When In The US, Do As Italian Women Do: Use Collagenil

This is a post sponsored by Uniderm, which compensated FabOverFifty to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers, as we’ve been doing for almost 11 years! 

After showering – morning or night – I pat my cleansed face dry and immediately apply two products from Italy that I swear start working the minute they touch my skin: Bio Longevity Serum and Re-Pulp 3D. My complexion instantly looks flush and healthy. And, after using this duo exclusively for three months straight, the folds on either side of my nose are less pronounced, and my overall skin tone and texture are brighter and smoother.

   Geri Brin, Founder of FabOverFifty

As editor of a website for women 50+, I have tried a parade of serums, creams and lotions over the years, and liked a number of them. These two products I don’t just like. These I adore. Maybe that’s because they’re formulated by a company that wasn’t born yesterday in an effort to capitalize on the anti-aging craze sweeping the country. 

Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp come from Rome-based Collagenil, which has been in the beauty business since 1985, when it teamed up with the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine to create products. That’s a whole lot of experience over many decades, and Collagenil remains a leading choice among Italian women who take especially good care of their appearance and skin. Improving tone, laxity, sun damage and pesky wrinkles like crows feet are among their most pressing concerns. Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp are part of a complete Collagenil collection that addresses all of them! 

Collagenil enjoys a devoted following with women throughout Europe and has started to spread the good word to their American sisters.

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Besides the decades of experience behind it, Collagenil is a cosmeceutical collection, which means the products offer both aesthetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to benefit our skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they’re applied topically as creams, serums or lotions, but contain active ingredients and delivery methods that  help improve our skin tone and texture, pigmentation and fine lines.

Beauty might only be skin deep, but we want to do everything we can to maintain the beauty of our skin. Especially as we age. Collagenil doesn’t skimp on active ingredients, so its formulas work more effectively.   

Lakesis, an oil extracted from the sap of a tree in Greece, is the magical anti-aging ingredient in Bio Longevity Serum. It helps my skin seem younger, thicker and firmer by strengthening its underlying structural framework. Blue microalgae, another key ingredient, has antioxidant properties that help hydrate, revitalize and tone my skin. I use the serum morning and evening on my face, neck and decollete. 

Bio Longevity Serum works on my wrinkles, fine lines and all of the areas that stress and years of California sun have weakened,” says Diana P, another devoted fan. “This serum makes me look and feel 10 years younger.” 

The microspheres of hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid and botanical molecular complex in Re-Pulp 3D cream restore the color and natural contours of my face.  Another plant extract in the formula is thought to reduce the muscle tension that produces wrinkles. Acting like a safe herbal alternative to a well-known injectable, the extract minimizes wrinkles and age lines. 

My skin seemed smoother and tighter within a day of the first application, and the grooves on either side of my nose are noticeably reduced. I massage Re-Pulp – morning and night – into the areas of my face with the most sagging, such as my cheeks, cheekbones and around my nose. 

Originally available exclusively by prescription from aesthetic doctors and surgeons, Bio Longevity Serum and Re-Pulp 3D are reasonably priced so more women can take advantage of their outstanding benefits. 


Enter code FABOVERFIFTY30 at checkout for 30% OFF Bio Longevity and Re-Pulp 3D from November 20 (12:00 am) until December 20 (11:59 pm). One time only.