lines, creases and wrinkles; dries out our skin even more, and the colors are either too bright or too dull.

Tricia’s line, Look Fabulous Forever, literally is changing the faces of women who apply it, and disrupting the beauty industry in the UK.

Women started flocking to Tricia’s brilliant online beauty tutorials from the moment she introduced her collection four years ago. These video tutorials now have millions of views.  And, even though Tricia and her team are just starting to promote LFF to American women, we already represent 20 percent of her business!

I admire Tricia for doing what a multi-billion dollar beauty industry would never dream of doing: Celebrate older women with products made just for us! You do realize that older woman don’t buy makeup, don’t you?’ a beauty insider told me in 2013, before I launched Look Fabulous Forever,” Tricia remembered “How wrong are you, I thought. They do buy makeup, but they get frustrated when they use it, throw it in a drawer and think they’ve wasted more money.

“Everything tends to fade on our face when we lose melanin in the skin,” Tricia explained. “Our skin color fades. Our cheeks and lips get paler. Our eyes have less definition. And, many women lose their eyebrows. Makeup can make a massive difference, because you can get  back color, definition, shape, light, and life in 15 minutes,” Tricia added. “The face goes from looking quite dull and featureless to looking really beautiful.”

We asked Tricia to give FabOverFifty women
her top tips for applying party makeup.  

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